The Young Sales Executive Ch. 03

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Jessica swiped the lock on her hotel room door and immediately went in to the bathroom. Starring in the mirror she focused on the image in front of her. She began questioning herself about the events that had just taken place. She was a married woman and she just gave another man a blowjob in his car. Her biggest realizations were scary to her. Firstly, she wasn’t feeling guilty about doing it. Although that may changed when she has to face her husband in two days. Her second reality check was how much she enjoyed it. She had never been with another man except her husband. Sucking this man’s cock was scary and exhilarating; her pussy was still dripping wet as a result.

She could still taste his semen in her mouth. Grabbing her toothbrush she began to load it up with toothpaste when her cell phone chimed. Putting the toothbrush down she grabbed her phone up to see a text from her husband Josh.

“I’m heading to bed love. I hope you had a great day and I will talk to you in the morning.” He signed it off with the heart eyed emoji like he usually did.

Sitting on the bed, she leaned over and plugged her phone in for the night. Her dress climbed up and revealed her panties. As she returned to the sitting position she looked down at the wet spot on them. Her fingers slowly moved down to see just how wet they were before taking them off and throwing them beside her suitcase.

Her fingers found their way back to her pussy and gently caressed her delicate folds. Covering them in her wetness, she lay back on the bed thinking about sucking Jack’s cock. She relived the feeling of his balls exploding and draining down her throat. She had no choice really because he held her there while he flooded her with his seed.

The taste in her mouth immediately came back in to focus and she licked her lips as she started pushing her fingers into herself. She was soaking wet and only getting wetter as she sped up her movements. She was an expert at this and made sure that just the right amount of attention and pressure was running over her rock hard clitoris.

Her mind replayed the episode in the car; looking over as he undid his pants and pulled his cock out and his hand gently guiding her head down to it. How easily she let him guide her there and how willing her mouth was to take his cock in.

What if he had wanted more? What if after sucking his cock hard he told her to get in the backseat so he could fuck her? Her hands raced furiously over her pussy at the thought bringing her orgasm unexpectedly.

Removing her dress she climbed up the bed and got under the covers. Her mind went back to the scenario about the back seat. Would she have let him fuck her? Would she go that far to seal the deal? She couldn’t say for sure, but was fairly confident that would have been a deal breaker.

A restless night of sleep turned to a morning with a wet spot on the bed. She was very aware she spent the entire night thinking about Jack and all the things he could have done to her. Looking at the clock, she had enough time for one little orgasm before she jumped in the shower. After all, she didn’t want to be distracted and thinking about his cock on the final day of meetings.

After a shower and some room service breakfast, she made her way out to Jorge. He stood there in his wrinkled black suit holding her door open. She smiled at him as she got closer.

His broad smile showed every tooth in his mouth. “Buenos dias Miss Jessica, you look beautiful as always.”

“Hola Jorge, thank you.” She felt beautiful.

This afternoon, she needed to go shopping. She was now wearing her suit and this humidity didn’t bode well. In the future, she would only be packing dresses and skirts and a lot more of them.

In the lobby, she sat reading her email waiting for her escort. Shortly after her arrival, her technical sales specialist showed up and sat across from her.

“Well? How did it go last night?” Jeff was a brilliant systems engineer.

“Well…I think we may have done it.” Jessica’s excitement came through.

“I had dinner with the other managers last night and they said it all depended on their VP at this point. They were all sold on the product and the demos.” Jeff was at the edge of his seat with excitement.

Our escort arrived and they stood to shake his hand. Dan was the director of information technology and key decision maker. He looked over at Jess, “I hope you talked some sense in to him last night, because I’m sold.” He chuckled.

In the boardroom they reviewed the final specifications of the equipment with the core team. Jack was nowhere to be seen. “Will Mr. Deschaine be joining us today?” Jessica inquired.

Dan responded apologetically, “He is tied up in meetings for the most part, but said he will try and get down before lunch.”

Jessica smiled and was a bit relieved at not having the distraction of his eyes in the room.

As lunch rolled around they had finished all the details. Exact specifications and parts were decided on. Now it was just the final bets10 stamp from Jack and her work here was done. Dan called Jack’s admin assistant and inquired to his availability. After a quick conversation he hung up the phone.

“Great News! Jack is on his way down now.” He was genuinely excited. They had been having some stability issues and our equipment would solve it.

Jack strolled in and made a point of looking at Jess last. She took the opportunity to look him over. He dressed sharply and was convinced everything he owned was tailor made.

“Good Morning Jessica!” His hand extended to her.

“Good Morning Mr Deschaine, how are you this morning?” Her smile was genuine.

“I had a great night last night and slept like a baby.” He was still holding her hand. “I understand you have everything ready to go and it’s just a final review of the numbers and my signature. Is that right?”

“You got it right.” Jess smiled at him.

“I have another meeting at 1:30 and then I’m tied up for the afternoon. What do you say we go grab some lunch and go over the numbers? Dan you can take the rest of the team out? Does that work for everyone?”

The room nodded in agreement.

Jess followed Jack back to his office to get his jacket and keys. “Can we just do the review here and then head out?” He asked politely.

Jess quickly pulled out the numbers and the contract. Jack pointed his finger at the bottom line. “$1.4 million?” he stated.

“Equipment, support and training are all included.” She hadn’t finished saying it and Jack had signed the contract.

“Okay, let’s get you some lunch.” He grabbed his keys and opened his office door for her.

He opened the passenger door for her and watched her climb in. She was stunning. He preferred her in a dress but her ass looked amazing those slacks. Her blouse clung to her chest instantly upon stepping out in to the humid Houston air. As she sat, he made a point of looking down the top of it before closing the door.

Starting the car he turned the air conditioner on full blast before turning to her. “How does it feel to land your first big deal?”

“I’m very appreciative Jack.” She smiled.

“So am I.” His grin was devilish and she had expected as much. “We do our capital purchases every other month, so you should probably plan on coming down every couple months at a minimum. I don’t do business with companies, I do business with people.”

“Absolutely! I will definitely plan to come down regularly.” She nodded in agreement as well.

“If your product is as good as my team thinks it is I will give you introduce you to some of my competitors.” He was matter of fact in his statement.

The thought of regular sales like this made her beam. “That would be wonderful Jack.”

Starting the car he put it in gear and headed to the street. His big hand moved from the shifter and rested on her mid thigh. Occasionally he gave her a gentle squeeze. “Did you like sucking my cock Jess?”

Jess fumbled in her mind for the right answer. She didn’t want to like it, but she might offend him if she lied and said she didn’t. “I can honestly say it was a surprise.” She could live with that response.

He chuckled. “You have a hot mouth, I could barely hold back from the minute you started. When I got home, I took my wife and fucked her silly. I gave the fucking that I should have given you last night.”

Jessica was speechless. How do you respond to that except to smile politely?

“Don’t worry, I wouldn’t force you do anything you didn’t want to do.” He squeezed her thigh again. “I’m curious though, would you have let me?”

“No.” Jess blurted it out and watched his eyebrows rise. “I mean, we couldn’t have anyway.”

After lunch the car was quiet on the ride back. “So…do you leave tonight or tomorrow?” He had to break the silence.

“My flight leaves at 6 AM, so I have to be there for 4.” She rolled her eyes as she said 4 AM.

“What do you have planned tonight?” His words were casual.

“I planned on doing some shopping at Galleria and getting a goodnight sleep.” She looked down at his hand that returned to her thigh.

“I would love to spend some more time with you before you go Jess.” He was sincere in his tone. “I understand about the early flights though…believe me, I’ve been there and it’s never fun.”

Entering his office he closed the door and climbed behind his big oak desk. “Thank you for everything Jess. I look forward to seeing you again soon.”

“I look forward to more visits and business too!” She made a point of emphasizing the word “business”

“If you get bored tonight or want some company for dinner give me a call.” He handed her his card with his cell number scribed on the back.

“Thank you again for the business.” She stood and held her arms open as it somehow felt more appropriate.

Jack stood quickly and put his arms around her tiny little frame. His hand gently grabbed her ass and pulled her towards him. His erection strained at the bets10 giriş fabric of his pants and ground against her.

Jess couldn’t pretend that she didn’t feel his erection. The embrace lasted much longer than she originally anticipated. He stood there grinding himself against her until his big hand slid up her back and rested under her hair at the back of her neck. Tilting her face up, he kissed her deeply.

His free hand moved from her ass slowly making its way up her side to her chest. Squeezing her through the material of her shirt and bra as he pressed his tongue deep in to her mouth.

Jessica was lost and opened her mouth as he began to methodically fuck her mouth with his tongue. His hands felt good squeezing at her breast.

“I’ve always wanted to do it in my office!” Jack’s voice was like a teenage boy’s desperate plea. He began kissing her neck and undoing her blouse revealing her delicious breasts popping out the top of her bra.

Jess looked down as blouse folded open and his hands squeezed her breasts and his mouth kissed and suckled at her cleavage. He was like a wild animal and couldn’t focus on any one thing. He groped her ass and breasts, kissed her lips, neck and breasts like a man in heat.

Jack couldn’t believe his good fortune. A gorgeous woman that he could enjoy regularly, it was perfect. He reached down and pulled his zipper down before guiding her hand to the opening. Instinctively she reached in and squeezed his cock before pulling it out.

Jess grabbed his hard cock and realized he wasn’t wearing underwear. He was rock hard and she knew what he wanted. She pushed him back against his desk before lowering herself to her knees. His manhood stood out proudly inches from her lips. A large drop of pre-cum stretched its way to the floor.

“Stick out your tongue.” He was breathing hard. Her tongue slipped out of her mouth and he jerked his cock off at it. Placing the head on her tongue he squeezed the rest of his precum out on to it. “Let me see you swallow my seed.”

As his cum oozed on her tongue, she was reminded of how revolting she had always found it. She swallowed it and opened her mouth before letting his cock slide along her tongue to her waiting mouth.

Jacks balls twitched at the sight of his cock disappearing in her mouth. Her tiny hand was sliding up and down the shaft stroking wildly as she sucked. He knew it would only be a matter of time before he exploded.

Jess sucked his cock to the back of her mouth. Tonguing wildly as his cock continued to invade her mouth with an endless flow of semen. He was close and she knew she had to finish him off before he got other ideas. She was enjoying his cock. It was hard and smooth and the perfect size for sucking.

Jack placed one hand on the back of her head and pushed his cock in to her mouth causing her to gag. His cock stiffened and he held it there before backing off again. He was going to fuck her mouth like a pussy. He reached down and slipped one hand under her bra squeezing her bare breast as he fucked her hot little mouth.

“Mmm yes, that’s good baby. I’m gonna shoot another big load down that throat of yours.” His voice hushed so others outside couldn’t hear.

Every other thrust Jack pushed his cock in to her throat causing her to gag. She was trying to prepare herself and see if she could take more, but she couldn’t. His big hand squeezing at her breast felt good and made her pussy melt.

“Oh FUCK! Are you ready for it? Open your mouth!” he gasped his commands

Jessica opened her mouth as he pulled his cock back leaving just the head in and flooded her mouth with his cum.

“Don’t swallow it yet!” he commanded her.

Keeping his head in her mouth she tongued and sucked at him making sure he was empty.

“Let me see it.” He was starring down at her wide eyed. “I want to see my load in that pretty little mouth of yours.”

Tilting her head up, she slowly opened her mouth revealing a huge load of his creamy white cum. He stroked his still hard cock before placing it at her lips. “Mmm, suck me some more.”

Jess parted her mouth letting him slip in without spilling his cum and he began fucking her mouth again.

“Good girl Jess, swallow daddy’s cum now.” His hands held her head as he fucked her mouth.

Jess began swallowing and his felt the slow descent of his load down her throat. His cock stopped moving and he just held it there as it began to soften in her mouth.

Jack pulled her to her feet and kissed her forcing his tongue in her mouth, sword fighting with hers. She kissed him back with a lust in her making him want to keep her here forever.

Jessica’s pussy dripped. She loved how he knew what he wanted and took it. She almost felt powerless against his needs for her. He was so eager and it excited her.

Grabbing a hand full of her silky blonde hair he broke their kiss. “You are addictive!”

As he started to get himself put back together Jessica took her queue and did the same. Quickly looking bets10 güvenilir mi at her compact to ensure she was still presentable before a final adjustment of her blouse.

“Are you sure you can’t do weekly visits?” He frowned.

“I’m not sure I could explain that to my bosses.” She giggled. “I’ll be back soon enough. I’m sure I’m not your only sales person.”

Jack looked at her amused, if she only knew the truth about that statement.

As Jessica put her hand on the door handle to leave, Jack whispered, “Remember to give me a call later if you get bored.”

Jess gave him her knowing smile and walked away. After heading back to the hotel, and attacking her pussy with her bullet until she exploded, she jumped in the shower. She was still super horny and needed to get home to Josh sooner than later. She needed to get fucked badly.

She returned from the Galleria with more than she expected. She bought so much in fact, she needed to buy a new suitcase to take it all home. Spreading her finds across the bed she admired her new purse, the sexy new heels, bras and panties and of course an assortment of lingerie. She really started to wonder is she went overboard, but told herself she was celebrating a huge commission.

The last bag had a low cut sundress, a couple casual dresses and a sequined evening dress with a deep plunge neckline that slung over one shoulder. She had fully anticipated eating at the mall, but the distraction of shopping was overwhelming and she forgot about food entirely. Now she was back in the hotel room toying with what to have for dinner.

Just as she flicked the television on her phone chimed indicating a text message. “Please have dinner with me in the lobby restaurant.” She didn’t recognize the phone number but was pretty certain it had to be Jack.


Jack:Yeah, I needed to see you again. Is that okay?

Jessica:Are you in the lobby now?

Jack:Yes, I just got here.

Jessica:Give me a few minutes to get dressed and I will be down.

Jack:Need help?

Jessica:I will be down in a minute.

Jessica’s mind raced in excitement and confusion. She looked at the close on her bed and wondered what to wear, finally deciding on the grey cotton dress. It came to mid thigh, the top was loose with flowing short sleeves while the skirt part fit firmly and accentuated by pleating the material. Slipping in to a pair of black lace cheeky panties and a matching bra, she pulled the dress on. Her new crimson heels really set the look off as she admired her outfit in the mirror.

Immediately upon stepping off the elevator she saw Jack sitting in the lobby with his back to her. She walked up behind him and put her hands over his eyes, “Guess who?”

He quickly turned around and looked at her. “I have no idea, but I would love to!”

Jess blushed immediately in embarrassment as the stranger smiled at her. “I’m so sorry! I thought you were someone else.” Quickly looking around she caught eyes with Jack. He had clearly seen the whole episode judging by the laughter.

Walking up to Jack she hit him with her purse. “You just let me do that?”

Jack was still laughing, “I waved but you decided to introduce yourself to him instead of looking this way.”

“I’m so embarrassed.” She imagined her face and shoes to be the same color.

“I see you went shopping.” His eyes wandered up and down her body. “You look stunning.” He paused for her responsive smile. “Have you eaten yet?”

Shaking her head, “No, I was just thinking about what to eat actually.”

“Were you going to call me?” His lips smirked inquisitively.

“I’m not sure, but you made the decision easy for me didn’t you?” She mimicked his smirk and posture.

“I like how it turned out.” His smile widened.

After a light dinner they retired to the cocktail hour and talked like old friends. The conversation about work never came up, that was apparently done for this trip. She felt worldly rubbing elbows with people like Jack. He talked about places he had been and his college football days. He had finally alluded to his age as well in his cheesy statement, “In 56 years, I’ve never met a woman like you Jessica.”

There it was he was almost 30 years older than her. He sure didn’t look like a man in his fifties. He was very fit and full of energy. At this point, it didn’t really change anything between them. She wasn’t taking him home to meet her parents or anything.

“Would you be open to…maybe a nightcap in your room Jess?” His breath was hot on her ear as he whispered into it.

“Maybe a quick one, morning is going to be awful.” She frowned.

Swiping her key in the elevator she pressed the button for the tenth floor. He gently pulled her to him and kissed her. His lips were gentle, like she had never felt them. They kissed their way up to the tenth floor breaking their embrace as the elevator door chimed and opened.

As they entered the room she threw her hand over his eyes, “Don’t look, it’s a mess because I wasn’t expecting a guest!”

He headed for the clothes on the bed. “Wow, you really did go shopping.” His eyes wandered across all the clothes and shoes focusing on the lingerie, bra and panties. “Very nice!” He was holding up a see through teddy.

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