The Delaney’s Holiday – Day 07

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All the characters in this story who engage in sexual acts are over 18.


Traditionally the last full day of the Delaneys’ holiday in the cabin before returning home was spent on repairs and maintenance. During the resupply run Paul had bought the necessary materials and hardware. After breakfast he and his son Mike set to with some loose planks in the floor while Suzanne and her daughters fixed some loose shelves and the curtain rails.

During a break, Suzanne and her husband sat on the fallen tree. The siblings were inside with their tea and biscuits. Lizzie called her sister and brother to the kitchen window. Mike spoke: “What’s up?”

“Looks like a serious talk. Dad’s looking pretty unhappy about something. Oh shit. You don’t suppose mum’s telling him? About yesterday and everything else?”

Paul stood up and was clearly agitated. The two looked over at their children then Paul sat back down. He put his head in his hands briefly then looked intensely at his wife. She took his hand tenderly and encouraged him to walk back to the cabin with her.

The look of love and calmness on her face as she walked in put the three kids at ease. She spoke.

“I just talked to your father about the peep-hole and some other things that have transpired. Don’t be afraid. Look, I wanted to be 100% sure. You’re still my kids and I needed to know there was no underage stuff. Your dad told me he found the hole the other day while looking for repair jobs. That was the first time he looked through it.”

Paul stood still, sheepishly looking for anger or reproach from his daughters. He was relieved to see none.

“I also told him I’m OK with it, as long as you are. I told him about my experiences of incest with my brothers. He understands. Guys, you’re adults. If you want to put all this behind us, we’ll…”

She couldn’t finish. Apart from the crack in her voice, the girls had run to their parents and hugged them, Mike close behind.

Lizzie took control: “Dad, come and sit. Oh dad! Don’t be so shocked. Talk to us. You watched me and Sam in the shower right?”

“Um, no.”

“No? It’s OK dad. Sammie said you apologised to her about it and she saw you, er, masturbating while you watched me.”

“Oh I wasn’t watching you that time, I was watching your mum.”

Suzanne chimed in: “Wow I’m flattered!” Paul’s demeanour began to shift away from the shame he’d been feeling. He was slowly becoming aroused. Lizzie went on:

“Oh. OK that’s cool. But you’ve watched me another time I expect so…”

“No. Lizzie I’ve never seen you, er, watched you in there. Sammie yes, not you.”

“Why not?”

“Oh I just didn’t. Not that I wouldn’t. Look, your mum knows I like seeing, watching, almost as much as I like doing. Girls, I realised on this trip that I like looking at you as much as at your mother.”

Lizzie got an evil idea: “But you never saw me naked?”


“But I’ve seen you naked dad. Doesn’t seem eryaman escort fair. Shall we fix that?”

Paul gulped and looked around at the others. All he saw were smiles, and a wink from his son. He directed his question there:

“Mike, do you…er…”

“Relax dad. I watch them through the same hole too. And they know and are OK with it. Mum too.”

Paul’s eyes darted to his wife’s and saw it was true: “So, Lizzie, you want me to look at you? At your naked body?”

“Yes daddy. I’m going to tease you and make you want to see more of me.”

“And you guys?”

Mike answered: “Oh don’t worry, we’ll amuse ourselves somehow. But first, dad. Tell us what you want to see, would like to watch. Maybe we can all have some fun here.”

Paul didn’t know how far he dared take this so he didn’t answer. Suzanne answered for him: “Your father told me once he wanted to watch me have sex. Maybe he will get to see that today. Paul, we have no limits between us. Whew, I can’t believe I’m saying this. We’ve all pleasured each other these past few days. Today is for you. Right, kids?”

They all nodded. Lizzie opened proceedings. She stood in front of her father and began swaying provocatively. Suzanne tugged at his belt and he lifted his bum off the seat so she could drop his pants and begin stroking him. He was hard instantly, his inhibitions evaporating. He saw Sammie’s eyes wide as she looked at her father’s erect penis, as Lizzie winked at her and said, “Told you it was long!”

As Lizzie began unbuttoning the flimsy blouse she wore, her father implored her: “Lizzie, I can’t bear the tease. Please. Undress.”

She giggled and did as he asked. Before she’d even got the last buttons undone she pulled the blouse over her head and reached behind to unsnap her little pink bra. Dropping it to the floor, her father’s gasps made her want to show him everything. She grabbed a wooden chair, put it in front of her dad, and pulled off her shorts and matching pink panties quickly. Her father moaned at his daughter’s enchanting smooth pussy in front of him.

Lizzie sat on the chair and opened her legs wide, parting her private lips to let her father see inside her. He drank in the view, gasping and panting as his wife’s hands pulled at his cock faster and more firmly. Lizzie motioned to her sister: “Sammie. You too.”

Sammie wasted no time, practically tripping over her track pants in her haste to get them off. And there she stood. Naked, arms behind her back and swaying in front of her father proudly showing her naked body to him as well.

Pauls’ thoughts overtook his senses. Lizzie. Beautiful round tits. Bare pussy, pink inside, open and inviting. And little Sammie. His poppet. Pert little tits poking out at him, little fuzzy bush, and Suzanne’s hands bringing him to orgasm.

“Ohmygod. Ohmygod. Mmpfhh. Mmmpfh. Cuuu mm inggg!”

He stared at his daughters’ pussies, a fantasy come true, and they were showing escort eryaman them to him. They wanted him to cum while he looked at them.

His seed sprang up into the air, the second jet exploding before the first hit his wife’s hands. Sammie yelped in surprise and joy, Lizzie giggled and said, “Yes daddy. That’s what we wanted to see.”

Moments later Paul knelt and crawled forwards to kiss Lizzie’s open pussy, then edged sideways to kiss Sammie’s too: “You are so beautiful girls. Sooo beautiful. Thank you.”

Sammie, as usual, kept things rolling: “Daddy? Would you like to touch my pussy? I’d like you to. I’ve wanted you to for a while.”

“No baby, I don’t think I should touch.”

“But you just kissed it. And Lizzie’s. That’s touching isn’t it?”

Paul looked over at his wife who was still wiping his cum off her hands. Her smile confirmed what her voice said: “Go ahead honey. They’re all adults and we’ve had this conversation. If you want to. Only if you’re OK with it.”

Tentatively Paul reached forwards towards his youngest daughter’s pussy. She opened her legs wider for him, and gasped as his finger made contact with her little clit. “Ooooh daddy. That’s sooo nice. Let me sit on your lap.”

Paul sat back on his seat and Sammie sat across his thighs like she used to when he read her stories, only now she was grown up, naked, and he was fingering her pussy and caressing her erect nipple. Her breathing quickened and she rested her head on her daddy’s while he stroked inside her.

Silently, Suzanne undressed and motioned for Mike to do so. Once he was naked, Suzanne took Lizzie’s hand to coax her out of the chair where she’d given her father her erotic show, beckoned Mike to sit there instead, then faced her husband as she straddled him. “Paul darling. Here’s your fantasy. Watch and enjoy.”

She slowly lowered herself onto her son’s cock until he was buried inside, her pussy split to take him in and his balls nestled against her upper thighs. Paul put three fingers inside his daughter and made her squirm and mew. Lizzie got behind her brother and mother and cupped her ample tits, kneading and rubbing, offering them up to Paul’s mesmerised gaze. Sammie was lost in her ecstasy but the other three locked eyes with Paul as Suzanne lifted, so high that all but the tip of her sons’ cock was exposed, then sank back down until only the base and his engorged vein were visible. Up and down, slowly but firmly.

Paul’s mind was a fog of lust and desire. He was watching his son fuck his wife, while one daughter fondled her tits and he fingered the other daughter. If there was a hell, all of them were going there. And he didn’t care. His brain made a decision you can’t revoke.

“Sammie. Darling. Will you ride me like mummy is riding your brother?”

She didn’t say a word, just scooted around, parted her legs and let her father’s dick sink into her wet open pussy from behind her. His hands went eryaman escort bayan to her titties and she leaned her head back while he nibbled her ears. He gave little short thrusts up and into her that tingled through her very core.

His fingers inside her had brought her close, now his cock took her the rest of the way. Sammie’s thighs clenched around her father’s legs as she stiffened, froze, and squealed in ecstasy with waves of pleasure ripping through her. Her titis bobbed and jiggled. She briefly opened her eyes to see her brother’s cock disappearing inside her mother, her sister’s hands tweaking her mother’s nipples, and all three of them smiling their love and joy for her. She closed her eyes and let the orgasm ripple through her for ecstatic seconds, then fade. Her senses returning, she had a sudden thought: “Daddy, you can’t cum in me. You can keep going if you want but don’t cum in me.”

He groaned at the realisation but Lizzie came to his rescue: “Sammie? Maybe…”

“Oh yes! Daddy, Lizzie can fuck you and she’s safe! I’m sore now anyway. OK?”

“MMM darling. But quick Lizzie, quickly darling.”

Lizzie giggled as Sammie hopped off her daddy’s lap, his cock flopping out of her and slapping his belly. Lizzie straddled his thighs facing him, looked into his eyes, and impaled herself on her father’s cock. At last he had her, his mind said. His mouth found her nipples, at which he nibbled and bit giving her shocks of pure pleasure. He pulled at them with his fingers, and rubbed her arse cheeks, but he didn’t have enough time to build her to orgasm. His was too close.

He erupted inside his daughter as he looked around her to see his son plunging into his wife, she clearly close to climax herself, but bolt after bolt of his incestuous seed filled his daughter’s womb while his mind went blank and he lost touch with the world briefly, nothing existing beyond the burning at the end of his cock, the throbbing jet pulses, and his daughter’s hot cunt riding him wetly. She rode him gently, all love as he spent within her. She kissed away the tear of joy that escaped his eye, a moment they would own forever.

Paul was lost in his glow but Lizzie became aware of increasing grunts behind her. Looking over her shoulder she saw her brother’s face grimace as his cock exploded inside their mother. Sammie was kissing their mother’s nipples, and Suzanne had her head thrown back while her thighs jerked and trembled in orgasm as her son unloaded inside her.

It was as much erotic overload as Lizzie could handle so she began furiously riding her father’s still-rigid cock, squeaking and moaning as her taught buttocks slapped his thighs. Paul held her hips and resumed manipulating her tits with his hands: she was bucking too frantically for him to keep his mouth on them. Lizzie covered his hands with hers. “’!”

“Cum on then darling. Cum for me.”

“NnngggaaaaAAAHHHHH! NGah. Ngah! Oh daddy. Oh daddy. Ah Ah ah AHHH”

There were a couple of minutes of silence. Sammie knelt by her mother’s side, her head on her chest, while Suzanne sat on her son’s deflating cock as did Lizzie on her father’s. The air was thick with the tension and essence of raw sex.

There were no more repairs done that day.

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