The Family Ch. 02

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Loretta dropped a stack of Sam’s freshly folded clothes on the end of his bed. It didn’t matter if you were a lawyer, even a part-time one; someone still had to do the washing. She was pleased with the way her son had become much more involved in their lives. Since she had taken him as a second lover she and her husband and Sam had felt much closer to one another. She had watched Rosie closely over the following months and hadn’t noticed anything about her daughter’s behaviour to indicate that she knew about the relationship that had developed between Sam and his parents, but Loretta was still concerned. She and David and Sam had talked about Rosie several times and they all understood the need for discretion. They had all agreed that they needed to ensure that Rosie knew she was part of the family; they had organised a special surprise party for her eighteenth birthday, secretly inviting all her friends from school and the various sports teams she played on and it had been a huge success. And there had been several family outings; dinners and day-trips that everyone had enjoyed.

None of this made it any easier for Loretta. Having two loving partners in the house meant she was positively spoilt, getting fondled and fondling at all sorts of intimate, unexpected times. She smiled to herself; the act of making love with her husband and son, singly or together, had become far more enjoyable than she had ever thought possible and all three of them seemed to have developed an insatiable hunger for sex that made their indulgences even sweeter. She straightened up just as Sam stepped into the room behind her.

“Hey mom.”

“Hello sweetie, here’s your washing. Please don’t leave it out here all week like you did last time.”

“But it’s so convenient,” he protested. “I just get up, grab whatever’s on top of the pile and I’m set.”

“And it makes your room look really untidy having clothes lying around all over the place” Loretta admonished him. She was being serious; it really did annoy her. Sam was nearly twenty now and she felt that it was high time he began to act more like an adult. “All you have to do is put them away; I’m the one who washed and folded them for you. It’ll only take a minute, now put them away. Come on, right now.”

Sam grumbled, but he did as he was told. Loretta sat down on the edge of the bed and watched as he moved around the room, putting things in the closet and drawers. When he’d finished he stood in the middle of the room with a ‘Satisfied?’ look on his face.

“There, that wasn’t too hard was it?” she asked giving him an arch look.

“I suppose not,” he said grudgingly.

“And now you’ve got a nice tidy room for doing things in.”

“Like what sort of things?” Sam looked at his mother. He recognised the tone in her voice and the look in her eye so he wasn’t really surprised when she reached out, grabbed his hand and pulled him closer to her. She looked up at him and began rubbing the crotch of his track pants with a firm hand, smiling as she felt him respond, his penis becoming firm beneath the loose-fitting material and he smiled back at her.

“When did we last make love darling?” she asked.

“Last weekend.” He moaned quietly as Loretta pulled his track pants down, eased his thickening cock out and enclosed the head in her warm sensuous mouth “Oh mom…that’s so good…”

She moaned in response. Loretta had always enjoyed giving David blow jobs; she loved the feel of his penis in her mouth, loved making him climax with her mouth, loved the feeling of his semen welling up into her mouth and it’s taste and Sam’s cock was equally as beautiful as her husband’s, not to mention how wonderful his ejaculations were. It had taken a bit of practice but she was now able to swallow his entire load and there was no evidence that the volume he delivered was reducing at all. Loretta had half-wondered if the first time had simply been a symptom of Sam’s arousal but his semen was just as plentiful as the first time he had exploded in her mouth in front of the fire that cold wintry afternoon. She continued sucking him strongly as she cupped his balls, feeling their weight, gently squeezing and tickling. Sam struggled to remain focussed.

“Mom…” He slipped a hand down inside the neck of her loose blouse, down to enclose the warm soft flesh of one of her breasts cupped in the lacy bra she was wearing. Loretta sighed happily and moved on the bed, shifting so he could caress her more easily. His cock felt beautiful in her mouth.

“Mom, I want your cunt.”

She smiled around him. Sam had been reluctant at first to use words like that but, with encouragement, he was getting more comfortable and it always gave her a thrill to hear him talking to her when things were getting heated. She pulled her mouth off him with an audible ‘pop’.

“Well if that’s the way you feel…” She stood up and unbuttoned the light slacks she was wearing. Spring was moving on and the weather was warming up beautifully so there was really no need to be wearing warm clothes these days and Loretta could feel the familiar excitement building in her, anticipation sincan escort of the pleasure she and her son were about to give each other. Sam pulled his top off, stepped out of his track pants and pushed his underwear down as well, kicking them away as Loretta pulled her clothes off. She straightened up after she was naked and looked at him, smiling.

“What would you like darling?”

Sam moved quickly, lying down on his bed, beckoning her over onto him. She laughed and moved to position her vagina over his mouth. Sam watched, loving the sight of his mother’s hairy cunt spreading as she opened her legs and swung herself over his head, lowering, her scent getting stronger as he craned his neck to get his first taste of her. A satisfied moan escaped him as the soft lips of her vagina met his mouth and he pushed his tongue into her as the tip of his nose butted against her wrinkled anus. Loretta fell forward, lifted his hard cock to her mouth and began devouring him again. The feeling of his cock sliding in and out between her lips filled her with joy and she loved running her fingers around it, stroking the thick veined shaft and teasing his sack as her saliva coated the hard flesh.

Sam slid his hands around either side of his mother’s hips until his fingers were either side of her wet opening. He pressed the soft warm flesh and gently parted her sex, delighting in the sound of her moan as he pushed his tongue further into her, licking the moist pink opening and sucking her nectar into his mouth. Sam had decided that he loved oral sex, giving and receiving, although mostly giving. He loved the feeling of his mother’s cunt, loved the taste, loved the scent, loved that it obviously gave her pleasure. Seeing Loretta orgasm as a result of his tongue working as she’d taught him filled him with real satisfaction and his own climaxes were even more intense now that he was maturing as a lover, getting used to the nuances and techniques as his mother taught and encouraged him. His cock was hard and proud in her mouth now and Sam moved his tongue down onto the engorged nub of her clitoris. The hood was spread wide and he slid effortlessly over the hard pink button, licking and teasing and stimulating. Loretta moaned again and lifted her mouth off his penis.

“Oh…” She let her head rest on his thigh as her hand continued jerking him firmly, pulling the thick shaft to her lips so she could kiss the sensitive head tenderly “oh darling…that feels so good. Lick me…Sam, oh Sam…oh, lick my cunt darling…”

Sam could feel her starting to tremble and he moved his hands up to grasp her large buttocks, gripping the warm flesh firmly. He knew that Loretta was getting close to climax and he wanted to be sure he got all of her nectar.

“Darling…” She lifted herself off him, rocked her hips and pushed her cunt down onto his mouth. She could feel her orgasm building now and Sam opened his mouth wide as he licked and tongued her clit as fast as he could. Her liquid coated his face and more of it dripped from the fleshy lips as she shuddered above him.

“SAM…! Oh, darling…I’m coming…!”

Sam grunted as he felt his mother begin to climax into his mouth. He planted his lips over the hairy wet opening and sucked and sucked as Loretta shook and moaned, her hands clasping his thighs for support while she ground her cunt into his mouth. She gasped for breath and rocked and moaned as her son licked her through her orgasm, his tongue skilfully moving between her lips to ensure he got all the sweetness from her moist opening. She knelt above him, eyes closed as the ecstasy rolled over her, filling her, another orgasm from one of her beautiful lovers. Eventually, after the sensations had ebbed, she clambered off him and, still moaning, subsided onto the bed beside him. She reached out and took his hand, squeezing it gently.

“My darling boy. You lick me so well.”

Sam smiled at her.

“Mom, I love your cunt.”

Loretta beamed at him.

“You know I love hearing you say things like that dear. I want to fuck, but let me get my breath back.”

Sam lifted his hard cock off his belly and began masturbating gently.

“Do you want some of this mom?”

She lifted her head to see what he was doing.

“Now don’t tease me” she said, mock cross. He grinned at her.

“I think you do.”

“Sam, you know I want it…”

“How? How would you like me to fuck you mom?”

Loretta couldn’t stand it any longer. She was still tingling from her climax but she hauled herself up to a kneeling position beside Sam and turned to face him.

“I want you,” she said in a husky voice “to fuck me from behind. I want to feel you slide your hard cock” and she leant over and planted a kiss on the swollen head of his penis as he continued stroking it slowly, grinning at her “up into my cunt and I want you to fuck me until you come…” and she smiled at him with one eyebrow raised. Sam let go of his cock and sat up.

“Sounds good to me” he said with a wolfish grin.

Loretta laughed delightedly. As he clambered up off sincan escort bayan the bed and moved behind her she positioned herself, turning to kneel at the edge of the bed, her legs spread wide for him, leaning forward on her elbows, her breasts hanging free on her chest. She looked back over her shoulder as her young lover moved to stand between her spread legs. The height of the bed positioned her vagina perfectly for him to enter her from a standing position behind her. Sam placed a hand on her buttocks, caressing the ample soft flesh, trailing fingers down over her anal ring to the moist hairy lips of his mother’s vagina. His other hand held his penis again and she smiled as she felt the head press against her opening. He was becoming much more assured as a lover; she closed her eyes as she felt him push gently and then, as her lips parted to accept him, both of them breathed out in pleasure at the feeling of her surrounding him as he slid deep into her.

“Is that nice mom?” he asked in a strained voice.

“Sam darling, it feels so good. I want you to fuck me. Fuck me, come in me. I want your come in me so badly.”

Sam pulled out of her achingly far, almost coming free of her warmth. He gazed down at his mother’s cunt and at his cock, glistening, coated as it was in her slippery lubricant.

“I love fucking you mom.”

Loretta smiled to herself.

“I love fucking you too Sam.”

He pushed again and this time the motion was harder, more urgent, giving in to the need to feel her, to fuck her, to pleasure her and himself and his penis. Loretta’s vagina was wet, so wet that soon the room was filled with the sound of it sucking and slurping on his thick shaft as he began pumping in and out, her warm liquid coating both of their sexes.

She slid a hand down between her parted legs, brushing languidly through the curly bushy pussy to the pink slit in her crotch, her fingers moving to the slippery bud of her clitoris, touching, stroking the sensitive erect fleshy button as she moaned at the sensations of her son fucking her with his hard penis, thrusting into her, filling her hot tunnel, his thighs slapping against the curve of her ass as she rocked back to meet him. The two lovers slipped into the rhythm of each others bodies and it felt good for both of them; in synch with each other, Loretta kneeling naked on the bed with Sam naked as well, standing behind her with his hands on her hips so that he could pull himself right up into his mother, which was right where she wanted him. Loretta’s breathing was becoming laboured and Sam could feel his own orgasm building. The sight of his mother’s bottom in this position was always arousing for him and he could feel and see his wet cock sliding between the parted hairy lips. Sam was happy his mother liked to make love in this position because it was one of his favourites too. He could feel his body moving effortlessly, driving his hard cock as his hips swung back and forth and he knew Loretta was masturbating in concert with his movement. He could also feel the muscles in her groin contracting around him and he knew she was getting close as well. Loretta rubbed her clit mercilessly, mashing the swollen shaft where it lay, pink and slippery and glistening with her juice which seeped from her, coating her lips and her fingers as she rubbed and groaned and gasped under the onslaught of her son’s thrusts.

She felt Sam stiffen and heard him groan as well and then his hips jerked and she knew he was coming and knowing that his seed was spurting into her filled her with such joy that she began to climax as well, pushing back against him harder as she felt his swollen penis thrust into her, felt his balls slap against her hand, still rubbing, massaging herself through her climax, panting and gasping, her cunt squeezing her son’s cock as he pushed himself deep into her, his hips pressing against the soft warm flesh of her buttocks as his hot sticky semen flooded her wet tunnel. Sam leant forward and kissed his mother on the shoulder as his orgasm passed and he reached around and gently caressed her breasts, teasing the nipples between his fingers.

Loretta giggled and Sam laughed in spite of himself.

“What?” he asked, enjoying the feeling of her breasts in his hands.

Loretta groaned happily as she felt him begin to soften and a few minutes later he slipped from her warmth. She knew what to expect and she kept her hand in place beneath her vagina. Sure enough, a large dollop of her son’s semen slid from within her and dropped wetly onto her out-spread palm.

Sam straightened up and, exhausted, turned to sit on the edge of the bed beside his mother. Loretta rolled over and sat on the bed as well, leaning against the wall, her legs comfortably spread, her vagina parted, a wet sticky hairy beautiful mess between her thighs. She grinned at her son and then slowly, deliberately, lifted the hand to her mouth and, closing her eyes in sheer pleasure, licked her palm clean, smiling as she felt his thick come slide down her throat. She opened her eyes to find Sam watching her as she continued escort sincan licking, cleaning the last traces of him off her hand. She smiled and he smiled back.

“Sometimes I can’t believe how lucky I am.” she said.

Sam grinned.

“Me too.” He struggled up from the bed and Loretta watched as he began pulling his clothes on again. He pulled his briefs up and then grabbed his sweat pants but as he straightened up, pulling the elasticized waist over his hips, his head whipped up and he stared at the door.

“What is it darling?” asked Loretta.

Sam said nothing, but in three steps he was at the door. They were alone in the house so neither of them had bothered to close it as they began making love and it hung partly open. He pulled it fully aside, stepped out into the hall and walked along to the top of the stairs. Rosie’s bedroom door was still shut and he could see and hear nothing now. He paused for a moment, silent. Nothing. He turned and walked back down the hall to his room.

“What is it Sam?” asked his mother again.

Sam shrugged.

“Thought I heard something”

He grabbed his shirt and pulled it on over his head as Loretta eased herself off the bed and began dressing as well.

Up the hall, Rosie stood motionless on the other side of her closed bedroom door, amazed at the feeling of her heart thumping in her chest. Her vagina throbbed in her crotch and she started to wish she could take the time to masturbate. She exhaled silently, not realising she’d been holding her breath. After swim practice Alyssa’s mom had offered her a seat in their car. Rosie generally preferred to walk so she could enjoy the fresh air but today, unusually, she had chosen to accept the ride. And now she was home early.

She hadn’t tried to be quiet when she opened the front door. She hadn’t made a point of carrying her bag with its wet swim suit and towel down to the laundry silently. Noting there was nobody in the lounge or kitchen, she had gone upstairs thinking maybe Sam was out and Loretta was having a rest. Her parent’s room was opposite Sam’s but she hadn’t thought about the fact that, having left her shoes in the alcove just around the corner by the front door, her feet would make no sound on the carpeted floor of the hall. Two steps from Sam’s door she heard a sound; her mother’s voice, sighing.

“Lick me…Sam, oh Sam…oh, lick my cunt darling…”

Rosie had frozen, motionless, silent, listening. There was no window at the end of the hall so it was a bit of a dim dark corner. She took the last two steps to the door jam and peeked into the room. What she saw made her eyes go wide and her mouth fall open, slack.

Her mother lay, naked, on top of Sam where he lay on his bed, her bare breasts resting on his stomach, her hips positioned directly over his head, her legs spread wide with her knees either side of his shoulders. In the split second before she jerked her head back Rosie saw that Sam was naked as well and his penis was erect. She had seen him nude plenty of times but never had she seen him like that…hard and…so thick. She also saw that Loretta had a hand wrapped around it and that she was moving it slowly, up and down, up and down as she gazed at her son’s penis and moaned and panted as Sam obviously did…oral sex between her thighs.

Scarcely breathing, steeling herself, Rosie turned slowly, peeking round the corner in the dim light, looking through the gap afforded between the partly closed door and it’s wooden frame as she heard her mother’s voice murmuring again.


Rosie had watched the entire scene, glued to the door frame, silent, enthralled, envious. She knew what sex was. She knew it was supposed to be enjoyable. She also knew her parents made love, although she’d never watched them. Two of her friends at school were no longer virgins and each of them had privately told her about it in great detail but neither of them had described it in terms that came anything close to the joy and love and fun and pleasure that she was witnessing here. Julie had even told her that it hurt but her mother, far from being in pain, had obviously enjoyed every second of it just as much as Sam.

Rosie had been masturbating from quite a young age so she knew what an orgasm was, knew how enjoyable it could be. She had seen Loretta arch her back and climax as she knelt over Sam’s head and she had watched and listened as her mother had instructed Sam, taking control of the situation, dictating how she wanted him to make love to her.

“…I want to feel you slide your hard cock up into my cunt and I want you to fuck me until you come…”

Standing in her room, panting with growing need, Rosie played the words over and over through her mind; the sound of them, the tone of Loretta’s voice. Rosie had watched as her brother had pushed his hard penis…his cock…into his mother’s vagina and she’d watched and listened to the sounds of their bodies and the sounds of their enjoyment as they shared the experience of making love to each other, so natural, so…physical. The image of Sam standing behind his mother, knees slightly bent, hands either side of the small of her back, hips rocking rhythmically back and forth, driving his penis…his cock…into Loretta with such force her mother’s whole body shook and swayed on the bed was etched into her mind, as was the spectacle of him climaxing.

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