Yours Lustfully Ch. 07

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Dear Readers,

Loving your responses to Ch. 06. Maya and Vince are now back from their meeting. While young Dave plunders Aunt Rita, how is her niece performing? Let’s find out.


(Sound of glass breaking on the floor)

Maya retracted her outstretched arm, pushing it under the pillow, as Vince mercilessly pounded her. “Half a million; good show,” he mumbled, and Maya smiled back knowing well enough what he was referring to.

The presentation this morning had gone off well. Against a competition of three strong consulting firms, the dynamic duo had sealed the deal, landing them one of their larger sales of the year. Everything had gone according to plan – the approach was good; the fee was reasonable; and the credentials were rock solid. Vince’s tacit plan of always having a woman in the presentation team rarely failed him, unless the client had reasons beyond his agreeable sexual orientation. No commitments were made today, but Vince was a veteran in this field, and he could tell one handshake from the other.

Maya was a tigress in the presentation, sashaying across the room, and putting them in good stead with one and all. Her bold personality and great communication skills put forth the content very succinctly, and her read of the audience was spot on today. Vince was so pleased with her today that he didn’t even take the time to strip her naked before getting on top of her!

Pressed against the mattress with her office pants restricting the spread of her legs, she barely managed to bend her knees to accommodate the overcharged boss. Breaking away from tradition, Vince was sucking all the smoke-filled air out of her lungs, mauling her petite breasts under her satin shirt. Maya finally took her arms out from under the pillow and placed her hands on his hairy buttocks, giving them a tight squeeze. Out of pure passion, she pushed her slender index finger deep into his ass, and he jumped up from her lips to stare into her lusty eyes.

“What’s the matter boss? Tired?” she said, biting her sweaty, lower lip. Challenge accepted! Vince started ploughing her with renewed vigor, as she mindfully circled her long nails inside his ass. With the other hand, she started unbuttoning the rest of her shirt, something Vince was noticing very avidly during his thrusts.

“Bite me here,” she pointed to her engorged right nipple, and Vince replied with aplomb. Amidst the pain that ensued for her, Maya tried to match his thrusts with her own finger behind him, pushing him deeper inside her. In the darkness of the room, the boss and the subordinate had switched their roles, with Maya very much in command. All of a sudden, his phone began to buzz, with ‘Wife’ flashing on the screen.

Without warning, Maya reached out for the phone, and brought it close to their faces, turning it on speaker. Vince would have yelled had Maya’s calming face not been in his line of sight.

“Hi baby, busy?” she asked on the other end, with Vince struggling to focus on her words, as he slowed down his pace. “Not really. Just back from the gym.”

Maya smiled, and threw a kiss at him. “Oh, in the afternoon? You’re really taking your health seriously. A good workout can do miracles!”

You bet, he thought, pulling his full member out of Maya and then thrusting it back in, repeating the motion. “So, what’s new?” he asked, biting her nipples again, this time as a form of punishment.

“Oh, the usual. Back from the market – prices are really going up. This government is useless. I bought our weeks supplies. I know you hate grocery shopping.”

“Oh, that’s great. Listen why don’t I call you after I shower? I’m sweating like a pig.” Vince hoped to end this conversation quickly and resume the job at hand.

“Eeks! Yes, please do. Although I like my sweaty baby. Ok, love you, bye!”

Maya clicked on the ‘End’ tab, before dropping the phone on the pillow. Looking up, she realized Vince wasn’t moving inside her anymore, and was staring down at her. ‘Why the fuck did you do that Maya!” he asked, twisting his member inside her hole.

“Aah! You know, didn’t want you to be distracted by the order of the day,” she smiled back mischievously.

“You think it’s funny?” he asked, still stern in his looks, but equally hard down below.

“What will you do, spank me? Spit on me?” she asked, her smile fading away. Two huge globs of spit hit her face, and before she could react, Vince arched his back by taking grip of her breasts. In a matter of seconds, Maya could feel his balls hit against her gusset, much like a wrecking ball trying to break down a wall. His spit was still fresh on her face, but her hands were too busy grabbing his butts, and she gop escort let it flow down her cheeks.

With her eyes closed, Maya enjoyed his penis ripping through her, responding in moans and meaningless words. Vince exploded inside her, and had this been a few years from now, he would have probably had a seizure. Maya was pretty exhausted too, as despite all the bold talk and shamelessness, her slender frame was being overused lately. Vince collapsed on her, burying his face in her neck, panting uncontrollably. His shirt was soaked, and it clung to his body so tightly that it felt like a second skin. He could feel the warmth of her body seep through, and it felt good. She wanted to push him off, as the job was done, but she was enjoying the feeling of his member still convulsing inside her.

“Hey Vince, I need to pee,” she said, as her boss began to push himself off her. She could swear she heard a pop sound, once Vince withdrew from her completely. The sincere employee that she was, Maya turned onto her belly, and started licking away at his limp member.

“Where do you learn these things from?” Vince asked, still panting. “Oh, just here and there. Must say, even I like a sweaty Vince,” she said, circling her tongue around his penis, and sucking the last few remnants of their combined fluids.

“Ok, I’ll be back soon. Get rid of these clothes while I’m gone.” Maya said, taking off her shirt and bra, and dropping her pants to the floor. She pulled the folds of her panty back to their place on the front and rubbed the stickiness between her fingers. Vince looked at the chocolate-skin beauty in front of him, now dressed only in a peach panty.

Maya turned around and walked into the bathroom, leaving the door open behind her. Taking copious amount of toilet roll, she cleaned herself thoroughly. During a rather painful leak, she noticed some dried blood just next to her nipple and admired the pain that she could endure for that pleasure. Wiping it clean, she dropped the tissues into the waste basket, and flushed the system clean. She thought momentarily about her panty, and then decided to discard it in the basket as well, as it wasn’t of any use to either parties any further.

With generous splashes of cold water, Maya recovered her clean self, and restored some semblance of a recently bathed person, despite the hickies all over her body. Vince had followed her orders by the time she returned, and she slipped her tired self into his bedcover.

“What do you have for breakfast? You’re insatiable!” Vince said, as her arm rubbed against his. “Oh, I was very excited today. You’d given me a challenge last week, and I wanted to make the best of it. How did I fare?” she asked, typing a message out to her current boyfriend.

“Well, this isn’t the time or place for a performance review, Maya. But yes, bloody good show this morning! It was a tough ask, and it was one of the few moments in my life where I felt small compared to the competition,” Vince reminisced.

Maya put her phone down on the side table, careful not to place it in the puddle created by the broken glass. She slipped her hand down the bedsheet and caught hold of his flaccid flesh. “Small? Are you kidding me? Trust me, I’ve seen what small looks like. This,” she said, giving him a gentle squeeze, “is like a spade inside me. No wonder you discover oil wells when you drill my rig.” She was exaggerating but Vince (or any man for that matter) will never argue when a woman appreciates his proportions.

“Easy Maya. Your words are as good as your tongue, but I’m quite sore down there. You’ll have to give me a few before I can go fishing again,” Vince said, shifting uncomfortably in her soft grip.

“Well, why don’t I help you in the recovery process? But on one condition.”

“And what’s that?” asked Vince, quite aware of her fertile mind. “I’ll get you back up again, but until then, you’ll speak to your wife, putting her on speaker. Ok?” Maya asked, giving him a gentle tug.

“What’s this madness? I’m not repeating our mistake again.” Vince was adamant, or so he thought.

Maya pulled down the bedcover all the way to her belly, revealing her taut breasts again. “Vince, see how you bit me here? I’ll give you the other one too, and better still, I’ll let you tie me up, like you always want to, so that I can’t push you off while you do what you like with me.”

Vince rarely went into a head spin, but Maya was well versed in the psyche of men. What she said next got him moving. “Vince, I’ll be closed for maintenance starting tomorrow, if you catch my drift.” She winked and immediately Vince picked up his phone. “You bitch,” is all that he said while dialing ankara iranlı escort the number, as Maya pushed the bedcover aside with a wide grin.

Maya crouched between his thighs and gave his swollen member a quick peck. Looking up at Vince, she licked his balls and placed them between her teeth, tugging at them harmlessly before she heard a female answer the phone.

“Hi love, back from your shower?” she asked, as Maya slurped his deflated member down her throat, without using her hands.

“Yes. Just came out. Felt good – the shower,” replied Vince, conscious of his shallow breathing as Maya went about her business like a pro.

“Oh, I miss being with you. I should probably join you on one of your trips. Ever since the kids came into our lives, we haven’t spent time just being us,” she cooed, as Maya pulled down his sheath, swirling her tongue around the top. She loved the taste of dried semen around his foreskin.

“Yes. That seems to be a good idea,” Vince replied, trying to get his kids out of his mind, especially with a much younger woman between his thighs. “The last time it was just you and I was before our son was born.” He placed the phone on his belly, so that he could free his hands to pat Maya on her head.

“It had to be! That was the trip you knocked me up. The rate at which we were going, I’m surprised we didn’t have triplets,” she joked, and Maya smiled, munching with her lips on the side of his penis.

“Oh Vince. I miss you. These trips really suck everything out of you. You’ve been very busy lately and I miss your embrace.” Vince was stuck in the middle of two women right now, both of whom were craving his response. He chose his wife for now, to eventually help Maya in her efforts.

“I miss you too. I’ll make it up to you this weekend. I don’t have much work tomorrow, so I should be completely recharged by the time I see you.” Vince was confident that there was little to be done with Maya, given her monthly downtime.

“Great. I’ll send the kids to their grandparents then. I’ve been meaning to wear the lingerie we bought in Paris. You really do have a dirty mind, Mr.” Speaking of which, Vince was fully erect now, as Maya got off the bed, and picked up his tie from the floor.

“Sounds like a plan. I look forward to it!’ Vince hung in a flash, as Maya lay down by his side, offering him the tie. In a jiffy, he tied her hands behind her back.

“Dirty mind and you, Vince?” Maya chirped, face buried in the pillow. Vince pulled her up by the waist and steadied his face behind her bony ass. Very gently, he started licking all the way up from her pink pussy folds to the tight anal hole. Her musk was intoxicating, and he loved the twitch in her asshole each time his tongue touched the rim. In a matter of minutes, he could taste her juices seep out of her pussy, and he loved it. Maya bit into the pillow as Vince harmlessly chewed away on her folds, and unexpectedly flicked her hard clit with his tongue. He was wetly rewarded for his efforts as Maya did something he couldn’t even get his wife to do.

Two hot streams of her squirts hit him on his face, as Maya buried her head deeper into the pillow to conceal her moaning. Vince loved the taste of her warm fluids, and it had been a while since he’d had his fill. He immediately stuffed two of his digits into her fertile vagina and started vibrating them as hard as he could. Her pussy gargled and splashed a few more streams of her heat, but this time Vince had his lips tightly wrapped around her folds.

Lying down flat on the bed, he placed her knees on either side of his face and dug into a deep kiss with her perpetually thirsty pussy. Maya bobbed up with some effort and carefully swallowed his pole, stopping at the base of the shaft for support and steadiness.

Both went about their business for a luxurious amount of time, until Vince knew that it was time for his final assault on her. “Such a slut,” he moaned, as Maya sucked his cock hungrily. Its only went he bit her on her thigh that she looked over her shoulder, his member still inside her mouth. “You like me as a slut, Vince,” Maya winked, wriggling her bottom over his face.

Vince pushed her over, and she landed on her back, her hands still tied behind her back. “Sluts never have their legs together,” he commented, and Maya immediately spread them apart. Her chocolate brown skin was glistening with their sweat and fluids, and her breasts were jutting out in the air for his consumption.

“How are you related to Steffi? The two of you are so different that I have a hard time not being hard around you. Hang on, I have another call to make.” Vince knew Maya would be surprised, ankara escort especially by the person he was about to dial.

“Hi Vince,” she heard Steffi’s sweet voice on the speaker. “How are you?”

“Yeah, OK. Steffi, I was trying to look for the research papers, and I couldn’t find them. Maya mentioned that you had put them on the system. Where are they?” Vince asked with in serious tone, mashing Maya’s clit with his fingers.

“I’m not sure what you’re asking Vince. I handed those papers over to Maya ages back. She must be mistaken,” Steff replied, a bit nervously.

“I don’t want to be in the middle of this mess. Here speak with Maya,” Vince smiled, as he placed his phone on her heaving breasts, still pinching away at her clit.

“Oh, hi Steff. Could you please check the archives folder on the research intranet? I must have put them there.” Maya could now feel the strains of his tie on her wrists, as she squirmed uncomfortably.

“Sure, just a sec!” Steff replied, as she began clicking away furiously.

Vince let go of her clit and placed his penis on her slit, running it up and down the folds. “Found them. Let him know they’re all here. I’ll send him a link to the folder.” Steff was more relieved than Maya right now.

“Thanks Steff. Ouch!” Maya choked, as Vince opened up her hole ever so slightly with the head of his penis. Thankfully Steff missed it altogether, as she ended the call on her end.

In one thrust, Vince pushed his entire length inside her wet walls so hard, that the phone jumped off her chest and fell to a side. “Well played, Vince,” Maya cooed, as he relaxed his pelvic muscles, without beginning his motion.

Vince sank his teeth into her other breast, completely ignoring her pleas for mercy. With his jaws still covering her breast, Vince very slowly started moving his member in and out of her. Maya was locked in a position where any sudden movement hurt her immensely, but her reactions were beyond her for now. To make matters worse, Vince shoved in his middle finger with his marauding penis, causing all sorts of new sensations for Maya.

It was different feel for Vince too, having his own penis graze against his finger, giving his overcharged brains all sorts of mixed signals. But the objective right now was to crush Maya, and her ever growing control over him, and he was doing just that. Every subsequent thrust was more powerful than the last, as he slobbered away at her breast. Her moans were bringing the roof down, but Vince was tone deaf to them in his current phase of passion. Just when she was getting used to the pain, Vince somehow managed to push his other hand under her ass and shoved his index finger deep inside her tight asshole.

For a second, Maya thought she’d pass out, but was pleasantly surprised by the tolerance level of her own body. All her sensitive spots were being attended to, and both were having the fuck of their lives. When a few minutes passed by, Vince quickly withdrew all his digits from her body, and shoved his penis into her ass, which was a bit loose now, thanks to his finger massage. She felt his fluids fill her up, as her tight, black hole was now drenched in white.

Vince reached behind her and undid the knot, collapsing on top of her for the second time today. “You are one hell of a girl, Maya. I can still feel your walls tighten around my dick,” he moaned, still lodged inside her.

“Well,” she mumbled, enjoying his warm breath on her cheeks, “I just want to ensure you can last out a week without me. I think you can go on a vacation with your wife – she’ll appreciate that.”

Withdrawing from her completely, he rolled over to her side, resting his knee on her ass. “Good idea. In fact, Steff was is going on a vacation too next week. It’s time to perform my domestic duties,” Vince retorted, running the back of his hand on her slender back.

“Vince, you love playing us against each other, don’t you?” she asked, placing her head on his outstretched arm, and cuddling up with him.

“We’re all playing with each other, Maya. And from what I understand, we were born to play. Someday, we’ll play together,” Vince said, looking into her eyes. Maya went quiet for a bit, as even she had her boundaries.

“No Vince, that’s one thing I will never be up for. And from what I know of her, neither will Steff.” Vince plugged his middle finger into her ass, dipping into his own juice, “Oh, you will. Trust me. You want this success too much.”

Maya squirmed under his intrusion but chose not to respond to his arrogance with words. Instead, and in a rather timely fashion, she ripped a loud one around his fat finger!

“Eesssh, you’re disgusting Maya,” he recoiled, pulling his finger out of her ass. The room stank for a few minutes, before the boss-subordinate broke into a cacophonous round of laughter. Vinces’ query for a threesome with Steffi and Maya was left to be answered for a different day.


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