The Mother

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I remember the first time I saw her, and will never forget it. I was picking up her daughter for our first date, but she wasn’t home yet, so we sat and chatted. She was a very sexy woman in her late 40’s maybe early 50’s natural blonde, petite tight body, small tits, but very sexy, very hot. And obviously loved her heels. Immediately I realized she was a flirt, having been married to a man who obviously wasn’t enjoying the pleasures she most definitely offered him.

I dated her daughter for a while with the mother constantly coming onto to me, hugging so I could feel her tits pressing against me. I remember staying late one evening after being asked if I’d like to stay over…of course I thought. Walking through the hallway I saw her in the bathroom the door slightly ajar, she was nude…omg what an amazing body. I stood at the door peering through the crack admiring her perfectly erect nipples. My cock immediately grew, my hand immediately found its way into my jeans but my fear moved me away back to the room I was staying in.

While watching TV I couldn’t stop stroking my cock thinking of that gorgeous woman. My fantasies ran wild. Waking up the next morning I got dressed kartal escort bayan and headed down to the kitchen, figuring I’d make coffee and breakfast for all. Susan, the mom was already there, sitting at the table with a silky robe on…”she’s out with her friend” Susan referring to her daughter. As I went to sit down, a stunning view of her breast stood before me…my cock again grew to its full length. My fantasies aroused, but my guilt kept me and my coffee seated.

Months went by more teasing more smiles, hugging…but never more. I remember one time I was sitting alone watching football she walked over and bite my ear, her tongue quickly passed over it.

One Saturday while staying over, my girlfriend fast asleep as was the husband, Susan entered my room, about midnight. Wearing just a thin night shirt her nipples were perfectly outlined and somewhat erect. I was startled, not expecting her and nearly undressed. Sorry she told me, sorry for barging in but I need something out of the closet. Fumbling around in the closet, well I knew she was trying to make it appear honest her ass and perfect legs reached out to me,,,I was stroking my cock under escort maltepe the blanket. Then to my amazement what she was looking for was a feathered boa, didn’t mention she was a cabaret singer. Throwing it around her neck she raised her night shirt to her mid thigh teasing, her nipples were fully erect. It was apparent what she had on her mind. I told her what a tease she was, and her response was mindblowing, I can be more than just a tease. Show me I responded,,,she walked over to the bed, bending over so her breasts were completely exposed and asked if I wanted them…kiss me I responded and omg did she. Kneeling on the bed she further teased me with her breasts, placing them on my lips, my cock was burning with desire. I could feel her hand touch my leg then slightly passing over my engorged cock. She stopped, and began fondling it…all the while just kissing me. Her eyes spoke volumes of her desire. She went to the bedroom door and locked it, omg I thought, what if someone woke up,,,but holy cow…look who’s now in the bed with me.

As she resumed stroking my cock, she removed the nightshirt she had on to expose a truly drop dead body. Petite a little over pendik escort 5′ tall, B breasts, big erect nipples a tight ass and her legs were perfect. She then laid down on me kissing frantically. Her hips slowly began to move over my cock…i could feel her lust growing oh how I wanted to be in her. I rolled her over, and began kissing and licking her erect nipples…her moans were soft but firm. I wanted to cum in her on her, over her but just then her hands pushed my head towards her wet pussy. Over her belly towards her lust, my lips teased her more. Then I arrived, a neatly trimmed pussy stunning lips and a very hot clit. After a few minutes she whispered, let me suck you, and she did. It was obvious that she longed for a cock and her mouth proved it. I told her that I wanted to make love…next time she responded, next time I thought, this was going to be on going…omg. And before long my cum flowed into her mouth, she swallowed it all. As we embraced she told me that the first time we met, she decided it was her goal to have me…and she did.

She slipped out of bed, put on her night shirt threw the boa into the closet and just left closing the door behind her. The next morning with the entire family there she acted discretely as if nothing ever happened. Later that day after returning for shopping her daughter ran upstairs and she came over to me and whispered…last night was amazing, tonight stay over, ok, I want to make love to you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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