The Truckers

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Double Penetration

This was supposed to be her senior year in high school. Things were supposed to be better. Jody was supposed to be getting along with her mother better. They lived together alone and had a tumultuous relationship. They were constantly fighting about this and that.

Her dad had long ago disowned her because he had found out a few of the local boys had run a train on her one drunken Saturday night. Everyone knew about it by the Monday afterwards. It was a small town. This was when her father kicked her out and made her move in with her mother, who lived an hour away in another town.

More of the same would happen at her mothers’ house. At first Jody began to blend in well with her new schoolmates. She made new friends and was able to stop drinking and using drugs for a couple of months. But that all faded when Jody fell in love with a 27 year old man she met at the mall. She began to lie to her mother so that she could go to his apartment, she would sleep over and tell her mom she was at a girlfriends house. She was able to get away with this until she found out she was pregnant. Her older boyfriend wanted nothing to do with her then and her mother went ballistic with rage.

Distraught and nearly broken, Jody ran away. She was able to catch a ride to Des Moines from a school friend and had enough money to get a cheap hotel room for a couple days and eat decently. The money soon ran out and Jody found herself running out of options. She wasn’t about to go home so something drastic was in order.

On the other side of the highway from her hotel was the Big Ninety Truck Stop. It was a sprawling complex with a huge convenience store, dozens of fuel pumps, an arcade, trucker showers and a diner.

Jody had decided to sell her ass before she would go back to her mother with her tail between her legs. She took her last five dollars and crossed the highway to the Big Ninety and found a comfy booth in the diner. Each booth had its own TV, so Jody flipped the channels while she waited for the coffee she ordered.

She had put down two cups before she was finally approached. A man in his late thirties or early forties with a face full of whiskers and cigarette dangling from his mouth introduced himself as Bill and asked to sit with her.

“You look a little young to be here by yourself this time of night.” Bill said.

“I’m old enough to do whatever I want.” She replied. “I’ve been 18 for two months.”

“I noticed you when you came in. I’ve been watching you, how come you didn’t order any food?”

“I’m not hungry.”

“Sure.” He said as he exhaled a thick cloud of smoke and mashed the cigarette out into the ashtray.

“So you just came here to drink coffee and tease all us truckers?” He asked.

“What do you mean?” Jody asked back.

“You know what I mean. A sexy young thing like you, sitting all alone, looking bitter, but also inviting. You do know a lot of women come to truck stops to make money? They know us truckers are lonely sorts who usually have more money on them than they should. Horny old men and money and sexy young girls like you go well together.”

He studied her reaction. Jody squirmed in her seat a little and broke eye contact when he looked at her.

“So what is your name, darling?” Bill asked.

“Danielle.” She lied.

“Well, Danielle, do you need some money?”

“If you want to give me some you can.” Jody tried to be smart.

“I want to give you some Danielle, but I need something in return.”

“I’m no virgin, Bill. I have a room across the road.”

“How much?” Bill asked.

“What gebze escort do you want to do to me?” Jody asked.

“I want everything, baby girl.” Bill said.

“$200, up front.” Jody replied.

“How about $150?”

“Fine, $150. I’ll be in room 113. Be there in an hour.” Jody said as she slid out of the booth. “Take care of this, too.”

She slid the bill for her coffee in front of him.

“No problem, darling.”

Jody left the diner and hurried across the road back to her hotel room. She went to the bathroom and started the shower. She went to the bed and opened her suitcase, pulled out her best pair of bra and panties, a black lace set, with push up bra and thongs panties. She laid them on the bed and jumped in the shower, washed quickly, dried off and slipped into her panties and bra. She was drying her hair when there was a knock at the door. Jody looked out the peep hole and saw Bill. She opened the door and he came in, but to her surprise three other men were with him. They were off to the side where she couldn’t see them through the peephole.

“What the fuck is this?” Jody said.

“Calm down honey,” Bill said “I was waiting to come over and ran into my buddies. I told them what I was up too and they want some. I figured you’d be happy since you need the money. We do this all the time.”

“I don’t know about this.” Jody said, feeling very vulnerable in only her underwear.

“Honey, we’ll each give you $500 for the night. That’s $2,000 Danielle.”

She quickly thought it over, this was a deal too good to pass up. Two hours of sex with men she would never see again for $2,000 made it easy for her to agree.

“I’ll do it. But no rough stuff.”

“Let me introduce you to my friends. The big fella right there is Charlie, he doesn’t talk much.”

Charlie was well over six feet and over two hundred twenty pounds, easily. Jody hoped he wouldn’t crush her.

“This here is my good friend William. He usually goes by Bill, too, except when we’re together. William’s the cocksman, he’s got a big surprise for you.”

William was probably around the same age as all the others, early forties or so. He was rather good looking for a trucker. Clean shaven, average build.

“And finally, this is Roy. Roy brought the drugs.” With that Roy, who looked to be Mexican or some sort of Latino, reached into his pocket and pulled out a Crown Royal bag. He set it on the table and took a seat. Out of the bag came a razor, a straw and a bag of cocaine. He began to cut it up into lines.

“I’m going to run out to the car and get some booze.” William said.

Roy offered the straw to Jody; she took it and snorted a line. William returned with a bottle of Jack and everyone passed it around, taking pulls off the bottle. Jody quickly began to get intoxicated.

“Let’s get it going honey, you’ve got some horny guys here.” Bill said.

Jody turned on the television and found MTV. They all sat in chairs while Jody began to dance to the music.

They all lustily followed the movements of her young, firm body. Her long brown hair came down to the middle of her back. Her d-cup breasts stood firmly, even when she removed her bra. Her nipples were erect. Their eyes soaked in the milky white skin, her tight round ass and large breasts gave her a sexy hourglass figure. She looked like she should be pained on a World War Two bomber. She was stunning.

Bill ended the dance by standing up and stepping to Jody. He pinched both her nipples and then twisted them. Jody göztepe escort became more turned on. Bill cupped and squeezed her breasts, then licked and sucked her nipples. When he bit them she cooed. Her pussy was getting wet. She couldn’t’ believe how turned on she was becoming. None of these men were attractive to her, but the depravity of what she was about to do really turned her on.

Big Charlie was soon standing behind her, feeling her ass. His hand slipped between her cheeks and slid under her thong, he rubbed her slit hard, it hurt a little but also made her very hot. He was getting her clit. Then Charlie slipped one, then two fingers inside of her. Her pussy was getting so wet she could feel the moisture gathering on her inner thighs.

Roy was back into the drugs and William was still in his chair, his cock out. Bill was not lying. William’s cock was easily 8″ long and quite thick.

“Get on your knees, girly.” Bill said.

Jody quietly dropped to her knees as Bill and Charlie took off their shirts, unbuttoned their pants and took them off.

“Slide my drawers down and suck my cock.” Bill demanded. “Charlie, too.”

Jody slid both men’s underwear down. She had one cock and each hand and Bill was the first one she licked. She licked it all around the head then slipped it into her mouth, making it shine with her spit. Then she moved her mouth to Charlie’s cock. Charlie’s was small in relation to his body size. It was probably 5″. It looked odd on a man so big. Jody didn’t care. She was so drunk, stoned and horny that she’d fuck anything with a dick at this point.

Jody continued going back and forth between the two, both were rock hard. Bill told her to get on the bed, on her hands and knees. She did as he asked. Bill got on the bed behind her. William stood up and took Bills place. Jody could barely get her hand around his huge cock. She jerked at Williams prick while she sucked on Charlie’s. She moaned hard as Bill slipped his cock all the way into her. Bill was about 6″ and slim, but it felt like heaven to Jody. She instantly came as Bill began to pump her pussy, his loose handing balls slapped against her clit. The sensation drove her mad with passion. She dropped her head and shoulders onto the bed and fucked back into Bill as she came again. Bill slapped her ass hard.

“Get a cock in your mouth, girly.” Bill said as he slapped her ass harder.

Jody got up again and William pushed his big cock into her face. Jody used both hands to balance on the bed and could only use her mouth. William rubbed it on her cheek and mouth, Jody licked at it then finally caught it in her mouth and got as much of it in her as she could.

Bill fucked her harder and faster, her pussy was burning, she came again just as Bill let his load fly inside of her. In he intoxicated state she had forgotten about condoms. That thought wouldn’t cross her mind till the next day.

Bill slipped out of her and laughed about how tight she was as he walked to the table to sit with Roy and do more drugs. Jody lay on the bed on her back; it was now Charlie’s turn.

Charlie climbed the bed and Jody spread her legs. Charlie put them on his shoulders and pushed his cock into her. Jody went back to sucking Williams cock as Charlie fucked her furiously. She had a slight orgasm when Charlie also came inside her, with what seemed like two liters of sperm.

William took his turn getting between Jody’s sweet thighs. She grabbed her knees and spread as wide for him as she could. This was the biggest cock she had halkalı escort ever seen and she expected it to hurt some.

It did. William was anything but gentle as he plunged into her with all 8″, bottoming out her tight pussy. Jody moaned with pain and pleasure. Her pussy was stretched to the extreme, tightly gripping the huge beast ravaging her insides.

“Your cunt is so tight, it’s almost hurting me.” William said.

“oooh, it hurts. Not so hard.” Jody said.

Williams slowed his pace a little; Jody’s pussy began to stretch to accommodate his girth. The pain slowly went away and was replaced with a burst of pleasure from her pussy she had never felt before. It wasn’t an orgasm, but a continual feeling which this huge cock was making her feel.

William took his cock out of her and the suction effect cause a loud flop to explode from her. She was soaking wet.

“Lay down, I want to ride that thing.” Jody said.

William lay on the bed and Jody straddled him, she held his cock and positioned her pussy over the head. She slowly slipped it in and then gently sat on it. Soon she had almost all of it inside of her.

She smoothly bounced up and down on the beast, rubbing her clit, William pinched her nipples. She came hard.

Unbeknownst to Jody, as she was enthralled with Williams cock impaling her stretched pussy; Roy had taken off his clothes and got on the bed behind her. Her first clue came when she felt his finger tickling her butt hole.

Roy pushed on her back and she was now directly face to face with William, her breasts pressed against his chest. William pushed into her; she came again with Roy’s finger in her ass.

Bill was back on the bed kneeling next to William; Jody took his cock into her mouth without thinking about it. She tasted her own pussy and traces of his cum. Her head was swirling with passion.

Roy was now squatting above her ass; he aimed his cock at her ass hole and slowly pushed it in. Jody’s ass was a virgin and the new penetration was painful, but nothing compared to Williams first pounding of her pussy. Roy was considerably smaller than William.

She lay still on top of William as Roy slowly began to explore her virgin ass with his cock. He slowly stroked in and out. She had to take Bill’s cock out of her mouth in order to breathe; she felt a powerful orgasm coming on.

“I’m going to cum.” William said.

Jody didn’t reply, she just lay there, filled with cock, breathing hard and moaning softly. Williams cock erupting inside of her sent her into orgasm, her body shook and she instinctively began to milk Williams’s huge cock. The added motion brought Roy’s cum shooting deep into her ass as she was coming. Roy pumped her ass as he emptied his balls into her. He finished and pulled his still stiff prick out of her ass.

Jody slowly rolled off of William, his now half hard cock flopping out, making a squishing sound in the process. Jody just lay on her back, trying to collect herself as her head spun from the many orgasms she had just had.

After ten minutes or so she sat up in the bed. William was still next to her and the other three were back to the coke and the Jack, laughing about the gangbang they just had. Jody joined in on the drugs and booze. She ended up fucking them all again an hour later.

Roy and Charlie departed and Jody was left with Bill and William. They stayed the entire night. By the time they left in the morning, Jody figured she had taken around ten cumshots inside of her pussy and ass.

She was paid before Bill and William left, then she showered long and slept. A couple of days later she was able to rent a nice apartment and get an abortion. Luckily for her an STD check came up negative.

She felt dirty about it afterwards, but still turned on as well. In the end it worked out for her, she was able to get her new life on the right track.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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