The Mayor’s Wife

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My husband the mayor was a bastard. I had known this for quite some time, but now, after ten faithful years, I had had enough. It was time he paid for what he put me through. I had a plan and I was going to use it.

The secretary’s desk outside of his office was empty. Tina, the quintessential blonde, heavy in the chest and light in the head, could have been out to lunch. Or she could have been running errands. But she wasn’t. I passed her desk and went straight into my husband’s office.

The view was unmistakable: Tina was bent over Tom’s desk with her skirt hiked up above her hips and my husband was right behind her, his pants around his ankles, repeatedly pushing his cock into this girl.

The two didn’t notice my entrance immediately. I watched them for a second. It became obvious to me that the sight was somewhat of a turn on, but then I remembered that it was my husband I was watching and the anger overcame me again.

When I slammed the door, the couple looked up. Tom was speechless but Tina had a stupid smirk on her face. She almost seemed thrilled that I had caught them.

“Dana, look, I can explain,” Tom said.

“Fuck you. I don’t want your lies.”

Tom and Tina had stood and were rearranging their clothes. I walked behind the desk and looked straight into Tom’s eyes.

“I know all your sordid games, Tom,” I said, “And I’m not playing anymore.”

“I’m sorry, please…please let me make it up to you.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. I caught him fucking his secretary and he wanted to make it up to me. It didn’t matter though, I was winning and he knew it; the tremble in his voice was evidence of that. Adrenaline was pumping through my veins. I felt alive. I was in control.

The silence continued for a moment, it must have been an eternity to him. At length, I unveiled the first part of my plan. “The Crossroads Inn off Route 9. Room 214. Be there at seven o’clock tonight.” Then, looking at Tina I added, “And leave your slut at home.”

She cocked her head to the side and said, “Who you calling a slut, honey?”

What nerve she had! She had infuriated me beyond all reason, all I could see was red. Before Tina knew what was coming I lifted my hand and brought it down hard across her cheek. She winced at the palm-sized welt on her face. “You, honey,” I said and walked out.


Room 214 was a drab and boring place, at least as far as décor. The TV was bolted down to a small chest-of-drawers and the bed had a nauseating floral pattern. Even the carpet was bland: a dull, brown shag. But the walls were white, not some dingy yellow, and the room was clean. My favorite part was the small wooden chair by the only window. It was positioned perfectly to give the best view of things to come.

Tom arrived a few minutes before seven that night. I opened the door and greeted him with a wry smile wearing nothing but a long, black overcoat. Standing in the doorway he was framed by the light of the room. All things considered, he wasn’t a bad looking man: tall, dark, and handsome as they come with a smile that could bring me to my knees. That was probably how he found his way into the lives and beds of so many other women.

“Well, now, don’t you look lovely,” Tom said as he sauntered past me into the room. He returned my wry smile but he was clueless. The two of us used to go to that very Inn early in our relationship. It was our own little escape from work and family and everything else. We’d sleep, we’d talk, but mostly we made love. I was happy then, but those days were gone.

After I closed the door, I turned to him and let my overcoat fall to the floor. My body was exposed to him and the thought of what would happen next sent a chill down my spine.

“Take your clothes off and sit,” I said motioning to the chair by the window.

He complied quickly and being as seductive as I could I walked over to him. With each step my hips would sway ever so slightly and my arms swung in perfect rhythm. Seeing Tom’s cock start to stiffen in his lap proved the effort had had the desirable effect. I smiled.

Tom was still clueless. I straddled his lap then reached into a nearby drawer producing a shimmering pair of handcuffs. A grin formed on Tom’s face stretching ear-to-ear. He must have thought I was playing some kinky game. Truth be told, I guess I was, though it was nothing like his dirty little fantasy.

The cock I had straddled had grown fully erect and I felt it throbbing gently. Tom was in heaven. The handcuffs were soon fastened to Tom’s hands and secured him properly to the chair. He was trapped; it was my turn to grin.

With a quick kiss on his forehead I stood and went to the bed. When I called out, two fully naked men emerged from the bathroom and started walking over to me. Tom’s grin faded and I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Say anything and I’ll gag you.” I winked at him. Tom struggled fruitlessly against the restraints and I laughed again. By that point he had to have recognized illegal bahis the two men.

“Tom,” I said, “you know Rob and Ted, don’t you?”

He wanted to answer but I stopped that notion with a quick glance. With every deepening shade of red growing on Tom’s face my elation grew. Two of his top aides at the office were naked, walking towards his nude wife, sprawled on the bed, and he himself was restrained to a chair. The anger rising in Tom was undeniable but I noticed his erection never faltered.

I laid back on the bed but kept my feet on the ground as the two men approached. Tom was sitting right in front of me and as I opened my legs he had an unhindered view of my pussy. Ted got to the bed first and dropped down to his knees between my legs. He parted my thighs further apart and his touch sent chills through my body. That was the first time a man other than my husband hand touched me in such a fashion. I wanted to feel ashamed, dirty, but the thoughts of everything Tom did to me killed those feelings. All I felt was Ted’s hands on my legs and his breath on my pussy.

Rob followed shortly behind Ted and was crawling on the bed up to my face as I felt Ted’s tongue for the first time. I moaned out as his tongue licked my swollen lips then danced slowly over my clit. My pussy was on fire. Tom never went down on me and feeling Ted between my legs now gave me a deep satisfaction I never knew I had longed for. It wasn’t enough though. I needed more so I arched my back and pushed my pussy into his face. When Ted sucked my clit into his mouth I screamed. The sensation was too much and I knew I was going to cum all over Ted’s face soon.

I had forgotten about Tom watching the three of us. I had even forgotten that there were three of us. The sensual bliss Ted was sending into my pussy had blocked out all of my other senses. Rob and Tom and my plan had never existed, the only thing I knew was I needed to cum hard on Ted’s tongue. But when I felt a cock slide between my moaning lips everything rushed back to me. I knew where I was again and I knew what I was doing. I opened my eyes and saw Rob kneeling beside me head.

Grinning as best as I could with his cock buried half way inside my mouth I set to work. There was a growing seed of lust building deep within me and for a reason I didn’t know I had to give Rob the same pleasure Ted was giving me. Through my moans from Ted’s expert tongue I sucked hard on Rob’s dick. My own tongue raced across its underside while he was completely buried inside my mouth and my teeth scrapped his tip when I pulled away. Still laying back on the bed I kept moving my head back and forth as best I could and soon Rob was making noises of his own.

The heat from the throbbing cock my lips were wrapped around and from Ted’s tongue as he flicked it over my clit was too much. I felt my orgasm rapidly approaching. When the sensation was too much, when the pleasure was surging through every inch of me, pushing me, prodding me closer and closer to the edge, when it was all just too much to handle, Ted sucked my clit into his mouth and bite down gently with his teeth. My whole body was wracked in an immediate orgasm. My legs shook and then tightened around Ted’s face begging him not to move, not to pull my clit from his mouth. Beads of sweat were rolling down my face from the fire burning deep inside me and I arched my back hard, desperate to feel one more beat, one more pulse of the hardest orgasm I had ever ridden. The electric shock sprang out through every inch of my body; all of my being was elated, every part of me cried out in a delight I had never felt.

I lost control of myself when Ted had bitten my clit. The next few moments had all blurred together. All of my muscles constricted tight, even my mouth which brought my teeth down hard into the head of Rob’s cock. Over my own wails I heard Rob scream. It was a scream of pleasure but a clear hint of pain came with it. I was scared and embarrassed that I had hurt him but Rob seemed not to care. He leaned forward and pushed my head gently back to the bed. Then holding my head in his hands he starting thrusting his pelvis at me.

Rob moved slow at first until, I suppose, he knew how much of his cock he could push into my mouth, but then his pace quickened. His cock would come almost all of the way out until my lips were surrounding his tip and before I could savor the taste of his precum, his dick had been pushed back into me. It felt wonderful what he was doing to me, fucking my mouth the way he did, shoving his cock so far into me I thought I would gag. I loved how it felt, the way he used me, the way he used my mouth, relentlessly thrusting his prick into it over and over again. It was dirty and it was cheap but I never wanted it to end.

While Rob was fucking his dick into my mouth, Ted had changed positions. I noticed when he moved away and immediately longed for his touch again. My body felt cold without him; he had made me cum harder then I ever had but I illegal bahis siteleri wasn’t satisfied yet.

A small sigh escaped from my mouth when I could feel Ted again. He was laying on top of me and had attached his mouth around one nipple while his hand squeezed and caressed my other breast. I was so sensitive from cumming as hard as I did that when his tongue wrapped around my nipple I felt a shock bolt through my pussy. He licked me tenderly at first but when his cock was positioned at the entrance to my inner depths, he changed tactics.

Ted’s hand squeezed my breast hard and his fingers firmly pinched my nipple. His mouth teased my other breast, sucking gently one second then biting down hard on my nipple the next. The more his torture continued and the more that Rob forced his cock into my mouth the closer I felt I was getting to my next orgasm. I knew I was going to cum again but I needed one thing before I could.

Every muscle in my body tried to relax once my orgasm had subsided but now I could feel them tensing again. My mouth was craving the taste of Rob’s cum and my pussy was aching to feel Ted deep inside of her. I tried to arch my back under Ted’s weight, tried desperately to push my hips up at him but he wouldn’t let me move. He was in total control of my body at that point and he knew it. Ted pushed is cock hard into my pussy letting me feel it enter slightly, only to pull it out again. I cried out for him to fuck me as best as I could with Rob’s dick plunging into my mouth.

I was about to push my pussy up to meet Ted again when the cock in my mouth start to throb harder. Ted kept up his attention on my breasts and nipples and kept teasing my pussy with his cock, but Rob had stopped moving. He had pulled my head up off the bed as his dick went as far as it could into me. I heard him scream only moments before my mouth was flooded with his hot, salty seed. Each pulse shot more of his semen into my mouth and each time I tried desperately to swallow it all.

Rob’s cock seemed like it would never stop cumming. By the fourth shot that landed in the back of my throat I was gagging. There was too much of his cum for me to swallow. I suppose he noticed my coughs because he pulled out of my mouth at that point. His juice was running out of me and down my chin as I tried to swallow what was still in my mouth. He was still shooting though, and his last two blasts landed directly on my face.

Small, gentle moans escaped from Rob’s mouth as he nursed his softening cock. My face was covered in his cum; the hot, sticky liquid clung desperately to my skin. It was then I realized how bad I was: I was such a slut for loving the way his cum felt as it slid down my throat and as it stuck to my face. I felt like a dammed dirty whore, but god it felt good!

When Rob had backed away I had the energy to focus on the torture Ted was putting me through. His cock was still sliding up and down my slit and still pushing at my entrance, his lips and tongue and teeth were still teasing my nipples, bringing me closer and closer to another orgasm with each suck, each lick, each bite. I had had enough.

With nothing to stop me any more, nothing to distract me, I wrapped my arms around Ted and made him feel the pain he was putting me through. My hands grabbed tightly at his ass and I just dug my fingernails in as hard as I could. It hurt him, I knew it did, but I didn’t care. I needed his cock, I needed him to fuck me, to release me from the torment of pleasure he was giving to me. I needed him inside me and his screams from my nails in his backside told him I meant it.

Rob had stepped off the bed and gone completely out of existence in my mind. The only thing I could think about at that time was feeling Ted’s cock deep inside my pussy, and when he finally shoved his dick into me to the hilt, the agony from waiting died.

Ted’s cock assaulted my pussy, thrusting into her faster and faster. I wanted to scream each time he forced his way into my depths and I wanted to cry each time he pulled away. My second orgasm was unstoppable now; I felt it creeping over my entire being.

My nails had never relinquished their grip on the tender flesh of Ted’s ass and now my legs were wrapped around his tightly, pulling him into me harder. I was going to cum and I needed to feel more of him. My voice was shaky when I groaned out for him to fuck me harder, but he did. Harder and faster his cock was thrusting into my waiting pussy. And then it hit me.

My second orgasm wracked my body completely. Every muscle I had tensed up tight around Ted: my arms locked around his waist and my nails dug further into his ass, my legs constricted around his holding him tightly, and my pussy gripped his cock as it was still thrusting inside me. The bliss was overwhelming and my whole body shook. That’s when I felt Ted shake too.

Ted’s cock had erupted deep inside me, shooting his cum into my inner depths, filling me with his seed. He didn’t cum as much as canlı bahis siteleri Rob had but it felt just as good. His cock throbbed inside my spent pussy for a moment after he was done cumming.

My pussy and my skin were tingling all over with excitement and elation from what Ted and Rob had done to me. I was in a heaven most people couldn’t even dream of. All too soon, though, Rob let his now limp prick slip out of my pussy. I could see it was covered in both of our juices as he stood and walked away without a word.

I almost cried when he had left the room. So many new and strange emotions were rushing through me and I didn’t know how to deal with any of them. At length, I sat up and my memory and my mind came gushing back into place.

My husband Tom was still sitting in the small wooden chair, still handcuffed to it, still unable to move. Truth be told, I had forgotten about him during the session I had spent with Ted and Rob.

The plan, so far, had gone according to my design: Ted and Rob had done just as I had told them too and my husband sat idly by and watched the whole thing. I found him staring at me, his mouth completely agape, and his cock standing straight up, harder then I had ever seen it, twitching, aching for a release.

As I stood and walked over to Tom I could feel some of Ted’s cum slip from my pussy’s grasp and run down my thighs. When I was standing right in front of Tom, I gave him a little show by scooping some of Rob’s cum from my face and rubbing it over my saliva-soaked breasts. His cock twitched at me and I let out a small giggle.

My husband had gone from heaven to hell in the time between his arrival at the Inn and now. I almost felt bad for him knowing what it was like to watch your loved one, your spouse fuck someone else, but then I remembered that that was the whole reason behind tonight, behind my entire plan. I grinned a little and decided to make his torment a little worse for the wear.

Tom must still have been in shock from the entire spectacle because he didn’t seem to notice me straddling his legs. But when his cock pierced the entrance of my pussy and I slammed down hard on it, taking it wholly inside of me, he snapped back to reality.

Our hips were grinding into each other hard. We didn’t speak at first but I could tell from his short breaths he was about to release the load he had been saving for so long now. With my arms wrapped loosely around his neck and my pussy still grinding hard onto him, I looked Tom in the eye and spoke with the most seductive voice I had.

“Did you like watching me get fucked, Tom?” I said.

He grunted an affirmative.

“Do you like how I look with another man’s cum over my face and tits?”

He grunted again, louder.

“Do you like fucking me with my pussy full of someone else’s cum?”

“Ye…yes,” he managed to say. My language was defiantly having the desired effect. I had to try hard to fight back a laugh and keep my seductive voice going.

“What about you, Tom? Do you want to cum? Do you want me to fuck your cock until you cum deep inside my cunt?”

“Oh god, yes!”

“Good,” I said and stood up. “Remember that next time you feel like screwing around on me.” With that I walked to the door, put my coat on and headed out.

“Oh, god! You bitch!” Was the last thing I heard as the door closed and I walked away.


I awoke the next day to a beautiful Saturday morning. A cool, light breeze floated in through the open window of my bedroom and the sound of birds happily chirping away filled the room.

The previous nights activities had exhausted me so much that when I got home later that night I neglected a shower and went straight to bed. Laying there after I woke, I could feel Rob’s dry cum across my face and tits and Ted’s on my thighs. I cooed and threw the covers over my head in delight over what I had done, but more importantly what had been done to me. For the first time in years I felt alive. My sex life was back on track after so much neglect, and with the eagerness of Ted and Rob (coupled with my own husband’s admissions) I felt like every woman should feel: beautiful, loved, and most importantly, wanted.

After a time I managed to convince myself to get up and shower. When I had finished and dressed, I went downstairs where I found Tom sitting in the living room.

“Fuck you,” he said as I walked in and sat down next to him.

“You already did, too bad you couldn’t finish,” I said. The grin I wore went from ear to ear.

“Do you know I was stuck in that chair until this morning when the cleaning lady came around?”

I giggled.

“Look here, what you did last night was-“

“No, you look here,” I interrupted him. “You’ve fucked every single woman you could get your lousy cock into. I know about you and Tina, and the maid, and that slut from the country club, the list just goes on. Hell, I even know about Julie! For Pete’s sake, she was my best friend!”

I stopped for breathe but Tom was speechless, so I continued.

“I’ve had it, Tom”, I said, “no more of your screwing around. You’ve hurt and embarrassed me in front of everyone I know. Yes, everyone: they all knew about you but were scared to tell me.”

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