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I was just finishing up dinner as she came into the room, straight from work. “Ah, that smells so nice!” She claimed with a satisfied smile on her face. “Just what I need right now.”

She already told me earlier via a message how crazy work had been today and that was the reason she had come in so late in the afternoon. Putting down her working bag like it was made out of concrete, she turned around to undo her coat. From her whole appearance you could see she was tired and happy to be home. After she hung up her coat she came up to me for a big hug, wrapping her arms tightly around my waist. Her head melted into my chest as her eyes closed to enjoy the moment. A vague whim of her perfume mixed with the smell of her hairs just below my nose and gave me the enjoyment of that typical smell of the one I have loved already for such a long time.

The moment was slightly short-lived unfortunately, as a shriek from across the room made it very clear someone else felt ignored by the entering beauty. Smiling she unhooked from my embrace and soared away, bending over our little angel who was playing on the floor in the middle of the room.

“Hi, little beauty. Did you enjoy playing today with your grandma?” She asked. A big smile became stuck on my face as our little one shrieked once more and smiled almost in agreement. “Oh, you did? Grandma was nice then?” She continued her one-sided conversation. Still, she would always perceive it as a true conversation, interpreting the shrieks, smiles and winks as positive feedback. It made me chuckle, before turning back to serving the food.

At the time that I was serving to the table, I saw her sitting there with our little person sitting in her own chair next to her. “A bit tired, but still wants to sit next to us. Suppose it is just too cozy to miss, I guess.” She smiled at the small person, who immediately smiled back. A grin escaped my mouth as I took in the first bite.

She asked me how my day was and immediately I have to compel myself to not answer in the usual dismissive manner. Even though to me my days were quite boring and repetitive, she has made it clear she wanted to hear it anyway. Over the next few minutes we discussed the passing of my day, making funny remarks here and there about the inadequacy of some co-workers. Somehow it made me feel slightly less tired after a long day of work, like all the problems that were still in my mind found a new place to hide away from me for one night. As usual I wondered whether she knew how much she was cheering me up, while I looked into her eyes.

I returned the question, wanting to know about her day at work. I knew it had been a though day at start, so I was not expecting a very positive report. However, I always loved seeing her get all wound up about the foolishness of people and the lack of patience some could show. She loved fixing problems; the sense of making things right again after everybody seemed to have given up. Her current job seemed perfect for that, seeing the amount of problems that arise every day and the knowledge she had gained fixing it all.

After a few minutes of talking, she closed her eyes and sighed. “Sometimes I do not know why I still bother.

I am so fortunate that the group is nice to me. That is what pulls me through.” I tilt my head in agreement, but know deep inside that she is still liking the complexity of the job. The feeling of being needed.

“Well, since you have had such a rough day, I am glad I got you a surprise…” I started mysteriously. A smile came to her face while she contemplated the options. “What surprise?” She finally asked. I looked into her eyes and raised my eyebrows as to make her guess. Finally, I gave up and gave her the answer. “Mini pancakes with vanilla ice cream and… whipped cream!” She yelled out, startling the little one next to her.

“Oh, yummy! That is just what I needed.” She exclaimed. “Good,” I said, “then start baking!” I just took the last bite of my dinner and started to clear the plates.

Quite coincidentally a big yawn was to be heard that came neither from myself nor my woman. “Better idea; you start baking, while I bring this little gem to bed. Before we have trouble on our hands.” I agreed, reluctantly and moved towards the kitchen. As I place the plates down, I turn around to watch her pick the baby up and hold it against her shoulder. A very familiar warm feeling came surfacing from deep within as I watched the love of my life hold the other most important person in my life close to her shoulder. Every time it was amazing to see how in mere months she had transformed from being a young woman into a loving, responsible mother. It made me feel intensely lucky, as if no lottery in the world could have given me a price equal to being on the road of life together with these two individuals.

I planted a big kiss on the cheek of the little one, just before she turned her head as to say: “Come on, Daddy, don’t be all mushy on me!” Still she turned back and gave me a big smile with twinkling eyes.

I loved that smile so much that every time I see it, I feel my heart bursts.

As my beloved on turns around to go upstairs, I cannot resist the urge of smacking batıkent escort her bottom with my flat hand. A guilty pleasure I indulge in rather often, to be honest. She turns her head to throw me a look, a bit annoyed but mostly amused. That since she knew I was a hopeless case, never able to resist certain urges.

As she moved out of the living room, I started up the stove again, ready to bake some pancakes.

Just as I was taking the pancakes to the bowls, I heard the living room door open again. As I place the pan back on the stove, I turn my head to take a look at her. The moment I see her, my heart skips a beat and a familiar trembling starts within my body, extending to the tips of my fingers and toes. After bringing the kid up, she had changed into her pajama, seeking comfort after a long day. The pajama she picked today was a short soft pants, above which she wore a short black top with small straps. She must remember that I absolutely adored that top. It felt silky smooth and hung loosely on her shoulders, making it easy to fold around her smooth skin the moment I was allowed to run my hand across her belly, chest or back. The small straps made it ride low, so that in some opportune cases this cheeky fellow could gaze down that top. Seeing her wear that with the shorts, just made me want to drop everything, throw her down and run my hands all up and down her body. But I resisted, trying to finish up where I left off.

Because it was a bit cold in the living room, she was also wearing a hoody to keep her warm. But, maybe on purpose, she had not zipped it all the way to the top.

As I was standing against the counter, she crept up to me and hugged me from behind. A sigh was heard as she probably felt the thoughts of today slip away against the warmth of my back.

I placed the scoops of ice cream alongside the pancakes and grabbed the can of whipped cream to spray a small scoop on each stack. Immediately a complaint came from the management. “Oh come on, that is not enough whipped cream!”

I sighed and still put the cap on the bottle. “No amount of whipped cream is enough for you!” I exclaimed while looking into her joyful, guilty eyes. To remedy the situation, I handed her the bottle and said: “Take this with you then. You can use as much as you like. The can is only almost full, but I will buy a new one tomorrow.” She laughed at my sarcastic remark, but still took the can with her anyway.

I sighed, picked up the bowls and followed her.

As I grabbed the first mini pancakes, she picked up her bowl and start to spray a huge mountain of whipped cream all over. I looked at it with dismay and muttered a swear under my tongue. She took up a spoonful of whipped cream, stuck it in her mouth and pulled out a huge grin. I shook my head, which immediately prompted revenge from her side.

She grabbed the whipped cream bottle once more, leaned in to spray also a huge amount onto my mini pancakes. In reflex I pulled away my bowl, so that the blast of whipped cream missed completely and fell down on my leg. She cried out an almost hysterical laughter while I looked at the mess with a defeated look.

“Come on! That is disgusting.” I yelled, prompting more laughter from her side.

I launched a cheeky look at her and pointed down with my finger. “OK, you made the mess, now clean it up.” I did not know whether I even half expected her to actually do anything about it, but the innuendo concocted by my subconscious was not lost on my mind. As expected however, she declined by shaking her head, returning her attention to her stack of cream covered pancakes.

I grabbed my spoon, scooped up the spilled cream and launched it in her direction. Complete surprise overtook her by my rash action, while the whipped cream was divided across her cheek, neck and hoody.

“What the…” She exclaimed, still grinning but shocked. “Eye for an eye, devil.” I returned. She ran a finger across her cheek to pick up the cream and stuck it into her mouth, repeating the action for her neck. Somehow watching that turned me on inside and I was treated for more as she decided to take off the hoody as most was spilled on there. “Now that is a nice development.” I said teasingly. She threw me a devilish look and answered: “Watch it, brat! Or you get another spray of cream… only this time right in your face!” I grinned and called her bluff.

Of course I should have known that it was too much of a challenge to her, having quite a competitive, playful mind. Immediately she grabbed the can, threw herself on top of me to pin me down on the couch. I was only just in time to put my bowl down on the table near the couch before my back and head hit the couch with her sitting on top of me. Laughing like a maniac, she squirted a big dose of whipped cream on my right cheek. “Hold still, I will clean it.” She spoke with a humorous tone, and before I could object, she ran her tongue all across my cheek, leaving a wet, sticky trail behind.

I gave her no quarter and immediately held her in a tight embrace so she could not retreat. I tried to press my sticky cheek in her face, but she had moved to far up for that to be possible. Instead, beşevler escort I pressed my cheek against her neck, so that she let out a high-pitched shriek of surprise.

She tried to move away and, thinking that it was done, I let her go of my embrace.

I expected her to get seated up right and to wipe the wetness from her neck, but instead she moved back in and took another run with the whipped cream. This time, it hit me right between the eyes, making me very lucky to have closed them just in time.

“Ah, come on!” I yelled out with a bit of irritation. This negative feeling was short lived and replaced with playful disgust as again her tongue hit the bridge of my nose and traveled upwards towards my eyebrows, diligently picking up all cream in between.

After she was satisfied she got it all in one go, she chuckled and moved a bit away from me. This time she laid down on top of me, placing her head on my chest, the top resting against my chin. While she was resting and relaxing in close embrace, I was however planning my revenge. She closed her eyes and as a sigh escaped her lips, my hand reached out for the can of cream that was placed on the table before. I am sure she must have noticed the flexing of my chest as I bend my arm inwards over her, but she was too late with her response.

Before she could get up from her position, a dash of whipped cream had hit her straight into her neck. There was now one straight line of cream, running a good vertical two inches. She continued to move away, but I stopped her movement with a gentle, but firm hand in her neck. The other hand grabbed her side, feeling the silky warmth of her body wrapped in the black top under its flesh. Powerless to move for a second, she had no other option than to wait for me to pull myself up to her and to place my lips onto the soft skin of her neck. I felt no reason to attack her forcefully though, so I took my time to clean up the mess I made. With a gentle touch my tongue hit her skin and proceeded softly to go up. In a single swoop I picked up the remaining cream, before moving back down with gentle kisses along her neck.

As I felt her body removing its resistance, my left hand pulled away from its enforcing position and ran down her neck to her shoulder, just above one of the straps. My fingertips were tingling from the sensations I felt while touching her skin there, feeling the flexing of her shoulder muscles underneath through the smooth warmth.

Deep inside I felt that I needed more, like an insatiable appetite that had to be fulfilled. No amount of mini pancakes could ever fill the hunger that was brewing in me as I felt this close to her. The skin of her neck, touching my lips, felt almost electrified as every touch sent surges of energy down my spine, urging me to move beyond our current positions. I looked up to her face and did what I just needed to do. What I had no resistance for to refrain from doing.

As I pressed my lips onto hers in a slow embrace, opening my mouth a tad to welcome an intimate caress of tongues, I had a fiery wish inside my soul that she felt the same urge inside. I could have utterly misread this case and could only have imagined that this situation could turn into something more intimate. In that sense, I could have taken a fifty-stories-high plunge into an ice-cold swimming pool of unreturned desires.

That is why my heart jumped in over-excitement as she gave in to the intensity of the proposed kiss. I could feel the full power of my love lifting my soul up as our tongues met and for a moment danced together.

My right hand, still positioned against her side, gripped a bit stronger and I felt the fabric wrinkle between my fingers. Underneath, I felt the firmness of her body and from that a sense of connection. My left hand fumbled a bit with the strap between its fingers, almost as been distanced from my mind. I knew exactly that the fumbling originated from my deep desire to pull it off her shoulder, exposing the skin completely. You could definitely say that it was a certain fetish for me, to see the naked skin of shoulders, neck and back. And right now the tiny piece of fabric of the strap was preventing me from getting my fix. However, I did not want to gamble too much and forced my hand to get back in line, keeping the strap right where it was.

As our dance was brought to a break for a second, I held a bit back and gazed in her eyes to find a return of feelings. Often when there was no real desire, she would break out into something foolish like tickling or teasing to divert the tensions build up.

This time there was nothing like that. She placed her right hand on my left arm, her left in the back of my neck. Gently she pulled me closer as her lips were pressed onto mine for another entanglement. If the urges inside me would not have been so strong, I could have lived into this perfect moment forever. Or at least until we would have passed out from fatigue that very night, still being close together in the embrace. But there were definitely feelings there and it felt like a dam was holding back all the wild desires inside my mind.

Once again she held her head back, grabbed ankara escort the can of whipped cream from my hand and asked as a little devil: “Can you please take of your shirt?” I laughed and weighed the probability of being turned into a human sundae against continuing this intimate encounter in the right direction, before unbuttoning my shirt.

As soon as I had all buttons done, not even taking the shirt off, she pushed me again on my back. With a jolly, but heated expression she sprayed another pile of whipped cream on the center of my chest. Right then she bends over and brought her tongue down to pick it up. It took her three runs to clear it and I closed my eyes to enjoy the feeling of her tongue moving about fully. I felt her weight shift a bit on top of me and suddenly there was a cold sensation of cream being applied on the right side of my chest. Also there she dutifully picked up the spill, as her right hand traced patterns over the left side of my side. My body tingled with excitement, even more so as her fingers tracked rounds around the nipple, slightly touching it now and then.

Another cold burst came around, this time in and around my belly button. She knew I had a tick, a certain problem there. This in the sense that my belly button was very sensitive; every motion inside felt instantaneously as tickling. At first my body relaxed as the enticing feeling of her tongue on my belly was felt, then it cringed as she dove into my belly button, moving about intensely on purpose. I suppressed a laugh as my hand reached for her head as to gently push her out. But she stopped voluntarily and kissed the skin just below my belly button as a peace offering.

Shortly thereafter, a metallic sound announced that the can was placed on the table again. Yet before I could open my eyes in wonder, I felt tugging on my pants, which indicated both hands to be at work at removing them. Quickly the button gave way, followed by my zipper. Soon the whole jeans were travelling down and left, together with my socks. She always like to remove it all in one go, since socks generally are not very flattering to look at under naked legs.

In any case she showed intent to take this further and naturally my mind was already three steps ahead of her. I needed every bit of restrain to not move out on these urges and to rip all the clothes of her body as well. Instead, I searched mentally at where she was at, since now all weight was taken of my body. Suddenly I felt a hand gripping my right ankle, lifting my leg in the air. I laughed out loud as I felt the now familiar cold of a line of whipped cream being sprayed on my right shin. Clearly she lifted my leg to bring it to her mouth, rather than the other way around. Again her tongue made my skin tingle as she moved it from down to top. Here after, she unceremoniously dropped my leg on the couch where it made hard contact with the, luckily, soft fabric of the couch. My legs were spread open now, just the way she wanted it to be. I knew because with her right hand she traveled along the inside of the inner part of my right leg. She started just above my knee and with a trembling low speed caressed ever so gently with the tops of her fingers. As her hands moved up I felt the tingling increase, with her fingers relentlessly switching between stroking and massaging. The boxer I wore had a loose fit, so she had all the gap to work with, as her fingers traveled even beyond the boundaries of my last piece of clothing. On and on her fingers continued, yet with an even slower pace. She had done this before, and I knew when she was going to call an end to her teasing.

More and more the tension rose as she approached my most sensitive area, up until the tip of her index finger came into contact with the skin of my right nut. For us basic, simple guys there simply is no greater arousal than having a mate touching any of the areas intimate for us. So as she was coming into contact, my heart jumped.

My manhood, which was stirring ever since my pants had left the premises, now started to come alive from both the sensations felt on my body, as well as the urges stirring in my mind.

Not only had her fingers activated every sensory point in my leg, it had also cause my boxer to give way as much as it could. Now having a straight path across my leg towards my sensitive area, there was only one option left for such a cheeky, adventurous girl like my love. Within moments, the sound of a spraying can was again to be heard and the cold feeling of cream touching the inside of my leg became everything in my mind. It reached over the whole length of the path where her fingers had traveled; starting just above my knee and travelling up to just below the most sensitive area. Painstakingly slow she placed her lips on the start of the line. She was going to take her time with this, the clever devil. The tongue would be to quick and would not give enough excitement. Instead she decided to move in an inch at a time, picking up the cream with her lips, ending in a fleeting kiss on my skin. I could definitely not complain; as much as my inner voice silently screamed at me to force her to continue on with her mouth to more erotic places, I completely allowed myself to be enveloped by the tingling feelings caused by her actions on my right inner thigh. It felt like moving up the slope of a roller coaster; knowing that when going over the top the feelings will be out of control, but now holding in expectancy with tensions rising.

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