The Pick-up Artist

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She wasn’t sure why she was here. Her desire for a drink aside, this wasn’t usually the type of place she came to whet her appetite for a martini..

As in most bars she’d encountered over the years when she came by herself, she was approached by more than one man offering to buy her her next drink. She seldom said yes to those offers, and tonight was no exception.

Until he walked in that was. She hadn’t noticed him, too enthralled by the text message she’d received from a co-worker. She felt his presence before noticing him standing next to her. Not too close as to invade her space, but close enough that she knew he wasn’t just standing there to place his drink order. He was trying to get her attention.

He ordered and she knew he was looking at her then as was the bartender.

“And whatever she’s having,” he sold boldly, as if there was no possibility of her saying no.

It was on the tip of her tongue to brush him off as she had the others who had approached her that evening, but as she eyed him she knew that he was the exception. She nodded and the bartender went about making her another martini as he took the seat next to hers.

He didn’t say anything, but then he didn’t really have to. Instead, they quietly sipped their drinks together until the music started. He stood, setting his glass down.

“Dance with me.”

It wasn’t really a request nor did he seem to be asking if she even wanted to dance, which of course she didn’t. She wasn’t a dancer and that wasn’t why she came here tonight for sure.

She slid off the stool, though, not missing the looks more than one man cast in her direction as they walked toward the dance floor. She wasn’t the greatest dancer, but she was good at flirting and dancing was little more than using her whole body to do that. So, she put it to work, brushing against him in time to the music. First it was the fronts of her thighs, her chest, and shoulders then she turned around letting him get a glimpse of her bare back before she pressed her ass against the front of his pants.

His hands went to her hips then and she thought maybe she’d gone too far, given him more than he’d really signed up for. His hands hard at her hips, firmly holding her against him gave her a very different answer. He started dancing back, only his hips were thrusting against her ass in a deliciously wicked way.

She gave a small gasp when a thumb grazed her back, left almost completely exposed by the dress she’d chosen to wear that night. It wasn’t the most functional thing, but it covered the parts that she was legally required to keep hidden. That was all that mattered.

One song turned into two with his arms sliding almost possessively around her waist as they continued dancing with her back pressed firmly against his front. She could feel it affecting him and grew not just warm but wet in places at the very idea that she was responsible for that reaction in him.

She turned around then, ensuring she didn’t break free from the hold he had on her. Her arms went around his shoulders, pressing herself closer against him. She gave him a smile, biting her tongue a little to stop herself from asking the question foremost on her mind right now. It didn’t really matter.

The music playing didn’t concern either of them, they were dancing to their own it seemed. And were on the same page with the type of güvenilir bahis music, at least to the point that whatever each one had playing in their head it required them dancing close.

She lost track of how long they’d been out there together, dancing in their own world to their own music. It had been a while, though, because the bar’s crowd had thinned out.

She slid her hand into his, breaking his hold on her waist for the first time. She stepped away from him then, glancing at him over her shoulder she tugged on his hand. A clear message she wanted him to follow her, come with her.

He followed without her having to say a word. Smart man. She liked that, liked that she hadn’t had to say much to this point. As she led him outside to her car, she doubted she’d be saying much for the rest of the night. At least if she had her way.

She stopped at the passenger side of the car, her back flush against it she drew him toward her and slid her arms around his neck again. She kissed him then. Unnecessary maybe for it was clear what they both had on their mind. Flowers, romance, an exchange of names and numbers wasn’t it.

Some might think she was drunk, but anyone truly observing her would know she’d barely had more than a few sips of either martini she’d had that evening. So, she was perfectly sober, reaching for the front of this man’s shirt and starting to work her hand under it to feel the warmth of his skin, darker than hers, directly.

Her lips opened, tongue finding his as he took the queue and reached into the top of her dress, taking one of her large, round, and achingly heavy breasts into his hands. She gave a sharp gasp into their kiss when his fingertip found her nipple, stroking it not once but twice. And again before closing his fingertips around it in a pinch.

He increased the pressure to the point she wasn’t sure if it was pleasure or pain. She broke the kiss then, letting her head fall back against the car door.

Apparently, he wasn’t done with the kiss as his mouth found her neck. She groaned softly as he sucked and bit the skin there. He was going to leave a mark and she knew she should stop him, but as his hand continued its magic on her breast she didn’t have it in her to stop him from doing anything just then.

Instead, she did just the opposite of stopping him, sliding her hands to the back of his head so as to prevent him from stopping his pleasantly torturous feasting at her neck.

She murmured in protest when he moved his hand away from her breasts until she felt his hand rest against her thigh. She was wearing stockings so her leg was bare where he touched and she shivered a little, knowing in a minute or two he was going to discover it wasn’t the only thing bare.

At least she hoped he was going to.

His hand slid higher along her thigh, pushing the dress’ hem up with it. She moved her hand to reach for it, but he stopped her by grabbing her wrist and drawing it over her head. He held her off with one hand while the other continued pushing the hem of her dress up.

She knew when he’d realized she was wearing absolutely nothing under the dress. The lack of bra was obvious from the beginning, but going without panties was a surprise. And the reason she’d protested his pushing her dress up so far. It was too late now, anyone walking could notice though it was pretty dark where she’d türkçe bahis parked.

The word stop was a moment away from coming out of her mouth, but he was one step ahead of her. He released the wrist he held captive and used his hand to tug the tie at her neck holding the top of her dress in place. It fell to her waist, leaving her breasts bare, nipples peaking not just from the attention he’d paid them earlier but the night air.

He took one in his mouth and she knew there was no stopping him now. He seemed to have that power over her. He sucked and laved the nipple with his mouth and tongue, taking it between his teeth for a bite painful enough it had her moving to her tip toes in an attempt to get away.

His other hand was stroking her lower lips, sliding along her creases there without actually entering her, which she found both exciting and frustrating. She was, if she was honest enough to admit it to herself, horny.

He guided her to the hood of her car, her face down against it. The sound of his zipper warned her what was going to happen, but she was more focused on the feeling of the cold metal against her torso, her aroused nipples pressed into it.

She should have thought of a condom, but it was too late for such things as he was pressing into her. He didn’t waste time with gentle strokes. He was there, pushing against her opening, forcing her lips to part and accept his length. He gave her little time to adjust before he was inside of her, deep and hard, making her cry out.

“You want company?” he practically growled as he thrust inside of her. His hands were at her hips, holding her in place as he moved almost roughly within her.

“Damn girl,” he said after a moment, noticing the same thing she had apparently. The rougher he was, the wetter she got. He took advantage of that knowledge, thrusting so hard and deep she knew she would have issues even sitting in her car to get home that night pain-free.

His hands slid along her thighs, spreading them and locking them together as he needed or wanted her to do. He spread them wide, his fingers running along the crease of her ass finding her hole there. She gasped as he slid a fingertip inside of her. One was joined by two, thankfully he wasn’t as rough with them as he was his cock. At least until he’d gotten her ready to be handled that way.

She moved against him as best she could considering the position she was in. She had a hard time deciding which hole she wanted to get the most attention.

He took that decision away from her, too, pulling out of her and sliding his wet cock between her ass. He thrust it that way a couple of times, teasing her she imagined. She reached behind her, a hand going to either cheek so she could spread them, telling him without words what she wanted. It didn’t matter at this point which hole he was in, she just wanted him inside of her somewhere.

Apparently, he understood her unspoken invitation because he pressed into her opening soon after. She groaned, unable to stop herself as she felt her ass getting filled with his length. She wiggled her hips a little, wanting to feel more of him. Wanting her to fuck her as he had been doing before deciding to change places.

He soon was thrusting into her as hard and deep as before. A couple of his thrusts were so hard that they scooted her body up along the car, which was somewhat güvenilir bahis siteleri painful against her bare breasts. One hand shot to her mouth when she cried out again, louder this time. She couldn’t help it. It was wonderful even if it meant she was the biggest slut in the world. She loved it. Loved this man pumping into her ass as if he owned it, owned her, and had the right to be there.

His pace picked up. She knew he was getting close when he slid his hand around her waist, reaching between her thighs for her clit. She went off so powerfully she thought she’d faint. He wasn’t too far behind her, she heard the soft groans that he evidently couldn’t stifle as his cock pulsed inside of her, filling her with his sperm.

After a few minutes, he was still though he was still inside of her, sliding his cock in and out ever so slightly. Apparently he wasn’t ready to pull out any more than she was ready for him to be out. Eventually, he had to. She felt a hard slap to one of her ass cheeks before his hand slid between her ass, sliding a finger into her hole. He withdrew it and she felt a trail of his cum left behind by his finger. And then his hand was gone, soon to be brought down against her in a harder spank. She cried out not having expected it. He did it again, this time she didn’t make a sound unsure if he was testing her. Again and again, he spanked her, stopping once in a while to coat her ass with his cum almost as if it was meant to be the soothing balm she needed for the fiery heat she felt on her ass.

He stepped away, zipped up his pants and helped her off the car’s hood. She wasn’t sure she’d be able to walk to her car door, but she managed somehow. He opened it for her, letting her slide in without so much as an attempt to kiss her.

She started the car, reversing out of the space with the image of her partner for the evening illuminated by her headlights. He didn’t move, she figured he would eventually once she’d left.

She drove home, straightening her skirt as best she could before going inside. No one was home so she went straight to her room and to the big bed there that waited for her. She reached into her nightstand drawer and pulled out her ring, sliding it onto her left ring finger where it belonged. Afterward, she removed her dress and dropped it in a nearby chair so she’d remember to get it cleaned.

Moments later, she heard the front door open and close, heavy footsteps on the stairs and then the approach to her bedroom.

She had just made it to the bed, naked and lying on her bed, her ass still on fire from the spanking she’d received outside the bar. She smiled when she saw him, the smile grew wider when she saw him reach for the zipper on his pants. That meant he’d had as good a time as she did.

“Hey baby,” she purred, spreading her legs to welcome him to her where he belonged. “A funny thing happened to me on my home tonight.”

“Me, too,” he said huskily, driving into her hard and fast. “My, my,” he said, running his fingertip along the mark on her neck. “I guess I don’t need to ask what your funny thing was.”

She chuckled softly with a shake of her head, arching her neck in invitation. “Leave me more,” she whispered.

He didn’t have to be asked twice, marking her once again on her neck before dropping his head lower to focus on her breasts. Breasts only a little while ago he had treated so roughly he kissed and licked as if they were the most fragile of things. And, she supposed, in some ways they were for not too long from now someone else would be sucking on them, but for a very different reason.

~The End~

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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