When You’re Far Away

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After a long, less than ideal day, I draw myself a hot bath. I am determined to finish the last fifty pages in my book so I can start on the next book in the series. I am determined to relax. I add some eucalyptus bath oils to the water as the tub fills. I dim the lights slightly and set my iPod to play some of my favorite classical relaxation music. Beethoven’s “Fur Elise” fills the room. I take a deep breath, already feeling the weight of the day dissipating. I untie my satin robe, letting it fall to the floor. I stand in front of the tub, naked, testing the water with my toe. Just as I do, my husband walks into the bathroom, startling me.

“Oh. I was just getting ready to soak in the tub. Do you want to join me?” I ask.

“Nah, I’m good. Gonna go watch some TV,” he replies. I shoot him a half smile, disappointed slightly inside. He grabs something off of his sink and walks back out of the room. I regain my focus and step into the tub. The water is warm around my feet. It is fall and the air has just turned a little more bitter than it was last week. The warmth of the water is welcomed against the cooler air. I lower my body and let the water surround me. Using my hand, I scoop up some of the water and drop it around my neck, letting it fall down my chest, my back. I put a towel behind my head and lean back, just relaxing for a moment. I let the scent of oils in the water fill my nose. I let the music fill my ears. And then I remember my book. I reach up for my book, but I can’t quite reach it. Instead, I grab my phone.

My mind instantly drifts to you. I remember the videos of us I have on my phone. Last time we were together I asked you to take videos of us so that I could watch them when I missed you. And you delivered, as you always do. Thankfully my husband had shut the door when we walked out of the bathroom. I start scrolling through some pictures casino siteleri of you, some of my favorites of you in the shower. I look at your arms and remember what it feels like to put my hands on them as you are on top of me. I look at your wet hair, falling to the side in perfect strands, and remember what it feels like in my fingers. I keep flipping pictures, already feeling slightly and unintentionally aroused. And then I land on a picture of your cock, fully erect. Just as I remember how your arms and your hair feels, I recall how your cock feels when you are inside of me. I close my eyes momentarily and place myself in that moment again. I shudder.

As I continue to scroll through pictures of you, I finally make my way to the videos I have saved of you. The first one I decide to play is not sexual at all. It is a video you sent me one night that I was feeling particularly lonely, a video of you singing into a beer bottle, full of enthusiasm. I smile as I watch it, recalling how you changed my mood that night. I scroll through a few more and finally land on an erotic one. My breath hitches as I make it full screen and see my mouth wrapped around your delicious cock. This one you had taken from your point of view. You were standing and I was kneeling in front of you, my hair pulled back so you could see my face, my chest. I watched the video, watching myself try to take you as far into my mouth as I could without gagging. I watched as I stroked your cock with my hand, matching the rhythm of my mouth. I can see all of the moisture coating your cock. I listen to smacking sound of my lips as they suck down and off of you. As I watch this, I swear I am starting to drool. There has never been anything sweeter to grace my mouth than your rock hard length. I feel my nipples start to pebble. I tell myself that must just be the cool air, feeling even cooler because of the slot oyna warmth of the water.

I scroll to the next video. You sent me this video a while ago. It’s a video of you cumming. It is a short video, only a few seconds, but it a delicious few seconds. I watch as your hand squeezes the tip of your dick ever so slightly and the milky liquid pours out. I wish I could put my mouth on your right now and taste it. I just want to lick it off of you and swallow it all down. I play the video again. And again. This is definitely one of my favorites. It makes me eager for the next time I get to wrap my lips around you and taste you, swallow you.

At this point I no longer care about my book, I am full engaged in watching videos of you. I feel my body’s desire for you growing. I wish you could be in the tub with me right now. I am certain the balance of the calm, relaxing comfort of the water mixed with your powerful presence would be nothing short of perfection.

I flip to the next video of you. This one is of us, of our most recent night together. My stomach instantly clenches. I have watched this a number of times already, but I am still excited to watch you ravage me all over again. As I start the video, I lay a hand against my stomach and slowly move it downward. I watch you take a position behind me, your hand grasping onto my love handles. Even though it’s not in the frame, I can tell the second you enter me as I gasp, my voice turning primal. I watch you pound into me with increasing speed. I hear the moans, the curses, the choppy breaths I contributed to the video. I slide a finger down lower, dipping into my pussy. I gently stroke my clit. I was already aroused, my body tense. I circle my head a few times, trying to relax enough to let my excitement build before it releases.

I look back down to the video of us. On the video I am nearing orgasm and you canlı casino siteleri pull my hair upward. Fuck, that turns me on. I take my middle finger and my ring finger and I push them deep inside of me. I need to feel penetration. I push them as far in as I can and begin to pump them in and out, as fast and hard as I can. I imagine that my fingers are your cock. I wish they were your cock. I close my eyes and try to picture you on top of me, pushing into me. And then I hear you spanking me on the video. I open my eyes to watch. More aroused, I place my thumb against my clit and begin rubbing circles as I continue to pump my fingers in and out. I feel my body climbing, my stomach clenching. Even when you aren’t with me, you have control over me, over my body. I lay farther backward, trying to get a better angle for my fingers. As I do, I hear your voice in the video.

“You gonna cum again?” you ask in the video. And the answer is yes, I’ll cum again in that video and again right now. The rasp in your voice is so commanding, it is such a turn on. I start working my thumb faster, bringing me closer and closer. I can’t help but to curl forward a little as tension in my stomach builds. I look back down at the video, I am orgasming again in the video, letting out everything I have. Your voice returns.

“Hell yeah you are. There you go. There you go. You’re cumming all over my fucking cock right now.” And with that, your voice, I withdraw my fingers and focus all of my hand on my clit, circling it intensely, forcefully, as if my hand, my fingers, were you. I curl forward more, almost as if in a spasm. Some water sloshes out of the tub. My entire body tenses and I feel the waves of my orgasm overtake my body. Everything turns white for a second. I can feel my pussy pulsating around my fingers. I focus on breathing, catching my breath, as each wave rolls through me, slowing in speed. I come down from the intensity of my own release with just enough time to hear myself licking my won juices from you in the video. I smile to myself, content with your ability to fulfill me, even when you are far away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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