The Test

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It had been a long day. Traffic was bad, the weather was terrible and work had been soul draining. When Scott walked in the door, he dropped his work kit just inside the door and trudged into the living room.

To his surprise, there was no one there. Typically, he would find Melissa there waiting for him, but today she was nowhere to be found. He listened for any indication as to where she might be. He heard movement coming from upstairs, so he made his way up to find out what she was up to.

As he pushed their bedroom door open, he saw Melissa naked with her legs spread apart and her friend Natalie kneeling in front of the chair Melissa sat in. Natalie was hungrily devouring Melissa’s pussy, with Melissa’s juices rolling down her chin.

“Hey baby…” Melissa said in a harsh whisper. It was obvious she had been rather vocal up to now. “Welcome home.”

“This is a surprise…” Scott said, a smile breaking out across his lips. “Shall I leave the two of you alone?”

“No, feel free to watch. Assuming you’re OK with that, Natalie?”

Natalie managed a “Mmmmhmmm,” while she continued to suck on Melissa’s clit.

Scott perched himself on the bed to give himself a prime view of watching his wife’s pussy being sampled. He had previously had no idea zümrütevler escort bayan Natalie was even interested. She was a curvy girl who had flirted with him occasionally on those times they had hung out, but he had assumed the flirting was all innocent fun. He was pleased his wife had found a new playmate.

Melissa curled her fingers into Natalie’s hair and pulled her in. “Oh yeah.. right there…” Melissa ground her lips against Natalie’s face until her breath caught in her throat and she shuddered as she came into her friend’s mouth.

Natalie pulled away, gasping for air and finally spoke. “Please… have a I proved myself?”

Scott looked at Melissa with a curious glance. Melissa looked at him, bit her lip slightly and looked back at Natalie. “You’ve earned it. Go ahead.”

Natalie turned, crawled across the floor over to Scott and gripped the zipper of his pants. As she worked the clasp of his belt, she looked up at him with a predatory gaze. “You don’t know how long I’ve wanted this…”

Melissa walked over to Scott and kissed him deeply, driving her tongue into his mouth. When she pulled away, she said, “Natalie confessed to me today that she has had this big crush on you for aydınlı escort bayan a long time. I told her she could sample the merchandise if she showed me how badly she wanted it.”

Natalie pulled Scott free of his clothes and grinned eagerly, as she stroked him to get him harder than he already was. As he firmed up in her hand, she dove down savouring every inch of his length.

“Given how many orgasms she gave me,” Melissa said, “She really wants this…”

Natalie hungrily sucked on Scott’s cock as he made out with his wife. The surreal situation sank in and Scott’s work day faded away as he enjoyed the two women that were working at him.

Scott enjoyed Natalie’s oral skills, but he saw Melissa’s eyes turn back to Natalie. “You know, Natalie is really good at oral, but I know she wants to really sample that cock of yours. How about she puts that tongue back to work on me and you give her what she came for?”

Natalie needed no further coaxing. Melissa lay out on the bed and Natalie crawled between her legs and got to work. With Melissa moaning in appreciation, Scott admired Natalie’s round ass, running his hand over the crack and slipping a finger over her pussy. It was dripping wet with anticipation and he could gebze escort feel her shaking slightly. Not wanting to tease the girl too much, he crawled up behind her, planted his cock in the hot slickness and pushed in.

Natalie cried out in pleasure as Scott sank his entire length into her slowly. He withdrew almost entirely before ramming into her anew. Natalie was deliciously tight from behind and Scott gripped her ass and drove into her, enjoying her struggle to continue to please Melissa. Melissa made sure to make sure Natalie didn’t forget her role and held her tightly against her pussy.

Scott slowed his thrusts to buy himself time. The thrill of fucking a new woman was driving him to the edge, but he didn’t want to finish just yet. “I want you to make her cum,” Scott told Natalie. “You can’t have mine until you give her another.”

Natalie devoted herself to the task at hand, driving her fingers into Melissa as her tongue lapped at Melissa’s clit. Melissa didn’t hold back and let out a roar as she came all over Natalie’s arm.

“Please, Scott. Give it to me…”

Scott rammed into her, pulling her hips against himself, burying himself to the hilt over and over. Natalie’s hand went to her clit and rubbed herself as she cried out with each thrust. Scott felt her cum over his shaft and her juices dripped down his balls.

He felt his own orgasm coming fast and he pulled out, stroking himself a couple of times before exploding all over Natalie’s back and ass. Spent, they all collapsed in a heap. Melissa looked up at her husband and with a contented smile, she said, “Oh babe… can we keep her?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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