Yes Congressman! Ch. 01

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The landmark Supreme Court decision commonly referred to as Citizens United paved the way for a radical restructuring of the political dynamic of the United States as money flooded into campaigns as never before. Corporations, interest groups, organized labor, and exceedingly wealthy individuals all vied for influence in Washington D.C. with a deluge of cash. Money had been categorised as free and protected speech, and all warnings of corruption had been cast aside.

Some years later this expansion of the ability to influence politics was furthered by another contentious and closely fought Supreme Court battle. In the decision West versus Murdoch, the court’s conservative majority ruled that sexual speech for political purpose, which encompassed any legal sexual act, was a form of free and protected political speech. Furthermore, taken together with Citizens United, the decision made legal the employment of sexual acts to solicit donations to political causes, to influence political campaigns and politicians, and so on.

Since then, political campaigns on all sides have quietly but rapidly developed a new weapon in their arsenal; the sexual operative. Commonly referred to by politicos as “Courtesans” for women and “Cavaliers” for men, these young operatives discreetly but effectively exploit this newly protected sexual speech to advance the agendas of the campaigns they work for. Fundraising and spending, already without limits, has skyrocketed. Congressmen and senators are routinely plied with sexual favors by lobbying firms and interest groups from K Street in exchange for preferential deals.

Corruption has run rampant, but remains legal and untouchable.

Although the practice is an open secret in the Beltway and perfectly legal, it remains largely obscured from public view, where the concept faces a powerful backlash from many voters. Those campaigns that employed sexual operatives too often or blatantly collapsed when these scandals inevitably came to light. Now, campaigns and lobbyists are far more careful in nurturing and deploying the sexual arm of their operations, even as they race to compete with one another.

This series follows the story of one such young Courtesan named Rebecca ‘Becky’ Madison and her remarkable journey into the halls of political power.


Becky Madison, punctual as always, found herself waiting alone standing in the office of Rick Lawson for over ten minutes before he showed up. It was to be expected, Mr. Lawson was a busy man, running one of the tightest congressional campaign races in recent memory.

Becky knew him only by reputation. ‘Lawson the Bulldog’, the Beltway insiders called him. Once he bit, he never let go. He had turned some of the most dire campaigns around through sheer grit. There was no one tougher than Lawson. Which was good news where Becky was concerned. She had no intention of being tied down to a sinking ship. If all went as planned, this campaign was going to launch her career.

Rick Lawson looked much as Becky expected him to when he finally walked in. Hair uncombed, face unshaven, suit dishevelled and missing a tie, coffee stains on his shirt. He had the grizzled look of a political veteran who had been in his fair share of trench war campaigns, and this one was no different. Despite his poor grooming, there was a certain animalistic attractiveness to the man.

“Rebecca Madison, right?” asked Lawson, not bothering with polite formalities. “Spin around, let me get a good look at you.”

Becky smiled at Lawson’s directness and spun as instructed, showing herself off to the veteran political operative. She was dressed and polished just so with the kind of casual sophistication that made her elegance seem effortless. She sported an Italian stretch cross-stitched grey belted vest over a tight white short sleeved blouse that showed off a suggestive hint of cleavage. The vest matched a slinky grey pencil skirt that ended just before her bare knees, before her legs disappeared into tall black leather high heeled boots.

Becky herself was a small and petite young woman, slender with creamy freckled skin, small but perky B cup breasts and a fashionable shoulder length fringed bob of brown hair. Her sparkling blue eyes were sharp and alert, darkened with just enough mascara to make her seem more mature than her twenty two young years.

“Very good, take a seat,” said Lawson as her leaned back on the front of his desk with his arms folded, not bothering to sit himself.

Becky perched herself in the guest chair. It smelled of musty leather and seemed to bear more than a few coffee stains.

“You’re resume is very impressive for someone so young,” said Lawson, his flinty eyes fixed on Becky. “North Carolina state senate campaign… New York gubernatorial race… That was a tough one.”

“I wished we had done better, sir,” said Becky.

“Hell, I’m impressed you guys ran as close as you did,” said Lawson. “Citizens United has meant that every goddamn çankaya escort congressional and senate race in the country has to raise ten or twenty times the money we used to because every half-wit billionaire and their uncle are in the Super PAC business now. You’re probably too young to remember, Rebecca, but it didn’t use to be like this. Sorry, I’m getting nostalgic. Let me press on. Right now, our opponent is awash in outside money. Have you heard of ANAL, Becky?”

“Excuse me?” asked Becky, blushing slightly.

“Americans Need American Leadership,” said Lawson. “ANAL for short. It’s the new Super PAC backing our opponent. Don’t worry that you hadn’t heard of them, they were only just reformed with the new name recently. They used to be SODOMY; Saving Our Democracy from Overseas Manufacturing Yesterday. Those wussy liberals have always been slow with effective branding. Unfortunately the new name has also come with new leadership and a new strategy, and they’re out-raising and out-spending us heavily. Basically it’s the latest major fundraising arm of the DNC, and they’re spending a lot of big money on congressional and senate races this cycle. We have our own Super PAC of course; SLUT.”

“Secure Leadership for a United Tomorrow,” nodded Becky. “I interned with them during college.”

“Right, but SLUT is just not reaching the fundraising targets we need to meet the competition from ANAL. Energy and excitement is down, and our big donors have been reluctant to commit. We need to turn that around, and that’s where you come in.” Lawson continued.

“You need a fundraising operative?” asked Becky.

“Not exactly,” said Lawson. “We need a special operative that can work fluidly across a number of areas. Someone who has a specific set of adaptable skills in personal networking and a high degree of initiative and discretion. Do you know what a Courtesan is, Rebecca?”

Here it comes, thought Becky. She felt nerves flutter through her body, but she had come to this interview expecting that it would head in this direction. She had to steel herself for it. This was the career opportunity of a lifetime.

“I’ve heard the rumors,” said Becky.

“Good, that’ll make it easier if you already know what’s involved,” said Lawson. “I’ll be blunt, it’s an arms race out there, and the problem is that there aren’t many people that can do that sort of work effectively without causing a public scandal. While it may be legal, it still offends a large portion of the public, especially value voters and Christian conservatives. We can’t win without those groups. The Democrats have their own problems with it from the civil liberties groups and working families. So both sides try to keep it under wraps even as we’re trying to do more of it.”

“I’ve been hearing it’s tough to recruit,” said Becky.

“If we were doing porn we’d be fine,” grumbled Lawson. “But we don’t need just anyone who’s willing to, we need professionals. People who know the politics and the pitfalls. Trouble is most of the talent coming out of the graduate schools get sucked up by the lobbyists. More money there. What we need is a patriot. A public servant. Someone who cares about the direction of this country and is willing to spread her legs to help put America back on track again by electing the right sorts of people. Our sorts of people, with any luck. Now from the sounds of it, you might be just that person Rebecca. How about it? Are you willing to spread your legs for America?”

“I… I think so,” said Becky, growing a little apprehensive.

If she was honest with herself, this wasn’t Becky’s idea of what she wanted to be doing in her career when she graduated. Becky was passionate about politics. She wanted to make her mark and help do her part for the country. It wasn’t about the money for her, she wanted to change things. But she hadn’t really expected that it would involve sleeping with people for political opportunism. Yet the more she learned about the way things really worked in Washington and in politics these days, the more she came to realize that if she really wanted to change things, she would have to get her hands dirty.

“Now I’ve heard on the grapevine that you are one of the best and brightest young politicos, Rebecca,” continued Lawson. “What you did for the Vickers campaign almost singlehandedly turned it around. You come very highly recommended. It’s no secret in the Beltway that you’re a real up and coming operative with a big career ahead of you. The trouble is, as I’m sure you know, we don’t need just another politico. We have plenty. If you took a normal safe job, it’d take you twenty or thirty years just to rise to a mid-level staffer position. But if you did the patriotic thing, the brave thing, and became a Courtesan here with us… Well, let me just tell you. If we win this campaign, we’re going places. And you’ll be coming along with us, right to the top. What do you say, Rebecca?”

It was an attractive çayyolu escort offer. Becky pursed her lips as she thought, brushing her silky brown hair over one ear.

Lawson swallowed hard as he watched her. His recruiting pitch had worked him up and the incredibly good looking young woman before him didn’t help matters. Although he didn’t dare tell Rebecca this, he had been struggling to recruit a Courtesan for almost two months now, and the campaign was suffering for it. They had a Cavalier for the few cougar tycoon women donors out there, but the biggest fundraising market was largely old rich men who liked hot young women. They had been so desperate they almost hired an aspiring porn starlet, but had to axe the whole deal at the last minute because she was such a gossip she would start a scandal in an instant.

Rebecca Madison had come to Lawson like a godsend. Just going off her profile photo had been enough to register that she was hot. But now that he was staring at her in person, Lawson had to admit he was floored. Rebecca Madison was a blue eyed angel in knee high fuck me boots with the political experience and diplomatic tact he so badly needed and just enough desperation and ambition to consider this salacious new career.

Lawson really needed Rebecca to say yes or he could kiss this campaign goodbye.

Becky meanwhile, who had already made up her mind before coming today, finally voiced her assent.

“When do I start, sir?” asked Becky.

Lawson could have jumped for joy, but he was old and surly enough that he got by with a grunt of approval.

“There’s just one small matter we have to deal with first, Rebecca,” said Lawson. “A formality, really, but it’s required. I need you to prove you have what it takes. That is to say, I need you to prove you’re willing to go through with the reality of being a Courtesan. Not everyone can handle it, even when they think they can, so we’re going to do a little trial run. If you find this career really isn’t for you, you can back out before having to sign anything. The second part of it is that it’s also a trial to see your talent. You’re clearly an incredibly attractive young woman, and you come across very professionally and tastefully, which is essential in a discreet approach for this job. But we also need to know if you have the talent to truly satisfy our clients properly. Do you understand what I’m saying, Rebecca?”

“I think I understand, sir,” nodded Becky. “Just to be clear, what exactly do you want me to demonstrate?”

“For starters, Rebecca, I need you to get on your knees and start sucking my cock,” said Lawson as he unceremoniously unzipped himself and pulled out his semi-erect penis.

Becky blushed profusely, but didn’t flinch. This was her test. She would either pass it and begin her new career as a Courtesan, or she would go back to her mundane life as a low level political staffer, consigned to door knocking and calling phones for the next few years. She had to blow Lawson’s mind, and more importantly, his cock.

Becky got up off the chair, smoothed her skirt, and then lowered herself to a crouch before Lawson, bringing her face level with his fat, slightly grubby cock. Lawson was a sweaty man, and there was a pungent aroma to his dick, but Becky steeled herself and dutifully wrapped her lips gently around the head before beginning to suck.

“Mmmmmf, mmmmmnnnhhh, hhmmmnnnpph,” moaned Becky, swirling her tongue around the head as she looked up at Lawson with her bright blue eyes.

“Ohhhh, that’s nice Rebecca, I’m sure the donors will love this,” said Lawson as he looked down at Becky’s little figure and her bobbing head greedily swallowing his dick.

Becky bobbed her head back and forth more rapidly now, taking more than half of the fat, stubby cock into her mouth on each stroke. She reached up with one hand and grasped the base of his shaft, jacking it off as she sucked simultaneously.

The combination of Becky’s delicate little hand wanking Lawson while Becky’s warm, wet mouth and agile tongue went to work on the sensitive end of his penis made the older man groan in delight. Becky’s lips were tight and slick around his cock, sliding pleasurably up and down. His cock head trembled and spilled beads of precum across the young brunette’s tongue. The taste was unpleasant and strong, but Becky took it in her stride and only bobbed faster and deeper, sucking Lawson until the tip of his cock nuzzled against the entrance to her throat.

“Aaaaah! Oh Christ, that’s fucking amazing,” swore Lawson as his hands moved to the back of her head.

Lawson held Becky’s head firmly and began pushing her head back and forth with greater vigour and force. Becky’s eyes scrunched and her forehead furrowed in discomfort momentarily, but she didn’t try to pull away. Encouraged, Lawson forced her head down further on his dick, and picked up the pace.

“Mmmhh! Mnnnhh! Hmmmn! Hmmff! Bmmnnf! Bmmnffff!” moaned Becky, ankara escort as each thrust of Lawson’s engorged cock now pushed aggressively at the entrance of her throat.

Becky knew exactly what Lawson wanted now. It was the same thing guys she dated always wanted when she was blowing them, though she didn’t oblige very often. To deep throat a cock was a difficult and often unpleasant experience, even when Becky was in the mood to do it. Lawson wasn’t so rough that he was forcing his turgid member into her throat, but he was insistently suggesting that was exactly where he wanted to go.

There was no other way around it. If Becky wanted this job, and she did, she would have to relent and try her best to please Lawson and her future clients, and hopefully not choke in the process.

Steeling herself as she kept up her rhythmic blowjob, Becky began relaxing her throat as best she could, adjusting her petite body as she kneeled to try and create a better angle for Lawson’s cock to slide deeper more easily. She had already built up enough saliva in her mouth to create a wet, slippery lubricant to ease the solid erection into her tight young throat. Becky hoped it would be enough.

Lawson pushed again firmly on Becky’s head and was finally rewarded with the satisfying squelching sound and tight pleasure of his cock thrusting through into the young brunette’s silky throat.

Beck gagged, she couldn’t help it. Her throat muscles constricted and tried to repulse the foreign object that was now wedged firmly in her gullet. Her body was screaming at her to get this thing out of her face, but Becky’s willpower was stronger. She was going to hold on as long as she could and prove just what a talented cocksucker she could be.

“Uuuuunnnffffmmnnghhh!” gurgled Becky as she grabbed hold of Lawson’s hips and tried her best to prolong the deep throat. Her head was spinning and she couldn’t really tell how deep she was, but it felt like she had a lot of Lawson’s penis buried in her face.

“Fuck me, that’s incredible!” groaned Lawson as he held her head down.

Becky gagged and her blue eyes were wide with a mixture of shock and pride at what she was able to do. But it was enough now, and she had to withdraw. Becky yanked her head back and it took a moment before Lawson realized the young woman was trying to pull off and he stopped pushing down on her head.

“Oh, fuck, sorry,” muttered Lawson as he let Becky off.

Becky pulled off with a slick pop and coughed and spluttered noisily as she recovered from the deep throat.

“I’m ok,” said Becky finally, though her blue eyes were welling up with tears and her mascara was running a little. “I can continue.”

Becky took a deep breath, relaxed her throat again, and dived back down on Lawson’s tumescent hard on. This time it slid in more easily, and her throat gave way to accommodate the fat cock, though she still gagged a little as her throat constricted again around the snugly buried head of the shaft.

Lawson was amazed and thrilled. His hands went right back to Becky’s head and this time took hold of her silky brown hair as well. He was going to enjoy using this talented and promising young person, with any luck for the rest of the campaign and beyond.

“Gnnuuhhh! Bmmnnfghh!” Becky gagged as she choked on Lawson. Effortless deep throating was not yet in her sexual vocabulary.

“Fuck! Fuck Fuck!” grunted Lawson, as he pleasured himself by fucking Becky’s face with a few more thrusts back and forth before he noticed she was gagging again and struggling to pull off.

What a trooper, thought Lawson. Still, he shouldn’t push it. He didn’t want to freak Rebecca out and scare away his best prospect of a Courtesan, no matter how appealing it was to fuck this young woman’s face.

Reluctantly, Lawson pulled Becky off of his dick, a trail of thick viscous spit running from his soaking shaft to her rosy pink lips and chin.

Becky breathed deeply and heavily, her cheeks flushed, and chest rising and falling, her mouth still hanging open. The cute little brunette wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and did her best to make herself presentable again. Then without a word she moved her head forward to take Lawson’s cock between her lips once again and resume the blowjob.

“That’s ok, how about we explore another area,” said Lawson, stopping her before she could proceed. “That was excellent. Now, stand up here and let me see your tits.”

“They’re not very big, I’m afraid,” said Becky as she climbed to her feet.

“But they’re very perky, and that’s perfect for us,” said Lawson. “From the donor micro-targeting research we’ve done, we know that quite a few prefer the small, petite girls like you. You’re a very in-demand type. The busty blonde bimbo, while appealing to a certain demographic, is not as popular as you might think, and we’ve already filled all those spots.”

“Thanks, I guess,” smiled Becky as she regained her breath and started to undo the buttons to her blouse and vest.

Soon Becky’s vest and blouse were hanging open and Lawson had a breathtaking view of Becky’s perky rack snugly encased in a lacy black bra.

Lawson’s hands were on Becky’s tits immediately, cupping and groping them with unrefined enthusiasm.

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