Trade Show Temptation Pt. 02

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“This is going to be a great week.”

Michelle’s words as she left my room continued to run through my mind. The week had certainly gotten off to a great, albeit a surprising, start.

Sleep evaded me as my mind was racing with the rerun of the day’s events…Michelle’s initial surprise at seeing the nude beach and her suggestion we move to that part of the beach…her excitement tempered by remaining modest before she exposed her full breasts to public view for the first time…her gradual comfort with her surroundings and her deciding to strip off her suit completely…her full auburn bush which matched the hair above her neck.

And that was just the start. Michelle blew me (pun maybe intended) away when she asked me to shave her. The opportunity to groom her most personal area was, of course, a huge turn on for me. Playing with her hard nipples and running my tongue over her newly smooth skin and tasting the sweetness of her pussy was etched in my memory as was the feel of her lips sliding on my overly excited cock.

My cock was hard again, but given her “great week” comment I decided to save up for whatever she had in mind. After what seemed like hours, I finally fell asleep.

I awakened to see early daylight peeking around the curtains. I had obviously dreamed about Michelle as my cock stood at attention.

Stumbling out of bed, I turned on the in room coffee pot. While the coffee was brewing, I took a long, hot shower. Before I even dried off, I started my first cup of coffee. Some signs of semi-intelligent life started to appear as I looked in the mirror. I dressed and heading down for breakfast before a full day of trade show events.

Michelle was a no show at breakfast. I filled my plate at the breakfast buffet and sat down by myself to eat. As I did, my phone buzzed indicating I had a text. My heart jumped as I saw it was from Michelle. “Thank you for a wonderful time yesterday. It’s going to be a great week.”

Now wearing a silly grin, I put the phone on the table and started putting jelly on my toast. My phone buzzed again. “I took my sweet time getting out of bed and just got out of the shower.” There was a picture attached.

I opened the picture to see a neck down shot of Michelle’s wet, just out of the shower, body. My cock started to stir as I gazed at her hard nipples and thin strip of pubic hair. After staring at her luscious body for a brief time, I decided I might better close the picture until I was alone out of concern that someone may walk past and see her nakedness.

I took a bite of toast. Concentration was going to be a challenge today, I thought as I smiled broadly. I chuckled to myself as I thought the people at other tables may wonder why I was acting so giddy so early in the morning. My worries were unfounded as the others in the room were focused on their newspapers, smart phones or tablets.

I ate a bite of bland scrambled eggs as my phone buzzed again. Michelle continued to tease me, “You did a nice job last night.” Opening the attachment, I was treated to a close up of her pussy complete with a narrow strip of auburn hair above her clit.

Another text quickly followed, “I’ll see you later. We need to make plans to return to the beach. Now concentrate on your WORK activities today.”

“Yeah, like that was going to happen,” I thought to myself. I finished my breakfast without further interruption (darn!) and headed to the conference area.

For those reading, if you’ve ever been to a trade show, you know the drill. There were a series of continuing education sessions and product demonstrations throughout the morning and early afternoon. Rows of vendors filled the exhibit hall.

After the opening session, I went to a product demonstration. I quickly determined this one was going to be a snooze fest. Thank goodness for Sudoku puzzles. I spent the remainder of the session alternately solving a challenging Sudoku puzzle and giving my best impression of an interested attendee.

After this session was an extended period to meet with vendors in the exhibit hall. I spent this time renewing acquaintances and meeting with a couple of the vendors I had hoped to talk to. As the exhibit hall period was ending, I saw Michelle across the floor. She looked very nice in her colorful blouse and her navy skirt.

The next session was better than the last and managed to keep my attention. Lunch in the exhibit hall followed. I grabbed a box lunch and a soda and went to find a seat. As I sat down, I felt a hand on my shoulder.

I turned to see Michelle’s beautiful smile. “Had a good morning Carl?”

Keeping it on a business level, I told her about the two sessions and the vendors I met with. “So how was your morning?”

She put her hand on my shoulder and leaned over close to whisper in my ear, “We need to go to the beach this afternoon. I want to show off my new hair style.”

She started to stand up and then leaned over again, “By the way Carl, I’m not wearing panties.”

That did it. I had managed to stay somewhat focused all morning, but those words caused my cock to grow.

Two can play that game. I motioned for her to lean over illegal bahis to me. “I like that. How would you like for me to sit you on this table right here, right now and lick your smooth pussy lips until you scream and cum?”

She blushed slightly and smiled. “I would love that, but I don’t think that would be a good idea. I’ll take a rain check for later. I might take several rain checks.”

“Carl, I’ve got to run now. Let’s catch up later, ok?” Business Michelle had returned, at least for now.

Midway through the post-lunch session, my phone buzzed. Yep, it was Michelle. I opened the text. “Carl, let’s meet in the lobby at 2:30? That is, if you would like to accompany my naked body at the beach. “

I fired back a quick text that simply read, “Oh hell yeah. I’ll see you at 2:30.”

Have you ever noticed how anticipation of something upcoming can cause time to slow to a crawl? I doubt science can prove it, but the after lunch session was all the evidence I needed. Finally, the session ended at 2:15 and I hurried to my room to change. Tossing clothes all over the room, I tugged on my shorts and a t shirt. I grabbed my wallet and keys and rushed out the door. As the door slammed shut it dawned on me that I needed sunscreen and towels. Yeah, I guess I was maybe just a wee bit excited.

Michelle was waiting for me when I arrived in the lobby. Her sleeveless top and shorts showed off her tan from the previous trip to the previous trip to the beach. A visor completed the outfit.

“Ready to go,” I asked?

She smiled, “Carl, I was ready to go before the left the beach yesterday.”

We hopped in the car and started the short ride to the beach. “Hey Carl, guess what, said Michelle in a playful voice?

“Uh, you won the Powerball last night?”

The twinkle in her eyes belied the pouty expression. “No, I didn’t win the Powerball, but…I’m not wearing panties!” I laughed and shook my head. In a few minutes, panties or no panties would be a moot point anyway.

Upon arrival, the number of cars in the parking lot indicated there would be another good crowd on the beach. We grabbed our towels and sunscreen (yeah, I remembered this time!) and walked through the tunnel.

As we exiting back into the sunshine, Michelle began to unbutton her blouse. She grinned at me before peeling off her blouse. “Sorry, can’t wait!”

It seems I wasn’t the only one who was forgetful today. Michelle had “forgotten” to wear a bra as well. We walked a few more steps and she stopped and unbuttoned her shorts before sliding them down to the sand.

“Can’t wait,” I asked?

“Actually I am ready to show off my new haircut.”

I couldn’t blame her for that and couldn’t complain either. While she had the beginnings of a tan on her white parts, the narrow auburn strip and smooth pale lips looked, well, good enough to eat.

She walked confidently down the beach and suggested a spot to spread our towels. That accomplished, she watched as I undressed. As my shorts slid down, Michelle licked her lips in approval.

Michelle spread her sunscreen over her front, paying special attention to her full breasts and the area around her freshly shaved pussy. She flipped over on the towel and handed me the sunscreen. Without a word, I rubbed sunscreen over her legs, back and shoulder. Then I turned my attention to her white cheeks. Determined to do a thorough job, I continued to work sunscreen into her butt. “Carl, I think you can stop now. I need sunscreen, not sun block,” she teased.

In between eying Michelle’s curvaceous body, I checked out the beach. Haulover is an awesome place with people of all ages, shapes and sizes. In my few trips there, people seem to coexist peacefully and respect each other. Yes, whether they would admit it or not, people check out the other naked bodies on the beach but I had never personally witnessed inappropriate behavior. Maybe if we were naked around each other more, we’d all get along better, I mused. Yeah, like that would ever happen…

Abandoning my creative idea for peace among mankind, I studied Michelle’s full breasts. Her nipples were very suckable, although I our tryst of the previous evening had not included that. My hands could attest to how nice her tits felt. Maybe later, I thought.

Not wanting to risk a nasty sunburn, we left after a couple of hours. As we slowly dressed, Michelle informed me we would be back before the week ended.

We climbed into the car and started back to the hotel. At a stoplight, I looked at Michelle and realized she had only buttoned her blouse up about halfway. She caught me staring and opened it, exposing her beautiful tits. “So Carl, how is my tan coming along?”

I took a quick look as traffic was heavy. “Michelle, your breasts are beautiful regardless of whether they are stark white or very tanned. How about I get a better look later and I’ll give you an answer?”

Michelle gave me the ok and left her blouse unbuttoned for the rest of the ride back. As we parked she buttoned one additional button in a passive attempt at some degree of modesty. Alone on the elevator ride up, she quickly unbuttoned her blouse and whipped illegal bahis siteleri out the girls. “So, how does my tan look now?”

I took my time enjoying the sight. “Pretty damn good to me.”

As the bell rang, Michelle quickly buttoned. “Seven o’clock in the lobby for dinner?”

“Absolutely, “I said. “Whatever the lady likes is fine with me.”

Following a shower and a change of clothes, I met Michelle in the lobby. To put it simply, she looked stunning. Her developing tan was a nice compliment to her auburn hair. A little black dress was paired with a pair of sandals. She smiled broadly as she took my arm.

“You know,” I thought, “I could get used to this.

We drove to small Italian place on the outskirts of town. Being a weeknight, it wasn’t busy. We were immediately seated at a table in a back corner. Low lighting and soft music created a very pleasant romantic atmosphere.

We sipped our wine while waiting for our dinner to arrive. Michelle talked about the trade show and who she had met with earlier in the day. As I finished my comments, Michelle stated out of the blue, “You know, Carl, I could get used to a nude beach on a regular basis. I never knew I would be so comfortable nude in a group of people.”

“Michelle, you should feel very comfortable. You are a confident woman and look spectacular in and out of your clothes. Honestly, I don’t see ever getting tired of seeing your naked body.”

“Carl, thank you for the compliments. I’m not used to hearing that and it does wonders for my self-esteem. I think that is a large part of the reason that I’m comfortable on the nude beach. I had no idea I would enjoy it so much. “

She paused and then looked at me and smiled, “Tell the truth Carl…you knew the nude beach was beside the beach you took me to, didn’t you?”

I grinned, “Yeah, I’m busted. I was hoping.”

“Carl, I’m certainly not complaining. I’m glad you ‘tricked’ me into going.”

We continued to sip wine as we finished our food. Michelle took my hand and put it on her bare thigh. She whispered in my ear, “Carl, I’m not wearing panties.” She guided my hand under her dress. “It’s ok…go ahead and touch me.”

We were in a somewhat secluded part of the restaurant where we could see someone coming. I lightly stroked her lips and felt her wetness. Very gently, I spread her lips and ran a fingertip along the length of her clit. She moaned quietly as I continued to lightly stroke her clit. She was squirming a little and getting wetter. I slipped a finger inside her wet slit. She grabbed my arm and squeezed. “Oh my God, Carl. That feels sooooo good. Please don’t stop.”

I continued to alternately lightly stroke her clit and slide two fingers inside her pussy. The squirming continued and the breaths came quicker. She opened her legs further allowing me to move my fingers deeper inside her. As I found her g spot, she let out a little “Ooooh.”

Her hips started to rock and I fucked her with my two fingers. Along with two fingers buried inside her, my thumb began to massage her clit.

She held my arm tighter. “Carl, I’m about to cum. I’m so excited I can’t hold back.”

Another louder moan followed and her hips continued to rock.

Of course, at that point we see our waiter coming towards our table. I stopped moving my fingers, but kept my fingers buried in her cunt.

“May I get you some dessert or are you ready for the check,” our waiter asked?

Michelle responded breathlessly, “We’ll take the check now.”

As the waiter turned to walk away, Michelle whispered, “Do you think he realized what we were doing?”

“Do you know him? And do you expect to ever see him again?”

“Can’t say I will,” she said. “But we might should behave until we get back to the hotel.”

The ride back to the hotel seemed to take forever. After parking the car, we walked inside and took the first elevator. Alone for our brief ride, Michelle grabbed me and gave me a very passionate kiss which lasted until the bell announced the door was about to open. I took advantage of the short trip to massage her breasts through her dress.

Fumbling with the key card, I opened the door and ushered her inside. Wasting no time, she turned around. “Unzip me please.”

I likewise wasted no time in doing just that. She stepped out of her dress and stood in front of me dressed only in a lacy black bra which left little to the imagination. She left it on while she sucked on my bottom lip and frantically pulled my clothes off. In a very short while, I was naked and sporting a very hard and anxious cock.

She dropped to her knees and kissed the tip of my cock. She licked around the head slowly before taking the head between her wet lips. As she held the head of my cock between her lips she lightly licked the tip with her tongue.

Her lips slowly slid down taking in about half of my cock. She slowly sucked in and equally slowly eased back to the tip. To say it felt amazing would be an understatement.

Pausing, she licked the precum from the tip before continuing her slow gentle sucking. I could feel the early signs of an impending orgasm when she abruptly canlı bahis siteleri stopped.

“Carl, can I ask you anything?”

“Of course you can. What is it?”

“Carl, I have never seen a man masturbate. And I’ve never masturbated in front of a man. Can we?”

Little did she know one of my biggest turn-ons is mutual masturbation. I love to watch both a woman touching her own body as well as watching her face as she reaches orgasm.

“Of course, we can.”

She lay back on the bed and spread her legs. She looked especially sexy with her fading tan lines and lacy black bra.

“Carl I want you above my head where I can see your stroke you cock up close. That was you watch me play with my pussy.”

She sat up. “Will you unhook my bra?”

I did so and tossed it on the floor with the rest of our clothes. Just like the rest of her, her once white titties had a good heard start on a nice tan. Her nipples stood erect.

I began to stroke my cock as she began touching herself. Her eyes never left my hand and cock. My hand slightly caressed the length of my cock very slowly. Needless to say this was hard to exercise self-control looking at the luscious body under and in front of me. As I slowly stroked, she spread her wet pussy lips and slowly slid her index finger deep into her slit. She took a low deep breathe as her hips rose slightly off the bed. That finger was joined by a second as she let out a low moan. I squeezed my cock tighter and pulled on it as I slowly worked my way to the darkened tip of my very hard cock.

“Oh Carl, please stroke it faster for me. Please…”

I leaned over her and slid my fingers and then my palm over her very wet pussy. She squealed and tensed up as I did. With my hand suitably wet, I began to stroke the entire length of my rigid cock, going faster with each stroke. Michelle’s two fingers buried deep in her cock as her breathing quickened. She began to furiously finger fuck her dripping cunt, making audible squishing noises with each entry. I matched her pace with my strokes feeling the impending eruption coming.

“Michelle, I’m about to cum and it’s going to be all over you.”

“Carl, stroke that hard dick. I want you to bathe me in your hot cum. Can you hold off until I’m ready?”

I gritted my teeth and slowed my pace slightly. “Yessss,” was all I could manage to say.

After burying now three fingers into her cunt, she removed her glistening fingers and began to frantically rub her clit. “Oh my God…Carl…oooooh…I am about to cum…please shoot that hot cum on me NOW.”

I stroked very fast now and heard her start to cry out loudly, “Ohhhhhh …Carl, cum NOW.” Her body tensed and she repeated a loud, “OHHHHHHH, I’m cumming…” I greeted her orgasm with a shot of cum that sailed over her face and onto her left tit and nipple. My second shot fell just short of the first and left a small spot of jism on her chin. The third and final shot was more like a few drops on her face and into her hair. As I was shooting my cum on her, her body contracted as she continued to moan.

Finally, Michelle’s body relaxed and she lay back breathing heavily. I leaned back against the head of the bed with my cock continuing to drip cum on her hair as it slowly returned to its normal state.

She reached for my hand and indicated she wanted me to lie beside her. I did so and she put her head on my left shoulder. Her eyes were closed as she purred, “Mmmmmm…that was soooooo hot. Thank you.”

A couple of minutes passed, “But now you have to do something about the mess you made.”

Needing no further encouragement, I lay beside her and ran my tongue around her left tit. Slowly I licked all over her full tit and areola. For now I was teasing her by coming close to but not pleasuring her hard nipple. My right hand found her very wet pussy and slipped a finger inside her. She jumped slightly and sighed. “Oh sugar, please don’t stop…put another finger in my pussy.” I drove my two fingers deep inside her and found her G spot. She moaned loudly. “That feels amazing. Don’t stop. I want to cum again.” I continued to massage her G spot as her hips writhed in pleasure. My lips found her cum soaked nipple and lightly sucked the hard tip. The tip of my tongue teased her as an audible “mmmmm” escaped her lips. My tongue rolled slowly and softly around her nipple as she continued to moan. While my tongue continued to tease the tip of her nipple, my lips covered her nipple and areola and I began to suck her tit into my mouth. “Carl, suck my tit hard. I am so fucking hot right now. Make me cum hard.”

My fingers moved in and out of her soaked pussy as her hips continue to writhe in pleasure. As I sucked her tit, I looked down at my wet fingers sliding in and out of her pussy and had an idea. Slipping my middle finger out of her pussy, I moved it further south and teased the opening to her ass. She continued to moan and offered no objections to my new area of interest. I began to tease the tight opening still without a word from her. Placing the tip of my middle finger on the tight hole, I felt her spread her legs slightly. Taking that for an ok, I eased my wet finger into her tight ass hole. She moaned very loudly and said, “Yesssss…” I began to slowly move my middle finger in and out of her ass and began to stroke her clit with my index finger. As I did this, I continued to alternately suck her tits.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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