The Teacher Pt. 01

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He said the one thing you never want to hear especially when you’re in a local bath house, you’re hoping for no one to recognize you especially when you’re not out of the closet. I frequented it often the only place I could realistically have sex with men, no one knowing who I was till now the place dimly lit, he stood towering directly in front of me I had his cock in my hand I was on my knees about to take his cock into my mouth my tongue about to lick the precum dripping off the tip of his big beautiful cock.

“Don’t I know you? I’ve seen you in here before, Yes I’m sure I do know you, You look so familiar to me.” He casually said.

“I am sure you do not know me Sir.” I responded looking down.

“You’re my sons teacher aren’t you? You’re Tom Matthews” He asked me bluntly.

I let go of his cock, I stood up looking at the man standing naked in front of me, his huge cock pointing straight out, Oh dammit it was Timmy’s Dad I recognized him from our last parent teacher meeting. What to hell do I do now?

“Hey Mr Matthew’s don’t worry I am not supposed to be here neither, if my wife found out she would kill me, then throw me out on my dead ass out the back door.” Tim said to me.

He and I both laughed.

“Don’t be surprised if you find more of your students fathers in here, we are all looking for the same thing, sex with other men, without anyone knowing.” Tim told me.

“So Tom I was hoping you still may want to suck my cock for me, and maybe I could do the same for you?” Tim asked me.

I reached out grabbing his huge cock, got back on my knees I leaned in licking the precum accumulated under his foreskin. I ran my tongue under his foreskin, the tip of my tongue poking his piss slit. I took the mans cock deep inside my mouth, I swallowed him whole, his huge shaved balls bouncing off my chin. Tim held my head as his cock pistoned in and out of my mouth. I quickly had Tim moaning and groaning his balls would soon ready to unload in my wanting mouth. Tim filled my mouth to capacity, small amounts of semen leaking out the sides of my lips.

Tim was an accomplished cocksucker for sure, I was not his first cock to suck on that was for sure, Tim swallowed avrupa yakası escort my cock to the base, allowing me to fuck his mouth, filling his mouth with my creamy white seed.

I met many of my students fathers in the bathhouse, I was pretty sure Tim had told a few of his buddies what a good little cocksucker their kids teacher really was. I ran into Tim often at the bathhouse he and I played every time we did meet I sucked his cock or he sucked mine sometimes we would sixty nine sometimes he would fuck me.

Tim was a wonderful lover in bed, he took his time, he soon got to know what I liked and what did not do anything for me. Taking his cock for the first time was a task indeed, the man was huge, my ass stretched right out. Tim filled me with his cum, I felt his cock unload in me.

Tim suggested maybe we should meet elsewhere, we were going to the bathhouse far to often. He was starting to worry that someone may recognize his car parked near the building, or see him coming in or out as he left, he also wanted it to be only he and I.

“You could come to my place sometime Tim, you and I would both feel more at ease that way.” I suggested.

Tim quickly agreed he would drop by this Friday night he was suppose to be out of town for work so he would park his car in my garage and we could play for hours uninterrupted that way. I hoped he would spend the night. Tim arrived at seven we got his car tucked safely in the garage, he had a bag packed in the back seat,

“Bring your bag in you can spend the night if you want!” I said to him hoping he would.

“Would you mind I was going to take a hotel but staying here with you is even better idea.” Tim quickly agreed.

I walked up and pulled him into a kiss he and I could play for the whole weekend, I longed to have a man in my bed to spend some time with not just a quick hook up in a local bathhouse.

Tim and I ended up naked and in bed within minutes of his arrival we were both so horny I wanted, I needed Tim in me now.

“Fuck me Tim! Please! Fuck me now. I need you in me so badly.” I begged him.

“Like I would say no to that ass.” Tim said.

Tim bağcılar escort and I took our time we cuddled we kissed then he lifted my legs and pressed his tongue deep into my hole he was driving me crazy.

“Come on Tim put it in me I need to feel your big cock in me now!” I pleaded with him.

Tim lubed up and positioned his cock on my hole,

“Here it comes baby!” Tim said to me.

Tim slammed his cock deep into me I screamed out in pleasure the man knew what I liked. I liked it hard and rough I looked him in the eyes

“Come on Tim fuck me the way I like it. Make me your little bitch .” I said with lust filled eyes.

Tim slammed his cock into me no holding back he was rough, it hurt and felt great at the same time, his cock swelled he screamed out .

“Fuck Tom I’m coming!” Tim cried out.

His cock shot what felt like gallons of cum in my hole, Tim continued to slam it home till his cock was drained. He finally collapsed on top of me, I held him while his orgasm subsided. He held me tight locking our lips together dam the man knew how to kiss me, he sucked my tongue into his mouth his tongue was all over my mouth. Tim already knew what I liked.

He and I had dinner it was so nice to have a dinner companion, we talked about everything and nothing, it was great to have a man with me to share my thoughts and day with. Tim and I cleaned up and sat in front of the fireplace with our glasses of wine. He and I talked about how our lives would be so different if we had met in college or even high school. I always knew I was gay from an early age I never slept with a woman I would never want to disappoint her like that. Tim and I soon were back in bed we did a sixty nine then Tim fucked me once again.

The next morning I woke I was half laying on Tim he was holding me close to him it felt so nice to wake up to him in my bed.

“Good morning Tim how did you sleep?” I asked him.

“I have never slept so good in my entire life!” Tim told me.

I leaned over and kissed him, a warm passionate kiss, Tim rolled on top of me his cock rock hard ready for action. He lifted my legs lubed bağdatcaddesi escort up his cock his cock felt so good in my hole. Tim was so gentle this morning his strokes were long and soft not his usual slamming his cock into me. I have to say it felt so good to have him be more gentle. Tim pulled me into a kiss I could feel his cock swell he was soon to cum once again just as his cock was to unload.

“Here it comes baby.” Tim said to me.

Just as his cock exploded in my hole, his cock shot and shot, his balls would be drained for the day. Tim again collapsed on top of me, I pulled him close, holding him to me his cock slowly deflated slipping out of my hole. Tim laid there not moving slowly his arms pulled me closer to him he rolled us onto his back, I laid on top of Tim for a few minutes. I leaned in and kissed him.

“I will go make us coffee!” I suggested.

“Yes why don’t you go make us coffee babe!” Tim said rolling over still tired.


As I walked to the kitchen I could feel Tim’s load slowly dripping from my ass, I needed a shower, I got the coffee maker ready and jumped in the shower Tim walked in the bathroom and came in to join me. His hands were all over my body he got on his knees taking my cock into his mouth. The man could suck a cock let me tell you. He held my cock deep in his mouth and sucked down on it, there was something he did with his tongue I cannot explain it but it made me blow my load each and every time. I had Tim pinned against the shower wall my cock lodged deep in his mouth and throat my balls shooting their payload into his wanting mouth.

Tim’s cock was rock hard once more. I pulled him to his feet and got on my knees taking his cock into my mouth I tried to duplicate what he did to me. Tim liked to fuck my mouth he knew I had no gag reflex so he could slam it home. Tim pinned my head to the wall and proceeded to fuck my mouth I had to take a breath when he pulled out. His cock soon shot more of his delicious cum into my wanting mouth. Tim pulled me to my feet held me to the wall pressed his naked body close to mine his lips touching my lips Tim pulled back, looked me in the eyes.

“Why can’t sex with my wife be this great?” Tim asked me.

“Different equipment?” I responded. We both laughed.

“I really like you Tom.” Tim said to me looking deep into my eyes.

I knew at this point I was falling in love with this man.

“I really like you too Tim.” I told him smiling between kisses.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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