The Night Train

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Copyright PennameWombat November 2019

The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

Tags: Blow Job, Cum Swallowing, Erotic Coupling, Fellatio, Older Woman, Public Sex


The competition in my brain was as yet undecided.

That it was an hour past local midnight was one ringleader. Its primary ally was the rhythmic sway of the train through a flat and featureless European countryside on a moonless night. The surprisingly comfortable cushions on which I was seated along the outer wall was the final piece as my eyes fluttered.

The opposition was led by the cheek on my right thigh, light brown hair fell around my crotch and the bare skin of my legs tingled a bit as her warm breath and the cool air of the compartment touched it. The cheek was Hester’s, our elegant sweeper who didn’t mind putting the occasional boot in when necessary, an assistant PhysEd professor rather than a student like myself and most of the players on the women’s soccer team that was currently touring Europe. The bench was only long enough that she had to keep her long and bare but blanket-covered legs bent but her quiet breathing seemed to indicate no discomfort. My right hand had rubbed her back when she’d first laid down and when it flagged she’d slid to encourage continued efforts. The smooth back covered by her button down blouse made clear she had no bra on.

On the bench facing us were three more players. They leaned in a cascade against the wall along the outer hallway that stretched the length of the first class car. The blonde head was our starting goalkeeper, one of my charges in my role coaching our netminders. Along with two heads of brown hair, it all fell across the pile of pillows and blankets they’d conjured into a nest of sorts. Their eyes were closed, their faces were relaxed and their breathing slow and smooth.

Our door was closed but no one had thought to pull the blind down but the lights were low in the outer hallway which left only a soft glow in our compartment. I’d seen an occasional person walk past but none for some time.

My right hand felt movement when I realized Hester had decided to roll over but my fogged brain didn’t react beyond that. Her hand held the blanket still as she canlı bahis şirketaleri rolled a one-eighty to put her right cheek on my thigh before she dropped the blanket back into place from her waist down.

And I heard a slow but clear exhale at the same time my consciousness rose high enough that I realized my right hand hadn’t moved at all but was now on her left breast. I felt the firm shape of her not quite drowsing nipple through the thin cloth of her blouse. I moved my hand very slowly, not wanting to cause any surprises. But when the nipple followed me I reversed my motion and heard another slow exhale. I put the nipple between the second phalanges of my middle and third fingers and felt it harden.


She used her left hand to shift the blanket higher until my arm could slide under it before it moved to contact my hand and I let her direct it.

To the second button of her blouse. The topmost fastened one. I worked at it until it wasn’t. My brain had the wherewithal to guide my fingertips against the skin of her chest while her fingers worked along the back of my hand and onto my arm as I worked my way to the next button.

My fingers were free now to repeat their treatment of her left nipple but without the interference of cloth. She pushed lightly against me before I traced along her skin to repeat the treatment on her second nipple.

It was my turn to do everything I could to control my exhale when she found my erect cock. Her motion made clear the contact was intentional. Although my brain had taken some time to appreciate the current situation and waken my shaft had had no such delay. I had on briefs that were loose but not quite boxers and along with the thinness of my shorts the combination offered little restraint.

The touch of her lips and nose even through the cloth made the discomfort from the constraint more than tolerable. I flipped my hand to find each breast perfectly fit my palm as I cupped them in turn, her lips pressed harder each time I did so. I looked across the compartment and saw no change with our three companions.

And then I felt fingers around my waist.

For the first time I looked down, my eyes fully open now. An attractive face, well tanned like mine, a nose maybe a bit thin, turned up. Her left eyebrow rose and I bit my lower lip.

I nodded. She smiled, the face turned back to where it was.

After an instant my so far idle left hand joined hers in working my belt open. The button followed and then we worked the zipper down. Her canlı kaçak iddaa fingers ran across my flesh just inside the waistband of my underwear before she pushed them down. She pressed the very erect flesh of her nipple against my right hand to encourage it to keep working as my other hand joined hers to work my own erection free as we pushed cloth down. She put her fingers around the base and held it still.

She looked up at me. I glanced across the open space again. Before my view was lowered her tongue swirled around the pulsating head. I looked down and an eye was aimed at mine as she worked her mouth onto then past the glans and worked the shaft deeper into her mouth as her tongue found the gap at the bottom of the head.

It was all I could do to convert the moan to a slow, quiet exhale.

I wasn’t in love with Hester. So far as I knew she wasn’t in love with me. But that hadn’t meant steady flirting hadn’t gone both ways from practically our first meeting. That she was close to a decade older than me hadn’t been a factor in my reticence. Nor did I think it was in hers. I’d had one relationship with a player, one of six teammates in the compartment at my back, one of our better midfielders and the only redhead along for the trip. It had ended as amicably is it could’ve, given that I’d apparently turned her into a lesbian. But the stress of our continued regular contact was a deterrent to a casual repeat.

Our other usual redhead was the youngest, a high school senior and our most skillful and missed by her absence. As an American male I was used to being an also-ran of the sport. But this trip had shown that if officialdom recognised their gender she and her country women would be the pacesetters.

I caressed the head and neck as her mouth worked my cock in and then slowly pulled away. A past girlfriend had accompanied blowjobs with overblown sucking and smacking sounds but this one in utter silence offered pleasure far beyond any of those. I left her breasts and their expansive nipples to slide down her firm abs past the waistband of her shorts and pressed alongside the zipper before I recentered my fingers and pushed toward the cleft made by her thighs.

She sucked hard if still silently on my prick as she moved her legs just enough to allow me to trace a path the length of her slit. I pushed the cloth of her shorts and presumed underwear into the gap and then felt her mouth tighten as I guessed correctly and found her clit and pressed it. Her mouth upped its pace slightly and her left hand canlı kaçak bahis worked the last third of the shaft as my hand found the button on her waistband.

That was when her previously unemployed right hand found it. She wrapped it and I returned the squeeze before she directed it back to its previous task on her breasts. Her mouth released me and I looked down.

‘You owe me.’ I heard that clearly despite not a word being spoken. Was it my imagination? I smiled and nodded. She smiled.

My cock was again engulfed and her cheeks and tongue worked the head hard. Her left hand worked the shaft as her other hand encouraged my fingers to twist and caress first one nipple and then the other. I pressed the back of her head and neck and she pushed further on each stroke. It took every fibre of will I could manage to stay utterly silent.

I was close.

Every woman I’d been with had appreciated, nay insisted on a warning. I’d learned that lesson my first time, the only occasion I hadn’t offered the warning. But if I said anything…

I exhaled firmly and pressed my fingertips on the back of her neck and squeezed her right breast. She exhaled through her nose and sucked harder.

I let go. My legs tensed and lifted my ass a hair’s width off of the bench as I delivered a first stream directly into her throat, her cheeks squeezed and I let go two, three, finally a fourth time, her swallows like thunderclaps in my head.

A soft tremor across the sleeping trio but nothing more. Her mouth squeezed my overly sensitive cock, I opened my mouth wide to stifle the moan before she released it. She swirled the head with her tongue one last time then turned her head slightly to face me as she ran that tongue across her upper and lower lips. I gave her breast one last, slow squeeze with the rigid nipple scissored between two fingers.

Our hands combined to work my softened cock back into its prison as her hand encouraged me to redo only one of her blouse buttons. We redid my shorts before I bent over and she rose with her elbow. Our mouths met in a slow kiss that felt like an eternity but didn’t last more than a second.

“Later?” Her question, again not sure if it was actually spoken.

“Later.” My answer. Her smile told me she’d heard it although I didn’t think I’d spoken either.

Another kiss of an eternal second before she lowered herself back onto her pillow that was my thigh. I squirmed my ass around to settle into the cushion as her body did likewise and I adjusted the blanket around her. The opposition had had its momentary but clear victory but now our fatigue would win out.

It was only a flash of movement that told me someone had been at our door. For how long I had no idea.

A flash of movement with a red head.


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