The Perfect Couple

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Chapter 1: Let’s Make a Deal (or Cramming for the Exam)


“Come in?” Professor Carlson called out, tentatively. He wasn’t certain whether he’d heard a knock at his office door or not at first. The door creaked slowly open, and she walked in, her eyes mostly down and only glancing up at him occasionally. He felt his face grow flush, and his position in his chair suddenly became pleasantly uncomfortable.

“Professor Carlson?” she asked. She was really nervous about this meeting, but she was determined to maintain her composure.

“Yes, Susie, what can I do for you today.”

“Um, sir, I need to talk to you about my grade in your class.”

Susie was a freshman in his general chemistry class, and by far the worst student he’d had in years. But she was also by far the sexiest. And she was exactly his type: very innocent and very slutty at the same time, with a gorgeous face and long, brown hair, pulled up into two high pony tails. She had rather a lot of make-up on, which he loved, and she wore large, hoop earrings. She was wearing a short, flared skirt, a low-cut, but tight, cropped shirt that came up just under her very large breasts. (He was pretty sure she wasn’t wearing a bra.) Her very high heels accented her beautiful legs, and…were those stockings?

“Please have a seat,” he said, trying to maintain his concentration.

Susie walked carefully to his large desk, put her purse on the floor, and sank into the chair, taking a deep breath. She knew that she was failing miserably, and her only hope was to convince him to give her some sort of extra credit assignments. Maybe a short research paper? Or maybe he’d let her re-take one of the exams? She was desperate.

She crossed her legs and adjusted her skirt, and, for a moment Prof. Carlson thought he caught a glimpse of black panties. He cleared his throat and tried to keep his eyes on her face.

“What seems to be the trouble, Susie?” he asked.

“Well, sir, I…” She hesitated for a moment, and began again. “Sir, I know I’m not doing very well in your class. In fact, I’m pretty sure I must be failing.”

Prof. Carlson glanced at the computer screen on his desk. “Yes, I’m afraid you’re very right. And with only a week left in the semester, I fear that even a perfect score on the final exam wouldn’t help you to pass.”

Susie’s lips began to curl and for a moment she looked as though she might cry. But at last she pulled herself together and said, “Sir, I know I haven’t done anything to deserve it, but do you suppose we might find some sort of extra credit assignments that I might do to pull my grade up?”

“Susie, I really don’t think that would be fair to the other students.”

“Please, sir? My mom told me that if I fail this class, they’ll send me to the community college in my hometown. I just know I’d end up working at McDonald’s for the rest of my life!”

“Susie, I don’t mean to sound canlı bahis şirketaleri cruel here, but you really should have thought of this several months ago, not just before the end of the semester.”

“Maybe I could write an extra paper? Or if you let me re-take the mid-term exam, I’m just sure I could do much better!” As she spoke, she sounded more and more desperate, and she began to rise slightly from her chair.

Prof. Carlson paused. As she spoke, her breasts jiggled ever so slightly beneath her top. For a few seconds he could clearly see sheer black panties beneath her skirt, and…a new thought crossed his mind: he could have this gorgeous little slut for himself for a few hours. He couldn’t really believe what he was considering it, but he just couldn’t help himself. After all, he’d been secretly lusting after her all semester long, and here she was at his mercy. As he slowly realized what an opportunity he had, his pulse quickened and his cock began to harden between his legs.

“OK, Susie, let me think about this for a moment. You need to pass my class or you’ll spend the rest of life flipping burgers. But all your ideas for `extra credit’ mean that much more work for me; frankly I don’t really want to grade yet another exam or read yet another long paper. You’re asking me to help you out here, but you’re not offering any help to me in return.”

Susie was confused (a common state of mind for her). What did he mean? What else could she do? Surely he didn’t mean… Susie gasped softly at the idea of it. She did think Prof. Carlson was very handsome, but would he really be interested in her…like that? She felt herself becoming wet as she began to fantasize about him undressing…

“Susie?” His voice startled her back to reality.

“Sorry, sir. I was thinking about…something else.”

“Well, what do you think? Is there something you could do to help me?”

“Um…” She squirmed a bit in her seat. “Maybe.” Susie hesitated. Was she right about his intentions? How could she be sure? Then, as she shifted yet again in her chair, she glanced the front of his trousers. Her suspicions were confirmed.

“Yes?” Prof. Carlson asked.

“Sir, if you could help me to pass this class, I’d be willing to do anything you wanted.” And then, after a pause, “anything.”

“I see. Then perhaps we can come to an agreement, Susie. I’m willing to give you a chance to improve your grade IF you’ll do and say exactly what I tell you and answer every question I ask you for the rest of the day. Do you understand what I mean?”

“I think so.”

“Then do you agree?”

Susie paused. He really was handsome, she thought. And judging by that bulge in his pants, she could really have some fun with him.

“Yes, sir, I agree…I will do whatever you want.”

Chapter 2: Q she enjoyed the feeling of him using her for his pleasure.

Soon Prof. Carlson could take no more. He stood up over canlı kaçak iddaa Susie, who slouched down low onto her knees. As he stroked his cock over her face, Susie again looked confused.

“What now, sir?”

“Now, Susie, I am going to come. I want you to sit just as you are, but hold your tits up for me, lean your head back, and open your mouth wide with your tongue out slightly.”

“Are you going to come in my mouth?” she asked hesitantly. Susie had also heard her girlfriends talk about “swallowing”, but she wasn’t sure she could do it.

“I’m going to come all over you, Susie. I’m going to drench you in my come.”

Susie’s heart was pounding. She was a little scared, but she did exactly as she was told. She lifted her tits up to him, put her head back, opened her mouth, and waited.

As Susie moved into position, Prof. Carlson began pounding his cock right over her face. He’d fantasized about this moment for the entire semester, and now he had his little slut right where he wanted her: on her knees, ready for his come. Seeing her lean her head back and open her mouth pushed him over the edge and he began to climax. The first few shots were huge and sprayed across her forehead, cheeks, and nose. The next several spurts dripped down into her mouth and onto her tits. He couldn’t believe how much come his cock was firing at her. As the last of his load finally drained from his cock, he saw Susie swallow the jism that had made it into her mouth, her face completely glazed with his seed.

Susie had gotten her first taste of come, and she liked it. It was a little salty, but a little sweet, too. But what she especially liked was what she did to him: the way he lost control over her, the way she made him moan when she licked his cock in just the right spot, the look in his eyes when he saw her tits. She was anxious to see what would happen next.

“So, do I pass, Professor Carlson?”

He smiled down at her with his cock in his hand. “We’re just getting started, my dear.”

Chapter 4: Passing with Flying Colors (or The Birthday Surprise)


Susie approached the front door of Prof. Carlson’s house at 7:00 pm, just as he’d instructed. Their afternoon tryst was just the appetizer for another, more private session that same evening, and Prof. Carlson needed to, in his words, “recuperate a bit”. Susie arrived wearing the same outfit she’d had on during their earlier meeting, again just as he’d instructed. She rang the doorbell, and soon the professor answered, wearing tight jeans and a white button-down shirt. Susie hadn’t seen him dress so casually before, but she thought him very handsome.

“Welcome, Susie. Please come in.”

As soon as he’d closed the door behind her, he grabbed roughly her by the arm and pulled her close. He kissed her deeply, and she melted into his embrace. He ran one hand down to her skirt and felt her soft ass through her skimpy canlı kaçak bahis panties. In no time he had another raging hard-on, and he was ready for much more.

“Can I get you something to drink? A glass of wine?”

“Sure that would be great. White?”

“I’ve got a bottle of Chardonnay already chilled and opened?” He poured a glass for each of them and they sat close together on the sofa. They chatted about various things like her social life, her friends, other classes, and Susie soon found that the wine was going straight to her head. In no time she had gone from nervous to flirty, and she kept putting her hand on his thigh, giggling loudly at his jokes, and unintentionally giving him excellent views down her top. Prof. Carlson, meanwhile, was enjoying her behavior, becoming more and more randy as they spoke.

After a little while, he could take no more. He took her by the arm again and pulled her upstairs into his bedroom, where he’d set up a video camera on a tripod. Yet again, Susie was confused.

“Are we going to make a movie, sir?” she asked.

“Sort of. Have you ever seen a porno film, Susie?”

“No, but I’ve heard of them. It’s where people have sex on camera, right?”

“Yes, and tonight, you’re going to be the star of our little porno flick. Don’t forget our agreement, Susie.”

“But I don’t know if I feel right about being recorded. Who else would see it?”

“I promise you that only you and I will ever see this film. I just want something to remember you by.”

She was hesitant, but she trusted him, so she finally agreed.

“So, how do we start?”

Prof. Carlson aimed the camera towards Susie, and said “Well, first I want you to do a little dancing for me. I don’t want you to strip, but I definitely want to be able to see everything.” He went to the stereo and started a slow, sexy song, and then sat down on the bed to watch.

Susie smiled a little embarrassedly, but soon she got into the mood. Her hips swayed back and forth to the music and she squeezed her tits through her top. Soon, she turned her back to him and bent at the waist to make her skirt ride high on her ass. He could see her black panties pulled tight against her pussy and his cock got even harder. She ran her hands down between her legs and stroked her thighs upward towards her crotch. When she reached her panties, she hooked a finger underneath them and pulled them to the side, revealing her pussy for him for the first time. He sighed deeply at the sight. She wasn’t shaved, but she was neatly trimmed, which he found extremely sexy.

Soon she stood upright again, turned to face him, and lifted her shirt over her tits. Still swaying to the beat, she pinched her nipples until they were hard and ran a hand down between her legs again.

During her dance, Prof. Carlson had gradually removed his clothing, except for his silk boxer shorts. As the music came to an end, he was almost desperate with lust for her. He grabbed her roughly and threw her onto her back onto the bed. He climbed on top of her and kissed her passionately, pressing his bulge into her crotch. She moaned into his mouth as they kissed and she ran one hand across the front of his boxers.

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