Vacation Pt. 02: The ride home

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This story is 100% true. My girlfriend and I are in our mid-20’s and were at the time of the story. This is a continuation of Part 1.

We were driving home from our vacation with her family. We had only found time to fuck once and I couldn’t wait to get in the door. I was driving her car, she was in the passenger seat and her father was in the backseat, fast asleep.

We listened to music, chatted a bit and eventually fell into silence as the miles and hours passed. In truth, sex wasn’t even on my mind at that point. I just wanted to get that 8 hour drive over with.

The miles passed slowly and eventually my thoughts drifted to the last time we had made this drive.

That time, we had been alone in the car.


She had been asleep in the passenger seat when I reached over to caress her soft breast through her top. She woke slowly and smiled as she realized what I was doing. She reclined the seat further and closed her eyes. I lifted her shirt and played with her tits, teasing her nipples until they stood at attention.

Her breathing intensified then. I hadn’t planned on going very far, but she was inviting me.

I moved my hand from her chest down her smooth, flat stomach, using my fingernails to give illegal bahis her goosebumps as I descended, finally reaching the waistband of her short skirt.

My eyes still on the road, I put my hand between her legs and pulled at her thong.

“Off?” she asked.

The question was rhetorical. She lifted her hips and helped me slide her panties down her legs and on to the floor. I lifted her skirt, exposing her shaved mound and her little slit.

I flicked at her clit and her body jerked in response. I kept working her clit until she grabbed my wrist and directed my middle finger into her sopping wet pussy. She moaned and cooed as she ground her hips into my finger.

She released my wrist and reached up over her head, grabbing the headrest. I inserted another finger into her and began playing with her clit with my thumb. Now almost fully exposed, she was in plain view of every car and truck that passed us on the road. Her modesty took a backseat to the sensations in her pussy as she started to buck and her hole began to leak into my hand as she was hit with an intense orgasm.


I knew I wouldn’t get any such playtime on this drive. Her father was in the backseat and though she was by no means a prude, I illegal bahis siteleri knew she would never take the risk of being caught. How wrong I was.

My focus was on the highway when I felt her hand in my crotch. I looked over at her quickly, then to the backseat where her father slept, silently asking her what she was thinking. She winked at me.

Her hand massaged my cock through my shorts as I rose to attention. It was getting more difficult to focus on driving.

She undid my zipper as quietly as she possibly could. Keeping one eye on her sleeping father and the other on my now fully exposed dick, she began to stroke me. She leaned over and whispered, “I think you know what I want.” I most certainly did.

Her strokes got faster and more aggressive and my concentration shifted from the road to the growing pressure in my balls. I kept my vision dead ahead though until she got my attention with a squeeze of my cock. I looked over at her. She had unzipped her own shorts and had her other hand buried inside them. The look on her face told me she had her fingers buried in her own pussy.

I looked down to see her fingers, obscured by her panties, working in and out of her tight hole as she jerked my dick. She canlı bahis siteleri removed her hand from her shorts and showed me her index and middle finger. They were slick with her juices. She took them into her own mouth, showing me as she licked up all of her own nectar. She deepthroated her two fingers, gagging softly on them.

She then buried them right back into the hole where they’d been before, working herself to an orgasm. Her eyes closed and she held her breath as she came, her legs twitching slightly in the passenger seat. When she had recovered, she looked at me and smiled.

This time when she removed her glistening fingers, she pressed them to my lips as I drove. I took them in my mouth and tasted her tangy pussy juices. She forced her fingers into my mouth and down my throat as far as she could get them, all the while jerking me off.

She took her hand off my dick and brought it to her mouth, spitting in it to lube it up. She then started masturbating me in earnest, focusing all of her energy on making me cum for her. I obliged, exploding into her hands as she tried desperately not to let it make too much of a mess. My vision blurred and I almost lost control of the car as the hot mess came out of me.

As my orgasm subsided, I looked at her. She began to lick my cum from her fingers, but there was just too much for her. She grabbed a napkin from her glove compartment and wiped clean what she couldn’t take herself.

In the backseat, her father snored.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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