When Email Lovers Meet

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Kevin was standing in a towel in the master bedroom getting ready for bed when Jenn rushed in with a frightened look on her face. She was wearing a red satin robe that ended inches below her pussy. It was obvious to him that she was naked underneath, and he felt himself getting hard.

“Dammit,” he thought.

The thunder rumbled and the lightning flashed. Jenn screamed a little and ran into his arms. He held her close, smoothing her hair. He could feel her pressed against him through the towel, the softness of her stomach…

“I’m sorry, Kev. It’s just that the storm, and I got scared and…” she trailed off. She could feel his erection against her, and she realized that he wanted this to happen! She knew he did. All she had to do was make the first move. God she needed him, his touch. Her body was crying out for it, begging for it.

Jenn backed out of Kevin’s arms and without taking her eyes away from his she slowly removed the towel from around his waist.

“Jenn! What’re you…?” His words stopped when she quickly untied the belt of her robe and let it fall open and slide off her shoulders, into a puddle on the floor.

Their eyes explored each other’s bodies for the first time. She was spellbound at the sight of his cock. It amazed her. All of his foreign male body amazed her. She wanted to learn. He was entranced at the sight of her body. Suddenly everything he’d been dreaming of, all his fantasies, were laid before him. Their eyes locked and held.

She walked towards him. “Please, Kev,” she said. “Show me how. Show me how to love you.”

“Jenn, I…”

She went on tip-toe and silenced him with a kiss. “I want to drive you crazy and taste every part of you.”

Knowing that he wasn’t going to win this argument and forgetting why he was protesting in the first place, Kevin reached down and took the young girl’s hand and brought it to his lips then ran his tongue across her palm, shooting off nerves in her hand that sent pleasure throughout her entire body; she felt her pussy get wet. She didn’t understand it, but his slightest touch, the only touch she’d ever known, affected her like nothing she’d ever known.

He moved her hand down his body, pausing at his bare chest and pressing it against his heart, all the while still holding her gaze. Jenn felt the beat under her hand and the feeling was incredibly erotic. Added to the way he was looking at her, she felt connected to him, a bond that nothing could touch. Time seemed to stop and there was nothing in the world but Kevin and Jenn and the moment was drawn out indefinitely.

He continued the motion of her hand, her nails gently dragging along his skin, their joined hands moving down and down so slowly until her hand rested on his cock. Up until this point, Kevin had been holding his breath, but when her hot little hand made contact with his achingly hard prick, he let it all out in a sigh that ended in a groan.

“Ahhhh, unh… God Jenn, what you do to me.”

He bent down and kissed her long and hard, exploring every part of her mouth with his tongue, all the while closing his bigger, stronger hand over hers and guiding it up and down his shaft. When she took his tongue and gently bit it, his hand fell away and without thought, he began thrusting into her hot fist.

Jenn was amazed at the feel of his cock. It was so soft, and yet it was rock hard. It burned her palm with the intensity of its heat. kızılay escort She traced around the head of it with her fingertip and swirled the moisture that oozed from his hole down the shaft and then ran her palm back up to the tip, only to repeat the whole process again.

Ending the kiss, the youngster moved her mouth to his ear, darting her tongue inside it and nipping the lobe. She made a trail of hot, wet kisses down his neck, stopping to kiss his pulse, all the way down to his nipples, running her tongue over them and scraping them with her teeth. Gently she bit one.

“Unnnggg,” he groaned and continued his thrusting while he guided her other hand to his balls. “Touch me, Jenn. Touch me here.”

She continued to jack him off, gently squeezing his cock with one hand and massaging his balls with the other until he could feel the orgasm building. Not wanting to cum, he pushed her hands away.

“C’mere, Love,” he said, slowly drawing her to the bed.

Then they lay down, and he hugged her to him, pressing their bodies together, head to toe. He could feel her aroused nipples pressing into his chest, and she could feel his erection pressing into her tummy. Boldly, Jenn thrust her thigh in between his and they rolled together until she was on the bottom and the older man was pushing every inch of himself against her, making her totally aware of every part of him, turning her on even more.

His dick searched for the treasure between her thighs, and she cradled him there. She could feel his cock pressing against her pussy lips, the incredible heat and wetness of both of them coming together and mixing. He thrust down into her heat and hit her clit.

“Ahhhh…ummmm…” her breath caught in her throat and her eyes closed.

“Feel me push against your clit. Feel how hard I am, how much I want you.”

Kevin continued to gently push against her, but then he abruptly stopped and eased away, separating their bodies until he was kneeling between her spread thighs. He looked down at her face, her eyes closed in pleasure.

For a long moment nothing seemed to be happening and Jenn opened her eyes in alarm, wondering where he went. She found him looking at her intently. “Why’d you stop, Kev? What’s – “

He cut off her question with a kiss. “NOW Jenn. Now I’m going to make slow, sweet love to you.”

The older man took a breast in each hand and rubbed over the nipples with his thumbs, making them even harder, if that was possible. He bent down and brushed his lips against each one. They tightened so much that they ached and throbbed, but instead of giving them the attention they begged for, he ran his hands down the sides of her body, feeling her soft, smooth skin all the way to her pink toes.

Jenn could barely stand it. His touch felt like fire. Her cunt felt hot and empty, waiting to be filled, needing his cock inside her. She could feel her pussy walls contract and throb.

“Kevin, I can’t stand it anymore! Please! Please put your cock in me. Take me. Love me. Fuck me NOW.”

He smiled. “Patience, Love. Patience.” All the while his hands were spreading her legs wider and wider, running his hands up and up along the insides. He paused at her thigh and drew a heart on her skin with his tongue. She moaned with need. His tongue continued its journey up. “God Jenn, I’ve been dreaming of the taste of you for so long.”

“Hey, wait a minute. kolej escort I’m the one who’s supposed to be seducing and pleasuring you. How di- ahhh.” Her protest was cut off with a light flick of his tongue over her throbbing pussy lips.

“Shut up Jenn. You can do all that later, but right now I want to, hell I need to eat you.”

Jenn felt her lover’s tongue catch a drop of liquid from her cunt hole and lick all the way up her pussy to her clit. He swirled his tongue around her love button and sucked it into his mouth. She bucked under his expert tongue and instinctively thrust her pelvis into his face. She cried out. The sensation was too much; she couldn’t take it. She tried to back away, but his hands grabbed her ass and pushed her forward into the excruciating pleasure of his mouth.

“Mmmm,” he groaned. His thumbs stroked down her crack and gently massaged her ass hole. She jerked in his embrace, the sensations too much all at once for her inexperienced body. Kevin’s tongue stopped moving, knowing that she was going to cum but wanting to prolong the delicious torture.

“NO!!! Ahhhh, don’t grrr you ooooo dare mmmm stop now!” she cried out, trying to pull his head back to her aching cunt, but he wouldn’t budge.

“Feel good?” he teased.

“GOD YES! Keep go-ahhh.” He lightly blew on her hot, dripping pussy. He moved up and brought his face to hers and whispered against her lips, “Taste how wonderful you are,” before invading her mouth with his tongue and kissing away any arguments that were left in her.

“How ’bout this?” He took his fingers and gently circled her hole before slowly penetrating her with his middle finger. “What do you feel Jenn? Is it good?”

“God! Ohmygod. Just your finger feels HUGE! Ahhh..mmmm. Don’t stop. DO NOT stop!” He ever so slowly withdrew his finger and then slammed it into her again; hitting her G-Spot and making her shudder and moan. Jenn could feel his finger in her tight pussy, gently thrusting in and out, scraping against the super sensitive flesh. God, she wished that he was fucking her with his cock, instead of his finger.

Kevin groaned as he felt his young lover’s pussy muscles contract around his finger. His cock was throbbing, begging for attention, but he was determined to bring her to the edge before he sought relief for himself. He then eased his finger out and tried putting two in, but found that he couldn’t.

“OH!” she made a little sound of pain and her face contorted. God, her pussy was tight! He moved his finger up and rubbed it against her super sensitive clit, making her writhe and scream. “Too much Kevin! Oh! No! I can’t – it’s so, too much!”

He couldn’t take it anymore. He had to be inside her and NOW! He took his rock hard erection in his hand and guided it to her opening. “Open your eyes, Love. Look at me. Let me see your eyes when I fuck you.”

Jenn’s eyes shot open and looked straight at him, a look of intense desire mixed with fear. “Please, Kev. I – “

“I know. Don’t worry. I’ll be gentle and slow with you.”

Lovingly, he pushed at her cunt, feeling the heat, wetness, tightness, softness envelop him and draw him deeper. The head of his prick was in when he felt the barrier of her cherry. Her arms went around his neck and her thighs around his back as he paused there looking straight into her eyes.

“Do it, Love. Do it. Do me. I need you so much.”

Slowly he pushed ankara escort farther and felt her hymen give. “Ahhh” she cried out. Her face scrunched up and she tightly closed her eyes.

He knew he was hurting her, but he couldn’t stop and had to get all the way in. her arms and legs tightened around him, and he could feel her nails digging into his back. He kept pushing inch by inch until at last, he was all the way in. The feeling was mind-blowing. She fit him so perfectly, like she was made for him, all around him like a hot wet glove.

“Jenn honey, relax. It’s ok. I won’t move anymore right now. Let yourself relax and adjust. Take a deep breath.”

He gently stroked her waist and stomach and brushed the hair out of her face.

Jenn could feel ‘Her Kevin’ inside of her. He stretched her and filled her more than she ever thought possible. At his words she let out the breath that she hadn’t been aware she was holding and felt her clenched muscles relax and the pain ease and eventually fade as the pleasure of having his cock filling her so completely took over.

“Looks like you have me instead of my emails in your box now, hon.”

Jenn laughed, the motion causing her pussy to contract around Kevin and shoot off incredibly bursts of pleasure and heat in both of them.

“Oh my God, Kev. I can hardly believe this. You’re *inside* me. I can feel you…mmm.”

“Are you ready for more, Sweetheart?”

She nodded. He slowly withdrew almost all the way and then began pushing himself back into her incredibly tight cunt. His rhythm was slow and sweet. His hand moved down between their bodies and found her hard clit and rubbed against it back and forth, all the while pumping in and out of her.

Instinctively Jenn started pushing back, echoing his strokes, the pleasure and tension building and growing in both of them.

“Oooohhh ahhh. God, your finger on my clit feels sooooo good. Go – unh – faster. Harder. Fuck me Kevin, Daddy. Fuck your little girl.”

Her words did something to him, aroused him even more. All thoughts of gentleness were gone now as he began pounding his rock hard cock into her faster and harder, trying to get more of her, all the while fingering her clit, her moans driving him crazy.

Jenn couldn’t take it anymore. The pleasure kept building and building until it was unbearable. “Oooh, I’m gonna cum. It’s too much! I can’t anymore… I – ” The sensations exploded all at once, starting at her pussy and rippling outwards throughout her entire body all the way to her toes and fingertips. She bucked wildly and writhed under him, her cunt muscles contracting, massaging his prick. Jenn screamed from the pleasure and clung to her older lover.

Her orgasm set his off. “Jenn, open your eyes and look and me when I cum in you, when I fill you with my cum.”

Her eyes opened and he began to pump even faster and harder, all the while with Jenn matching him thrust for thrust.

“Yes, Kevin. Cum in my pussy. Cum for me, for your baby. I love you so much.”

She pulled his mouth down to hers and pushed her tongue into his mouth in mirror to his pushing into her delicious cunt. He started cumming, shooting off spurt after spurt of cum in her hot, tight box, lost in the sweetness of her pussy and mouth, the force of it sending Jenn off on another mind blowing orgasm. Finally, both of them collapsed from the force of their orgasms, Kevin resting his head between her breasts, and whispering, “I love you.”

“I love you too. More than you know.” She stroked his hair, and the lovers fell asleep like that, Kevin still inside Jenn, and the mixture of their juices spilling out of her pussy while the sweat dried on their skin.

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