White Wine

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We board the plane just as the final call is made. You hold my hand as we jog up the plank and down the aisle to our seats. First class, for the first time and I am excited. I sit on the inside near the window with you next to me. We are on our way to my hometown; you’ve never been before, but, since we are engaged, we both figure meeting my extended family is inevitable.

I watch you closely as you lean back in your seat, eyes lightly closed. Your sexiness is evident in everything about you. Your firm jawline and wide set features fit perfectly with your large frame. I notice you still hold my hand on top of your stomach. I squirm in my seat, remembering what lies just south of my hand. At my movement you gaze over at me with those brilliant eyes.

“You okay?” You ask, naïve of my thoughts.

“Sure am. What about you?”

“I’m a little nervous… but excited too.” You smile.

Not excited enough I think to myself and grin. I consider saying it, but decide against it and, instead, lay my head on your strong shoulder. You aren’t on the same page as I am and it is better this way, afterall, an airplane is not the easiest place to satisfy our needs. Why should we both suffer with the visions of our bodies writhing together, our cries of ecstasy mingled as you push yourself deep inside my hot wet chamber? Oh God, how am I going to make it through this 6 hour flight and then hours of family time before I get you alone??? I need to think about something else.

Luckily, the stewardess is coming through to take our drink orders. Your eyes glint as you look over her supple body in the short skirt. The blond stops and stutters looking you over as you just did her. In my state I am slightly annoyed at this. I watch as you openly flirt with the girl as I sit next to you thinking only of your touch. I look out the window and mindlessly order my drink. She leans over to hand it to me her breasts shamelessly in your face.

“Wow, what an interesting pin,” You comment of the wings that decorate her breast.

She fumbles with my drink, sending it all over my neck and chest. She apologizes as she spits and stumbles to clean my summer dress. Accidentally grazing my breast, she pulls back quickly. I look at her and smile through my annoyance.

“Its okay I know it wasn’t YOUR fault.” I glance knowingly at you and then away as we hit a patch of turbulence.

The captain puts on the seatbelt sign and I am unable to get up to clean. Stuck in my sticky white-wined dress, I pat my body and look away. I’m not as angry as I seem, but, as you are so eager to make it up to me, I allow you to think I am very annoyed.

“Baby, now, come on don’t be mad at me.” You sputter.

I ignore you pouting out the window. Your hand grazes emek escort my knee and you are very attentive with every part of your body…. except the part I really need right now. I think of your hand running up my thigh to find me wet and waiting, and shiver with delight. Your fingers could be searching, rolling my clit in small circles. Stroking my wetness, making me drip. I’m lost in the idea of it, squirming in my seat. You squeeze my knee and I glance over at you and you smile, almost as if you know what I am thinking. The seatbelt light goes off and I quickly rise to go wash my sticky neck, chest and arms.

Walking swiftly down the aisle, I open the door and walk in, turning to close it behind me but you are there. You push me lightly backwards until my ass rests on the sink counter, a glint in your eyes.

“You aren’t really mad at me are you, love?” You tilt your head and come so that you are speaking just above my face. You look so sexy and, to have your body lightly pressing against mine, our chests just grazing, causes my nipples to harden and my breath to become shallow.

“N-no. Not really but now I’m all sticky from the wine and, you have to admit, it is your fault…giving her the eye, commenting on her breasts-“

“I did not, I merely commented on her pin. You know there’s nothing in the world better than your breasts.” You breath, your mouth getting closer with each word to my lips and your hands slide across my chest to find my already erect nipples.

I gasp and you take advantage, diving in to taste my mouth. You taste sweet as your tongue slides in and out of my gaping mouth. It runs along my teeth and lips lightly, only to drive inwards savagely. You hands skim my sides down to my hips. Suddenly I am on the counter and you are between my long legs. I wrap my arms around your back to grab your shirt and pull it upwards and my legs cross, instinctively around your waist. We break as I pull your shirt up and over your head. My nails lightly score your chest and stomach and I growl with appreciation. I’ve never seen a man as beautiful as you. You smile wickedly. “See? You’re not half as mad as you thought you were, are you?”

“Just because I want you doesn’t mean I’m not mad at you for the spilled wine buddy!” I laugh pushing my nail into your chest.

“Well, I know you are sticky so let me fix that.” You whisper as you lean forward to lap at my jawline. You start at my chin sucking and nibbling towards my ear as I stretch my neck back allowing you free access.

Sucking on my earlobe, you blow in my ear as you ask, “You like that?”


“Good,” you whisper before continuing down my neck to my collar bone. I start to gasp, you know how hot I get when you suck eryaman escort and play with my neck.

You shove your hand into my hair, which pushes my neck back further as you rain kisses all across my chest and back up to the curve of my shoulder. My nails dig into your back… I shake and my legs pull you closer. I don’t know how long I can stand to not have you.

“Please…” I beg.

“Please? So soon? Im not even close to being done with you yet.” You chuckle as you continue to tease me.

You kiss each of my freckled shoulders before slipping my spaghetti straps down my arms to free my breasts. The cool air glides over them as you gaze down at my pale pink hardened nipples. You cup one breast as if it were perfect and bend down to flick the other with your hot tongue. I arch my back wanting more of your touches. You oblige and begin sucking with earnest at one aching nipple. The other one is not being neglected however: your fingers are rolling it lightly.

I can feel you hard in your jeans pushing against me. My eyes closed I run my hands down your back, sending shivers through your body and distracting you just enough so that I can circle your waist and unbutton your pants to release him into my hands. You gobble away at my breast and instead of stopping when I take your cock in my hand you suck on it with increased fervor. “Uhhhh…oh god please…” You laugh against my nipple and slide your tongue across to the valley between my breasts, heading once again up my neck.. I shiver as I feel your hands pull at my waist. Your tongue invades my mouth as you grind your now free member against the wet cotton of my thong. My whole body is aching and my mouth waters for the taste of you. I reach my hands lower to fondle your balls as I slide off of the counter. I turn you quickly as you lose concentration and power. My grin has the devils glint in it as I pull from your mouth and begin to torture you as you have teased me.

I lick and bite your neck and hear you growl as your hands tighten on my ass. Moving to your nipples I tug at them with my teeth as I flick them lightly with my moist tongue. “Mmmmm you taste so good… I have to do this I have to have you all.” Gazing up at your closed eyes and head thrown back in bliss, I drop down to my knees in front of you. I lick at the sensitive skin of your thighs and stomach, teasing you by not touching the hardness in front of me. Breathing heavily on the tip of you I ask “Are you sure you want me to do this?” I flick my tongue out quickly to taste the drop of pearly liquid. Your response is to grab at my hair and moan loudly.

Giggling, I begin licking at the base of you. I flick the underside of your length, moving from side to side, up and down ankara escort until I reach your ballsack. Flicking in between them, my left hand cupping one of them and the other pumping your shaft. I take one of them completely in my mouth and suck on what is my desire. I feel them tense at my touch and grin as I move up again to capture your head in my watering mouth. I stick my tongue inside the tiny hole turning slightly to push my way in. Sucking softly I roll my tongue around the head of you before bobbing up and down your length coating you with my heat. Intent on having you spew your warm tangy liquid into my wating mouth, my hand pumping, my mouth moving faster and faster…

Suddenly you pull me upward with a loud growl that verges on a scream. Quickly swallowing the slightly bitter liquid that I worked so hard for, I smile wide and begin to laugh wickedly.

“I win!”

“oh I see so you think that we’re done?” You laugh beneath your breath and there is that evil grin again.

You grab my ass and pull me close until your mouth is just above mine, you breath against my lips. I arch my back trying to get closer to you but you pull away.

“Tease!” I growl beneath my breath and yank your head down to mine. Pulling you until your mouth meets with mine, our tongues ravagely spearing one another.

You lick across my jawline and bite on the softness of my neck as your hands rest beneath my kneecaps. Pushing my legs up and out so that I am fully exposed to the cool air. I gasp and your mouth moves down to the smooth skin of my stomach. You nibble at my inner thigh and lick closer, and closer to my aching clit. You lick my outer lips moving slowly up one and down the other, avoiding my little button. I attempt to squirm but with your hands restraining my legs all I manage to do is push my dripping pot into your mouth. You moan, sending shivers through my body making me cry out a little louder than I should have.

“Shhhhhh…” You whisper onto my extending clit and begin to roll your tongue in small circles at the top of my clit. My whole body is rocking with pleasure as my hand pulls at your head. You suck the folds into your mouth and I am lost. Biting my lip, I attempt to muffle my scream as my whole world rises up and then collapses inside. You continue licking my cum as my body recovers from the racking orgasm. You rise to meet my waiting mouth and I taste the salty sweetness of my cum.

The seat belt light has come on and we have to go back to our seats that have been empty for most of the flight. You gingerly clean my swollen cunt as I wipe down your once again slightly hardened cock.

“I’ll take care of that later.” I smile, patting your stomach lightly.

Slipping on my dress again I open the door and walk down the aisle to our seats, you will wait so we aren’t obvious. Sitting down, I look up and see the stewardess looking at me with a small grin on her pretty face.

“Thank you!” I mouth. She smiles… I have a feeling this won’t be the last time I see her…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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