The Mystery of Jes Ch. 03

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Nathan’s mind had been reeling from the moment he left the lake, all night, and all day the next day until early afternoon rolled along, signaling that it was time to meet Jes again. His excitement was understandable. She was always so wildly mysterious, while maintaining a cool, yet personable exterior. He knew almost nothing about her, but all he could think about was her naturally curly blonde hair, her slender body, her pale breasts and the way they looked either while suckling on her female, lactating breasts, or bouncing every which way when he was fucking her. His mind wandered constantly to the photographs that he saw of her, which were the first signs of her he’d ever seen, not to mention the way his cock fit inside of her the two times in the past he’d had her. Or had she been the one to have him? He was more confident of the latter. Somehow, she seemed to always have control of every situation. All Nathan could do when she was around was try to keep from looking or sounding like a fool.

As the dried leaves under his feet crackled and crunched, he began to look along the lakeshore to see if Jes was there yet or not. He wondered why she asked him to meet her there. Was she going to show him something new? Would she be there with another person this time, a man perhaps? He wasn’t sure how he’d feel about that. Even though he barely knew her, he knew the sight of another man enjoying her body would drive him into a jealous rage. Even more troubling, he worried maybe she was there to tell him that she wanted him to stop watching her. What if she wanted him to leave her alone and forget about her? How could he possibly forget this woman? She was everything he dreamed in a woman that he had long decided never actually existed.

Yet, as he approached the small sandy shore, he saw her between the leaves of the summery brown leaves of the trees. She was lying on her back, completely naked on a towel, one hand draped up over her head, the other lazily tracing her fingers along her inner thigh. She looked serene and peaceful, as though her mind were wandering to far, imaginary places that Nathan couldn’t begin to fathom. He approached her carefully as not to startle her, but as he knelt down next to her, she opened her eyes slowly and looked directly into his.

The sun had been facing güvenilir bahis her, and he finally took his first long look into her eyes. They were deceivingly hazel with speckles of green, as though someone had thrown glitter into them. Her demeanor hadn’t changed at all as she took the hand that had been idly stroking her leg and reached out to touch Nathan’s face, drawing it gently to hers. They’d taken turns exploring each other’s mouths, kissing more sensually than he’d ever kissed or been kissed.

Not a single word had even been spoken before he began unbuttoning his shirt, with Jes’s deft help. Once it was off, Nathan had swept his undershirt off in one move, and knelt bare chested to kiss Jes again. She stroked his cheek and his neck, then ventured to his shoulder. Finally, between kisses, she muttered softly against his lips, “Thank you for showing up. I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t.”

Nathan didn’t know what that meant, but his mind wasn’t in the mood for mind puzzles at the moment. Instead he was trying to work himself out of his jeans and underwear as Jes sensually kissed his mouth, face, eyelids and neck. It took him longer than it normally would have, but by the time he was naked, his cock was already rock hard.

Jes laid back with her legs spread only enough for him to view her swollen wet pussy, letting him know that she was more than ready for him. As much as he longed to simply plunge into her and start fucking her, something about her demeanor that day made him lay against her body for a moment longer, kissing her mouth and licking her lips. After a long moment, he felt her hand reach between them. She carefully slid two fingers into herself, and then spread her own kind of slick lubrication along the shaft of his cock. Then, taking it into her hand, she positioned him at her entrance and let him slide easily and naturally into her.

Nathan’s eyes fluttered closed. They were moving so slowly together, it was a wonder that his mind wasn’t moving at light speed. But instead, there was a strange calm inside him. Together, they rocked their bodies to the rhythm of the lazily lapping of the lake waves on the woodsy shore. Nathan could hardly tell if it was the wind or Jes’s whisper, in his ear, whispering his name oh so softly. Nathan realized türkçe bahis that more time has gone by than he’s ever lasted with a woman before. Not that he had a huge history of them, in his 20 years of life, but usually, women his age were all about the physical aspects of sex. This was everything physical and more.

He looked down into her eyes and realized by the depth he was able to see in them what was happening: He was making love to the eye of the storm. The calm before the hurricane starts up again, beautiful, dangerous, and infinitely unpredictable. This moment, though, was all theirs. Jes, whether in a moment of weakness or sheer need, never once tried to take control of their love making. More time when by and he could see the sheen of sweat glistening off her skin from the light of the sunset. It was clear neither of them wanted it to end, but like the sun itself, it was quickly slipping away.

Jes’s chest was heaving with deep, sharp breaths, whimpering softly as her orgasm shook her entire body. She flooded her warm liquid around Nathan’s cock, and her vaginal muscles held tight to him, making him push harder into her, sending sheer shocks of pleasure through his entire body. He let out a breathy grunt as he came, seeing colors behind his eyelids like a kaleidoscope so though someone had pressed their thumbs against his closed eyes for several minutes. Every ounce of energy flooded out of his body and seemed to pool inside of Jes’s.

Jes took in a deep breath and closed her eyes, memorizing how she could actually feel the stream of hot semen shooting from the tip of Nathan’s cock inside her, and how much warmer and wetter it was now that he’d come. She felt his body weaken quickly and in her own soft, worn-out way, she wrapped her arms around him.

They both laid still, simply listening to the other breathe. Jes was swirling the tip of her finger against the nape of Nathan’s neck, inhaling the scent of his sweat and adrenaline.

It only seemed like a few seconds, but when Nathan finally came back to his full senses, the sun had already sunken well behind the horizon, and Jes had begun to shiver slightly. Only then did he realize the temperature had already begun to drop for the evening. He held her close trying to keep her warm, asking her where her clothes güvenilir bahis siteleri were. She told him and after wrapping her in the towel they’d lain on, he retrieved them, still naked himself.

They dressed together, and finally, before he could talk himself out of asking, he asked, “So, what happens tomorrow?”

Jes pulled her springy, yellow curls out from the back of her shirt and shrugged a Mona Lisa smile. “Only tomorrow knows.”

Nathan looked at her. She wasn’t smug. She wasn’t happy. She wasn’t sad. She was something though. Melancholy, maybe. He was already feeling the twinge of pain of being separated from her.

Softly, he reached for her. “I have to go to work. I’m already late, but when can I see you again?”

To his surprise, Jes smiled at him and asked where he worked. He wasn’t used to talking to her. They had never held a full conversation. Nathan shyly bumbled his way through an explanation of working in the kitchen of a local resort while trying to put himself through culinary school. He was terrified she’d think he was a complete idiot, but she seemed enraptured.

“A chef?” She asked him, smiling a genuine smile.

“Um… chef-in-training. I don’t know. I’m getting my own apartment in a few months and I’ll need rent.” Nathan couldn’t stop blushing. He wasn’t sure if she was thinking of him as the next celebrity chef or the next guy to take her order at McDonald’s.

Finally, Jes kissed his mouth softly, then his ear. She whispered, “You’ll see me again. I promise.” Then she made a shooing motion with her hands with a little smile, “Now get going! I don’t want to be responsible for you getting fired. I can get myself home fine. I got here, didn’t I?”

Nathan shook his head, smiling to himself and began to make his way through the woods to the street. It was only when he reached the tree line that a question popped into his head that made his stomach churn. He ran back to her and looked her deep into her eyes.

“Jes. Please tell me one thing, and no matter what, be honest.”

Jes nodded.

“Was anyone else here with us tonight? Was anyone… watching us?”

Jes looked at him carefully before saying simply, “Do you really want to know?”

The question was asked innocently enough, even though the question itself is rarely innocent.

Nathan swallowed hard, “Yes.”

“No.” Jes took his hand and squeezed it tightly. “Aside from the occasional squirrel, it was just you and me, baby. Now go.”

Feeling satisfied and newly invigorated, Nathan left.

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