The Perks of Working from Home

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Lauren Phillips

Ted settled in with his second cup of coffee. Having answered his email and checked in with Steve at the home office, he was ready to start the long and tedious project report. “Project reports are incredibly dull. But they are a necessary evil,” he would tell Georgette when she asked why he disliked them so. This one was going to prove to be a doozie. The project ended well over budget and five months late. He really disliked writing negative reports and this one was not going to be kind to the project manager and her team.

He was well into his fifth page when Georgette entered the office. “I am meeting Virginia for some tennis at the club. I will be back before lunch. Do you need anything while I am out?” she asked, but it was just a courtesy because she knew Ted did not hear a word. He was very myopic when he had a report to write. So, she just kissed his head and left.

When she arrived home a couple of hours later, Ted was speaking on the phone. “I am going to catch a shower then I will make lunch,” she whispered to him. He acknowledged her with a “thumbs-up”.

Dressed only in a towel and stepping into the bedroom from the steamy bathroom, Georgette spied a special hand-carved box. She picked up the box and a loving smile emerged from her lips. The box is a reminder how grateful she was about Ted’s and her recent life changes. Ted and Georgette are empty-nesters; their two daughters moved to Atlanta two years ago. However, their empty-nesters life was not what they had expected. Shortly after the girls moved away, Ted had lost his good-paying, but demanding VP position and had gone out on his own as a consultant. But, he ended up putting in more hours than as a VP. In addition, Georgette, who has always been a stay-at-home mom, was feeling intense separation anxiety with her girls more than 500 miles away. Therefore, for the first two years Ted and Georgette’s empty-nest … well … it sucked, until one day about six month ago, Ted surprised her by secretly finding a permanent contracting engagement, arranging to sell their old house and move to Atlanta. Now their empty-nest was what they had envisioned it would be.

Twirling the box in her hand, an idea formed in Georgette’s mind. She set the box back on her dresser where it belonged and headed down stairs. The door of Ted’s office was open and he was sitting with his back to the door, finishing a phone calls. “Yes, Steve the report is done and on its way. Yes, I know it is early. Thanks. illegal bahis Just hold onto it until the Old Man said it was due. It should give you a week to write up the presentation and break the news to the project team. Yes, the invoice is included in the email. Saturday? I think I can work in a round of golf. 7:00 am tee-time, I think that’s do-able. See you then,” and Ted hung up the phone.

“What was that about being do-able?” Georgette said from the doorway. Ted turned and watched his wife walk towards him, still dressed only in a towel. Before he could say a word, Georgette wrapped her arms around his neck and planted a very sensuous kiss on his lips. After what seemed to Ted to be a very long and enjoyable time, she released him, stepped back, and let the towel drop to the floor. “Am I still do-able?” she asked playfully.

Ted was speechless and awe-struck, but had a large smile on his face. Georgette leaned forward and supported herself on the arm of the chair. The other she gently placed on Ted’s crotch. “You know, we broke in the living room, kitchen, shower, and bedroom, the two other bedrooms, and the pool mostly before our boxes were unpacked. But I do not remember properly christening your office. It looks sad and left-out,” she said, with a very sexy pouty face she rarely used but was very effective. Georgette leaned forward and kissed Ted sensuously. She stroked his cock through his pants started gently awakening it. Ted reciprocated by gently caressing her naked breasts.

Georgette stood up, grabbed Ted’s hands and pulled him from his chair. Moving close again, she wrapped her arms around him and kissed again. Ted reciprocated and wrapped his arms around his wife. After sometime, the lovers came up for air. Untwining, Georgette unbuckled and unzipped Ted’s jeans. Gently guiding Ted into another lustful kiss with one hand, she reached her hand into his boxers and started to rub Ted staff with her other hand. Georgette stroked and kissed her husband until he was appropriately erect, then moving slowly, she kneeled in front of him and pulled his pants and boxers down, exposing his now fully erect manhood.

Gently talking the cock in her hand, she gently stroked it. “Still, after all these years, I do not get bored looking at your cock,” Georgette cooed. She kissed the tip gently as she continued to stroke it. With her other hand, she fondled his balls. “My, they are so warm and soft,” Georgette commented in a sexy whisper. Ted looked illegal bahis siteleri down at his wife, giving him pleasure as thoughts of “covert” actions with Georgette, in other offices filled his mind. Love filled his eyes as lust filled his mind and body. He wanted to fuck her here and now but decided since she started this she could lead. But, he had every confidence she would not lead him astray.

Georgette progressed from stroking to licking. She ran the tip of her tongue the length of Ted’s shaft and back up. Swirling it around the tip, she again slowly licked the sensitive underside of his cock. When she reached his balls, she gently kissed each, and then returned to the tip. Taking another couple of trips around the head, she slowly ran the tip of her tongue down his shaft again. This time she placed each ball in her mouth, tickling them with her tongue. Returning to the tip, via the shaft, she gently kissed the head a few times.

Georgette again delicately ran the tip of her tongue slowly down the soft underside of Ted’s manhood. And again she ran her tongue back up where she gave the tip a sweet, loving kiss. Pulling back for a moment, she stroked her lover. Moving close again, she slipped Ted’s cock between her lips and very slowly and lightly pushed the sensitive head into her mouth. She stopped when only the head was in her mouth. Resting for a second, she reversed her actions. She repeating her motion and again only engulfing then releasing the head of Ted’s cock. She duplicated her actions several time more before removing the head and running her tongue down the underside of Ted shaft.

While masterfully exciting Ted, Georgette excited herself. With the one hand, she held and stroked Ted’s manhood as worked him over with her tongue, mouth, and lips. With her other hand, she stroked her womanhood. Giving Ted head always made her wet and this time, for some reason, she was drenched. Georgette moved her finger in circles she emulated what her tongue was doing on her lover. The circles became faster and less gentle and soon she was a raving woman now — wild and alive. It was not long before she climaxed. Ted noticed the pause and recognized the tightly closed eyes and intense sounds emanating from his wife.

After calming a bit, Georgette returned her attention to the head this time taking more of the shaft into her mouth with each pass. She worked in very slow motion and Ted began to moan. With masterful slowness, she canlı bahis siteleri swallowed him then pulled back all the way to the tip. She licked the soft underside of his shaft, slowly from balls to tip and she made sure that there was lots of slurping sounds. She licked the straining member like an ice cream cone. In and out and up and down, she worked her magic until Ted was just on the verge of erupting.

However, before Ted could climax, Georgette stopped. “If we are going to break this room in then let’s do it properly. And I want to be on top. Take your clothes off and lay on your back.” Georgette commanded.

Georgette spread her towel on the floor as Ted did as he was told. She straddled her lover and slowly impaled herself on Ted very hard shaft. An audible gasp filled the room from two mouths. Georgette placed her hands on Ted’s chest and he grabbed her hips. She slowly lifted herself up her lover’s shaft then, slowly slid back down. Ted matched her movement thrusting his hips up when Georgette slid down. There was no need for conversation. The lovers knew instinctively what the other needed. With each of Georgette’s down-stroke Ted countered with an upward thrust. Methodically, Ted and Georgette increased their pace.

The lovers’ passion was very strong now and the pace was intense. Their lovemaking was a classic exercise in wanton physics with every action being met with an equally and opposite reaction. Ted forcefully thrust hips up to match Georgette’s vigorous down stoke. Their carnal friction caused both lovers to sweat with the exertion.

Georgette and Ted were in perfect harmony, rocking with a driving beat. Fast, furious, forceful, with visceral undertones, the paramours created a very energetic symphony of lust. As the passion-music reached the climax, their carnality created a crescendo of primal desires. Georgette leaned back so that she received Ted’s thrusts deeper and erupted into an intense and mind shattering orgasm. Clamping hard onto Ted overly excited cock, she force him over the edge and with one final deep thrust he release deep into Georgette.

Georgette collapsed onto Ted’s chest and shook with excitement. They lay there for some time before Georgette rolled off of Ted and onto the floor. “Damn, that was the best workout I have had all week. And I think I need another shower,” Georgette said with raspy breaths.

“I think you should take a bath … with bubbles. And — come to think of it, I don’t have anything that pending. Want some company?” Ted suggested.

“I think that would be nice; but first let’s get some lunch. I seemed to have worked up a ravenous appetite,” Georgette said in a tone that made it clear food was not all she was hungry for.

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