The Four Sluts Pt. 14

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Double Penetration

“See ya babe, I’ll pick you up tomorrow morning.” Gentry dropped Kyra of in front of her house.

Kyra’s summer had been a crazy one to say the least. She started getting pretty serious with her boyfriend Gentry. They’d met each other’s parents and even traveled Europe for a few weeks. And she’d started her junior year, something she didn’t realize would be so stressful. Her teachers were loading her with homework.

But still, even after all the memorable adventures from the past few months it paled in comparison to the first time she caught her big sister Rachel fucking her dad.

Kyra remembered it like it was yesterday. She’d been walking up to her house like she was doing this moment, unawares of anything going on in the house. She’d gone into the kitchen and grabbed a few snacks before heading over to her room to read. On her way back she passed her parents room, and there was her sister, bouncing up and down, her tits jiggling and a big smile on her face. Her dad had been laying down on his back so she couldn’t see him, all she could see was his massive rod piercing Rachel’s cunt and his legs flexing to thrust. When Rachel caught sight of her little sister watching she bit her lip and started moaning and screaming.

“Oh yes dad, fuck me, fuck your baby girl. Put that daddy cock inside your daughter.”

“Fucking slut,” Kyra immediately recognized her dad. “I’m going to fill you up, you’re going to take all my cum.”

Kyra went to her room before she saw anymore, but she could still hear Rachels moans and pleasured screams, and her father’s grunts and demeaning commentary.

And from then on it seemed the two of them couldn’t stop fucking around Kyra. She went from catching them every week, to several times a week, to everyday, until finally she was catching them screw around twice a day. She caught them on her parents bed the most, but they were adventurous.

She once walked in on her dad plowing Rachel on the dining table, with Rachel on her knees, hands tied behind her back and her face on the table, hair disheveled. The table rocked and threatened collapse but stayed up. It was a weird family dinner later that night.

Kyra also found them in the garage, Rachel on her knees her nose in his pelvis, her tongue licking at his balls, the garage door wide open in broad daylight. Anyone walking by that took more then five seconds to look would notice what they were up to.

Kyra didn’t know when Rachel told their dad that Kyra knew, but he seemed bent on making sure Kyra saw them as much as possible. More than once he’d stare Kyra down, bliss on his face as he fucked his eldest daughter, and sometimes finished.

She didn’t know how they kept it from her mom. When it was the four of them they were a normal family. They watched tv and movies together, they ate dinner together, and they traveled together. But now Kyra was noticing all the tiny hints between Rachel and her dad. The side glances, the light touching when her mom wasn’t looking, and the inside joke laughs.

Kyra wasn’t sure what to make of it. At first, she was disgusted and horrified, but after seeing how big her dad was, and how well Rachel could take it with her skinny body Kyra ended up impressed. There was a big part of her that felt like she should be responsible and tell her mom, out of respect. But at the same time there was something holding her back. She really didn’t know how it would all go down and it could end up ruining a lot.

So, she didn’t say anything. Kyra never talked about it with either of them. There seemed to be a non-verbal agreement between the three of them that they’d never say anything. And now every interaction between Kyra and her dad was tense. She didn’t know with what, or what he was thinking, but every time he hugged her or kissed her on the cheek she felt on edge. Even a glance from him made her jump. She wasn’t afraid of him or anything like that, there was just this tense charge she couldn’t place. It was like he wasn’t looking at her but Rachel instead.

And Kyra understood if her dad was attracted to her. Rachel and Kyra had a lot of similar characteristics. They were both lithe and both had striking features that drew every eye. Kyra was shorter, and her breasts were a little bigger than Rachel’s, and her hair was darker. Even when their mom was around Kyra could feel her dad’s eyes on her.

As she walked into her house she was once more met with the incestuous image of her father sitting naked on the couch buried deep into Rachel’s mouth who was also naked, on her knees and between their dad’s legs servicing him.

“That’s a good girl,” Thomas balled up a fistful of Rachel’s hair and forced her down even further. Kyra could hear her older sister choking. “I’m so proud of you baby. A daughter should be able to throat the cock that made her.” Kyra’s skin crawled when he said that and she rushed to her room. But she could still hear them.

Rachel resurfaced with a big grin, “Dad, I want to drink your sperm. You should cebeci escort shoot that cum right down your daughter’s throat. Come on use your daughter like a sex doll.” Rachel swallowed him back up.

Thomas was close, very close. “Fucking hell, how did I raise such a little slut, how did your mother and I create such an incredible little whore.” Rachel could tell her dad was on the brink. She fucked her throat on his cock until he got up to his feet and pounded down on her tight frame. He shot his load deep down Rachel’s begging gullet, not letting a drop be wasted. They cleaned up and got dressed together

Later that evening the three of them were eating dinner.

“Are you excited for your eighteenth tomorrow?” Rachel asked Kyra.

Kyra took a small bite of chicken, “Yeah I guess.” She was honestly, but she was still weirded out by the two of them.

“Come on it’ll be fun. The three of us will go get dinner, maybe go to the beach. And I think your grandpa is swinging by to.” Thomas said. “It’s too bad your mother won’t be here for it. But when she get’s back we can all do something.” Rachel and Kyra’s mom had been sent on a two-week business trip that’d make her miss Kyra’s birthday.

“Oh, and Kyra let me drive you to school tomorrow, you know, an extra little present for you.” Rachel offered.

“Oh, it’s okay, Gentry was going to drive me tomorrow.”

But Rachel waved her off, “He goes to a totally different school, cut him some slack. I’ll drive the both of us.”

Kyra couldn’t argue with that.

Shortly after midnight Thomas opened the door to his daughter’s room, followed closely by Rachel. The two of them snuck into the dark room, Rachel in her tiny running shorts and half shirt, Thomas stark naked and penis at full mast.

“You put the medicine in her water?” He whispered.

“Yeah dad.” Rachel didn’t whisper as she flicked the lights on.

Lying on the bed in the middle of the room was Kyra. She was wearing panties and her own half shirt. Rachel leaned down to her deeply sleeping sister and peeled off her panties to expose her eighteen-year-old teenage pussy. Rachel stripped her own clothes off and Thomas was gifted with the view of his two daughters shaved cunts.

Rachel licked at Kyra’s young pussy, slowly playing with it with her tongue. Kyra started breathing heavily in her sleep. Thomas slipped into Rachel’s pussy and she inhaled with a happy giggle. Thomas was overwhelmed by the view. Kyra was starting to writhe with a wrinkle on her brow and a hint of a shy smile.

Rachel was panting into her sister’s sex, a devious laugh as her daddy fucked her.

“I can’t wait for the three of us to fuck.” Rachel sucked on Kyra’s clit and Kyra yelped pleasure in her sleep. “She’s going to love her father’s cock so much.” Rachel was breathless as Thomas thrusted harder and harder into his daughter’s cunt. She passionately made out with Kyra’s sex who was moaning and writhing in her sleep.

“Yes, Yes, Oh my…Oh My gah…Oh my god.” Kyra was tossing her head as her sex dream took over.

“I think she’s ready dad.” Rachel breathed.

Thomas pulled out of Rachel who bit her lip slyly. Kyra’s skin beaded with sweat as Thomas lined up his wet cock with her begging cunt.

“Happy eighteenth baby.” Thomas filled Kyra’s vagina and she gave a deep inhale as daddy dick filled her slowly, until he was balls deep. Thomas was face to face with his sleeping daughter, her face with a shamed but pleased look.

Thomas slowly fucked Kyra, savoring her tight and hot pussy, taking the ecstasy of his genetics in as she breathed in heavily. He sucked and bit on her breasts, paying special attention to her erect nipples and began pumping in and out of her faster and faster. Rachel bent down to lick at Kyra’s clit and fondle her daddy’s balls.

“Oh yes, that’s it baby girl, suck on my balls.” Thomas angled a leg up so Rachel could wrap her mouth around them taking one then both into her mouth and swirling them with her tongue. Thomas was thrusting hard now, but slow, enjoying every inch of his daughter’s insides. Kyra was panting, shouting out a nameless lover.

“Kyra’s pussy is so tight.” Thomas breathed. He was getting close now. Being first on Kyra’s birthday was overwhelming for him, and Rachel’s tongue on what was exposed of his cock was like lightning striking up his spine. “I think I’m going to cum.”

Thomas whipped his dick out of his sleeping daughter and Rachel crawled on top of her sister. Thomas pierced Rachel’s begging ass and she squealed with fluttering eyes and Thomas pumped faster and faster as Rachel squealed and sucked on her sister’s neck. Finally, Thomas grunted loudly and filled Rachel’s sphincter with his cum. With his cock still in her ass Thomas carried Rachel out to his bedroom.

The next morning Kyra woke up wet from her sex dream. It was so vivid and strange. She was filling herself with a huge dildo as she watched Rachel and her dad fuck. She’d been cebeci escort bayan having sex dreams about her dad since she first caught the two of them. It was impossible to avoid with it always on her mind now. But this was the first time she ever felt it so real and was left so much hungrier.

With all this in her head she hopped into Rachel’s car. They were driving for a few minutes before Rachel said something Kyra had stopped preparing for, for awhile now.

“So, we never really talked about me and dad did we.”

Kyra suddenly felt very hot. Without anything to say she just shrugged.

“I appreciate that you never told mom. Dad didn’t seem to care either way, but it just would have been so awkward.”

“I honestly just didn’t want to make things more difficult.” Kyra was feeling uncomfortable in her seat.

“So, you don’t mind?” Rachel looked legitimately worried that her sister would think less of her.

“I mean, I guess not. As long as mom doesn’t find out. I don’t want to have to go through all that. And try to tone it down a bit. You’re going to get caught by more than me one day.”

Rachel giggled, “I know you’re right, but dad’s dick is just so big. Whenever he’s inside me it feels so disgusting and wrong, I feel like the worst human in the world. But it feels so right.”

“That good?”

“You have no idea. As his daughter I just feel like I should be his slut. Like I belong between his legs all the time.” Rachel didn’t say if she thought Kyra should be the same way, and Kyra didn’t ask for fear of the answer. Instead she squirmed silently, she didn’t know what to say and felt so uncomfortable. In the end they parked and walked into the school.

As usual Kyra was too late to hang out with her friends, so she went straight to class. On her way the football captain came up to her.

“Hey Kyra, I heard it’s your eighteenth today.” Him and his posse formed a semicircle around her, pressing her towards the wall. It wasn’t the first time he’d approached her, and she was creeped out every time. He was a broad and dark skinned, and tall even for his peers. “Lucky for your boyfriend huh? He’s older right, must have been pretty patient.”

“Guys, I have to get to class.” Kyra was aware of how she was dressed. Ever since her sister and her friends started a new trend of being whores the dress had changed dramatically through the whole school. And Kyra was no exception. To assimilate to the times, she was wearing tiny jean shorts, her ass hanging out shamelessly and a tiny halter top that exposed most of her bra. At least she was wearing underwear, unlike most of the eighteen-year old’s in the school.

“Come on sexy, let us get you some experience before Frenchy takes your virginity tonight.” The captain was caressing her inner thigh, sliding his finger up and down her smooth skin. His friends were touching her hair and arms. “Your sister’s never had complaints.” Kyra was scared of how much tingling she was feeling from their fingers.

Then the bell rang, “Sorry guys, maybe next time.” She was able to slip buy them and make her way to her history class, for once not dreading it.

History had always been one of her harder classes. But teachers had been resigning left and right all year long and the school had to hire new ones, always with some backstory that could never be corroborated, and now most of the teachers were men. And Kyra thought Rachel might know why. In any case her history teacher was one of the first to go. She’d been a nice middle-aged woman who was always excited to talk endlessly and go on tangents. Now their new teacher was a younger man. Mr. Coffe was in his thirties, tall and broad shouldered. He probably would have been pretty sexy if wasn’t so harsh in class. Kyra’s grade was starting to seriously drop now, a fact not lost on her teacher.

Half way though class Mr. Coffe cleared his throat loud enough for everyone to hear. He was at his computer, eyes glazed over the screen only moments before. “Now if everyone could please turn in the homework from last night.” To Kyra’s sudden horror the entire class started to walk up to the front to hand in their homework, which Kyra didn’t even know about.

When it became obvious she was the only one without the worksheet Mr. Coffe raised an eyebrow at her. “Where’s your work miss.”

“I didn’t know we had any.” Kyra tried not to sound desperate, but she didn’t want her grade to go down any lower.

“You didn’t get my email last night?” He asked too genuinely.

“No, I didn’t get any emails I promise.”

“I sent it out to the entire class missy, as you can see.” Mr. Coffe arrogantly motioned a hand out to display all the turned in homework. Kyra didn’t really have an answer for him. She didn’t get any emails, and that was that. She was struggling to find an answer when he spoke up. “It’s your birthday today, isn’t that right?”

Kyra nodded.

“Why don’t you come up here?”

To her great annoyance escort cebeci Kyra walked up to the front of the class, as several calls of ‘happy birthday’ were thrown at her. Usually she’d enjoy the attention, but Mr. Coffe was notorious for embarrassing you in front of the class by asking impossible to know facts.

“It’s your eighteenth correct?” Mr. Coffe asked.

Kyra reluctantly nodded but tried to stay relaxed, “Yep, I’m legal now.”

“That you are.” That’s when Kyra felt a hand fondle her tight ass. She went stone cold, uncertain of what to do. He wasn’t subtle, everyone was watching him. “That means you have to be treating like an adult, especially when you’ve done something wrong. Don’t you agree?”

“Yes,” Kyra’s voice was small. His hand was still fondling her ass and making its way up her shorts.

Mr. Coffe pulled her shorts down to the floor, “Good. I’m going to make sure that you’re responsible like an adult, I think it’ll be a good lesson for the rest of the class. Right everyone?”

There were cheers and laughs as Mr. Coffe shoved Kyra up against his desk and pulled her panties off. Kyra’s heart was pumping, and her legs were trembling. She’d never been or felt so vulnerable or exposed. It was the ‘you came to school without pants’ nightmare to a whole new level.

Suddenly she felt a cold liquid spreading between her ass cheeks, Mr. Coffe’s lips were at her ear, “You have no idea how much I paid to have your ass first.” His hands were slowly sliding up her top to her erect nipples and full tits.

Kyra wanted to say something, get him to stop, but the looks her classmates were giving her kept her rooted. They were enjoying this, they wanted to see this go to the last, and fear had her cold.

Mr. Coffe’s dick was passing in between her ass cheeks and Kyra could tell. His cock pressed up against her rosebud and she breathed hard. When it finally did slip in he pulled her halter top off over her head as she tried catching her breath. She didn’t know how much was in but it had to be a lot because she was feeling like she was being split in half. But she was shocked when he kept going. Further and further, it was like it had no end. And the deeper he stuck it in the wider she was stretching. She was panting, then she was squealing, then to screaming, to heaving and hoeing. She was butt naked in front of her whole class, a cock the size she’d only imagined before was now stuck deep in her rectum and beads of sweat were running down her smooth skin. Mr. Coffe lifted her up and a jolt of lightning shot up her spine and she screamed out in pain, shivers curling down her back. He placed her knees on the desk and spread them out, lowering her down on his long and thick cock.

Finally, he had no more to put in. He wrapped his hands around her neck. Hair was hanging down her face as he leaned into her ear. “Are you going to promise to bring your work on time from now on.” He slowly started fuck her.

Kyra whimpered as his cock, “Yes I promise I’ll be better.”

Suddenly he thrust hard into her and she screamed. “Say you’re sorry.”

Kyra was panting. The pain radiating from her ass was reaching her toes and fingers, tingling with electricity. “I’m sorry Mr. Coffe, I’m so, so, SO sorry.” She screamed at another deep thrust.

He tightened around her throat and she was lightheaded, she didn’t know what to do with her hands, but she found them on her stomach.

“Don’t you think you should be thankful for being taught a lesson?” He was pumping harder now, and not losing gas.

“Yes sir. Thank you, thank you for punishing me. I’ve learned, I’ll be better.” She panted between each word and grew into screaming. He wasn’t gentle with her. His cock was meaty and hard like stone, and when Mr. Coffe was in his throws of unrelenting lust Kyra’s vision blurred. She never imagined taking dick in her ass before, let alone it being so intense, but she was officially overwhelmed. She couldn’t tell if her body was shaking from her anal climaxes or from his powerful fucking. “Oh fuck, oh my god, you’re rearranging my insides! I can’t, I can’t breathe.”

She felt his hand yank back on her hair, another on her clit fingering it and bringing her to another forced climax. “From now on ladies, if you’re eighteen consider this extra credit.” He slapped Kyra’s ass and she yelped out loudly. “Don’t get too excited. This is a punishment for you.”

Through half lidded eyes Kyra could see her class enjoying her humiliation. The guys were lustful, even the girls looked a little jealous of all the attention she was getting, but mostly they seemed to think it was a great way to put down the little sister of one of the attention whores in school. Several phones were out taking videos of Kyra. She didn’t know how quickly they’d spread, but Kyra was worried gentry would see them. And suddenly a great pang of guilt hit Kyra in the stomach and she moaned out load, a deep hungry feeling being filled inside her.

Before she could think too much about it Mr. Coffe grunted loud and slapped her ass as he shot his hot cum inside her begging and gaping asshole. Kyra could feel the hot streaks fill her insides, and when he finally slipped out of her after a few good pumps for measure, she could feel the semen dripping down her legs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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