What Are We Doing?

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She sits in front of her computer talking to him, using one of those messenger systems. It’s 2008, late May. On top of all that, it’s getting late, but she hasn’t talked to him like this since they were together. They reminisce about the times they were together. She thinks about it and laughs out loud at some of the things that they used to do. She doesn’t want to let go in her heart, but he is just so sweet and he seems to be getting along well without her. She is getting along with out him.

She changes the conversation to her life and off spring. She breaks the news to him that she went out on a date. His pause is long; as he asks how did it go. She tells him the guy just showed up and wanted one thing, which he didn’t get. He laughs, a dull chuckle as he reminds her that was all she wanted from him in their first get together.

She laughs it off. They continue to talk and he starts to open up more about his dating disasters. He tells her about the girl that told him straight out that sex was all she wanted. He tells her that he walked out on her after saying that. She laughs at him; she really doesn’t believe it, until she reads more. He continues to talk about this girl. She was 19 and just broke up with her boyfriend.

She came up to him in the store and asked him out right there. He said yes, as he has nothing to lose. He went out with the girl a few days later. Met at her house and the first words she said to him were “You know this is just going to be sex, right?” He turned around and walked out with out so much as a word. On his way home he called the girl and told her what he thought of her.

Again, she laughs at him. She now believes him, cause that was always his way. She starts to realize she too is picking up that habit. This starts bringing up a lot of pain that he had caused her. He lets her say her peace, but some how holds back the defensiveness he once had. She starts to type taking along time on each paragraph. He is patient with her and throws himself at her mercy. She gets everything off her chest she ever wanted to tell him. He calls a night he did that.

It ended, they hung out and talked. He got to sleep next to her and in the morning they kissed a kiss that reminded him of all the things. He left as he got into his car he heard her from behind him and she told him that she loved him and goodbye. It was the last time they had actually seen each other now after a few months of not talking to each other; here they were, late at night in front of the computer.

He mentions how late it’s getting and that he has to doing some running around for work on his day off. She chuckles at him as she thinks he’s being a lot like me right there. I do that all the time, now he understands what is like for me. She asked what time are you getting up in the morning? He says that he has to be at work at noon tomorrow. She just sits there for along while, when finally she types out:

Come over now.

He begins to type. She types faster. No Now. Comes up on the screen.He shuts the computer off and he is out the door to his car. He drives faster than he really should and he considers slowing down in the rain, but he is going to get there before she changes her mind. He arrives with out a word on the phone or a text.

He knows the door will be unlocked and knows to lock it when he is in. He kicks off his flip-flops and walks down the hall to her room. Candles are lit all around. She lays on her bed, in nothing but a smile. She doesn’t speak as she moves off the bed and on to her knees in front of him. She takes her hands up to his face to stop whatever words might come out. She wants him.

One of her hands travels down to his emek escort stiffing cock and rubs him through the fabric of his jeans. While her other hand is still keeping his mouth shut. She wants this man like she has never wanted a man. How can one person bring so much joy and pain at the same time? She thinks as she removes his belt with one hand. Her other hand is shushing him up with her finger and he opens his mouth to allow the finger in.

He still has that tongue ring. She thinks again, wow I am doing a lot of thinking and not enough fucking. She unzips his jeans with his help. Her hand reaches into find he is wearing boxers, she feels through the hole of them to pull his cock free. Freedom only lasts for a second for his dick as it enters her wet and warm mouth. She takes his still hardening cock down her throat. He tries to removes his pants as she works, and does. She pulls his boxers down and quickly takes him back into her mouth. He moans and she smiles with a dick her mouth.

She takes her hand back from his mouth and motions for his shirt off. He removes it. She starts to bob her head up and down his cock, as her hand follows further wetting his dick. She slobbers and begins to suck on the very tip of his cock hard. He groans, as she takes down to the base and back up sucking on the tip hard again. She continues this to him about 10 times.

He can’t handle it anymore he starts to tell her he is going to come, but he moans “Oh shit, that’s it baby” instead. She keeps up her attack on his hard as nails cock. He tries to hold back a little more, he doesn’t want to come in her mouth as hot as he thinks it would be. He wants to come inside her, where he knows she wants it.

He takes both of her hands in his as she is still working his cock. He stands her up and she reluctantly stands, she wanted him to come in her mouth. He doesn’t give a second thought if she wanted him to or not as he goes in for a kiss. God, she thinks I have wanted to kiss him since he walked in, but sucking his cock was just as good. They don’t break for a breath, as they make out like long lost lovers or horny teenagers alone at someone’s parent’s house for a night.

Take your pick. The kissing is intense; they don’t remember their kisses being so intense. The pause and take a look at each other. Their eyes see and there is not only lust, but also love, so much of it hurts them both to see it. The close their eyes at the same time and their tongues begin to swirl around each other. Exploring each other’s mouths again. The wet mouths haven’t felt so hot in so long.

With their mouths locked in their own kind of combat, he takes the opportunity to walk her backwards towards the bed. She falls over on her back with him on top of her. It impresses them both with the fact they are still kissing and didn’t bump teeth. She works them both higher up on the bed so her legs aren’t hanging off the edge. He follows as if his mouth were attached to hers. She spreads her legs slightly and he feels the wetness of her with his cock. She is like a waterfall down there, he thinks as his cock twitches against her clit.

She moans into his mouth and tries to pull him inside of her. He breaks the kiss and she speaks the first word uttered, “Baby?” He kisses her mouth one last time as he starts his way down her neck and kisses and bites slightly, making her purr like a kitten. He works his fingertips lightly down her body as well as his mouth. He gets to her breasts and takes a nipple in his mouth, tonguing it, kissing it, and biting it. While the other hand works the other nipple in the same fashion with out the use of teeth. He works them till they can’t get any eryaman escort harder.

He kisses down her stomach to her bellybutton he tongues it and kisses it, lovingly. His hands trail down to her wet as an ocean pussy. Gently touching the outside of it careful not to touch the clit, he is saving that treat for his mouth. He slowly makes his way between her legs and takes up the touching that his fingers were doing, with his tongue. She moans at the teasing that he is doing to her. With a final caress of his fingers, he plunges his tongue into her wet hole.

Tasting her, pleasing her and making her even wetter for him. He finally takes her clit into his mouth and his fingers plunge into her rubbing that sweet spot that only he can find. He bites and sucks on her clit as she moans “Baby, oh baby. God….shit…more…don’t stop..” He doesn’t as she ascends up the mountain of orgasm. He starts working faster and maintaining the same pressure.

She grabs his head and starts to grind her pelvis against his head. He moves with her as she gets closer and closer. She starts to moan with urgency, and prays to god that he doesn’t stop to tease her. She wants to come. He knows her enough to keep going with his tongue and fingers working her closer. She was always amazed by the way he could work her pussy and just as this thought passes through her mind she comes very hard.

She lays there as he lets the orgasm subside as he gives her pussy one last lick and feel as she pulls him up to her and their mouths smash again, her taste on his lips. She thinks she doesn’t taste too bad, I can see why he likes being down there. She spreads her legs and he with one stroke he is in up to his balls. She is so wet it hurts his cock to think how much wetter could one woman get.

He beings to pull out and thrust back into her, as she moves into his thrusts slowly. She wants this man to come and as many times as he can, cause she knows that she will come many, many times with him. He thrusts in and out of her like a piston, about 10 times. He knows this is not the way to make her come, but he knows it still feels good. She moans and groans, as he changes his pace and begins to do the grinding motion she was looking for.

Her head tosses from side to side and her eyes open to find his looking at her. Their looks are intense as their mouths being to follow suit with their bodies, as if they making love with their mouths as well.

They could never get enough of each other. They grind against each other as his hands grab her ass cheeks. She loves when I do that he thinks and she does. She breaks the kiss and looks at him.

He stops for a moment as their eyes make contact again.

She says “Baby, god I love you, please don’t ever stop fucking me.”

He replies, “Kitten, I will never stop fucking you.”

They both know the words are meaningless, but they say them anyway, there is still love there for them, but not now. This was about sex.

Her arms reach out to her sides and grabs up handfuls of blanket and pillow as he continues inside her. She moans out for a final time as he groans loudly. He feels himself let loose inside of her has she cries out one last time before trying to catch her breathe.

He begins to move off of her, when suddenly her arms around him telling him not to move. Her pussy contracts around him again, like she was coming.

“Can you feel me when I do that?” she asks.

“Yes, can you feel this?” he tells her has he twitches his cock inside of her.

“Yes, baby I can.” She replies.

With that said he beings to move in and out of her again as she keeps up the contractions around his dick. ankara escort He thrusts up into her a little deeper as she groans again. He takes her legs and puts them on his shoulders. He slowly pulls out and thrusts back in. She looks at him as she moans.

He does it a few more times, as she tells him “Baby you are so deep in me.” He continues this a few more times when she tells him that she is going to come again. He starts the same grinding as before, this only makes her come faster. She comes again, this time moaning louder than the last time.

She pushes him off before getting a chance to even pull out. She rolls him over and mounts him. Guiding his cock back into her well-fucked hole. She takes charge. He tries to control her with his hands, she isn’t having that, so she takes his hands in her and pins them above his head. She moves up and down, and then rocks her hips into him, and then finally finding a motion that includes both.

She leans in for another kiss, passionate and full of fire. He can’t seem to move his hands to break free, not that he really wanted to. He feels himself about to come as she beings to moan into his mouth. They come together again, moaning into each other kisses. They stay there like if they move the moment would be lost forever.

She moves off of him and cuddles facing him and his arms go around her. Her legs entwine with his and their mouths kiss again. They kiss for a while and she realizes she rather have his mouth right now, than a cigarette. She figures to tell his so. He laughs and takes up kissing. The kissing is the last thing they remember before falling asleep.


The alarm screams at them to get up. She finds herself still facing him and smiles as she rolls over and hits the snooze button. Taking up her place in his chest she dozes back to sleep. He too drifts back to sleep. Still having her in his arms like he would rather die than not have her there.


She slowly reaches back with out breaking their embrace and magically finds the snooze button again. She looks at him, still sleeping and she smiles at it all. Naked in bed with him was where she always loved to be. She gently wakes him by stroking his cock and he wakes up with a smile as her lips were waiting at his for a kiss. They smile at each other and neither speaks a word as he runs into the bathroom.

She has a smoke as she hears the shower going. He will be quick she thinks, and before she is done with the cigarette, he is out of the bathroom, finding his clothes. She runs naked into the bathroom and takes just as long for her shower. As she comes and finds that he is sitting there smoking on her freshly made bed. They walk towards the front door, getting their flip-flops on. She kisses him and he kisses back.

They know that this may or may not happen again for a while or even at all, so there are no “good-byes” or “see you later” or “I love you” spoke. He walks her to her car and opens the door. He tells her “Au revoir, mon cherie.” He closes it as her window comes down and she asks him, “What did you say?”

He replies, “Goodbye my darling.”

She tells him, “No goodbyes. OK?”

He tells her with a smile, “I said it in French, so it doesn’t count.”

She laughs and asks him, “What else you got in French?”

He replies with a smile, “Je t’aime ma seduisant petite fleur.”

She smiles and asks, “Ok what did that mean?”

He takes a breath and tells her, “It means you are going to be late for work if you don’t leave now.”

She shakes her head “You little shit.”

They drive off together in separate cars.

On his way home he texts her this:

“It meant: I love you my sexy little flower.”

She looks at it and says I love you too, to her phone as she speeds to work.

She didn’t contact him again for a few weeks, but that is another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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