The School Hike Ch. 01

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I was just about ready to trust myself again. It had taken time but I was just about over Adam. He’d been my first – my first guy that is – and the whole thing had been risky. I was his 34 year old teacher, and he my 18 year old student. I could have lost my job, and it would’ve been pointless telling people that he’d seduced me not vice versa. My career would be over.

But Adam wasn’t dumb, he’d kept it secret and no one had suspected. He’d headed off to college and no doubt new lovers with my blessing. I thought I’d go back to only dating women, and did date a nice girl I met through a friend of a friend for a while. That kept me kind of satisfied. But, things had changed. Now when I saw a group of young guys I was drawn to them in a new way, and found myself remembering the bliss of being deep inside Adam’s ass hole, his breath quickening with every thrust. And I’d start getting hard. Its not an ideal situation when you’re a high school teacher.

But time had passed, and I’d learned self control. If I hadn’t, I guess I’d never have agreed to take that group hiking in the Beaumont range of mountains.

I got paid a little extra to take a group from the school’s hiking club out there. We’d navigate our own way through the hills, we’d bring tents but there was also a cabin up there we could use. It would be a three days trip.

As for the students – you’d call them the cream of the crop I guess. Healthy, intelligent, 18 years old, excellent students with an interest in the outdoors – they were the ones who gave up part of their vacation to go hiking with a couple of school teachers. There was Matt, Kristian, Christine, Benjamin, Anne and Alexandra. With me, leading the group, was Justine. She was 28, a maths teacher, quite good looking in a dark, tomboyish way but had always ignored me a little – some teachers always look down on the gym department guys. She was a little haughty and Id not been looking forward to spending the weekend with her.

Of the others, I was quite looking forward to spending a little time with Anne and Benjamin. They were bright, funny and I already had a kind of rapport with them. Anne was also beautiful, blonde with a tennis player’s figure. But, I’d long since learned to control myself around the female students – you have to think of them as family members, its easy really.But like I say, I found it more difficult with the guys, probably because gay sex was still new to me and something which, try as I might to ignore, I wanted to explore more.

As we began ascending the three guys quickly took the lead, eager to show off. As we climbed I couldn’t help my eyes straying onto Benjamin’s ass, tight against his jeans, and I couldn’t help imagining şirinevler escort what it looked like with those jeans peeled off and his underwear…. I realised Justine was looking at me quizzically. I let my gaze land elsewhere, on the trees, wild flowers. The air up there really was something.

After seven hours, with just a break for lunch we were all pretty beat. The guys who’d set out so boldly were now regretting it a little. It was certainly beautiful up there and we’d all caught a little colour from the July sun. Still we were glad to make it to the cabin and not need to use the tents. There were four rooms, luckily. We paired off – me with Benjamin, Justine with Christine, Anne with Alexandra and Matt with Kristian.

Benjamin undressed and I did my best not to look. He was in great shape, I could see that much. Firm thighs and a strong, smooth chest. He slid into his sleeping bag in just his boxer shorts and bade me good night. I undressed to my shorts too, and it crossed my mind to glance across and see if he was watching me. Luckily I was tired too and I slipped straight into a deep sleep.

Until, in the wee hours, about 5 am, a shout woke me. A voice had yelled out in one of the other rooms and the door of the cabin slammed. I could hear footsteps heading away from the cabin, outside. I got up quickly, not pausing to dress and ran straight to where I’d heard the yell. A door to one of the rooms was wide open. I looked inside, not sure what I’d find. What I saw took my breath away. Anne was naked, sweat matting her long hair to her forehead and pulling the sheet to her – trying to hide herself, but with a long delicious brown leg trailing across the bed and her breasts, with nipples erect visible over the top of the sheet. She was a vision of pure desire and had the glow of someone who’d recently been having splendid, satisfying sex.

But what shocked me was the naked body alongside her – it was Justine, black pubic hair, small breasts and taut boyish muscles. Both were wide eyed with fear, and began talking all at once. I could hear they were trying to make excuses.

“Leave it. I’m not stupid, I can see what’s happening here. This is unprofessional, but you know that Justine.” She looked downcast, Anne started sobbing a little. I felt for her. She thought she’d ruined her lover’s career. “Who was that shouting out?” I asked next as I collected my thoughts – the voice had been male.

“It was Matt. He walked into the wrong room I guess.” Justine mumbled.

With that I turned and left the cabin. Lord knows where Matt had gone. I guessed an innocent teen guy would have been even more shocked than I was. He’d gone şişli escort outside to clear his head. I wandered for a couple of minutes before finding him. He was sitting on a patch of grass, watching the sunrise. He sat there, in his underwear, the amber sunlight bathing him.

I guess because my attention had been taken by Benjamin, I’d not realised what a beautiful boy Matt was. Quieter than the others he had a smooth, almost girlish physique and a dark pile of curly hair. The others were more muscular, his was a swimmer’s body not a footballers.

“You OK Matt?” I asked.

“I’m fine sir… sorry I lost it back there. I saw…”

“I know. Its not a proper way for a teacher to behave, I understand why you needed to clear your head. Its not acceptable.”

He looked up at me and laughed. “You’d know all about that…. Adam told me about you and him.”

I swallowed hard, he had me there. So, Adam hadn’t been so secretive after all. I sat next to him, there was no point in denying it.

“What exactly did Adam tell you?”

“That he seduced you after school. That you became lovers. That you have a huge cock and loved ploughing his ass with it.” Matt’s eyes looked into mine, they were brown and bright, but had a wicked glint.

“Its all true.” I said. His hand stroked my leg, then settled on the thickening hot bulge in my shorts. I let him.

Mat kept talking, “I don’t think its unprofessional. Anne shocked me because I never knew she liked women, but there’s nothing wrong with a teacher fucking a student. In ancient Greece it was expected for a teacher to…”

I cut him off by pulling him toward me. I kissed him hard on the lips and I felt his gasp as I slipped my tongue into his mouth. His hot tongue slid against mine as I pushed him onto the grass. As I tasted that teen saliva all my feelings came to the surface – I wanted him. I wanted to skewer that delectable young body on my cock and make him moan. I pulled at his boxer shorts, tearing them and freeing his stiff young cock and balls. I slid out of my own underwear. We were hard and naked together on the grass. I felt the warmth of his hot young dick against mine. I was thicker but his had the same length as mine and was cut.

“Let me suck you sir” he gasped.

“Later” I replied. I was enjoying the feel of his young dick. I took my own cock and his in my hand and began pulling on us both. I nibbled on his neck as my foreskin rubbed against his circumcised young cock.

“Your cock feels so good sir” he moaned.

“It’ll feel even better inside your ass hole” I whispered. With that he moaned and suddenly shuddered as he came, white juice filling my hand suadiye escort and covering my own cock.

“I’m sorry sir. I’m still new… and I didnt think you’d…” he said as I rubbed his love cream into the grass and took him by the leg. I flipped him onto his front and knelt beside him. I allowed my tongue to slide between his tight buttocks before slowly pushing my thumb inside his hole. He sighed, I could tell his ass wasn’t virgin ground but still – he was even tighter than Adam’s glorious boy cunt. I knew I’d enjoy him.

Then I heard the crack of a tree branch. I looked to the side. There stood Justine. I didn’t know how long she’d been there, but she was in her underwear, and hot. Her hand was inside her panties, rubbing her pussy.

“Don’t stop” she panted.

“You want to watch me fuck this student?” I asked.

“I wont tell if you don’t tell about Annie and me” she smiled. “And I would so like to see you use that length on his hole”

I smothered a laugh as I worked my thumb in and out of Matt’s 18 year old ass. “Do me sir” Matt moaned as Justine sat down alongside us and slipped out of her panties. She slid a finger down her soaking, juicy pussy lips as I worked Matt’s ass hole She looked into my eyes and for the first time we shared a smile.

“I’m going to fuck you bareback boy” I said.

“Do it, fill his ass with your cum” moaned Justine as she rubbed her clitoris, lying back with her legs wide and focused on me as I took my cock in my hand and pressed it against Matt’s ass hole He sighed and pushed back as I slid into him, feeling his hole stretch against my hot hard length. I took him by the hips and pushed deep inside him, until my balls were flat against his ass cheeks.

“Good boy, now you’re my special student” I said as I withdrew, then thrust back into him, and again. Matt could only gasp as I fucked him. Justine gasped too as she fingered herself quicker and quicker, her pussy juice glistening on her fingers as she watched my cock sliding in and out of Matt’s ass hole I realised I was grunting as I fucked him, and as I screwed his ass I found myself wanting some of Justine’s glistening pussy.

Finally I came, and felt my cum flowing deep into Matt’s ass. Justine crawled forward and suddenly began licking the inch of my cock that protruded from the boy’s ass.

“Yummy” she said. I pulled myself out of Matt and took hold of Justine. Pulling her legs apart I slid my tongue between her legs. Her pussy was hot and her juice flowed over my tongue as I lapped against her clit. Her hands pushed my face harder against her pussy as she shouted out and trembled. An orgasm that must have been building for hours tore threw her.

I was out of breath, naked and lying on a mountainside with my naked 28 year old co teacher and our 18 year old, naked student.

“I think we’d better get back to the cabin before the others wake up.” I said.

“I’m so glad they chose you two guys to take us into the mountains.” said Matt.

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