Wrestling with Emily

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Emily always was a competitive girl. She wasn’t a strict feminist, but took offense at any suggestion that men possess greater physical prowess than women. She’s certainly stronger and faster than most women.

Emily and I dated for years, and lived together for a while. She’s of pretty average height and weight, has long blond hair, beautiful blue eyes, and large, natural breasts. My natural male strength advantage occasionally frustrated her, and I took advantage of her competitive side one night, in a good natured way.

Occasionally we would wrestle around with each other in bed, often partially dressed or fully naked. It was mostly just goofing around, but occasionally her competitive side would kick in and we’d wrestle more seriously. We slept on a full-size futon on the floor, which made for a good little wrestling arena.

I would get very turned on wrestling around with my girlfriend, our bodies pressing together, rolling around in physical contact. Being a bit stronger than her, I could typically overpower her after a few minutes and pin her. Aroused, I would want to fuck her, but thanks to her competitive nature she’d want to keep wrestling. Even when I had her pinned down and tried to slip my dick into her, she would squirm and hold her pussy clenched tight, so I couldn’t slip inside her.

“Ok, Emily,” I said one night as we started rolling around. “I think we need some ground rules.”

“What sort of rules?” she asked.

“Well, once I pin you I want to have sex,” I replied.

“Sure, once I’m done wrestling we can have sex,” she responded.

“No, I mean when I pin you I want you to let me screw you, right away.”

“How come you get to make the rules?” she asked.

“Ok fine, let’s make a bet. How long do you think it would take me to pin you?” I asked.

“I bet it would take at least ten minutes,” she responded, and I couldn’t help but chuckle, much to her annoyance.

“Ok, tell you what, let’s make it five minutes. We’ll set a timer and if I pin you in less than five minutes, I win your body. I get to fuck you any way I choose, cum any way I want for a whole night, without worrying about your pleasure,” I replied.

“Fine. But if I win you have to give me a massage, and have sex with me the way I want to. And you have to do all the chores for a month. Laundry, vacuuming, washing dishes, all of etimesgut escort it,” Emily added.

“I’m not sure that’s fair, but since I plan to win, you’re on,” I told her, shaking her hand to seal the bargain before undressing completely.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“I don’t want you grabbing my clothes,” I told her. “If you want to wear anything, that’s up to you.”

Emily pondered her options before stripping naked, to my enjoyment. While I’d seen her nude body plenty of times, I still preferred wrestling around with her naked, which allowed full skin-to-skin contact.

“Ok, so I have to pin your shoulders to the ground for a full, slow, three count within five minutes. You can be in charge of the timer. No biting, no kicking, no scratching, standard wrestling rules I guess. You can try to pin me, but you only have to escape for five minutes to win.” I stated. “Are we clear?”

“You’re on,” she replied, giggling. “I’m gonna enjoy your massage, not to mention not having to do my chores.”

At first she was pretty quick, while we were both standing. Eventually I managed to wrap my arms around her from behind. I held her against me, my semi hard cock pressing against her ass. For a split second she forgot she was supposed to be trying to get away.

As gently as possible I took us both to the ground with my arms still wrapped around her midsection. I wrapped my legs around her hips. She couldn’t really move, but I realized I wasn’t going to be able to pin her that way and the clock was ticking.

I released her with my legs and repositioned myself. I loosened my grip with my arms a little to let her think she could escape. Emily rolled onto her stomach and pushed up, but I was right behind her, not letting go. It again wasn’t a very good pinning position, but I did get to squeeze her boobs.

Eventually she managed to slip away. We were both getting warmer, sweatier and slippery. I was focusing as much on groping her as trying to pin her. I knew I was on the clock, but I was confident and wanted to have some fun in the process.

She stood up again and I followed suit. I went for her stomach from the front, wrapping my arms around her waist, with my head under her right arm. She tried to put me in a headlock, which might have been effective if I wasn’t so much bigger and etlik escort stronger than her. I reached one arm down to her leg and lifted it upwards, and she soon lost her balance and fell onto her back, her fall padded sufficiently by the mattress.

She was in a dangerous position on her back and lost her grip on my head in the fall. She tried to twist onto her stomach, but I flopped one leg over her hips and legs, pinning her down and pressing my now full erection against her. My cockhead brushed against her bare shaven pussy, and she squirmed. With my hands I pinned down her arms at the elbows, and lowered my head to suck on one of her nipples.

“That’s some wrestling move,” she panted sarcastically, still trying to squirm, but essentially helpless. I figured I had at least a minute to spare, and wanted to gloat a little in my victory.

I let go of one of her arms and swiftly slid it under both her knees. I lifted them to her chest, providing leverage to pin her shoulders down with her squirming helplessly. She was pinned. “One… two… three…” I counted slowly, but held her long after I finished my count. She was panting, looking at me, realizing she was defeated. The timer went off a few seconds later, announcing the end of five minutes.

“And now, my prize,” I stated, still pinning her. I repositioned myself and spread her legs, putting one on each of my shoulders and positioning my cockhead at the entrance to her pussy. When I pushed into her I discovered she was extremely wet, allowing me to slip my entire length into her easily, much to my delight.

She playfully squirmed in mock struggle, but then whispered “Take me, however you want me.”

I fucked her hard with her legs over my shoulders. It was fast and almost brutal, although she certainly didn’t mind, moaning with pleasure and encouragement. Her tits danced with each powerful thrust, her face contorted with pleasure, still glistening with sweat from our exertions.

I fucked her lustfully, triumphantly, savoring my prize and my victory. I wanted to remind her who “The Man” was in our relationship, remind her that I was bigger, stronger, more powerful. Again, her pleasurable moans showed me she didn’t mind one bit.

My passion grew in a sharp crescendo as my orgasm approached. I slipped my cock out of her hot pussy, lowering her legs ankara escort and straddling her chest. With one hand I pinned her hands above her head, with the other I began stroking my cock, my hand quickly becoming slippery from her juices on my cock.

“Open your mouth and close your eyes,” I instructed, my cock just above her bosom, aimed at her pretty face. She complied, closing her eyes and parting her lips, extending her pink tongue.

With a loud groan I climaxed, hot cum shooting out from my cock. Most of it landed on her chin and lips, but one burst drew a line across her cheek up to her forehead. After the initial hard spurts, a few drops dribbled out from the tip of my cock onto her tits.

I released her hands and bent down to kiss a clean portion of her cheek. She giggled and started to sit up. I got off her, and she ran off to the bathroom to clean up.

I followed her, and pulled her into the shower. Under the warm spray I pushed her to her knees, and she took my still mostly erect cock into her mouth. She pleasured me with her mouth and tongue, fulfilling her role as my willing prize. I was quickly erect once more.

I fucked her once more in the shower, this time from behind. Having come so recently, I was able to focus on simply enjoying myself and the warmth of her tight pussy.

I’m not a truly selfish guy, and despite our agreement I wanted her to get hers. While thrusting into her I reached around to rub her swollen clit. Emily gasped with pleasure, moaning as I thrust deep into her while touching her. With a soft cry I felt her climax, her pussy clenching me tightly. I savored the sensation, feeling like a major stud after making my girlfriend climax.

Once she had recovered from her climax, I had Emily brace herself against the wall of the shower. I gripped her hips and fucked her hard, her firm ass shaking with each thrust. She gripped me with her pussy and I groaned, climaxing again, filling her pussy with my cum. I slid in and out a couple times post-orgasm before slowing to a stop, the warm water of the shower still spraying against my back.

“That was fun!” Emily exclaimed as we showered off, this time for cleanliness. “I almost didn’t mind losing.”

“Good,” I replied. “Because you’re still mine for the rest of the night, and don’t think I’m done yet. I’m still going to fuck you silly even more.”

“I’d be disappointed if you didn’t!” she answered, kissing me sweetly.

Author’s Note: In case anyone is wondering, yes, this is a sort of prequel to “Reunion with an Ex”, although it’s mostly a single sex scene. Similar to a lot of erotica, “inspired by true events”.

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