The New Relationship

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My last story described how my relationship changed with my sister in law Amber. We went from friendly but distant to very close (an understatement). After our last encounter I found myself thinking about her all the time. This is how the relationship continued to evolve.

I got a text from Amber, honestly I didn’t even know she knew my cell number, that said what a good time she had yesterday having a few beers, talking and spending time with me. I laughed when I read it and thought that was pretty good code! My wife even got a text from her brother Mark that said how happy he was because he said it seemed like Amber really enjoyed herself when they were at our house last time and that he was surprised that she had finally started to talk with me and be friendly. When my wife told me about that I thought to myself I like the way that sounds.

The following Saturday was pretty gloomy. Not raining but just ugly and not really a pool day. My wife said that Mark had called and she had asked if he and Amber would like to come over for dinner. She asked me if I could grill and make some sides and I thought sure no problem. We were expecting them at about six.

I was watching a baseball game shortly after three and much to my surprise I see them pulling in our driveway. I called to my wife that they were early. My wife met them in the kitchen first and then I followed. With greetings out of the way we sat at the table and talked about what we wanted for dinner. Mark and I wanted steak and the girls wanted chicken. I told them I needed to go to the grocery store and pick up some things and Amber quickly offered to come with me saying she would pick out some wine for her and my wife because she didn’t want beer again.

List in hand, Amber and I head out and get into my car. We are backing out of the driveway and Amber puts her hand on my knee. As I start driving she says that she was very excited to come over again and that she had been thinking about the previous weekend all week. I told her that I had been doing the same. She asked how much I had thought about it and I told her a lot. She then surprised me and asked if I had thought about it while masturbating and I kind of paused but responded honestly and said yes. She started sliding her escort kartal hand up my leg under my shorts until she was stroking my cock slowly. I asked if she had done the same and she told me how she had used a dildo and masturbated wishing we had done more than we had.

It’s only about a ten minute drive to the store but when I got there my shorts were tented from the stroking and she laughed when we met in front of the car and my hard on was clearly obvious. I grabbed a cart that was in the parking lot in an attempt to conceal my erection. It worked and soon I had calmed down enough that I didn’t really need to hide behind the cart. My wife called my cell to ask me to get marshmallows so we could build a fire later and roast marshmallows.

After getting everything we needed, including an ample supply of beer and wine, we had everything paid for and loaded in the car to head home. Before I could start the car my sister in law looked at me and asked if I noticed her new shirt. I said that I didn’t because it looked like regular button down shirt. She laughed and said not this one and as she was saying it she was unbuttoning the shirt until it was open and then said this one. She had on a white scoop neck tank top with very thin straps that barely contained her huge tits. I stared for a few seconds and told her it was great. I looked at her shoulders and didn’t notice bra straps. I then asked if she was wearing a strapless bra and she said no that the shirt had a bra built in and she pulled the front out and I could see the formed cups in the shirt.

I laughed and told her this would do an even worse job of holding her tits in than her swim suit had done the week before. I said too bad you can’t bounce up and down again like last time. She started laughing and said that I didn’t need to get her to bounce up and done to see her tits anymore. She then reached in and pulled her big tits out of the tank top. I quickly looked around to make sure no other customers were loading their groceries in their cars near us. I reached out and took them both in my hands and started playing with her big nipples. I loved this because I have always had a thing for public sex. She is smiling and said that she picked out the shirt with me in mind. maltepe escort I asked if Mark liked it too and she said that he only pays attention to her and her big tits in bed and that it wasn’t that often.

I was stunned to find this out. I told her I couldn’t believe it and that if I had her and her big tits around she would get sick of me grabbing them. She laughed and said no she wouldn’t. She then asked if there was a long way home. I said yes there was but in my head I kept wondering what she was thinking. I forced myself to let her tits go and looked around again to make sure no one was near the car and started backing out. She put her hand back on my leg and started sliding it up my leg again and I noticed she had not covered her big tits.

I took full advantage of this and reached over with one hand and played with her tits as she stroked my cock. I turned the car in the opposite direction that we had come because there was a back road that I could take that was much less crowded but would add about fifteen minutes to our drive time. Once I made the turn Amber pulled her hand out of my shorts, which disappointed me until I felt her unbuttoning my shorts. Very quickly she had my zipper down and my cock pulled out of my boxers. She stroked it again and then just leaned right over and started sucking my cock.

I have gotten blow jobs while driving before but there was something very different about this one. She was working my cock so well that I found myself having to really pay attention to the road. I was reaching down and around her to get as much of one of her tits in my hand as possible and she continued to give me an incredible blow job. We were driving for about fifteen minutes and it was just too much. I told her she should stop because I was going to cum and she released my cock just long enough to say good. She went right back to it and within about thirty seconds I told her I was going to cum. She kept going and I pumped five or six big loads of cum into her mouth and she swallowed it all. She licked me clean and sat up with a big smile on her face and her tits still hanging out.

I pulled off to the side of the road so that I could put my cock away and Amber sat there smiling and I noticed she was rubbing pendik escort bayan her pussy over her shorts. I reached over and slid my hand up her inner thigh and tried to get my hand inside her shorts but they were tight little jean shorts and I couldn’t do it. Before I could even attempt it, she had the shorts unbuttoned and the zipper was down. She turned herself so that her back was slightly toward me and I slid my hand right down her shorts and found a clean shaved pussy that was soaking wet. I first rubbed her clit and then slid a finger in her pussy. She moaned loudly and as I worked my finger in her she pushed back against me more and more. I took advantage of this and used my free hand to grab her left tit and I slowly started working a second finger into her pussy. She was now moaning very hard.

I saw a car coming and told her but she said she didn’t care and not to stop. The car went by without slowing down and I kept two fingers in Amber’s pussy working it furiously. I was pulling and twisting her nipple with my left hand and fingering her pussy with my right hand. A few minutes later she told me she was going to cum. I kept doing what I was doing and her hips started bucking and she leaned her head back on my shoulder with her mouth open breathing hard through her mouth. I kept going until she started to calm down and her breathing slowed. I slowed down at the same pace she did. Finally she just fell full weight against me and I slowly slid my fingers out of her pussy but held them over her clit and still held her left tit.

After a few minutes she turned toward me and kissed me hard. It was a long kiss and it was great. Even though I had cum a short time ago I was already rock hard again. She straightened her shorts, zipped and buttoned them. She sat up and turned toward me and said we should probably head back to the house and I agreed. She still had not covered her tits. We drove almost all the way back to the house with her tits out. She kept laughing at me because every time we hit a bump my eyes left the road so I could watch them bounce around.

We were about three minutes from the house and she stuffed her big tits back into the tank top and buttoned up her shirt. We pulled in the driveway and I told Amber that was the best trip to the grocery store I had ever had. She laughed and said she thought the same thing. Then she smiled and said let’s see how much fun we can have tonight and before I could say anything she was getting out of the car.

Once again, more to come!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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