The Masseur Pt. 05

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Note: All characters are at least 18 years old.

The Masseur Pt. 5 (Changes)

Kevin and Sky were pretty shocked when I gave them the bad news. Kevin more than Skylar because he was wondering what was going to happen to us as well.

“Dude,” Kevin said at last, “Do we still have jobs?”

“Man, I have no idea,” I told him.

“Maybe some of her family will take over?” Skylar offered.

“I don’t know if she has any,” Kevin replied.

Kevin and I just sat there, thinking about how all this could be over. In a way, I think Skylar didn’t mind it too much. She’d wanted Kevin to quit anyway, but she didn’t bring it up. I figured we’d find out sooner or later what was going to happen. Three days later, I got a phone call from a lawyer’s office. The secretary asked me if I could come down and talk to Mr. Jacobsen. I asked what about, and she told me that it concerned the will of the late Ms. Lee, but she wouldn’t tell me anything more.

The next day I put on my best suit and went to see the man. I have to tell you the place was imposing! It was known as the best legal office in the city, and I was glad I dressed up. It was so plush, and everything looked like it cost a fortune.

A pretty woman dressed to the nines showed me into Mr. Jacobsen’s office. He got up from his large desk and met me.

“Ethan, is it?” He asked, “So glad you could come down.”

“Yes, Sir, “I told him as we shook hands, and he told me to have a seat.

He got behind his desk again and pulled out a will, “First of all, let me offer you my condolences.”

“Thank you,” I replied, still not grasping that the Iron Lady was gone.

“We’ve done an exhaustive search, and Ms. Lee has no known living relatives. About a month ago, Ms. Lee had me draw up a new will. She wished to leave everything to you.”

I must have had my mouth drop open because he looked at me and waited until I could speak.


“Yes, we talked extensively about this, and she was adamant that you would be the best one to take over her considerable business empire.”


Jacobsen smiled, “Yes, and it’s international. Ms. Lee had several business investments in Asia.”

“So, what do I do now?” I asked him.

“This firm has been taking care of her legal matters, and other things she’s requested over the years. We are paid on a yearly retainer for our services. If you would like to continue with us, we’d offer you the same services for the same fee.”

Jacobsen filled me in on things for the next hour. In the end, I agreed and signed a few papers.

“That’s it,” He told me, “We’ll legally change all her accounts, and property to you. You won’t have to do a thing. If there is anything else we can do, just let me know.”

I’d recovered somewhat by then, and had an idea.

“There is one thing if you can do it.”

“What’s that?”

“Can you do whatever is necessary to change my last name.”

“Certainly, what would you like it to be?”

“Ethan Lee.”

“And the reason for that?” he asked.

“Two reasons,” I replied, “One is to pay tribute to Tami. The other is to make it hard for people I know to track me down and ask for money.”

“Very wise, and a nice tribute as well.”

Jacobsen took out three large Yellow envelopes that you would use to mail documents. Each one had an unbroken wax seal. They seemed very heavy as I took them.

“I was to give these to you in the event of her death,” He told me, “For your eyes only, and you can see that her seals are not broken.

“Congratulations, Ethan,” He said as we shook hands, “You’re a wealthy man.”

He gave me his card with his personal numbers on it.

“Call me for any reason at any time,” He said, “It’s all part of our service.”

I left with the big envelopes.


Tami’s funeral was more of a memorial service. She had been cremated and the urn on display as a preacher read for her. It was a sad affair; I won’t go into detail. About 20-30 people were attending besides Kevin, and I. All of them were employees from the various health clubs she owned. It did give me a chance to meet some of them that would soon find out they now worked for me. Jacobsen was sending out a formal letter to each club, letting them know it would be business as usual until I started making changes, if any.


The next couple of weeks were hectic. Kevin was filling in for my appointments as I had more important things to do. It took me a whole day to go through the envelopes Tami had left me. There was a heartfelt letter to me that I won’t repeat. The rest of the material was a list of bank accounts, banks, a code to her vault in the apartment that was hidden behind a bookcase above the gym.

I was surprised by the vault! You couldn’t even tell it was there unless you knew how to access it. It was a large walk-in safe with rows and rows of shelves. On the shelves were videos of every appointment. A large stack of cash, and neatly labeled books of profit/loss statements. Not only that but in the back was a computer and two monitors. You could illegal bahis record or watch the hidden cameras in the Masseur room.

On the wall hung keys to 6 different banks with safe deposit boxes. I spent all afternoon going to see what was in them after I was legally switched to the owner. Each one was huge and stacked high with cash. Too much to even count or guess. I certainly would never have to work again unless I wanted to.

I was going to need an accountant, and the best one I could think of was my mom. I’d given her the stacks of documents and asked her to tell me what they all meant. The most pressing problem I had was finding a new manager for the Colorado Springs operation. Jonathan Adams had said to me at the funeral he was going to retire as soon as I saw his replacement.

I’d also decided to move into Tami’s place as soon as it was cleaned out. I’d looked through everything, and found not one scrap of anything talking about the secret massage operations. Tami had been cautious to isolate herself. I planned on doing the same.

With more money than I knew what to do with, I had a cleaning crew remove all her things and donate them to charity. Once the apartment was ready, I moved what little I had and settled in. I told Kevin, and Skylar they could stay at the house as long as they wanted.


Two days after I’d moved in, my mom Karen stopped by after 5 PM to tell me what she thought of all the secret files I’d given her.

Joann brought her up the back elevator, and I met her at the door.

“Hi Ethan”

“Hi Karen, come on inside.”

I had to show her my new digs, and she liked it a lot.

We sat down in the office section, and I got her a glass of wine, and myself a cold, imported beer.

Sitting down on the big leather sofa, she stacked the envelopes between us.

“So, what did you think?” I asked her.

Karen took a sip of wine, “Your boss lady was some kind of genius!”

“How so?”

“From an accounting standpoint, Tami had tricks to cover and launder money that I don’t think anybody else even could guess.”

“That’s why you’re the only one I could trust to look at them,” I replied, “It’s all Greek to me.”

Karen smiled and drank some more wine before going on.

“Did you know that she has businesses in Singapore, Vietnam, and the Philippines?”

“The lawyer mentioned it.”

“Do you know what they do?”

“I guess the same massage thing we do.”

Mom snickered, “Ethan, it’s much more than that. She was running prostitution houses, escorts, and party girls, among whatever else is covered under “Miscellaneous” profits.”

“I didn’t know that!”

“And now that she left everything to you, you are in just as deep if you ever get caught.”

I thought about that, but I wasn’t too worried at the time.

“Do they make good money?” I asked.

“Each one makes you just under a million a year, “She replied, “Apparently selling sex is very profitable.”

I already knew it was but had no idea how much money Tami had actually been pulling in. It was still hard to get used to the idea I had all this money. It also looked like it would keep rolling in, but I was in over my head about the finances. I needed my mom to work for me.

“Karen,” I asked, “This is all too complicated for me to handle, would you be willing to work for me, and take over all the accounting?”

Mom drained her wine glass, “Can I have a refill?”

“Sure,” I told her and went over to the bar and refilled her glass.”

She came over and sat on a barstool. I went behind the bar and got the bottle out of the fridge. I was pouring, and I could see she was thinking hard about my offer.

“I don’t know Ethan, “She replied as I slid the glass across to her, “I’d end up being an accomplice in your dirty little businesses.”

“I have the best law firm in the state on retainer.”

“Do they know what’s involved?”

“Yes, they’ve been handling things for Tami for years.”

“Mmmm, I still don’t know if I want to risk it. Plus, Bill wants me to sell out and retire with him to Florida.”

“The Cement King guy?” I asked, “Are you going to?”

“I’m thinking along those lines. I’m pretty bored with doing tax returns by the hundreds.”

I had to convince her. I needed her talents.

“Perfect,” I told her, and opened another beer, “You can do everything by computer from wherever you live, and I’ll pay you whatever you want. I can’t trust anyone else with this.”

“Let me think about it for a bit,” She smiled, “So, tell me why you changed your name?”

I explained my reasons to her as she drank some more wine. Karen was still in her work clothes consisting of a black short sleeve blouse and black skirt. She really was an attractive woman, and I’d been so busy lately that I hadn’t even had any sex. As I looked at her and sipped my beer, my dick stirred in my pants to remind me of that.

“Ethan Lee,” Mom said at last, “It has a nice ring to it, and I don’t blame you for getting rid of your father’s name. He was an asshole.”

I had illegal bahis siteleri to laugh, “Glad you don’t mind me changing it.”

I decided that I’d try to get her in bed one more time.

“Well, “Karen said, “It’s against my better judgment, but I’ll help you.”

I walked around the bar as she turned to the side and faced me. She had kicked off her shoes and had her feet on the footrest. I went up to her and put my arms around her and looked her in the eyes.

“Thank you!” and I kissed her on the lips. She kissed me back, and I thought I had a chance.

“Your welcome and I hope we don’t end up in jail someday.”

I stood there and started to unbutton the first button on her blouse. She looked down at my hands and then smiled up at me.

“Ethan, what do you think you’re doing?”

“I thought maybe we could seal the deal,” I told her, and undid the second button, and quickly moved to the third one down.

“What if I don’t want to?”

So far, she hadn’t stopped me, and I kept going.

“Why, is Bill better in bed than me?” I asked as I pulled the front of her blouse open, and went to unfasten the front of her bra.

“He’s average,” She replied as I unhooked her bra and let her boobs free to my touch, “I think that with your skills, you’ve found the perfect line of work.”

I put my hands on both of her bare boobs and kissed her again. She kissed me back with more enthusiasm as I teased her nipples into hard points with my thumbs.

Karen stripped down to her panties as we got undressed at the edge of my new bed. We made out for a while in the center of the bed. Karen playing with my cock while I sucked on her nipples, and worked my way down to her panties. Karen lifted her butt and pulled them down for me. I pulled them off her legs and then spread her wide so that I could go down on her.

Karen made it to step 5 before she had a loud orgasm. She kept lifting her pussy up off the bed and holding my face tight against it with both hands as she yelled out. I loved how warm and wet her juicy pussy felt as I sucked her clit hard.

I wiped my face with my arm, and she attacked me. Rolling me onto my back, and going down on me. Taking my cock in one hand, and sucking the hell out of it. I just laid there enjoying it until she got on all fours.

I got behind her, and she was so wet I pushed up in her warm wet cunt that felt like melted butter.

“OH, OOooooooo!” Karen moaned, dropping her head lower, “Oh yessss fuck me, fuck me, baby!”

I held her hips and pounded her sloppy wet pussy for several minutes before I got off. The whole time she kept me even more excited by the way she was yelling for more and wanting it harder and faster. Mom or not, Karen was one hell of an exciting fuck!

It was even better when I came. I was overdue for a release, and shot so hard it made me yell a few times myself. Karen was right with me having another orgasm.

“OH GOD YES!” She yelled out, “CUM IN MEeeeeeee!, Ahhhh AHhhhh, OOOOhhhhhh GOD YES!”

I flopped down on my back out of breath when I was done. I was all sweaty, but Karen didn’t mind as she came over and grabbed my wilting wet cock.

“Ethan, the was the best,” She grinned, “You almost killed this old woman!”

Then she went down on me, and that made me jump as she sucked the sensitive tip of my dick and milked out the last of my cum. Then she cuddled up to me, and I teased her nipple with my finger as she hugged me.

Karen squeezed me, “Ethan, you know women are going to come out of the woodwork when they find out you are a rich man?”

I hadn’t even thought of that yet, “They are?”

“Yes, and you better be careful.”

“About what?”

“Some will try and get knocked up so they can get to your money. Keep that in mind before you decide to take one to bed.”

“I will thanks!”

Karen got up, “Can I use the shower?”

“Sure, I’ll join you.”

We headed for the hot shower, and then Karen got dressed, and headed back home. It had been a pleasant diversion from my busy schedule. The next thing on my list was to see Kevin and Skylar. I needed to ask Kevin if he would move to Colorado and take over being the manager. I knew it might mean I’d lose Skylar as well, but that was probably going to happen sooner or later.


“Hey!” I said as I walked in the door of the old place.

Kevin and Skylar were watching a movie and jumped up.

“DUDE!” Kevin greeted me.

“Hey Kev, hey Sky!”

“So, how’s my rich brother doing?” Sky asked, and came and hugged me.

“Okay, and how are you two doing?”

“Cool man,” Kevin replied, “Now that you’re the boss man, we can stay here forever!”

They followed me to the kitchen, and I grabbed three beers, “You better sit down for this.”

“What?” Sky asked, looking worried.

“Dude, what’s up, are you going to fire me?”

I settled down at the kitchen table facing them, “No, I have a job offer for you.”

“Cool, what is it?”

“I need a new manager in Colorado,” I told him, “I’m offering you the job to go run that canlı bahis siteleri gym.”

There was silence for a few seconds until Sky’s eyes lit up, “Does he have to keep massaging strange women?”

“Nope, you just manage the place,” I told Kevin, “You keep it making money, and I’ll pay you starting at $75K a year. Plus, you can pick any house on the books to live in at no charge.”

“No, shit!” Kevin said, “Dude count me in!”

I guess I was already starting to become a hard ass like Tami.

“If you fuck this up, I will have to fire you,” I told him, “Friendship only goes so far.”

“Man, you don’t have to worry about me. I’ll make us a bunch of money.”

“I want you to leave as soon as you can.”

“What about me?” Skylar asked him.

“I want you to come with me, babe!”

Skylar looked at me, and I could see a hint of sadness in her eyes, “Is that okay with you?” She asked me.

“It’s your life, Sky,” I told her, “I’ll miss you, but you have to live your own life.”

Skylar smiled really big, “I love you, Ethan! My big brother, the millionaire!”

I pulled out a check from my pocket. The very first business check I’d written.

“Here are some moving expenses for you, Kev, and whatever else you need to get settled in.”

Kevin picked up the check, and almost choked, Skylar was looking at it too.

“Holy shit!” She said when she saw it was for $50K, “Is this real?”

“Go cash it, and find out,” I told them.

Kevin kept looking at the check, “How come so much?”

“You are moving to snow country,” I said, “I think you better trade-in that Junker you drive and buy a 4-wheel drive truck or something. That piece of shit you have won’t even make it out there.”

“Cool! and your right, my car sucks!”

“How soon can you leave?”

“A week, maybe two,” Kevin replied.

“Fine by me,” I told them, and got up, “I’d love to stay, but I’m suddenly a busy man.”

Kevin kept starring at the check, but Skylar walked me to the door. As we went out the front, she closed it behind us.

“Ethan,” she said, “Is this all for real?”

I looked at the only woman I’d ever really been in love with. It was a shame that she was my sister, but some things can’t be helped.

“It is Sky,” I told her, “I don’t want you to go, but we’ve already been over how it has to be.”

“I know, it’s just that I want you, and Kevin both. Like it has been, having both of you.”

“You can come to see me anytime you want, on me.”

“Or you can come to see me.”

I started to leave again, and she followed me to the car. When I got to the SUV Skylar, put her arms around my neck. And kissed the hell out of my lips! I looked at the house, and Kevin was in the window watching. He just waved and then disappeared as Skylar gave me a tongue-ectomy.

“Ethan, you aren’t getting rid of me this easy,” Skylar told me when the kiss was over.

“I’m not getting rid of you, Sky. You told me it has to be this way.”

Skylar frowned, “I know it’s true, but you are forever my first love. The man I would marry and have children with. I can’t have that, but I wanted you to know if I could I’d kick Kevin out the door.”

My eyes got misty, and I needed to leave, “I love you, Skylar!”

“Get out of here before I start crying,” Skylar told me, “This isn’t over yet Ethan, maybe someday we can be together.”

“Changes can happen,” I replied, “Look what’s happened to me.”

“No shit!” Sky replied, “I still can’t believe it!”

I left on that positive note. I couldn’t help but hurt on the way back to the gym. I felt the hurt that love denied can cause. You want to be with that person and the pain from knowing that it would never be really sucks ass! All I could do was focus on what I could do. And that was to take control of my new empire. I owed it to Tami, and I was damned, sure not going to fail.


The next day I had one more problem to fix. I’d decided I needed to move to someplace away from everything. A new start with my new life. Ever since I was a little boy, I was fascinated by airplanes. I wanted to learn how to fly. Now I had the money to do it. But it meant I had to find someone to take over the gym. Not only that but if Kevin and I left, someone would have to run the current gym. And would have to find new masseurs to take our placea. The only idea I had was Joann.

After lunch, I phoned down to the front desk and asked Joann to come up and have a talk with me. She told me she’d be right up. She knew I was the new owner not only because I’d moved into Tami’s apartment, but Jacobsen had sent a formal letter to all the employees telling them I was the top dog now.

Joann knocked, and I let her in.

“Sir, you wanted to see me?” She asked when I opened the door.

“I did, come on in, and let’s have a chat.

I’d never paid much attention to her before. Tami had kept her squirreled away doing whatever. Now that I had time to concentrate on the problem at hand, I focused my attention on her. She was an American born Asian. Short with straight black hair. Maybe 5’3″ and not over 100 lbs. Soaking wet. She had a great smile and a nice thin build. She wore a silk blouse with a dragon emblazoned on the front. It had green eyes and was releasing fire from its mouth over her left breast.

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