Wife Being a Tease

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“Yes, yes I tried that but it still won’t work.” Patti told the woman at the repair shop.

Patti hoped they could get it repaired today. “Well it was working fine about an hour ago, then it just stopped working.

“Thank you very much.” Patti hung up and decided to take a cool shower.

The temperature inside the house was almost 100 degrees and it wasn’t even summer yet.

Standing under the cool water she rinsed off, the water made her nipples stand up she pinched them. If she didn’t have to hurry she would play in the shower.

What the hell, she thought it was almost lunch time and the lady had assured her the repair man wouldn’t be out until after 1:00pm.

“Mmmm,” she whispered as she soaped up. She ran her hands over her size 38C tits. Teasing her hard nipples.

“Wish Ted were here with me,” she said out loud she needed to suck his cock. Rubbing soap all over her pussy, she reached for the razor. She did always like to stay shaved.

“I need someone to lick my pussy,” she thought while she quickly but carefully shaved her pussy.

Five minutes later she was shaved and rinsed the soap off. She couldn’t help but rub her pussy. “Mmmm, so horny.” she whispered rubbing her clit. She needed to cum, just a quickie and she would be fine. Leaning against the shower wall she slid two fingers inside of her pussy.

In and out she fucked herself. She felt her pussy getting wet. Patti needed more than just her fingers. She stepped out of the shower and went into the bedroom.

Reaching inside the bedside drawer she found her favorite toys. Spreading a towel out on the bed she lay down, getting comfortable.

She just loved the black six inch vibrating dildo. She loved to suck on it and finger her slit. Picking up her favorite hot pink butt plug she licked it and got it wet.

The last time Patti and her best friend Kate had went to the adult store Kate had talked Patti into buying a butt plug.

Patti had always wanted to try one. Kate told Patti she would love it.

Kate poured massage oil all over Patti’s pussy and ass hole, rubbing it in. “Tight pussy,” she said slipping two fingers inside Patti’s slit. She continued to rub the oil all over Patti’s ass hole, finally slipping her finger inside, being gentle.

“Mmm, yes.” Patti moaned as she felt Kate fucking her ass.

“I’ve played with my ass before but it’s better when someone else does it.”

Taking her time letting Patti get used to it Kate pushed the butt plug inside of her tight back hole. “Go easy Kate,” Patti had moaned feeling it stretching her open.

“I’ll be easy I promise.” Kate told her pulling it out and then licking Patti’s ass. Kate heard Patti moan when she pushed the plug back in. “You will learn to love this.”

Patti was lying on her back on one of the queen sized beds they had in the playroom. Holding her legs back she rubbed her wet pussy. “I need to get fucked so bad.” she said slipping two fingers inside of her pussy.

“I’m going to fuck you real good.” Kate promised her, she wanted her best friend to enjoy this. Kate leaned over and licked Patti’s wet slit, she did love to eat her friend’s pussy.

“Let me lick you too.”

“No, today is for you to try something new.” Kate said looking up at her. “Hold your legs back.”

Patti did as Kate asked her, holding her legs back spreading her legs wide.

Kate rubbed more oil over her friend’s ass, slipping one finger inside of Patti’s ass. In and out Kate fucked her hole.

“Fuck,” Patti groaned feeling Kate fucking her ass. Reaching for her black dildo Patti pushed it deep in her wet pussy.

Kate continued until she felt Patti’s ass start to loosen up a bit. Bending down she licked Patti’s pussy.

“Yes, feels good.”

“I told you you would love ass play.” Kate fucked Patti with that plug, she did love the way it opened her hole.

Pushing it all the way in Kate held it there. Patti was fucking her pussy with her favorite dildo at the same time.

“After you get used to this I’m going to use your dildo and fuck your ass.”

“I can’t wait.” Patti said watching Kate fucking her ass. “God, this feels so good.”

Thirty minutes later Kate did have that six inch black dildo buried in Patti’s ass. Glancing up Kate saw Ted, Patti’s husband in the doorway jacking off and watching them.

It was a nice memory kızılay escort Patti thought, pouring strawberry scented massage oil all over her tits and down her stomach. She dribbled it across her pussy.

“Oohh, yeah.” she moaned feeling it dripping between her spread legs.

Patti reached up and rubbed the scented oil into her tits, teasing her hard nipples. She loved the sensation when she pinched and tugged on them.

Taking the dildo she licked it. Sucking it she took it into her mouth. In and out she took it deeper and deeper almost gagging. Sucking on it greedily she wanted to be a sucking a real cock.

Suddenly her cell phone rang and she reached over and picked it up. “Hi honey,” she said cheerfully. Ted usually tried to call her on his lunch break.

“How is my baby girl?” he asked shuffling papers around on his desk. He had an emergency meeting in twenty minutes and he just wanted to say hello.

“I’m okay, hot as hell though,” she said rubbing that toy across her pussy.

“Horny are ya?” he asked with a chuckle.

“Well yeah, that too.”

“Why, what happened?” he asked wondering if things were okay at home.

“The air conditioner stopped working,” she said turning the vibrator on it’s lowest setting. “Mmmm,” she giggled feeling the light vibrations against her pussy lips.

“I’ll call a repairman,” he told her, “What are you giggling about?”

“Oh just lying here in bed thinking of sucking my husbands cock.”

“Oh yeah, horny are we darling?”

“Always baby.” she said spreading her legs wide.

“I’ll call a repairman before I go to my meeting.”

“I called one, they’ll be here after lunch.”

“Maybe you can suck his cock while he’s there.” Ted said with a chuckle.

“I just want you baby.” she said with a pout, “Do you have to work late again tonight?”

“Probably so honey, I’m so sorry.” he said thinking about her sucking his cock. It had been at least two weeks since they had been able to spend any real time alone.

He hated she had to spend so much time alone, she would never eat dinner until he got home. There was always a hot meal on the table no matter what time he walked in the door. She did her best to take care of his every need. It had taken him some getting used to, nobody had ever treated him as good as she did. “I miss you.”

“I miss you too darling,” he told her hoping he could get some time off soon.

“Honey, I just shaved my pussy,” she said sliding that dildo inside her pussy. “I need you.”

“I need you too.” he said thinking of her lying on that bed with her sweet shaved pussy. He had to admit he did love to eat her pussy. “Is your pussy wet baby?”

“Yes,I’m very wet and need to get fucked.” she said moaning. “I need your mouth and hands all over me, need your cock deep in my pussy.”

“Fuck,” he groaned, it had been awhile since they had made love. He glanced around to see if anyone was nearby, he didn’t want anyone over hearing their conversation.

“I do love to taste that sweet pussy.” he said reaching down and rubbing his crotch. Damn, he sure couldn’t go to the meeting with a hard on. He would have to take a quick trip to the men’s room and jack off, if she kept this conversation up.

“Baby,” she whispered, “don’t you want to lick my pussy, tongue me deep?”

“Honey, you know I do,” he whispered, fuck she did this on purpose, knowing what it did to him. Knowing he was at work and he couldn’t do anything about it.

“I need to lick and suck your cock.” she said pushing that dildo deeper inside of her pussy. “I need to taste your cum.” she told him taking that dildo out of her slit and sucking on it loudly.

“You know what you’re doing to me don’t you?” he commented listening to the sexy sounds she was making. Remembering the last time they had made love. Picturing her down between his legs sucking his rock hard dick.

“Uh-huh, being a naughty wife.” she said, groaning as she sucked that cock, “Mmmm,” she moaned loudly, “Sucking cock, wanting to make you cum.”

“You will be punished.” he told her when his boss walked up, he made sure he was seated under his desk. It wouldn’t be good for his boss to see him with a hard on.

“Meeting has been pushed back 45 minutes instead of 20,” his boss said dropping some papers onto his desk.

“Okay fine, I’ll be there.” kolej escort Ted said watching his boss walk away. “You know I do want to fuck you baby girl.”

“Baby, I need you,” she said sounding so sexy, “I need to feel your mouth on my pussy, then feel you fucking me hard and deep.” She was being such a bad girl today.

He pictured this, eating her tight pussy and licking her clit. Damn, he was getting hard, she knew just what to say.

“I’ve got that pink butt plug out to play with.”

They had just recently started ass play. It was good, different. He liked it but she LOVED it. She couldn’t get enough.

Ted remembered the day he walked in on her and her friend Kate one afternoon.

Kate was licking and fingering his wife’s ass. He had stood there and jacked off as Kate slid a lubed butt plug up his wife’s tight ass.

“Fuck my ass,” she had moaned as Kate fucked her ass, slowly pushing that plug inside of her. “Yes, oh fuck yes,” she said rubbing her clit while her friend fucked her.

“Doesn’t this feel good?” Kate asked noticing Ted watching them.

Stroking his cock as he watched them. He was so turned on, hearing his wife begging to be fucked in her ass. “Fuck her,” he whispered stroking his cock.

He watched as Kate pulled the butt plug from her ass. In and out he watched his little wife get her ass fucked hard.

Ted heard her moans of passion, heard her begging to be fucked. He watched Patti rubbing her clit as Kate fucked her. “Do it baby, cum.” he whispered as she moaned and climaxed.

Listening to her climax made him shoot his load all over the carpet.

“What?” he asked her lost in his thoughts, she had been saying something and he hadn’t heard what she said.

“Honey,” she said sweetly, “I’ve got that pink butt plug all lubed up and ready to slide it up my tight hole.”

“Fuck baby,” he said getting up and walking toward the door. “Larry, I’m going to take about a 20 minute break,” he said to his co-worker and he quickly walked out.

“I need my husband to fuck me.”

“Yeah? You want to get fucked hard don’t you, you naughty girl?” he said walking down the hall and outside.

She imagined his cock getting hard, leaking pre cum, she wanted to suck his cock. “I need to get fucked hard.” she said fucking herself. “You need to spank me, make it sting.”

“Oh I’m going to do more than spank you baby.”

“Yeah, I can’t wait.”

“Oh baby, you know I want to make love with you.” he said getting comfortable in the front seat of the SUV. Glancing around to make sure nobody was around he unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. “I’m so fucking hard.”

“Oh, did I give you a hard on?” she asked innocently. Putting her phone on speaker she reached for the pink butt plug.

“You know you did,” he said as he stroked his cock, “Wish you had your lips wrapped around my dick baby.”

“So do I baby, so do I.”

“I’m in the car in the parking lot.” he tells her looking around again. He sure didn’t want to get caught in the parking lot with his cock in his hand.

“I want to suck your very hard dick.” she said taking that dildo out of her slit and sucking on the head noisily. She could hear him stroking his cock, hear his ragged breathing. “I want you to cum.”

“I have to cum honey, I’ve got a meeting in 30 minutes,” he told her sitting his phone on the seat and putting it on speaker. “Are you fucking yourself?” he asked picturing her fucking her tight wet pussy.

He wanted to have his cock in her tight hole, feel her pussy walls grabbing his dick.

“I want to take your cock deep in my mouth, flick my tongue all over it.”

Ted imagined her down between his legs sucking his cock. Taking him deep then flicking her tongue all over the head. She could be such a tease.

“Fuck, you do this on purpose.” he said, with a sigh, “Feel my cock buried in your pussy baby.” Ted could hear her moaning and gasping as she continued to play with herself.

“I just can’t help myself,” she tells him sweetly.

“You’ve got my dick hard.”

“I need you,” she groaned rubbing the pink butt plug across her tight hole. “I need you to fuck my ass baby.” she said pushing it slowly inside of her.

“Yes,” she groaned loudly, “I love to feel that butt plug filling my ass.”

“Yeah, you want me to fuck your ass?” ankara escort he said rubbing pre cum all over the head of his cock. “You’re my slut.”

“Feels so good,” she said pushing it in her puckered hole

“Take it all.”

“Yes, I’ve got the butt plug in my ass and that black dildo in my pussy.” she said fucking her pussy deeper and faster, needing to cum.

“You are really being a wife slut today aren’t you?” he asked stroking himself a bit faster. He knew he had to watch the clock. Fuck, he wanted to be fucking her. Hearing her moaning and getting loud, feeling her tight pussy walls holding his cock.

“I need you to fuck me.” she said pushing the plug all the way in. “Need you to fuck my ass,”

“I know baby and we will.” he promised, “Pull that dildo out and lick it.”

Patti pulled that dildo out of her pussy and licked it. She made sure she made plenty of slurping noises. She could just see him jacking himself off. She could hear his moans of pleasure.

“Fuck yourself baby.” he instructed her, stroking himself faster. “Feel that plug fill your ass,” he groaned, fuck he needed to get off so bad.

“Oh yeah, fill my pussy baby,” she begged him, pushing that dildo back in her pussy.

Turning the vibrator as high as it would go she fucked herself hard and deep. Her juices were pouring out of her slit, she could hear the wet noises from her pussy. She loved the feeling of being full in both holes.

“You love to fuck don’t you baby?” he asked stroking his cock, precum running down the shaft of his dick and over his fingers. Putting his fingers in his mouth he tasted his juices.

Groaning and gasping she fucked her pussy, getting loud she felt so good. “Fuck your wife slut hard,” she begged him. “I want to swallow your cock, feel you fucking my mouth.”

Ted sat there jacking off to the sounds of his wife fucking herself. He could just imagine how hot she looked with a butt plug in her ass and a dildo in her pussy.

“I will fuck you good baby girl I promise,” he groaned feeling close to the point of no return. He pictured her on the bed legs spread wide with a dildo in her pussy and a plug in her ass.

“Fuck feels good.” he said stroking his rock hard cock. “I so wish I were fucking you hard and deep right now.”

“Me too, feeling your hard cock in my pussy.”

“I need you to ram me hard,” she said reaching for her clit, rubbing herself hard. “Fuck me,” she moaned fucking herself as hard as she could.

“Yeah, fuck your pussy hard, cum for me,” he moaned feeling the cum rising in his balls. “Take my cock,” he tells her, stroking his cock faster needing to cum.

“Fuck my pussy baby, fuck me hard,” she moaned taking that dildo with both hands and slamming her wet pussy. “I want to slowly suck the cum from your balls, swallow it all.”

“You’re gonna make me cum,” he groaned stroking faster, gripping his cock as tightly as he could. “Cum baby, cum for me,” he said moaning and grunting.

“God, gonna cum baby, fuck yes!” she groaned as her climax hit her. “Fuck yes, cumming,” she squealed as she pulled the dildo out of her pussy and she squirted.

Hearing her climax Ted felt his cock explode. “Awww, fuck, oh yeah cumming!!” feeling spurt after spurt,1,2,3,4 spurts. He imagined cumming deep inside of her tight pussy.

Ted sat there for a couple of minutes he caught his breath, “Oh my god,” reaching for his phone he heard her gasping for breath. “Honey, are you okay?”

“Oh yes, I’m very okay.” she said into the phone.

“So did I,” he said reaching for some personal cleansing wipes they kept in the car.

“Thank you honey, I needed that so much.”

“You’re very welcome,” Patti said lying back on the bed. Glancing at the clock she saw it was almost 12:30 and the repair man would be there by 1:00.

“Shit,” he said glancing at his watch, “Honey,” he continued to clean up as much as he could, “I hate to cut this short but I’ve got to get ready for that meeting.”

“Alright sweetheart, have a good meeting.”

“I’ll see you when I get home tonight,” Ted said zipping up. He would do everything in his power to get home at a decent hour.

“Okay honey, love you.”

“I love you too,” he told her, “Bye bye,”

“Bye bye,”

“Oh wait I forgot, don’t let the repair man screw you around.”

“Alright I promise, you’re going to be late.”

“Fuck,” he said getting out of the car and walking quickly back into the building. “Alright darling bye bye gotta run.”

“Bye bye.” she waited for him to hang up first. With a satisfied sigh she got up and went into the bathroom for another shower…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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