Travelling for Pleasure Ch. 02

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Tom Chambers should have been a happy man. His trip to the USA had gone well; he had made yet another million, acquired yet another company and made some invaluable contacts. However, for some reason he felt a little down. ‘Who was he kidding?’ he thought to himself.

The sexy lady from the airplane! He had realised while he was in America that it was futile to try to trace her. He had noticed the wedding ring firmly embedded on her finger, the look of hopelessness on her face and decided he didn’t want grief from a betrayed husband. But he couldn’t forget her!

On his return to the UK. he suddenly remembered his apartment was being decorated so he couldn’t even go home and surround himself with all his treasures. So he decided lo do the next best thing and book himself a suite at Claridge’s.

Its standard of luxury and levels of service were second to none, as far as he was concerned. It’s Art Deco style boasted some of the largest bedrooms in London, He reveled in this feeling of space and best of all, Claridge’s spa facilities her long brown nipples surrounded by a wide expanse of brown rippled flesh. Her shapely figure, large fleshy bottom and swollen pussy lips. All signs telling her that she would not be wanted by a man. Mike had been repulsed; she remembered his words to Jen “Lumps of Meat!” However, Tom thought different.

She threw her head back; her heavy mounds swaying with the sudden movement. She watched as her nipples stiffened and grew. Very slowly she let her hands go down from her neck to her breasts. Gently and very slowly she caressed them, playing with her nipples and making them completely hard. She felt a wetness seeping between her legs and reached down to cover her smooth lips. Her finger slipped inside her fold and as it made contact with her raised clit she shivered in anticipation.

She wanted so much to satisfy her growing urge but decided to wait. As she moved to the bed, she glanced to her left and looked out of the window.

“Could anyone see her nakedness?” she thought. “Could they see the steady rise and fall of her breasts?” She moved forward and pushed herself hard against the cold glass, the pain from her extended nipples piercing her body. Her pussy was on fire! She would need to calm down a little in readiness she thought.

As she moved away from the window, she moved towards to the bed and sat down, feeling amazed! “Was he really here?” she thought to herself; remembering his touch, the feel of his soft hands running over her body and knew she wanted more.

Anna –

Looking over at the clothes he had selected, I picked up one at a time. Knowing that a man had selected this for me made it even more special. I would have imagined that he would have chosen black or possibly red however, he continued to surprise me. Each piece of clothing was a delicate shade of pink. Laid out next to them was a short pale pink silk robe and ribboned slipperettes.

Without thinking I headed for the bathroom, deciding to take a warm bath. Although I was pale in colouring, I knew I became a golden colour once warm. I reached for my razor, knowing that the lingerie he had selected would need me to be without hair. I began to feel more than a little turned on as the razor glided slowly over my pussy lips exposing their swollenness.

I pictured him doing this for me; his fingers stroking and teasing them apart.

I looked at myself as I stepped out of the bath and, for the first time, liked what I saw. After toweling myself dry with the superbly soft towels I dabbed a small spot of canlı bahis şirketleri Miss Dior perfume on my neck and between my breasts. This was all I intended to put on except for the clothes he had chosen.

I sat on the side of the bed and proceeded to put on the silk stockings, pulling them up over my newly shaved legs until they reached my warm thighs. Stepping into the Garter Belt and attaching them to the stockings made me feel very sexy…My large naked breasts swaying with each movement.

I completed dressing by slipping on the minute stretch G-string; the small strip of material fitting snugly between my cheeks – almost getting lost, and sheer lace bra. I was disappointed to note that he had chosen the wrong bra size. It felt a little tight and didn’t quite cover my huge tits. Or had he? Was this deliberate? Instead of the lace covering my flesh it rested underneath and tentatively took their weight, exposing my nipples.

Finally, after slipping on the satin slippers and tying the ribbon around my ankles I slipped the robe on and fastened the belt loosely around me. Although it covered my body it didn’t do anything to hide my lengthening nipples.

I had timed it well because just as I stood back to view my appearance there was a knock at the door. I was a little disturbed because, all of the time I was dressing I knew my pulses were racing, my heart beating a little faster and embarrassingly, my juices flowed a little. The small piece of material covering my pussy was insufficient to cope!

“Good evening Madam” said William. “Would you like to follow me?”

There was no sign from him that he was aware that he was leading a half dressed woman out of a hotel bedroom. Instead of following the corridor he turned towards a door I hadn’t previously noticed. As we stepped in I was amazed to see that it was a lift. I could tell we were going down and wondered where we were headed to.

As the lift doors opened I found myself being shown into the Spa?

I turned round to thank William but found that he had disappeared. Turning back I heard a voice “Hello Anna.

Tom –

“I couldn’t rest! My heart hadn’t stopped pounding ever since I had spotted her in the reception. I knew that I couldn’t let her go now. I wanted her – desperately!” thought Tom. “I’m a firm believer in fate and was going to take this opportunity in both hands.”

After meeting with William I knew he would have everything in place as I had requested. I was going to seduce Anna. I was going to enjoy pleasuring her body until she screamed for more.

“Anna?” thought Tom. “What a lovely name with a lovely body to go with it.” I was so glad I chose Claridge’s today. I knew that I had found the perfect place for seduction.

As the lift doors opened I stepped forward to meet her. Her smile when she saw me was quick and her eyes sparkled in anticipation, as if knowing what was to come. I had chosen her lingerie well! She looked amazing and without a word, I led her by the hand into an ante room just to the side of the oval shaped pool. Its wooden flooring reflecting the light from hundreds of candles burning around the room. In the centre stood a long table – open to the sides but each corner displaying an ornate wooden hook shape to frame the oblong.

I stood in front of her, just taking in her beauty. We moved together naturally and kissed, each enjoying the feel of our lips against the others. Eager to move on I took a step back and placed my hands on her waist. I could see the flush of her face as she watched my eyes moving canlı kaçak iddaa down her body. Taking in the way the silk fell across her heaving breast and resting on her long nipples.

I slowly began to undo the silken belt in order that I could move her robe apart. As it moved to expose her full breasts I slowly knelt down in front of her. The silk straps of her slippers sliding away from her slim ankles. I was conscious of the fact that I was eye level to her rounded tummy and the hidden treasure situated below. I could see her body trembling as she felt my breath on her pussy.

Standing, I slipped the robe off her shoulders, bringing to full view her beautiful bare breasts. I had no conscious thought other than covering her nipples with my mouth before releasing them. She was now standing in front of me, naked from the waist. Her breasts glowing from my touch. I wanted to see more of her. Feeling her body in the airplane felt wonderful but I now wanted to see her in all her glory.

I glided my fingers over her breasts and down towards her waist and garter belt. I gently pulled the top of her thong down just a little allowing my thumb to rub across her hip. Continuing, I stooped down to follow the direction of her thong until her smooth, shiny? pussy was in full view. It took all my effort not to lean forward and touch her moistness.

Now that she was completely naked I gently moved her onto the table, face down. I could see the questions in her eye for placed my finger on her full lips to silence her.

“Trust me” I mouthed.

Now she was lying on her front on the table, I took the opportunity of glancing at her rounded bottom. What I would give to ravish her – right now!

I walked across to the side table and picked up the now warm bottle of massage oil and began to drizzle just a little on to her soft warm back. Pouring some into my hand, I replaced the bottle on the floor and began to spread it over her beautiful bottom, gently parted her cheeks and let just a drop or two land on her ass. Her legs parted slightly, revealing just a glimpse of her pussy.

I felt no resistance when I parted her legs a bit further and she moved easily, inviting my fingers to touch her. Each time my hands rose to meet the space between her thighs she opened her legs slightly wider.

I watched as her breathing changed, becoming slower and deeper, yet at the same time I could feel the beginnings of her arousal. The fragrance of the ylang-ylang became more pronounced in response to her body heat.

“Ready to turn over?” I asked, somewhat huskily. Without missing a beat she gave a muffed grunt and rolled over, exposing her lovely breasts and smooth shiny sex. “Was that a tiny pearl of moisture between her legs glistening in the sunlight?” I thought.

My breathing quickened and I knew my cock was becoming erect.

I began by drizzling the scented oil over her breasts and stomach and making slow circular stokes around her navel in a widening spiral until I was reaching over her breasts and down to her pubic bone. I let each nipple slide up between my thumb and forefinger till it reached where they joined and applied just a touch of pressure. She inhaled sharply.

“Her thighs were beginning to tremble?” I thought to myself. As her legs opened wider I leaned over her and began gently to nuzzle the top of her slit with my tongue. I smelled the oil mixed with aroused woman and could no longer resist reaching out, gently opening her lips and licking her raised clit.

“Aaaahhhh!” she hissed and opened canlı kaçak bahis her legs wider. I probed her clit further with my tongue and began to suck on as if it were a cock.

Finally, Anna could stand no more. She took my head and forced my face into her very hot pussy.

“Eat me, dammit!” she ordered frantically.

I continued sucking, licking and fucking her with my mouth and tongue until it happened! I knew she was about to about to cum, as her whole body started to shake. Then suddenly she moved as if to move my head away from her sex but I remained. I felt her release her juices all over me and went on and on fucking her.

“Oh God this felt so good!”

Anna –

I had never felt so wanted! He had brought me to the best climax I had ever had.

Feeling the warmth from his mouth made me shiver with desire. All the time he was between my legs, I could feel him caressing my thighs with his fingertips. I knew even my breasts were responding to his touch. I should have felt embarrassed but it made me feel even more alive, knowing I was covering his face in my fluids.

I moaned as I lay back…spent!

I must have passed out for a minute or two because when I woke he had moved away and I felt him standing above me behind my head. Whilst I rested he had taken my wrists and tied leaving me with his exquisite juices all over my face and neck. I closed my eyes and bathed in his cream.


“Oh God! I feel so drawn to this woman” I thought, looking at her as she slept.

Moving to one side, I watched as Sebastian and Chloe lifted her from the table and placed her on one of the wicker lounger’s next to the pool. All the time using their hands to touch and tease; her nipples automatically reacting in her sleep.

Her reddened face reflected our recent coupling. Her breasts flopped a little with movement and her legs naturally parted on contact with the seat. I wanted her again. I wanted to feel my cock inside her, slowly moving in and out and feeling her pussy lips wrapped around my hard shaft.

As I walked towards her, wanting to run my fingers along her rounded tummy and along the inside of her thighs, William approached.

“Sir, you have a telephone call. You can take it at the reception desk just outside the spa” he advised.

“Oh what now?” I thought. “Can they not make a decision without me?”

Well, it had to happen didn’t it? It seems they needed me back in New York – urgently! What a predicament! I didn’t want to leave this lovely lady but had no choice.


The first thing I noticed was that I had been moved and was now lying next to the beautiful blue oval shaped pool. As I sat up, my hands were drawn to the pink silk robe I was wearing. The front tried to move apart with my movement however, it caught on my hard nipples…sending tingles around my body.

“Where was he?” I puzzled. “Had I dreamt that?” However, as I glanced to my right I noticed another envelope resting beside me.

“Anna, my darling, I am so sorry but I have been called away…the last thing on earth I wanted to happen! I wanted to lose myself in your womanly body. Take your breasts in my hands, part your legs and use my tongue on your sex. We WILL meet again my love but until then “Au Revoir”

Tom xx

As I sat there – stunned and somewhat disappointed, I told myself that perhaps, before returning home I would take advantage of these beautiful facilities. I looked around and noticed that I was completely alone so I slipped the robe off and slid along the side of the pool and into the warm water. I loved the feel of the warm water on my naked body. Slowly swimming along on my back I could feel my large breasts hanging down and I imagined Tom swimming underneath me – cupping them and burying his head between them.

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