Washing the Blues Away

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You are in the shower, leaning with your head under the hot water as it washes away all the paperwork and traffic you were fighting earlier in the day. You hear a slight sound I enter the bathroom and ask you if you would like to have some company. Yes respond with a sultry “yes” and smile at the thought of company in the shower. As you close your eyes you hear the shower door slide open then shut again. My movement behind you sends goose bumps up your spine and let out a soft sigh as you feel my hand on your shoulder. I tell you to lean back for a minute and you oblige. As you lean back into me you feel the firmness of my body against yours, my semi-erect cock pressed against your ass. You lean back and smile at me admiring your naked body, full breasts, erect nipples, smooth stomach, and a very neatly trimmed and shaved pussy.

I reach over you and hand you a glass of your favorite red wine. You accept the glass and bring it to your lips, drinking almost half of it in one long sip. The warm feeling spreading through your body almost immediately after drinking it. I wrap my arm around you and place my hand on your stomach, gently rubbing it in an up and down motion. You sigh deeply as my hand massages the muscles in your stomach, a big strong hand working against you has always been a weakness of yours. You finish your glass of wine and hand me the empty glass as you lean forward and place your hands on the wall again, as the hot water cascades down your shoulders and back.

You hear the clink of the empty glass as I set it down on the edge of the tub. I move back behind you and whisper in your ear that I know you have had a rough day, and that a hot shower and the dinner I am preparing for you will do the trick to make it all better. You feel casino oyna my hands as they push against your lower back, working the tight muscles in long slow squeezes as I push my hands up to your shoulder blades and back down just to the top of your ass. Using slight pressure at first then building as I feel the muscles under my hands start to untie themselves Your gentle moaning is a sure sign that I am hitting the right spots. I tell you to brace yourself and start to work your muscles deeper, pushing and squeezing harder with each pass of my hands. I begin working from your shoulder blades to the top of your ass, pushing and squeezing my strong hands against your wet skin. You moan deeply as you feel my hands turn and grab your ass, squeezing your cheeks firmly.

My hands begin working their way down to your inner thighs, squeezing and kneading them in my hands. You gasp as you feel one hand travel higher than the other and brush against your pussy very softly, sending chills up your spine. You feel my hand on your shoulder again as I pull you back against me. You place your hands behind you, one on my thigh and the other on my hip. My hands travel from your hips to your stomach, massaging it gently then move up to cup your breasts in them. I watch over your shoulder as your breasts rise and fall in my hands from your breathing, which is growing deeper and a little more rapid than before. You feel your nipples being gently rolled between my fingers, tingling and hardening from my touch. You bring your hands around and take mine in yours, squeezing your breasts together as I play with your erect nipples. Even with the hot water flowing over your body you can still feel the wetness between your legs, as you feel your juices flowing and mixing with slot oyna the water that is running down your thighs.

You smile wickedly as you see me reach forward and take down the flexible shower head I had installed for you months earlier, one that has had plenty of use since it’s first day. I bring the nozzle down and spray the water across your neck and shoulders as my hand continues to play with your breasts. You feel your left breast as it is cupped in my hand and the nozzle moves over it. You moan loudly and squeeze my thigh as you feel the water hit your nipple, sending a wave of excitement over you. You look down and watch as my hand squeezes your breast and the other holds the stream of water splashing against your nipple. I move both hands across and treat the other breast to the same attention. You lean your head back onto my shoulder and kiss my cheek softly as I enjoy pleasuring you to the fullest. You feel my hand travel down your stomach, moving lower as my palm brushes against your swollen clit. You bite your lower lip as you feel my hand rubbing you as I lean over and gently nibble on my neck. You spread your legs slightly as you feel my hand push against your inner thigh, allowing me better access to your sweet moist pussy. You feel your lips spread apart slightly by my fingers as I insert one inside you and start to move it in and out slowly, pushing it in deeper with each stroke, your juices starting to cover my finger and hand. I lean my head in and gently nibble on your shoulder as my finger works in and out of you in a steady rhythm.

Being so engulfed in the feelings moving over and through you, you are suddenly aware of my hard cock pressing against your lower back This provokes you juices to flow even stronger knowing canlı casino siteleri that you excite me so much. You feel my hand move up slightly, my index and middle fingers spreading your pussy open, exposing your swollen clit. You feel the stream from the water nozzle as it travels from your breasts, down your stomach, and pulls away from your body as the stream of water barely reaches your clit. This sends a feeling through your entire body that escapes your lips as a hiss, “Oh Yessssssssss”. I hold the nozzle there for what seems like an hour to you, but in actuality is only moments before I bring it closer, intensifying the feeling. You release your hold on your lower lip and moan loudly as I can see your hips start to move back and forth slightly, letting the water directly hit your sensitive clit then moving slightly away from it. You can feel the pressure building inside you, craving to be released.

As I move the water nozzle even closer I can feel at first your legs start to tremble, then you entire body, showing me the all familiar signs of you building to an intense orgasm. You feel it building inside you and do nothing to try to slow or deny it. Your moaning and shaking tell me you are close and I bring the water nozzle almost against your clit. The water is pounding against it now as you clench your teeth to keep from screaming as it rocks through your body. You instead throw your head back against my shoulder and utter a long deep “Yessssssssssssssssssssssss” as I bring my hand up around your stomach to support you, feeling your legs almost give under you as you cum again and again, panting hard and heavy, letting the contractions start to subside before you can turn to me and thank me with a warm soft kiss. I return your kiss, holding your chin in my hand as I do, feeling your breath rush between my lips as your breathing starts to return to normal. I turn off the shower and hand you a huge soft towel to dry yourself as I step out of the shower myself and go to prepare dinner……

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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