The Drive Ch. 01

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Being tall, I have the perfect view of them in the rear view mirror of the car to see what my uncle and his daughter, my cousin, are doing. We are on a road trip to San Antonio for a vacation before Kayli and I go off to college. At this particular time I was asked to drive and my uncle slipped in the back seat with Kayli. I know about my cousin and her father having

I lean back into the front seat as I hear them kissing. I can also see my uncle has already fished out those big breasts of Kayli’s from under her shirt. My uncle’s hands look small on those big breasts as I watch him play with them. My hand slips down to my own pants as I watch him start to suck and lick at my cousins breasts.

I see Kayli give me a smile in the rear view and then my uncle raise up a bit. I hear clothes sliding down and begin my rubbing my pussy hard through my pants. Soon Kayli’s head goes down in the rear view mirror followed by sucking and slurping sounds. I slide my hands down the front of my pants. I don’t have any panties and as my fingers touch my pussy, I feel the juices that are already flowing from it. My pussy is smooth without the faintest hair. I am adamant about keeping shaved when it comes to hair.

I pull off to the side of the road and cut the car off. I then slowly turn a little in the front seat to get a better view. I end up turning completely around when I see that my uncle has his head laid back into the seat and his eyes closed. Low moans escape his mouth as Kayli sucks his cock. I slip two fingers up into my wet pussy as I watch her use her hand and mouth on his cock. I am fingering my pussy vigorously as I watch Kayli’s head bobbing up and down on his cock.

Kayli reaches under his cock and starts to play with his balls. She uses her mouth, tongue and hand on his cock while her other plays with his balls. My own juices are flowing freely when I look at his cock. I have to clamp my mouth tightly shut as I start to orgasm all over my fingers. My eyes go shut as my orgasm rocks through my body.

When I open them, I see that my uncle has his hand on Kayli’s head and he is helping her by pushing it up and down onto his cock. I look to him and see him looking right at me. He just smiles at me as he starts to moan.

“I’m going to cum baby,” my uncle yells out as he lets go of Kayli’s head.

Kayli has never been one to swallow cum and it seems nice that her father gives her warning. Kayli takes her mouth off of his cock and she pumps at it with her hand. I watch as my uncle’s cock seems to swell as it throbs in her hand. He moans loudly as his cock starts to spurt out blasts of cum. It shoots out in long, thick streams, falling back onto Kayli’s hand as she pumps on it.

I moan as I watch his cum shoot from his cock and as I dig my two fingers back into my own pussy. I have another orgasm myself as I watch his cum flow from his cock. I give them both that little, evil smile of mine before turning back around and sitting back down in the front seat. I start the car up and get back onto the road.

After a few hours of travel, the gas light comes on and we pull into a gas station with a small mom and pop restaurant connected to it.

“I have to go pee,” my uncle says. “You girls want some food while I’m out?”

He steps out from the car and looks at me with his lovely eyes as another smile comes over his face.

“Just something to drink, Daddy,” Kayli says from the back seat.

“I want a big hot dog,” I say to him, flashing him a sexy, little smile back.

As I watch him walk away, my pussy twitches. I turn to Kayli n the back seat and I say, “Damn girl, your Dad does have a nice, big cock and you sucked him so damn good too.”

Kayli just smiles at me and replies, “Now remember, Cynthia that is all you can do is just suck his cock. He’s all mine

Kayli demetevler escort just smiled and replied, “Now remember, Janet that is all you can do is just suck his cock.”

I know, I say as I will be happy with taking his next load into my mouth. Unlike my cousin, I love to swallow a guy’s cum.

I get out and pump the gas and just as I am getting into the car my uncle returns to the car with drinks and two hot dogs. He hands me the items through the window. I softly rub my hand against his as I take the bags from him. I cannot believe it when he smiles at me and he rubs his hand against mine when he hands them to me.

He gets into the back seat and Kayli leans up to get their drinks and my uncle’s hot dog. She gives me a wink as she takes the stuff from me. I know she is up to something. She turns and starts to hand the hot dog to her father and says, “You can only have this hot dog is Cynthia can have yours.”

“What?” my uncle asks.

“Cynthia wants to suck your cock, Daddy.” Kayli says.

“And you’re going to let her?” he asks. “I know how you are Kayli. You even get mad when your mother has sex with me.”

“It’s okay her sucking your cock, Daddy,” Kayli says. “Think of it as my gift to you before me and Cynthia go off to college. I mean all you are going to have is Mom, until I come and visit, but that is all you get.” She gives him a stern look before grinning slightly.

“Are you okay with this?” my uncle asks looking up at me.

I nod my head and Kayli says, “Hell yeah she is okay with it. You should see how she plays with pussy as I tell her what you and I do.”

“Kayli!” I yell as I turn red. “You didn’t have to tell him that.”

“Why not? It’s the truth,” she grins. “You can’t keep your hand off your pussy when I tell you how he had just fucked me or ate my pussy.”

“You tell her about it each time?” my uncle asks looking at his daughter.

“Of course,” she replies. “Cynthia and I have no secrets between us.”

“Well, I’m not going to pass up a blowjob,” he says as he smiles, looking at me.

“See, what did I tell you Cynthia?” Kayli says with a little laugh that makes us all laugh.

I crank up the car and pull away. My uncle and I eat our hot dogs; well Kayli eats most of his. I am lost in the front seat thinking about sucking on my uncle’s lovely cock. I am pretty sure he is going to enjoy what I am going to do to his cock. I know I sure as hell am going to enjoy it.

We cruise through several more towns, the car is almost silent except for the radio playing when Kayli suddenly announces, “I have to pee.”

“Me too,” I say as I have been holding it in for quite a while myself.

I pull off the nearest exit with a bathroom which turns out to be a rest stop. The place is completely empty when we pull in. Kayli and I get out of the car and head for the bathroom. The bathroom, like the rest stop is empty, so we both go into one stall. Kali closes the door and pulls her pants down and sits down. Her pee lands forcibly in the toilet. I guess she has been holding it in as long I have been.

“Now remember, you promised you would not try and fuck him,” Kayli says.

I know my cousin is super greedy with her father, but I didn’t realize it is this bad. “I know and I won’t do anything that you do not say is okay,” I say. “Now hurry up, Kayli. I have to go really bad.”

Kayli takes some tissue paper and wipes herself. She stands up and moves to the side with her pants still down. I pull my pants down and no sooner do I squat does my pee start to flow out. Kayli almost instantly sticks her hand down between my legs, letting my pee run over it.

Kayli runs her fingers against my pussy as I pee. I am waiting for her to stick her fingers into my pussy, but when my pee stops, Kayli escort demetevler pulls her hand back, wet with my pee. I am kind of disappointed when she does so.

“So you will do anything I say?” she asks.

I nod.

“Well then, lick your pee from my hand,” she says shoving her wet hand to my face.

I stick my tongue out, licking over her fingers. This is nothing new for us as we both have squatted over the other and peed before. We had got the idea from my brother, Mike, when he peed on me once when I was taking a shower.

‘That’s enough you little slut. It’s time for you to suck some real cock,” she says pulling her fingers from my face.

We return to the car and Kayli tells me to get in the back seat with her father. Kayli gets in the front seat on her hands and knees, facing the back seat. My uncle is all the way over on the other side of the car.

Kayli looks at me and says, Go ahead, Cynthia, you may kiss him to get into the mood.”

I look over at my uncle, who is looking back at me. I shake of my nervousness and lean toward him and he takes me into his arms. Our lips meet and we give each other a quick kiss.

“You can do better than that Cynthia,” Kayli says. “I have seen you kiss your bother during sex better than that.”

“Kayli!” I yell as I slide all the way over to my own side again, getting as far from my uncle as I can.

“Don’t be shy Cynthia. Look how much bigger his cock got after I said that.”

I shyly look over at the front of my uncle’s pants. Kayli is right, I can see his hard cock bulging from his pants, but I am still embarrassed by what Kayli had said. That is something between Kayli, Mike and me and not something that anyone else is supposed to know.

I turn re again as I turn away from my uncle. He moves over next to me and takes a hold of my hand. I turn to face him and I look into his eyes and then I lower my head.

“There is nothing wrong with that,” he says. “I spent the majority of my childhood having sex with my sister. Me and your dad both.” He starts to rub my hand lightly as he adds, “You should get your dad alone and I bet he’d take you too.”

This brings a smile to my face as my uncle brings his hand up to the side of my face. He brushes his hand against my face for a few seconds and then places his fingers under my chin, raising my head and turning it toward him. He leans in and he kisses me once more. As our lips touch, pure pleasure runs through my body. I can feel my heart start to race as I kiss him back deeply. I slip my tongue into his mouth and he slips his back into mine.

I reach over and run my whole hand all over the front of his pants. He leans back into the seat as my hand explores his cock. It feels so much bigger and so much harder than that of my brother’s. I can feel my pussy start to twitch as I feel his cock. As I squeeze his cock, I look up to see Kayli’s big breasts out. With one arm on the seat, she has her other running down the front of her body. I know she is playing with her pussy.

She moans slightly as I pull my uncle’s pants down over his cock and over his balls. His cock springs from his pants.

“Damn, that is a nice, big cock,” I say as my hand grabs it.

A slight moan comes from the front seat and I look at Kayli. She says nothing and just rubs against her arm that is down in front of her. I turn my attention back to my uncle’s big cock in my hand. I pump at his cock with my and run my fingertips over his cockhead. I am watching my own hand going up and down on his cock when I feel his hands go under my chin again. He picks my face up and turns it toward his face.

He leans down and I lean up as we once again lock into a kiss. My hand is still pumping at his cock as we kiss deeply. My body is on fire as I shove my tongue demetevler escort bayan back into his mouth. My uncle’s tongue flicks wildly at mine as it enters his mouth. I break our kiss as I want my mouth around his cock, but as I do, he wraps one of his big, strong arms around me and pulls me back up so we are face to face again.

Our lips meet once again and our kiss turns into the most passionate, deep kisses that I ever have had. Deep warmth fills my body as we kiss and when he breaks our kiss, I go limp.

He looks at me and says, “Please suck on my cock.”

I don’t have to be told twice as my mouth shoots down onto his cock. I take over half of it into m mouth before I raise back up. I take my tongue and lick at his cockhead. I go back down onto his cock, bobbing my head up and down wildly on it.

“Mmm, yeah,” he moans lightly. “Suck it Cynthia.”

As I take his cockhead into my mouth and suck on it. I use my hand on the rest of his cock. I can feel his cock throbbing in my hand and in my mouth. I pull my mouth off his cock, pulling a big stream of his precum from it as it hangs on my lips.

Kayli moans loudly from the front seat and as I look up at her, his precum breaks from his cock and lands all over my lips. I use my hand on his cock as I lean forward, giving Kayli a deep kiss on her lips. Kayli licks at y lips, taking his precum from them. I leave Kayli and return my mouth to his cock.

I lick from the base of his balls, all the way up to his cockhead and then back down. I do this a few times, getting his cock coated with my saliva and then I look at him and give him that sexy, evil grin of mine. I go back down to his cock and take it all into my mouth. I work my mouth up to his cockhead, giving a deep, hard suck when I get there. I then work my mouth back down deep onto his cock once again.

I fell his hand go to the back of my head as he plays with my hair. I am soon moving fast and sucking it deep with my mouth. I feel his cock start to throb and it feels like it grows bigger in my mouth. I take my hand and rub his balls while I suck at his cock.

“I’m going to cum, Cynthia,” he says pulling my head from his cock.

I break my head free of his hand and go right back down onto his cock. I am not passing up having his cum go down my throat and into my stomach. I run my mouth up and down his cock as fast as I can while I suck at the same time. My uncle’s cock gives out a big throb.

His head goes back into the seat as his cock twitches and throbs in my mouth. Three or four heavy streams of cum blast deep into my mouth. I swallow some of it and the rest just lies in my mouth as I remove my mouth from his cock. I look up at him and he has a big smile set on his face. Once again, he places his hand under my chin and pulls my face up to his. Our lips lock into a deep, passionate kiss.

His tongue shoots into my mouth, hungrily lapping at his own cum that fills my mouth. That gets me so turned on and I have an orgasm right then as his tongue seeks out his cum. My own pants become wet with my juices. I break our kiss and look at him. I lick at my lips as I turn to Kayli. She is just breathing hard with her mouth hanging open, staring blankly.

“Thanks for the gift,” he says to his daughter. “And thank you Cynthia.”

He once again kisses me deeply on my lips and Kayli says, Okay you two, that’s enough. “Trade places with me Cynthia.”

Kayli gets into the back seat again with her father while I get into the front. The seat is soaking wet all over, so I have to put some napkins down, hoping to soak it up or at least dry it up some. I turn around to the back seat and say, “Thanks Kayli, I enjoyed that.”

She smiles at me and leans against her father. I start the car and pull away from the rest stop, getting back on the road for our trip. I look up into the rear view mirror after a little while and see that Kayli has fallen asleep, leaning against her father. My eyes find him as well, but he is not asleep because he has his eyes on me. I can’t help but smile.

He smiles back and whispers, “Thank you again.”

This is only the beginning.

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