Tutoring Jill

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The students filed out of the small but packed classroom on this Friday in their usual fashion. The nature of departure of the students from this particular Organic Chemistry lecture varied considerably. A few could barely survive through these 50-minute torture sessions, the course only taken because it was required, and thus they rushed from the room in relief as soon as the allotted time expired. But then, the bulk of the students taking Organic Chemistry at Devenshire University were nursing students, meaning the class mostly consisted of young women. And on this particular occasion, the professor leading the formalities was none other than Dr. John Nelson, a recent hire of the university who had quickly earned the title of ‘hottest male prof on campus.’

John, a 32 year old assistant professor of organic chemistry, was hardly aware of the status he held among the female members of his class. In his world, the students were captivated by the wonders of science that he was paid to reveal during each meeting. While a few may have fallen victim to the lure of science, most were interested in the presenter, which included wavy blond hair, a slight crinkle around his sparkling blue eyes, a strong chin, and a well maintained and athletic physic. John always unknowingly put on quite the show for the female members of the audience as he lectured away in his faded blue jeans and dress shirt at the chalkboard.

John had just finished the last regular meeting of this class for the spring term. The semester was only a few days from drawing to a close and John was looking forward to the summer break as much as the students, a chance to finally escape from the campus routine. The previous two years had taken a toll on John. Since the divorce three years previous, he had struggled to find a life beyond his teaching job. Most weekends were spent at home working on the next week’s lectures, carrying out the weekly yard maintenance, doing chores and laundry, or spending time at the gym. The desire to re-enter the social scene seemed too troublesome to consider. Still, escaping at the end of term seemed inviting. Only a few days of final exams, and he would be finished.

Most of the students had exited the room, with the exception of the star student Kyle who faithfully asked a few follow-up questions on the day’s lecture, and another student who laid back until Kyle had finished. As Kyle walked away, the remaining student, Jill, walked up to Dr. Nelson. John glanced at Jill as she sauntered up to the podium, recalling that she had never approached him after class throughout an entire year of the course. While they had never spoken, John had certainly noticed Jill on several occasions, since she sat near the front of the class and never missing a lecture. While the last few years had definitely put a damper on John’s desire to resume a serious relationship with a woman, he was still victim to the usual ‘male disease.’ And a student with a body like Jill’s could not go unnoticed.

John had always kept any attractions that he felt toward the female members of his class in check. While intimate thoughts of a particularly sexy member of his class might invade his fantasies, he was adamant about never acting upon these desires. The power differential between student and professor was not to be taken lightly, and John preferred to only live out his fantasies when the playing field was level.

Nonetheless, John couldn’t help taking an extra glance at Jill as she stood before him.

“I was wondering if you could tell me my chances of making a B in this course, Dr. Nelson,” inquired Jill as she risked a quick glance from the floor up to his face.

All men have a favorite ‘look’ when it comes to the opposite sex. A particular body type, a hair and eye color, and a personality that seems to set them aflame. And, even though John was not willing to fully admit it when the opposite sex involved one of his students, Jill definitely ‘fit-the-bill.’ She was 22 years old, a brunette, and her hair was cropped short, to the neck and above her small, delicate ears. She had a cute nose, was 5’ 7,” tall, weighed perhaps 105 lbs, and had a flawless complexion. She was fond of wearing tight fitting sleeveless tops that accentuated her slim build, perfect sized breasts, perhaps size B (John was not a fan of large breasts). The top normally stopped an inch above her adorable bellybutton, showing off her tiny waist and perfectly flat mid-drift. And if that wasn’t enough torture, she seemed to always wear tight fitting low-rise jeans that further showed off her belly, the curve of her hips, and also left nothing to the imagination with respect to her most valuable asset. John had always been a sucker for a gal with a nice ass, and Jill’s was spectacular, round, firm and perfectly matched to her tiny waist.

“Sure,” responded John. Since he was getting ready to head back to his office, he suggested “Why don’t you walk with me and we’ll look over your grades.”

John bets10 made small talk as they headed to his office, up a flight of stairs and a short walk down a hallway. “How are your other classes going? Any big plans for the summer?”

John invited Jill to sit down after entering his office, pulled a summary printout of the class grades from a nearby folder, and examined her scores. John recalled that Jill had not made spectacular grades on all the tests given to date, and a quick inspection of his records revealed that she currently had a C average score for the course.

“Looks like you have a high C at this time.”

The look on Jill’s face showed that she wasn’t surprised. She was most interested in a candid opinion of her chances of making a B by scoring well on the final exam. “What are my chances of pulling that grade up to a B,” asked Jill, since she had never made a grade lower than B in her life. The organic chemistry course would complete Jill’s four years of college, and she was excited about maintaining her record, graduating in a week, and finally getting on with her post-graduate life.

John looked over her scores again, and computed that Jill would be able to pull her cumulative grade up to the desired level if she made a B+ or better on the final exam. “A grade of ‘B’ is definitely possible, but you are going to have to really buckle down and perform well on the cumulative final exam.”

“Dr. Nelson, I’ve made a ‘B-‘, an ‘A-‘, and a ‘D’ on the past tests, so I feel like a ‘B+’ is possible, but it will take my utmost best performance.”

“I agree wholeheartedly,” responded John as he contemplated her chances. “Perhaps you should focus on mastering the material that caused you trouble on the most recent test, the test on which you scored the ‘D.’

“I can certainly give it my best shot,” said Jill with little confidence after a brief moment of consideration. “But I had a difficult time understanding that material. Even after devoting several hours of extra study time, I still didn’t feel ready for that exam. Any advice on how I might better prepare?”

“Have you ever tried working with a tutor?” asked John, since this seemed to be the only resource she hadn’t tried before.

“Yes, I’ve tried a couple of the tutors that the department provides. Although, to be completely honest, those tutors are never able to explain things as clearly as you do in class,” said Jill, flashing a brief, shy smile at John as she realized she had just paid him a compliment.

Uncertain how to respond to this compliment, John simply smiled back and further considered Jill’s situation. As he thought, he was further drawn to Jill’s attractive qualities, her pouty lips, slightly upturned on each side of her expressive mouth. Her slight nervousness around him created an air of innocence, but on the other hand she exhibited an elegant countenance. This combination fascinated John. His heart beating faster, John admitted to himself that this young gal sitting in front of him was extraordinarily sexy.

John thought for a moment and then suggested “Maybe we can sit down together a few times during the coming days and work through some of on those troublesome topics.”

A hopeful smile quickly appeared on Jill’s face. “That would be great, that is, if you are sure it wouldn’t put you out.”

“No problem at all,” replied John. “It might be difficult to find many time slots during the upcoming work week, but I have some time during the weekend. We could meet for an hour or two here in my office. Would this work with you?”

“Oh yes,” said Jill with excitement. “Anytime you are available is fine with me.”

John noticed that Jill’s face had turned slightly flushed upon the suggestion of a weekend tutor session, and he entertained the idea that she might feel a slight attraction for him. She might. The shy glances and her slight nervous manner could be interpreted that way. John admitted to himself that he would enjoy working side-by-side with Jill, but vowed that things would remain completely professional.

So it was agreed. They would begin their sessions the following day, on Saturday at 3:00 pm.


John awoke the following morning, made a quick run to the gym for his Saturday workout, came back home and put in a few hours of yard work, and then cleaned up in time to head over to the campus for their meeting. Pulling into the nearly vacant parking lot adjacent to the chemistry building, John was reminded that Devenshire University was a ‘suitcase college.’ Few students stuck around on the weekends.

John walked to the main entrance and found Jill was already there, sitting on a bench near the entryway with her organic book and some notes in her lap. Upon sighting John, she quickly stood up and wordlessly greeted John with her trademark shy smile.

John couldn’t believe the sight in front of him. Jill had given up her usual jeans and sleeveless top in favor of a simple bets10 giriş white sundress. Cut several inches above her knees, the loose fitting fabric of the dress shifted teasingly around her thighs with the help of the slight afternoon breeze.

He spent a few extra seconds taking in the view, before he came to his senses and invited Jill to come inside. John’s office was fairly comfy, at least in comparison to the usual office on this campus. The room was carpeted, and two cushioned chairs sat in front of a large window away from his desk in the back of his office which made for a comfortable one-on-one meeting area.

“Help yourself,” motioned John toward one of the chairs as he collected some notes from his desk. “What do you normally do on Saturdays, when your professors aren’t dragging you back to campus for extra work,” he asked, poking a little fun at their arrangement.

“Oh, different things,” replied Jill “Saturday is normally my day away from studies. Sometimes I go to the beach or perhaps shopping. I often get together with my family in the evening for a big meal.”

John turned from his desk to head toward the chairs and stopped dead in his tracks. Jill was standing with her back to him, surveying the view of the campus out of his window. Unbeknownst to her, the incoming light showed right through the fabric of her dress. Standing there with her legs slightly apart, her hip cocked slightly to one side, a perfect silhouette of her firm little ass was on display. John felt a sensation from below that he hadn’t felt in a while, a rush of blood to a particular body part that, if it continued, could lead to an embarrassing situation. He took in the view for only a second more and then quickly headed over to one of the chairs. This was going to be more difficult than he had anticipated. Jill plopped down in the other chair and sat her books and notes on the adjacent table.

“Perhaps we should take a look at that exam that gave you trouble. Did you bring it with you,” inquired John.

“Yes Dr. Nelson,” replied Jill, as she shuffled through her papers to extract the exam in question. “If I remember, I seem to have a really hard time with the Chapter 22 material.”

“I’d really prefer you just call me John,” he responded. “All that formality has never set well with me, and seems especially ridiculous since it is a weekend.”

They both laughed and he was relieved to hear her say “Ok, J … John.”

John and Jill spent the following hour going through the exam, question by question, concentrating on the topics that she had missed. John would explain the concepts, sometimes reaching over to borrow Jill’s notebook to draw chemical structures for reference.

Despite the ‘D,’ Jill was obviously quite intelligent. She quickly picked up on new ideas, which made him wonder why she had had difficulty with this one exam. She was also becoming more comfortable with their meeting arrangement, the shyness giving way as time passed. Jill was even so bold as to kick off her shoes and fold one leg up under herself as she sat in the chair, leaning toward John to better see his notes.

As the tutor session progressed, the topic of conversation drifted toward more casual topics. John discovered that Jill’s passion was to one day enroll in medical school. Growing up, she had been a part of a large family, three brothers and two sisters. She spoke fluent French due to her participation in a one year exchange as a high school student and also loved to play the piano, specializing in the compositions of Debussy.

“You are quite amazing Jill,” John found himself saying. “You don’t strike me as the typical college student.”

Jill smiled, obviously taking the remark as a complement, and said “I’ve never really fit into the college crowd. I tried living on campus during my first year, but moved off campus and prefer to live alone in a nearby apartment. My family always accuses me of acting beyond my years. They say I’m too serious.”

Jill, feeling entirely comfortable with John now, gazed directly at his face. “I’ve always had a hard time interacting with people my own age, especially, um, boyfriends. I’ve always felt attractions for older, more intellectual men.”

This last admission had obviously taken some courage. And even though her face was turning slightly red and she squirmed slightly in her chair, she didn’t look away from John’s face.

John was uncertain how to react to Jill’s last admission. It certainly set his imagination dancing. Jill’s occasional motions in the chair had pushed her skirt halfway up her thigh. The thin fabric of the dress was pressed closely against her chest, emphasizing her well shaped breasts.

While John had already admitted to himself the immense physical attraction he felt for Jill, now he had to contend with the additional fact that she was intelligent and was possessed of many enviable talents. And to further fan the flames, she was announcing bets10 güvenilir mi all too clearly that she felt an attraction for him too. The simple boldness of her stare, combined with everything he had learned about Jill during their brief encountered, lead to one simple conclusion. Jill was a most extraordinary young woman.

After what seemed like an eternity, John managed to get a grip on himself “We’ve been at it for some time.” Looking at his clock, they had been in his office for two hours.

Jill smiled, somewhat guiltily, and responded after a slight pause “Yes, and this has been so helpful. Can we do it again?”

And so they agreed to meet the following day, Sunday, at the same time, and then once more, during the late afternoon of the coming Tuesday, just in time for Jill’s final on Thursday.


The remaining two meetings were as productive as the first. In addition to practicing the material that had cause Jill trouble on her last exam, they spent time covering a number of other topics. As before, Jill was soaking up the information with great efficiency. John predicted that she would do well on the exam.

John enjoyed Jill’s company immensely. The way she would lean in close to him as he showed her how to solve a problem. She always smelled intoxicating. Her manner of dress was always eye catching. Whether she knew it or not, she certainly had a skill for showing off her fine features. Their exchanges became even more casual, and they seemed to spend more time laughing as the hours of the sessions rolled by. Jill now readily referred to Dr. Nelson as “John,” without encouragement. To an outsider, John and Jill’s behavior would no doubt be classified as ‘outright flirting.’ And John didn’t mind. Beyond the flirting, their meetings were technically innocent, at least as long as he didn’t act on his growing affections for her.

Finally, Thursday came. John passed out the final exam and the students were given two hours to complete their work. John kept watch over the proceedings, occasionally glancing in Jill’s direction. She had a look of business-like determination on her face, and appeared to be moving through the exam with steady progress. With thirty minutes to go, the first students began handing in their exams. Kyle’s was first, of course. John shook Kyle’s hand, wished him a productive summer, and secretly thought to himself that he would grade Kyle’s exam first and use it as the key.

A few more exams were handed in, and then Jill stood up from her desk to turn in her work. She wore an expression of clear satisfaction on her face. Clearly, the extra effort had paid off. Jill quietly walked up to John as he sat at his desk near the front of the class and handed over her paper. With a quick smile, she also handed over a small white envelop. She held his eye for a moment, then turned and exited the room.

More students were standing up to turn in there exams, and John reluctantly dropped Jill’s envelop in his bag. Collecting exams for the remaining time period, John’s mind kept drifting back to the possible contents of the envelop. He was so eager to open it. It was most likely just a thank you card. But maybe it was something more. John suddenly realized that the semester was over, and therefore he might never see Jill again. The thought was painful. He needed to open the envelop, wanted to read her words.

After all the exams were collected, John returned to his office, closed the door, plopped down at his desk and pulled out Jill’s envelop. Opening it, he found that it contained a simple, handwritten letter.


I wanted to thank you for your help over the last few days. I knew that the exam would go well before I ever sat down to take it. You are truly a wonderful person.

My undergraduate career is drawing to a close and I’ll be graduating in two days (on Saturday at noon). Of course, this means I will no longer be a student of Devenshire University, which leads to my real motive for writing this letter.

I would like to invite you to dinner, as a small token of my appreciation. Yes, I suppose that a ‘dinner’ would be considered a ‘date’ between a professor and a student. But then I will no longer be a student in two days, so perhaps you will take me up on this offer.

My phone number is (634) 639-8120. Please only call if you don’t intend to come. Otherwise, I’ll see you at 8:00 pm this Saturday evening, 1050 Charlestown University Apartments, Apt. 250B.

Hoping our meetings can continue. Adoringly yours, Jill

John could hardly believe the proposal that he held in his hands. Would he take Jill up on her offer? It took little consideration. Of course he would. How could he pass up another chance to be with her? And, as Jill had so wittingly pointed out, this time there would be no limitations on the nature of their companionship.


The next two days passed by without event. John graded his exams and found to his pleasure that Jill had scored an A. In fact, she had made the 3rd highest grade in a class of 26 students. His final grades computed and reported to the registrar, John began to wind down from the busy semester routine. And he anxiously awaited Saturday evening.

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