Unknown Caller Ch. 02

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Trish awoke the next morning with a big smile on her face. It was very rare for her to smile, before her first cup of coffee. Thoughts of the previous night flooded her mind, her face started to flush.

“No,” she said out loud, I will not be ashamed! Things are going to be different now!”

Walking into the bathroom, she took a moment to look at her naked body in the mirror. Her hands reached up to cup her breast. She felt a combination of emotions, sexy, satisfied, and invigorated. She had not truly felt that way, in quite a while. Stepping into the closet, she slipped into her swimsuit, a black one piece, cut high on the leg and low in the front. The simple design of the suit showed off her curves and made her feel very confident.

The weather was beautiful outside. The sun shining through her bedroom balcony window was just a bonus to her good mood this morning. Another positive…low humidity today, rare for the Texas Gulf Coast, but Trish knew the temperature would be in the high nineties by mid afternoon, too hot to be lying in the sun.

“Better get a move on,” Trish voiced to herself.

Trish walked into her kitchen to start the coffee maker, then strolled into her living room and opened her drapes to the sliding glass door. Living in a third floor apartment overlooking the pool had its advantages, not total privacy, but enough. While the coffee brewed, Trish stepped out onto the balcony. For a Saturday morning, it was quiet, but that would all change in the afternoon. The pool area would be packed, and Trish wanted to hurry down and “catch some rays” before that happened.

The smell of coffee drifted out to where Trish stood; she hurried inside to pour herself a cup. As she sipped her coffee, she gathered a towel, sunscreen, a magazine, and her sunglasses. One last visit to the restroom and she was ready to head down to the pool.

Trish walked down the two flights of stairs to the pool area. Another plus to living on the third floor, all of the steps kept Trish’s legs toned and firm. All of the chairs were open, so she picked one and laid it flat, and spread out her towel. Setting her cup and magazine near one end, she started applying her lotion. Starting with her legs, she worked her way up her body, as she rubbed the lotion across her chest, Trish could not help thinking about her “unknown caller” from last night. It took every ounce of restraint in her, not to rub her breast. Trish quickly covered her arms, neck and face with the sunscreen then lay down on her stomach.

As she flipped through the magazine and sipped her coffee, Trish kept thinking about how good her little masturbation session was. “Damn good,” she sighed. Her mind wondered to a new adult toy store she passed on the way home from work last week. She thought little about it last week, but now she had to admit, her interest was peaked. Was she actually thinking of going there? She was! Maybe she would stop by there this afternoon, after she went to the grocery store. Trish had visited one of “those” stores before, years ago with her ex husband. No reason why she could not go it solo…

“I sure did last night,” she said with a playful laugh.

No sooner did the words leave her mouth, and a shadow was cast over her body. The shadow adjusted, as a male voice, a deep male voice spoke…

“Excuse me, Miss”

Trish’s eyes looked up from her reading, and her lips parted as she had a quick intake of air. She was startled, not by his being there, but he was the most handsome man she had seen in a long time. He was probably ten years her senior, she guessed forty one, dark brown hair with a little grey mixed in, dark brown eyes and a moustache. He was an older version of how she had imagined her caller. Trish realized she was staring and sat up.

“I am sorry, you startled me”

“Sorry Ma’am,” he said with a southern drawl.

“Oh, it’s no problem; I was just lost in my thoughts and did not hear you walk up.”

“My name is John; I just rented an apartment here last week, and I need to contact someone about my stove, because it is not working.”

“Hi, John, my name is Trish,” she said as she extended her hand. He reached out, took her hand, bent over and kissed it ever so softly.

“Trish, could you tell me how to reach maintenance on a Saturday?”

“Good luck, on a weekend, unless your apartment is flooding, but the number is on the office door.”

Trish was staring at her hand, his lips were warm on her hand and his moustache had tickled. She wondered just how they would feel on other parts of her body.

“So I guess it would be dinner out for me this weekend,” John stated.

Snapping back to the moment, Trish laughed, “Or sandwiches, if you want something easy?” Trish’s mind wandered again…or me…

A smile crept onto John’s face. A very sexy smile Trish thought. “Are you inviting me for lunch?”

Trish’s eyes widened, she had not said that last thought out loud, did she? “Uh, um, I …, she stammered”

He winked at her, “Darlin’ I was teasing you, aren’t you as cute as a baby’s bare butt?”

Trish smiled at his southern drawl and phrase. Southern gentlemen were casino oyna hard to find, even in Texas.

“Trish, I know we just met, but would you consider having dinner with me?”

Trish was shocked. This man was gorgeous, and single, and asking her out. “When were you thinking?” She realized she answered a question, with a question…how rude. She quickly corrected herself, “What I mean is I would like that very much, John.”

“How about 7:30, at that seafood restaurant down the street, the one with the blue roof?”

“Tonight, Kemah Seafood, are you asking me out tonight?”

“Yes, that is if you are free?” John looked as if he could kick himself for moving so fast, but he had been watching her for a week. He had seen her leave the office, the day he first looked at apartments. She had taken his breath away, and knew he had to meet her. She had invaded his dreams and stirred his passion. He had spent the last week fantasizing about her…he had to have her!

Breaking his thought, Trish said, “Sounds lovely, can I meet you there?” She continued, “I need to run some errands and may be running pretty close on time.” It was an excuse, but she tried to be safe when it involved “strangers”.

“That will be perfectly fine; I am looking forward to dining with you. I must excuse myself, to try to contact maintenance and get on their list.” His mind told him he better go before he said much more. Trish’s body in that suit was fogging his thoughts.

John reached over and lifted Trish’s hand from her bare thigh. His hand brushed against her skin as he lifted her hand. Just the simplest touch from him caused Trish to get a tingly sensation. He lifted her hand to his lips and lightly kissed it and whispered, “Until tonight lovely lady,” and lowered her hand back to her thigh. Chills ran up her back as his hand touched her thigh a second time.

Trish watched him as he walked away, well actually she stared. His body seemed to be in great shape. He was dressed in jeans, not too tight, and a white t-shirt with three buttons at the neckline, tucked into his jeans. Trish did not have to use much imagination. As he neared the corner, he turned and waved, smiling at the thought of her watching him.

“Wow, what just happened?” Trish said aloud. Her thigh still tingled where his hand had brushed against her skin.

Tanning was out of the question now, Trish was feeling very aroused. As she thought of John her nipples were growing stiff. She quickly gathered her things and walked back to her apartment. Once inside she placed everything on the bar and was on her way to start her shower. She glanced over at her answering machine, one new message. Trish pressed the button and listened as her friend Sarah’s voice went on about her dog, and then asked Trish to call her as soon as she got this message. Sarah could wait till after the shower.

Trish walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower. As Trish walked over to her dresser to pick out her bra and panties, she glanced over at her cell phone. Walking over to her night stand to get her phone, John appeared in her mind. Her nipples got even harder. She picked up the phone…one new text message. Trish took a deep breath and pressed the button. Unknown caller…

Let my hands search your body. Let my nose inhale your erotic scent. Let my tongue discover your tasty flavor. I fantasize about our bodies tangled together in passion, writhing in pleasure.

Trish imagined John’s low southern drawl reading the message. “Oh, John,” she moaned, as her hand slid inside the leg hole of her bathing suit. She brushed her finger over her clit and rubbed it just enough to tease herself. She removed her suit and headed to the shower to finish what she started.

Inside the shower, Trish let the warm water run through her hair and down her back. The hot water felt so relaxing, but her body was tense with sexual frustration…

Let my hands touch your body.

Trish reached up and cupped both of her breasts in her hands and started massaging them. Her nipples were so hard; the spray of water produced a stinging effect. At first Trish avoided the water spray on her nipples, but when she turned around to face the water, the gentle massage was extremely pleasurable. With the water stimulating her nipples, Trish’s hands moved down her body. With one hand on her soft mound pulling up on the skin that covered her clit, her other hand started rubbing over it in small circles. The sensations felt so incredible. Trish continued to rub faster and faster, harder and harder. She could feel her climax building .She was moaning loudly and becoming less tense. Trish pushed two fingers up inside her wet canal and started pumping her hand as hard and as fast as she could. She lifted one foot onto the side of the tub to gain more access. Within no time, Trish’s body was releasing her juices and shaking. Still pumping her fingers, her body riding the waves of aftershock, she cried out, “Yes, oh yes, Mmmmm, Yes!” Her body slowly stopped jerking from her orgasm, and Trish’s hands fell to her sides. After that, she stood under the water, letting the spray massage her body.

Let my slot oyna nose inhale your erotic scent.

Trish almost wished John’s voice was out of her head, it aroused her incredibly. She needed to get things done today… and now she was positive a trip to the “toy store” was on that list! Quickly, she washed her hair, lathered her body and finished her shower.

John was out on his bedroom balcony, disappointed Trish had left the pool. After he called to report his stove issues, he was in a less than pleasant mood. He needed something to distract him, and Trish could do just that! He was about to go back into his apartment when he saw her exit her bathroom wrapped in a towel. She did not usually leave her drapes open. His eyes were locked on her body. He thought for certain that he should turn away, but he could not move.

Trish let her towel fall to the floor. John watched as she picked up a bottle of body lotion. He knew he should turn away now, but he just couldn’t! As she rubbed her arms and breast, his arousal caused his jeans to feel a little tight. John noticed people starting to gather by the pool below him, he decided to walk just inside his apartment and close the glass door, just out of view. As Trish rubbed the lotion on her abdomen and hips, John unzipped his jeans and took out his cock and started to stroke it with long slow strokes. He was quickly becoming very stiff and rigid; thoughts of Trish were fueling his approaching orgasm. He could feel his balls squeeze together as Trish bent over to apply the lotion to her legs. John was now stroking his rod faster, his breathing rapid, and his heart pounding. In his mind his cock was buried deep inside Trish’s hot, wet pussy. Trish rubbed the lotion between her legs and that pushed John over the brink. His cock jerked and a blast of his cum splattered against the sliding glass door. He moaned in delight. “Damn, Darlin’ you drive me wild,” John growled, and then laughed to himself.

Trish finished applying her lotion, totally unaware of the “little show” she had just performed for John. She was completely unaware the apartment across the pool from her had been rented, so she was not even conscious of her drapes being open, it had remained vacant for the last four months. She stepped into a pair of cotton panties and headed into the closet to choose her clothes. After slipping into a pair of dark blue shorts, she walked back out to her dresser for a bra, and put on her modest beige bra and a dark blue and off-white floral short sleeve shirt. She then applied a light amount of makeup and dried her hair.

“Must call Sarah,” Trish said as she walked to the living room for her cordless phone.

Picking up the phone, Trish laughed. Sarah was a dear friend, but she was a talker. Trish knew she would have to get to the point or risk not being able to run all of her errands. Sarah answered on the third ring…

“I thought you forgot about me!” Sarah did not give Trish a chance to reply, “Have you met my cousin yet? He mentioned your apartment complex; I think he leased an apartment there while his house is being built. I think you would like him, he is from Dallas…oh his name is John.”

Trish froze for a few seconds…”You are kidding me, right?” Trish asked nervously.

“No, not at all, I am serious! Have you met him?”

“Met him this morning, and agreed to dinner tonight. What can you tell me about him?”

“Oh, you are just going to love him!” Sarah then went on talking about John for almost an hour. By the time she finished, Trish felt as if she had known him for years.

“Sarah, thank you for filling me in, but I must run some errands before I meet John for dinner. I will call you tomorrow and let you know how it goes.”

“Ok, great, I will be waiting by the phone, talk to you tomorrow… Trish?”

“Yes, Sarah?”

“You are just going to love him! Bye,” Sarah giggled and hung up the phone.

Trish looked at the clock, 2:30 already. She grabbed her keys and headed out the door. The grocery store was her first stop. Trish gathered everything on her list and headed to the checkout. No time to waste, Trish thought. She was anxious about her “toy store” adventure. Trish stopped by her apartment to put away her groceries, and was once again out the door.

After a twenty minute drive, Trish pulled into the parking lot of Erotic Zone Lingerie. Very few cars were in the parking lot. She took a deep breath and stepped out of her car and walked into the store.

“Welcome to Erotic Zone, My name is Mandy if you need anything.”

Mandy was a perky redhead, well built and seemed to know a lot about the products she was selling. Trish listened as she explained the features on a “bunny vibrator” to another customer. Mandy talked as if she was personally familiar with this particular vibrator. Standing in front of the wall of vibrators was a bit overwhelming. She picked up a few and read the packages.

“Wow,” she sighed.

Vibrators and dildos of every size and color hung before her. Some had clit stimulators, some with anal vibrating nubs; others had animals protruding from them. Shafts that rotate, shafts with beads canlı casino siteleri that roll to massage, and variable speeds were just a few of the options on some of the models. So much for a quick in and out visit, Trish thought to herself. After looking at about twenty different vibrators, Trish decided on a pink “bunny vibrator” multi-speed, “Mr. Bunny”, the package read. Trish liked that name, clever she thought. The mental image of the bunny ears vibrating on her clit caused her to rub her hand across her crotch to ease the twitching sensation starting to build between her legs. If she hurried, she could rush home and let the bunny “hop into its new hole”. Trish also decided to buy an assorted box of oils and some extra batteries. As she checked out, Mandy assured her, that she had made a great choice.

“Thank you, come back again,” Mandy said cheerfully. “You are going to love it!”

“Second time I have heard that today,” Trish said as she walked out the door. “Sure hope it’s true.”

Trish got back into her car and glanced at the clock, 5:40. She figured she had just enough time to go home, try out “Mr. Bunny”, and freshen up for her date.

“Date, is it really a date?” Trish whispered to herself, “I guess it is!”

As she drove home, her cell phone beeped letting her know she had a new message. Could it be? She had not thought much about her unknown caller since the shower, her mind was filled with thoughts of John. She was almost home, so she waited to check the message, she could not drive and dig in her purse for her phone. Trish arrived home at 6:00, gathered up her bags and headed upstairs.

Trish flipped on her kitchen light and reached into her refrigerator for a beer. For some reason she was in the mood for a beer. She took out “Mr. Bunny” and gave him a bath in the sink, then powered him up.

“Now to check that phone message…”

I can not get you out of my mind. I hunger to taste your sweet nectar. My body aches to feel the warmth inside your juicy pussy, my cock filling you, fulfilling your desires. I can hear you call my name as you cum all over me. I long to see your beautiful face as you reach the peak of orgasm, knowing it was me that brought you pleasure…me that you desire.

Trish grabbed a bottle of oil from her shopping bag as well as “Mr. Bunny” and headed into the bedroom. The sun had not fully set, so with the drapes open, enough light filled the room. She pulled her top over her head, then wiggled the shorts off her hips and slid them down her legs before stepping out of them. Reaching behind her back, she unhooked her bra and slipped the straps off of her shoulders. Trish gathered up her clothes, walked into the closet, removed her underwear, tossed them into the basket and walked back out to the bed.

Sitting at the end of the bed, looking into the dresser mirror, she opened the oil and dripped a few drops onto her chest. The scent of coconut was not too strong, that she would have to shower before dinner. Trish set the bottle next to her and rubbed the slick liquid over her breast, paying the most attention to her nipples. She let out a small moan as she imagined John’s hands on her body. Would he be gentle? Would he take his time? Yes to both, she decided. Trish eased her legs apart and dripped some oil on her clit. She applied oil, until she could feel it running down her slit. She reached her hand down to spread it all over. Rubbing her slick pussy was even more pleasurable than last night. She continued to just rub with four fingers, her head back and her eyes closed.

John walked into his bedroom to shower, before he could make it to the bathroom, he caught a glimpse of Trish in her mirror. Damn, she was sexy! Once again his eyes were locked on her.

Trish picked up her new toy, applied some oil to her hand and began to stroke it up and down. Oh, how she wished it was John’s cock she was working on. She reached her hand down again and rubbed up and down over her clit. She eased her finger between her lips and felt how wet she had become. Her one finger slid in easily, so she inserted another finger. She pumped her fingers about a dozen times and decided to introduce “Mr. Bunny”

John was about to loose his mind. He was so close to going over and knocking on her door. Who needs food anyway? He knew then, it was going to ne necessary to relieve some pressure while in the shower, but not until she had finished. As she picked up the vibrator, his cock jerked hard inside his pants. He hoped he could last that long!

Trish had picked up the vibrator, and turned the knob to the lowest setting. She rubbed it between her legs, first over her clit, then between her lips. This was her first experience with a vibrator. She liked the way it quivered atop her skin. She rubbed its head outside the entrance to her hole for a few seconds before she slowly inserted it about two inches. Gently she moved it in and out, guiding it deeper with each movement. Reaching for the knob she increased the speed to medium. The vibrations against her walls were divine. She pushed it further inside and rotated it, placing the bunny ears against her clit. Her body jerked, the sensation was powerful. Trish held it there for as long as she could take it, and then started pumping in and out. Her pace was increasing, her body was writhing, her moans were increasing in volume, and she was on the brink of a magnificent orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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