Working Girl Ch. 02

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The next day, I dressed as I’d been instructed in full skirt and a button-up blouse. My bra had a front clasp, and I wore stockings and garters instead of pantyhose. The feeling of the silk on my legs was enough to keep me distracted, and the thought of what my boss might have in store for me that day kept me wet. He hadn’t said anything about panties, so I didn’t wear any, and the breeze up my skirt on my walk from the subway to the office had me constantly blushing. I was sure that everyone could see what a little slut I was, and I liked it.

When I entered the office, I immediately sought out the man who had satisfied me as no other had ever been able to do. I was disappointed to learn that he was in a meeting with a new client, so I went instead to my own office and logged onto the system to try to keep myself distracted with work until he came and found me. Instead of working, though, I ended up chatting with my online friend again. The man who had started it all the day before was wondering why I’d left so abruptly. Aroused at the memory of what had happened, I told him the entire story. He was so pleased at what a good little slut I had been that he wanted to reward me with an orgasm.

I’m never one to turn down a chance to cum, so I eagerly slid to the edge of my seat and lifted my legs up onto the chair’s arms, immediately fucking myself with two fingers, just the way I’d done the day before. I was fantasizing both about my online friend and his hot words and about my boss and his hot cock. I wanted nothing more than for him to walk in on me the way he’d done the day before and make me service his cock with my mouth. I’d never done anything before that had made me as insanely overcome with lust as I had been in his office when he told me to lift my skirt and masturbate while he watched. I wanted him to watch me again. I wanted him to let other people watch me. I wanted him to make me his good little slut.

That last thought sent me over the edge. I shuddered and moaned, my head tossing from side to side on the back of my chair and my juices gushing out around my fingers. I came so hard I was surprised and breathless when I finally finished.

I was still panting when I heard applause coming from my doorway. It was my boss, and next to him was a man I’d never seen before. I was simultaneously mortified and aroused that a complete stranger had watched me masturbate and orgasm. Blushing, I moved to put my feet down on the floor again, but my boss told me to stay just as I was. The men came over to my desk and started speaking about me as if I weren’t even there.

“God, she really cums hard, doesn’t she?”

“You think that’s something, you should see what a great cocksucker she is.”

“And you say she came just because you told her to?”

“Mmmhmmm. I told you she was a hot little slut.”

“You weren’t kidding!” and with that, he reached out a finger and traced it along my soaking wet slit, from the bottom right up to my hard little clit, causing me to gasp and shudder again. He grinned down at me and then moved his finger along my pussy again. “Mmmm yes, you really are a very very hot little cumslut, aren’t you?”

All I could do was nod as my hips instinctively moved up to meet his entirely-too-gentle finger. He laughed and asked, “And does this hot little cumslut want something?”

I moaned and nodded again, gasping for breath as his finger was stirring me to greater and greater heights of passion.

“If you want something, you have to ask for it,” he whispered down to me, moving his finger even more gently against me so that I whimpered with the need for more.

“Please,” I whispered in a voice that was barely audible. “Please … put it inside me?” I closed my eyes and brought my hand down to guide his, wanting him so desperately to penetrate me with that maddeningly teasing finger.

“What was that? I’m afraid I couldn’t quite hear you,” he said.

At the same time, my boss grabbed my hands at the wrist and brought them up above my head. “Nice girls don’t do that.” So saying, he loosened his tie and used it to bind my wrists together behind the chair, ensuring I not do it again.

“Please…” I moaned and gasped as his finger flicked at my clit again, “Please finger my pussy? Please? I feel so so so empty!” I was imploring with him, begging to be filled with his wonderful, frustrating, tantalizing finger.

Immediately, he plunged it deep into my wetness, eliciting a long, high-pitched moan from me as my back arched with the pleasure of being filled. “See?” he said, “All you have to do is ask.”

With that, my boss reached down and unbuttoned my blouse, quickly opening my bra and releasing my large, full breasts. “God, I love your fucking huge tits,” he said under his breath, just before taking my nipples between his fingers and pulling them hard away from my body. My whimper of pain ended in a long moan of pleasure, and he moaned happily, “mmmmm fuck yeah, I love a good painslut.”

The stranger, meanwhile, maltepe escort added a second finger to my drenched cunt, sending huge currents of sensation through my whole body.

“I want to see her cum again,” he said to my boss. “She’s so fucking hot when she cums.”

My boss once again pulled on my distended nipples, this time giving them a little twist, and said simply, “Cum like a good little slut.”

That’s all it took. Once again, I was shuddering and moaning, thrashing and gasping for breath as an orgasm tore through my body. My pussy clenched against the invading fingers, pulling them even further into me as I drenched them with my cream.

The men just smiled down at me, and I wondered what they might have planned for me, next.

Both of them had huge erections by that point, and I could see precum staining the front of the stranger’s trousers, but rather than taking out their hard, dripping cocks and letting me lick and suck on them until I could taste their cum, they started talking once more as if I weren’t there.

“What do you say, Josh? Want to help me train her?” my boss asked the stranger.

“Fucking hell, I wouldn’t miss this for the world!” he replied, looking down at my still-open pussy. “She’s the hottest slut I’ve seen in quite some time.”

My boss chuckled and shook his head, still absently playing with my nipples. “I know! I can’t believe she was right under my nose all this time, and I never had a clue!”

“Hmmm… I’ll bet this office isn’t soundproofed. Let’s go back to yours so that we can have some more fun with our hot little cumslut painwhore, here.” He smiled at me and winked, and I found myself smiling back, biting my lip a bit and blushing at the names he called me but not minding at all.

My boss cleared his throat and addressed me once more, repeating those fateful words he’d used just the previous day, “Please come to my office, Ms. Matheson. Immediately.” He added, “Joshua here will tell you what is expected of you.” With that, he turned his back on my tied up and spreadeagled form and walked out of the room.

Joshua, as I now knew to call him, grinned down at me. “You really are quite beautiful, you know,” he said, and he bent down and gave my dripping slit one long, wet lick from bottom to top. “Mmmmm… tasty, too.” Moving around behind me, he undid the tie that was still around my wrists and began to inform me as to what was going to happen next. “I want you to take off your blouse and jacket and remove your bra. You’ll put your jacket on and leave your bra and blouse in here. On our way to Pete’s office, I’ll be watching you to make sure that you don’t pull your jacket closed or otherwise try to cover your breasts. Once in his office, you will strip. There is to be no modesty. You are ours to do with as we wish, and we wish to see your lovely body at all times. If you feel any hesitation or discomfort with the situation, you are of course free to go, but you will not be able to return. Do you understand everything I’ve just said?”

I looked him right in the eye as I removed my blouse, jacket, and bra from where they were hanging on my arms and said, “Completely.” Then I took a deep breath and put my jacket back on, folding my blouse and bra neatly and placing them in my drawer. “Let’s go, shall we?”

He grinned at me and said, “I was really hoping you’d say that.”

Joshua opened my office door, and I took another deep breath before stepping out into the noisy cube farm outside. I walked slowly and carefully at first, conscious of how my breasts moved under my jacket and how my nipples rubbed against the slightly stiff material. I blushed as I looked down and saw the ocean of cleavage revealed by my formerly-conservative looking suit, but Joshua just patted my backside and gave me an encouraging smile and a whispered, “You look so sexy like that,” and suddenly I was smiling and had a bounce in my step.

That bounce managed to reveal even more of my breasts as I made my way more confidently along the corridors. People who usually barely noticed me were suddenly looking right at me, and not just because of my breasts being almost totally on display. I was exuding an aura of power and assurance that I had never before adopted. And I liked it.

Joshua chuckled as he noticed my widening grin. He whispered in my ear again as his hand once more cupped my round ass through my skirt, “Does our little cumslut enjoy being looked at?”

I blushed, then laughed and said, “You know? I really do.”

He gave my ass a nice hard squeeze and then pulled me into an empty cube. Sitting down on the chair, he pulled me onto his lap and with both of his hands on my ass he ground my pussy against his cock. “God, I wanna fuck you so bad,” he said and he nuzzled into my cleavage. I moaned softly and pulled my jacket to the side a bit, revealing a nipple. “Fuck yeah you little slut. Mmmmm god I fucking love your tits.”

It was just as he was starting to suckle mamak escort me and his hands were inching my skirt higher and higher up my thighs that we heard the cleared throat behind us. I half-turned on his lap, revealing my now hard and red nipple in the process, and I saw Mr. McInnis standing there looking none-too-pleased.

“You were supposed to come to my office directly, Josh. What the hell is this?” His voice was hushed, but definitely had an angry tone to it, even though his cock was at least as hard as it had been when he’d left my office several minutes before. He might be annoyed by our transgression, but he was still turned on by it.

Joshua barely looked up, occupying himself with unbuttoning my jacket and starting to suck my other nipple, making me moan as he pinched the one that was still in full view of my boss. “Mmmmmmm, fuck it Pete. How’d you expect me to resist a piece of ass like this? Especially when she’s fucking bouncing down the hall so much she’s practically jumping out of her shirt?” His hands returned to my ass, pulling my skirt up all the way so that my pale cheeks were revealed.

I just got wetter and wetter with every moment, hardly believing that I was for all intents and purposes naked and about to have sex in some random person’s cubicle in the middle of the day. I started grinding down against his cock again, moaning a bit louder and wanting nothing more than to feel both of them inside me while the entire building watched. I blushed even harder at that thought, but knew immediately that that’s exactly what I did want.

Suddenly, strong fingers tangled into my hair and pulled me backwards and off of Joshua’s lap. My skirt fell back around my thighs and my jacket hung open, completely exposing my breasts. “Oh, so you were being a fucking little tease is that it?” my boss growled in my ear. “My apologies Josh, I didn’t expect her to be quite that adventurous just yet.” He took a small bite of my neck, leaving toothprints and making me gasp at the sensation. “How about we get your hot little ass into my office now and I let you know what I think of what you’ve been doing?” With that, he took a nipple in each hand and, lifting my breasts by them, used them to pull me the short distance down the hallway and into his office.

Once inside the office, Mr. McInnis gave my nipples an extra little twist before allowing my breasts to fall, much to my relief and yet also disappointment. A moan escaped my lips without my permission, making him grin.

“Don’t worry, we’re not done punishing you yet, you naughty little slut,” he said, the way some people remark on the weather. I shivered in anticipation and bit my lip. “Now, didn’t Josh tell you that you were supposed to strip as soon as you got in here? What are you waiting for?”

“I’m sorry sir! Right away!” I had completely forgotten that in all the excitement. I pushed the jacket off my shoulders and let it fall down my arms and onto the floor. Unbuttoning the skirt and sliding the zipper down, it soon fell off my hips and landed in a puddle at my feet. Stepping out of it, I bent to undo the snap on my garters, but I felt a hand on my ass then then Josh whispered in my ear,

“Leave them on… please,” he squeezed my ass and then chuckled. “Next time, we’ll work on your stripping abilities.” I blushed, but didn’t pay much attention to what he was saying. His hand on my ass was too distracting.

“Come over here, Ms. Matheson, and bend over the desk.” I looked up at my boss with a confused expression. He smiled in a rather predatory way and then said, “I told you I’d show you what I think of disobedience. Now bend over the desk. It’s time for your spanking.”

I blushed and my mouth opened in surprise. I hadn’t been spanked since I was a little girl! I was attempting to feel indignation, but Josh’s hand was rubbing my ass now, and one of his fingers was parting my cheeks slightly, and suddenly all I could think about was how many sensations I could feel on my ass and how I wanted to feel more. Biting my lip, I slowly walked over to the cleared off wooden desk and bent over it, immediately feeling exposed.

Giving my ass one final squeeze and a gentle, friendly swat, Josh came around to the other side of the desk and stood in front of me, his hands on my back. “Just to make sure you don’t move around too much on us.” He said, reassuringly. I know that he meant to be comforting, but I have to admit that at that moment, it only made me feel even more nervous.

I heard my boss come up behind me and then I felt his hand on my naked ass, just barely touching it. A shiver ran up my spine and covered my flesh in little goosebumps as I let out a quiet sigh. He traced his fingers all over my soft flesh for several minutes, making me breathe heavily and close my eyes in heavy-lidded desire. Then his hand moved, and I felt the cool air as I was once more exposed, but just for a moment. His hand came back almost immediately, though this time it ankara escort wasn’t a gentle stroke that I felt but rather a rush of air and a painful sting as my ears filled with the sound of his smack. I gasped in surprise and my body jerked, but Josh was holding my down so I couldn’t move, not even when I heard the rush of air again and then felt a second sting on my other cheek.

A few tears had sprung in my eyes, more from surprise than any pain. He hadn’t really hit me hard enough to hurt and the sting faded almost as soon as it was felt, but I knew that he wouldn’t be that gentle for long.

His hand rubbed my ass again, harder this time, and it felt so warm and soothing against my cheeks that I arched up a little to feel him even more. “Mmmmm so you like the feel of a hand on your ass, do you slut?” he asked, and then I felt the rush of air and the sting of the slap again and again and again. I could barely catch my breath as it kept rushing out of me with each successive blow, and I found myself actually moving so that I could meet his hand with my ass. Josh had his work cut out for him with keeping me in place.

My boss put one hand on the small of my back to keep me still as his other hand continued it’s work on my ass. This further restriction on my movement allowed Josh to slip one hand underneath me and start to play with my nipple. He pinched it and rolled a little, squeezing my breast and making me even hornier than the spanking was making me.

The next few swats are the hardest yet, and I’m torn between the pleasure of my breast and the fiery pain of my ass. The tears are flowing freely, but so are my moans as Mr. McInnis’ hand soothes my burning skin with his gentle fingers. When they finish tracing the red marks of my cheeks and dip between my legs to my sticky wet thighs and dripping puss, it’s all I can do not to cum, my moans increasing in pitch and volume and my breath coming in quick pants.

“See if you can’t keep her quiet, there, Josh. This office may be soundproofed, but I don’t know if it’ll be enough to keep her screams in when she really gets going like this.” With that, I felt one of his fingers part my swollen pussy lips and tease my hole. I arched my back once more, trying desperately to get his finger inside my hungry cunt, but he just laughed and kept teasing me, telling me how I looked when I begged.

And I was begging. I hadn’t realised it at first, but I just kept saying over and over again, “Fuck me! Fill my dirty cunt! Fuck me! Please fill me up? Please please fuck me!”

I was on the verge of screaming when suddenly my head was jerked up by my hair. I opened my eyes in surprise and looked up at Josh’s grinning face. His hard cock was right in front of my mouth. I could see his precum leaking from the hole at the tip and dripping down the shaft, and I wanted nothing more than to lick it all up. “Does the little slut want a treat?” he teased. I nodded as best I could while he held my hair and stretched my tongue out to try to catch one of the clear drops before it fell off the tip of his dick. He just gripped me more firmly and said a bit more forcefully, “I asked you a question.”

“Please, sir, can I please suck your delicious-looking cock and taste your cum as you shoot it down my throat? Please?” The tears in my eyes were now there out of fear that he’d say no, but I needn’t have worried. As I opened my mouth to reiterate my desire for him, he groaned and gave me a mouthful of his cock. I moaned happily and licked up all of his precum before slowly taking the rest of him down my throat.

Behind me, my boss had stopped teasing me and was slowly sliding a single finger in and out of my grasping twat. He gave my ass a few more light slaps, but they were just friendly love taps compared to the beating he’d given me earlier. Besides, I was preoccupied with sucking Josh’s cock, so even if he’d really put his muscle behind it, I’d not have missed a stroke. Still, when I felt his tongue moving over the red hot flesh of my rump, I paused in my ministrations for a half a second out of surprise if nothing else.

He added a second finger as Josh started fucking my face, and I reached under myself to play with my tits. It was when he teased my ass with his tongue that I started cumming. I screamed around the cock in my mouth, unconsciously opening up that little bit wider to let it completely enter my throat, and then Josh unloaded directly into my stomach. He stayed there for the first two shots and then backed off for the next so that I could taste it before milking the last of it onto my outstretched tongue. Wiping the head off on my satisfied lips, he collapsed back into the desk chair, happily exhausted.

“Fuck, you weren’t kidding when you said she could suck a mean cock, were you?” he laughed, wiping the sweat off his brow and unbuttoning his shirt. I hadn’t even noticed that I’d been sucking him through the fly of his trousers. I’d just known that I’d had a cock in my mouth and that’d been enough for me.

For my part, my legs were shaking and unable to support me after my orgasm. My boss took his fingers out of my pussy and licked them off before gently helping me to lie down on the floor. The cool tiles felt wonderful against my tender ass, and all I wanted to do was sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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