The Velvet Curtain Ch. 01

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The lights came on with the flick of a few switches, the large dining area, the secret cubbies customers retreated to for their reservations, the kitchen, the front area where guests were signed in and seated, all came alive with the lights. Brit walked to the front station where she would be greeting guests and explaining the dining rules while she led them to their table. She had just started working at The Velvet Curtain six months ago and it was a job she never wanted to let go.

At five pm guests had started lining up at the door, ready for they tables, food, and…other entertainment. Brit greeted a couple of gentlemen who looked to be in their mid forties, well groomed, nice slacks, button up shirts and knew they were admiring her curvy figure through her semi-see through camisole she wore for her job by choice. She started her explanation for the rules of dining after the two gentlemen stated they wanted a “viewing” table for their dining experience. Brit led them both to the heavy purple velvet curtain which kept the back dining areas concealed from prying eyes. The two gentlemen followed Brit through the curtain which fell heavily back into place after the three of them went through, and they got an eyeful of the empty dining area.

She sat them at a table that was placed in the middle area of the dining sections and asked the gentlemen what they preferred for the night. After deciding on a blonde with curves, Brit went and notified one of the waitresses waiting in the kitchen areas. As she walked back to the front greeting area she smiled to herself as she watched both gentlemen look appreciatively at their blonde waitress with DD cups which were cupped and held out by an underwire, cup-less bra. The waitress leaned over one of the gentlemen and made sure her nipples ran across the fabric of his shirt making them pucker as she handed them menus to look at.

Brit had seated over 40 tables so far tonight and she knew she was maltepe escort only half done. Her lunch break was due and her relief came in the way of another waitress taking her place for her hour break. As Brit walked behind the velvet curtain she glanced slowly around, appreciating the multiple views with her voyeuristic heart. In the middle were multiple seatings of men, women and even couples enjoying food and half naked servers of various sorts. There was the couple taking turns licking gravy off their waitresses bare breasts, the man sitting with his waitress on his lap, her legs spread over his thighs as she is facing him and hand feeding him bits of the food he has ordered. Brit smiled over the collection of various sexcapades happening and started walking back to the kitchen. As she passed the outskirts of the dining area she made a point to peek into all of the occupied cubbies that had their curtains open.

The walls of the dining area were lined with larger booths which had a bench style seating U shaped and facing the middle of the dining area. The private booth had a larger table and could be occupied by as many people as you wanted to join you. With this private booth you paid a small fee to have it but it was more than worth it, between the bench seating, the large, sturdy table and the heavy velvet curtains which could be closed for more privacy, it was the premium sexual dining experience.

Brit stopped as she passed a booth with the curtains opened, a married couple she had seated earlier were enjoying their waitress Jan, in many different ways. She stopped to enjoy the show for a few minutes and felt herself get wet as the wife straddled the husband on the bench seat and Jan came up behind, reaching around and lifting the wife’s breasts to the husband’s mouth. The scene continued with Jan squatting down and beginning to stroke the husband’s cock which she removed from his pants, making mecidiyeköy escort it hard as a rock underneath his wife’s writhing hips. Jan slid her hand between the wife’s thighs from behind and Brit saw her stroke the wife’s pussy until it was dripping wet. Jan played with the husband’s cock and slowly slid it into his wife and started pushing her hips up and down, bouncing on her husband’s cock.

Brit knew she only had a limited time and didn’t want to waste it, so she hurried back to the kitchens and ordered a plate of dinner for herself, then went to find her favorite chef who was also on break. She snuck up behind Derrick and slid her hands around to the front of him while he was standing just inside the walk in fridge. Brit felt his cock twitch under her ministrations and when he turned around she knew she was going to have a very fun lunch break after all! Derrick grabbed Brit and hauled her to a back room where people usually sat and relaxed on their breaks and lunches. There was only two waiters on their breaks as well in there but Brit was excited instead of disturbed by that fact. She liked it when people watched her. Derrick snapped his pants open and let them drop to his ankles and sat down on the couch against the wall, he grabbed her by the hips and turned her to face the two waiters in the room, knowing her love of showing off. He slid his fingers across her panties and felt how drenched they were already. Pulling the panties down to her ankles and off to land on the floor, he guided her hips down to his hard cock, knowing they had a limited amount of time to have their fun.

Brit felt the tip of Derrick’s cock push at her wet pussy and groaned in anticipation, he knew every button to push, every kink she loved to exploit to make things hotter. His hands pulled her down to him, her pussy enveloping his cock until he was fully covered inside of her. She gasped at the wonderful pendik escort feelings he pulled from her, the fullness of him inside her. Brit watched as his hands spread her thighs apart until they draped over the outside of his own and felt him go just a bit deeper. She gasped in delight and felt him pushing in and out of her, she started using her leverage and bounced up and down on his cock while facing the two interested waiters. She loved it when people watched, and she took turns looking at each of the waiters as they devoured her with their eyes. Brit encouraged them and one waiter, Kevin, took advantage of the offer, unzipping his pants and taking his cock out which was erect and throbbing. Kevin watched Brit bounce up and down on Derrick’s cock which he stroked his own for her eyes.

Brit rode Derrick harder, slamming her hips down onto him, and her hands came up to her breasts that were bouncing hard and fast for the waiters to enjoy. She watched Kevin’s cock jump when she took her breasts into her own hands and started paying with her nipples. Kevin stroked himself faster, knowing the show would be over before too long. Brit kept one hand pinching and playing with her nipple while her other hand slid down to her clit and started rubbing. Kevin watched and smiled as Brit rubbed her clit into a frenzy all while still fucking her chef. Kevin watched Derrick start pumping her faster and Brit moaned and sped up her clit rubbing. Brit watched as Kevin’s hand sped up double time on his own cock and then he stiffened up and a stream of cum shot out of the tip. He kept pumping himself until the cum stopped and Brit went over the edge watching him, she felt her whole body tighten up and fly as she came, coating Derrick’s cock in her juices. She knew that pushed him over the edge as her pussy tightened on him, Derrick slammed his cock into her and filled her, his pumping becoming slow and easy until he was drained.

After cleaning themselves up, Kevin went back to serve his tables in whatever way they wanted, Derrick went back to the kitchen and Brit ate her dinner meal quickly then sauntered back to the greeting area of The Velvet Curtain. She loved her job and every single benefit that went with it! Who knew what The Velvet Curtain would reveal for her tomorrow…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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