Was This the After Party?

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It seemed like a normal “party.” Some drinking, a movie, eventually turning into each couple making out. We had done it many times since Ty and I were dating. Every few weeks we got together, a way of keeping in touch with our friends from high school. It had been two years since graduation.

These were pretty tame parties. Guys usually got bulges in their pants, and an occasional bare breast was the wildest that things got. When people got excited enough to take it further, they went home to have sex, or in our case, we would go back to our bedroom. Well, it was our apartment.

But this night was different. Two of the couples had left. But they had just started dating so I assumed their evenings were over. Another couple left, surely to go to bed somewhere else. That left three couples in the apartment when we heard some strange sounds.

At first it sounded like sex. But it was coming from one of our bedrooms. There were no people missing, so how was that possible? What was that noise?

Ty was the first to go investigate, and I was right behind him. As we got closer it sounded even more like sex. Moaning, gasping, grunting… But that got me even more confused.

We entered the spare bedroom and stopped abruptly. Me? I was in total shock. All I could see was some girl laying across the bed, getting royally screwed. It made an incredible sight. Totally nude of course, the girl had her legs spread wide. I mean wide! She was holding them up and out with her hands just under her knees. Her pussy was spread wide open as well. It was a perfect view of her pussy, except for the guy standing there, plunging his penis hard into her. I could look at nothing else.

I had never seen people screwing before. I had never really had a good look at a girl’s pussy before. And here it was, spread out grossly in front of me. Getting stuffed.

“Who is it?” one of the other people said. They meant the girl, as the guy fucking her was obviously Russell.

“I can’t tell,” said a feminine voice. “Her mouth is stretched out, full of cock!”

Another said, “It looks like Rachel’s hair.”

That was when I finally looked up at her head. It did indeed look like Rachel’s hair color and length, and looking closely it actually was her. It was difficult to tell with her mouth wrapped around a huge shaft. Her body was across the corner of the bed so that her head hung slightly off, with the dick plunging between her lips. Her hips were close to the other end where she was getting filled by Russell’s dick.

The dick in her mouth belonged to Jeff. He had been with Rachel and had left the party. But Russell had been one of the first to leave. I would have to find out how this all happened later. At least I figured that they had come back into the apartment through the back door and down the back hallway.

I stood there mesmerized at the scene unfolding before me. I basically ignored the blow job part of the scene as I could not stop looking at Russell’s big dick thrusting into Rachel’s wide open pussy. She was really into it as well. There was no doubt that she was a very willing participant as I watched her squirming , trying to push her hips up to accept the invader. She was moaning a lot, I suppose illegal bahis at both of the dicks using her at the moment.

Time seemed to stand still. Over and over I watched as her pussy was spread open by the shaft, her lips clinging to it as it withdrew, then being drawn inside as the shaft plunged back into her. Her pussy was turning redder and the wetness was obvious, even if I could not have heard the squishing sounds they were making as they screwed.

Suddenly a gasp came from several of the spectators. It brought me out of my trance, and I looked up at Rachel’s head to see Jeff’s big, red dick spurt a stream of cum onto her face and down onto her chest. He must have already shot into her mouth as I saw cum leaking over her lips, but Jeff kept spurting. Another couple of shots, much less forceful, landed on her face. Her nose and eyes got most of it as Jeff stroked his monster, milking all of his load onto Rachel. My pussy started to tingle as I watched.

Then my attention went back to where her pussy was getting stuffed. Russell was panting and moaning, close to cumming himself. His thrusting was more irregular now, though harder. Rachel reached back to grab Jeff’s hips and hold him close as he rubbed his softening dick around her face, spreading his cum. But Rachel’s attention was mostly on her pussy. She raised her hips up, trying again to take everything Russell could give her, and he was giving his all.

Russell pulled her legs towards him, or rather her hips, as she still held her knees tightly to keep herself spread wide open. He pulled her body down the bed each time he thrust upwards, making them both gasp as their bodies collided forcefully. Finally Russell yelled out as he held his prick inside Rachel, expelling his cum deep inside her. That seemed to set her off as well as her stomach began to spasm and her body became rigid for a moment.

I suppose that was all that my boyfriend Tyler could take. I hadn’t even noticed that his arms had been wrapped around me, his hands liberally playing with my breasts. And I realized that my hands had been behind me, squeezing his erection through his pants. But now he pulled me away from this amazing scene and down the hall to his room. Our room, really, as I had recently moved in with him.

I never wore much at our little parties as they always led to a very satisfying romp in bed, but that had always been after everyone else had gone. We entered the bedroom and in one easy motion I slid my skirt over my hips and it fell to the floor. I stepped out of it as I pulled my top over my head, and laid down nude on the bed before Ty could finish pulling his clothes off – and he was trying to hurry!

I had sat on the foot of the bed and laid back, then spread my legs and held them wide open at the knees, exposing my wet pussy more than I had ever done. I tingled at the thought of what I looked like to him. I was imitating Rachel’s position, so I could picture exactly what I was doing and what Ty was seeing. Just the sight – in my mind – of my pussy being offered in such a slutty way made me gush and tremble a little.

Then I saw Ty’s big cock coming at me. I felt it at my entrance just a moment before I felt it plunge all the way inside illegal bahis siteleri me in one stroke, forcing my pussy open all at once and causing us both to moan loudly at the intrusion. He held himself deep inside me for a moment as we both felt the relief of finally fucking after all of the build-up we had been through.

Then he pulled out and quickly plunged back in, as fast as he had ever done. We both held onto my thighs, me on one side to hold them open, him on the other side to pull me close on each thrust. This was pure animal lust, rutting as hard as either of us could, thinking of nothing except the physical pleasure that awaited us. We fucked hard, trying to reach that goal. I could feel each thrust as he rammed himself into me, but I was so wet that my pussy could offer little resistance to him. We both sounded like we were in agony as we moaned and groaned with each repeated thrust.

I am not usually what they call a ‘screamer.’ I do let myself moan and get as vocal as I want (he likes it!) but at this moment I did hear myself screaming. Loud and long, my screams burst from my throat just as my orgasm burst from somewhere deep inside my pussy. I had let go of my legs and realized that my hands held fistfuls of bed spread and sheets, grabbing whatever they could reach as my body finally got the release it had been craving since seeing Rachel getting stuffed.

My contortions were too much for Ty. My vagina was squeezing his prick, holding him inside me as much as it could, and he could not hold out either. I heard a loud roar as he burst open, his cum coating the inside of me with blast after blast. It was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced.

But he was done and pulling out of me as I still was having spasms. I could not stop. At best I would have a few seconds of relief from them, then another would hit. I was slowing down, but very gradually. I was in la-la land, like some kind of suspended animation. Then I felt him invade my pussy again.

I spasmed again just from Ty shoving three fingers into my pussy. Hard. He had never done that with such force before, but I loved it. I wanted more, and my body showed it. I bounced my hips up to get them deeper into me, and when he touched my g-spot I screamed again, exploding into a new round of orgasms. He kept me going by messaging my insides. I clung to the sheets, pulling them over my face as my head slammed from side to side. A new orgasm began – or was it a new high from my last orgasm – as his thumb found my clit, pushing it side to side as his fingers continued stroking my g-spot.

His thumb pushed hard on my clit. I was gasping for air as my orgasms would hardly allow me to breathe. I briefly glanced at the doorway sometime in all of this thrashing and saw some figures standing there. I didn’t know who, nor did I care. The flash through my mind of these people watching me only made me cum even harder, if that was possible.

I don’t know how many orgasms I had, nor how long they lasted. I do know that it was the most intense feelings of my life. I actually blacked out, I think only for a couple of seconds, but it took a while for me to come back to reality. It must have been a few minutes before I even looked canlı bahis siteleri over to see who was watching me, but by then they were all gone. Good. I didn’t have the energy to even close my legs. I just laid there splayed out on the bed. Funny, but I was embarrassed as I saw Ty looking at my body like that, naked and wide open, offered to whoever was around. After all that we had done, it was strange that I felt embarrassed. But not enough to be able be hide myself. It would take another couple minutes for me to close my legs. But I would never be the same.

Tyler sat beside me, stroking my head and hair, as I recovered enough to turn towards him and curl up into a fetal position. I loved the feeling of his touch like this. I felt safe, and oh, so satisfied. After laying like this for a while I realized he was stroking my breasts. Pinching my nipples. I normally love this, but I was so drained I hadn’t even noticed.

Then I noticed his dick near my face. It was erect again. He pushed it closer to me, and I knew then that this was not over. After what he had done to me – what he had done for me – I could not refuse. The poor guy had only cum once, and I realized that it been rather quickly. I guess it was his turn.

But I could not get much enthusiasm built up for it. As his erection nudged my face, I opened my mouth and let it slide in. He groaned appreciatively, and slid it in deeper and back out, repeating this several times. I gathered my strength and reached up one hand to wrap around his base. Other than that I just let him fuck my face.

My other hand eventually reached up to grasp his balls. He moaned again, and it didn’t take much effort on my part to play with his balls enough to make him love it. My other squeezed his shaft a little, even stroking up and down occasionally.

Ty was getting turned on a lot by now. I was wondering how long he would take, after having such a hard cum a little while ago. He was pushing harder now, really worked up. I actually like blow jobs, and I enjoy blowing Ty even more than other guys I had done in the past. But I don’t like the kind of face fucking I was now getting from him. It was not me blowing him, but him fucking me, just using my face instead of my pussy. He was having a great time, but it felt too violent for me. But actually, in the state I was in by now, he could have done almost anything he wanted to me.

Naturally, I was not sure how long this all had gone on, but as he was getting more forceful I was getting more sore. With one of my hands I reached under him and found his ass hole. I shoved a finger as deep inside him as I could, causing him to cry out and stop his fucking for a moment. I had done this before, but rarely. It was an unusual sensation for him.

As I felt around inside him, he groaned loudly when I finally found his prostate. His dick pushed deeper into my throat, but he wasn’t fucking. I pushed on his prostate with a vengeance while squeezing his balls more, and soon he was erupting once again, this time deep into my throat.

It wasn’t hard to swallow as his load was much smaller than before, and he softened quickly as well. He fell back onto the bed, satisfied. I fell asleep, and when I awoke he was gone. He came into the room from the bathroom, smiling and looking very satisfied. I was as well, and was even glad that I had let him fuck my mouth. After tonight I knew that our sex life was definitely going to be a bit more adventurous from now on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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