To My Friend

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*This is a letter I sent and it is based on actual events.*

To my friend, lover, and pet,

I made love to you last night. I know that we weren’t together, but I remember the last time we were. These were the last thoughts I had last night before I went off to sleep…

I couldn’t hold myself back. I spun you around and pinned you to the wall and kissed you with all the passion my heart had. Wild animal lust coursing through my veins as I touched your body and began removing your pants, my hands working feverously as I kissed and bit your neck.

Laying you on the floor and taking you right there with urgency and lust, feeling the tightness of your illegal bahis pussy as I entered you, your nails tearing my flesh, you’re back arched as I entered you fully. Moving in and out of you controlling every bit of energy my body could manage. Feeling you touch me, you wanting me as much as I wanted you.

I finally spill my seed upon your stomach and continue making love to you as long as my body allows. I kiss you as my cock leave the warm intimate embrace of your now well fucked pussy. I kiss your body as I make my way down to you thighs. I bite in to your thigh as you squeal in a mix of pleasure and pain.

I licked your tiny, raw clit as you moaned. My illegal bahis siteleri tongue lavishing you as my penis once ravaged you. I smile to myself as you thrust your hips to meet my lips. My hands cup your tender ass kneading and squeezing in pure joy. I do so enjoy that taste of you.

You finally push me away and we lay on the floor together, our naked bodies sprawled out on the empty carpet, kissing lovingly, our hands exploring one another. I feel your hand touch me as you smile at me, attempting to bring me back to life. You kiss my chest and move down until you finally take me into your warm moist mouth. I gasp for a breath as I feel your lips canlı bahis siteleri gently, yet firmly, engulf the shaft of my semi-erect cock. I tingle from the contact and I smile.

You move to straddle me and take me one again into your most intimate embrace, riding me, taking me as deep as into you as you can and grinding pelvis to pelvis. My lust reignited, I meet your every thrust with a thrust of my own.

I mustn’t allow myself to loose control, I move you to your hands and knees. Your ass looks so beautiful in the air inviting and willing. I move in behind you and slap your beautiful as I reenter you. I smile again as you head lurches back, my hands on your back and in your hair as I invade you once again. My hand rains another slap to you delicate ass as you moan with pleasure. I’m in control of you at this moment as much as you are in control me. Passionately,

Your friend, lover, and master

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