The Curse of the Carnival

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Ariana Marie

This story is purely fictional, and it has a fantasy element. This is only the first chapter of the story, so. if people like the story I will post the rest of it.


Friday night was turning out to be a good night for Sean. He had just picked up his girlfriend Karen, and was now on his way to the new carnival in town. Sean always loved the carnival as a kid, but was wary of its strange people and their cons. Spending money at the game booths was just another expense of going to the carnival. Sean thought if you win something great, just don’t expect to. The scams were just another part of the carnival atmosphere.

At 19 standing only 5.7ft Sean was not an intimidating figure. His body was average but not anything special. Although he tried out for the football team, he was cut due to his lack of size and skill. He tried other sports, but when he met Karen all of his free time was devoted to her. They were both High School seniors, but Sean was a year older having repeated a year at Elementary School. Sean knew that after High School Karen would be going away to College, and his current financial situation hampered his opportunities.

Sean’s relationship with Karen was the best thing he had going for him at the time. Although they hadn’t had sex, Sean was content with the hand and blowjobs he frequently got. He never pushed sex on Karen so she was more then willing the give him a little taste of what she could do. Being from a strong religious family, Karen was posed to wait for marriage for the final step. This was hard for Sean to do, but he managed. Karen was the same height as Sean, but her breasts were quite large for her size. Karen was also known for wearing tight jeans to show off her nicely round ass.

Walking through the game booths Sean was looking for an easy game to win. He wanted to at least win something to give to Karen. He knew the odds of winning something good was bleak, but the little stuffed animals were within his capable means of winning. While searching for games his eyes were wandering more and more frequently to Karen’s chest. She wore a low top that revealed her deep cleavage. The odds of getting lucky tonight would increase if he could win a small gift.

As they searched the grounds for a game that Sean had a chance to win they came across a strange booth. A black sheet covered the booth with a slit cut in the middle for an entrance. The sheet had a crystal ball painted on it with the name Madame Josephine’s Tarot Readings. Karen’s eyes lit up as they passed the dark booth. Her attention was now focused on the inside of this covered booth. Looking at Karen, Sean knew that she was more interested in the physic then any stuffed animal he could ever win.

Karen turned towards Sean. “Hey, let’s go get a reading!”

Sean felt relieved as he was now off the hook for winning one of the futile games. “Sure, why not.”

As they both walked inside the small cramped booth, the sickening odour of incense was overpowering. Sean looked around and saw a young women sitting at a table shuffling cards. Black, and red candles dimly lighted the table. She looked in her early thirties and was quite attractive. Her flowing black hair was clearly down to the floor. Her dark eyes stared right into Sean’s. She wore a tight black dress with her ample cleavage showing.

“Please, sit down. You will have reading?” Her accent was so strong the two of them barely understood her.

Sean pulled out a chair for Karen to sit, while he eyed the physic’s obvious cleavage. After Karen sat down, Sean pulled the other chair out and sat next to her. The strange woman was now looking at Karen as she continued to shuffle.

“I do palm and tarot readings,” her eyes flickered between the pair. “So, who is having the reading?

Sean looked at Karen while he reached for his wallet. Karen responded softly, ” I am.”

As Sean pulled his wallet out he asked, “How much is this?”

The women never took her gaze off Karen cackled. “65 dollar tarot reading.” At that Sean responded by turning his head sharply towards Karen.

Sean whispered to Karen. “Uh, I don’t have that much money.” Sean knew that he had $70 on him, but there was no way he was going to waste that much money. “How much for the palm reading?”

The physic now stared directly into Sean’s eyes. Her forceful stare almost scared him. “$35 dollar for palm.” Her voice was that of disgust. She seemed to be agitated by the fact he could not afford, but her inquisitive stare seemed to sense a lie on Sean’s’ part.

Sean responded quickly. “OK, $35.” And reached into his wallet to get the money.

She reached across the table and took Karen’s hand. Karen slowly opened her hand so she could read it. The lady put her thumb in the middle of her hand and gently rubbed Karen’s palm with it, following the grooves and lines. She looked up to see Karen’s expression “You have nice hands. Your life will be fruitful with lots of love, and money; kızılay escort but your current love will hurt you” She looked angrily at Sean. Ducking her head back down, she continued to stroke the palm with her thumb. “You life line also says you will live a long life. That is all I can tell.”

Sean had an angry look on his face. He could not believe how fake this reading was. Not only was her reading bullshit, it was only 20 seconds long. Karen still looked at the dark lady, with the impression the reading was not over yet. She was still naive to the fact she had just been ripped off. Sean anger got the best of him and he stood up abruptly and dropped a $5 on the table.

“This is all that was worth.” Sean’s face showed his discontent, and anger.

The lady shot back with her own stare, equally irate. “You pay more.”

Sean picked up Karen from her seat and motioned her to the exit. He stood over the Physic with anger in his voice. “Your bullshit was not even worth what I gave you, so put up with what you got.”

The lady hesitantly stood up to meet Sean’s stare. Her voice seemed to tremble when she spoke. “I curse you. I curse you to see pain where you have always saw pleasure. You will bring nothing but shame and harm to every woman you will meet. Love will be replaced by lust, and your misdeeds shall be present when the time comes.”

With those words the candles in the booth flickered and then went out. The whole place seemed to have an eerie chill throughout it. Sean took a step back and exited the booth with a quicker step. He never believed in the supernatural but never saw anything like that. He knew the Carnies used the smoke and mirrors ploy but never seen it up close.

He was so taken back he could not even speak to Karen when she asked. “What happened in there? She freaked me out. I think I want to go home now.”

It took a minute for Sean to respond to her question, but when he did all he could do his shrug his shoulders in disbelief, and blow off the whole situation. The pair walked away from the booth as quicker then they came. While back at the game booths, Sean looked over his shoulder to see the dark ladies booth for the last time. When he peered back at the booth it was no longer there. There was only an empty space there now. A creepy feeling now made Sean want to leave the carnival all together. Sean grabbed Karen by the arm a made a bee line for the exit.

Sean helped Karen into the car, and rushed to enter the car himself. While starting the car a strange sensation came over him. His face was flushed with excitement, as sweat beading on his forehead. He started his car, speeding from the carnival to take Karen home. The night had been a fucking disaster, and going home would hopefully end the tragedy before it got worse. The ride home was deathly silent the whole way home. Sean knew that Karen was uneasy about what happened, and some quiet time might help. As he drove along the uneasy feeling in Sean was getting worse. With all the excitement that happened, he felt an erection building. Knowing full well he had lost all chance of getting lucky tonight, masturbation was his only course of action now. This was no run of the mill erection though. It was now hurting as it tried to push out of his jeans. The awkward silence was finally broken when Sean pulled into Karen’s driveway.

“We’re here.” Sean mumbled.

Sean was used to walking Karen to her doorstep of her house. After the forth date he had gotten lazy, and stopped walking her to the front door. He was expecting only a kiss and for her to leave as she had done so many times before. Sean never really expected much from Karen, it was known throughout school she was waiting for marriage. That did not bother Sean as long as the blowjobs kept coming.

Karen did as he her expected to. She leaned over a planted one right on his lips. Instead of giving him a little peck, she opened her mouth wide and slipped her tongue inside his mouth. This felt great for Sean, but his erection was aching to be free. This make out session was going to hurt him more then pleasure him. He could not control his emotions for sex though. He knew that she would never give it up, and he never forced her, but the feeling inside was more uncontrollable then he had ever felt. With all the strength he could muster, he leaned his head back to break off the kiss.

The only thing that came to his head was sex. He had no other feelings other then sex. The words poured out of his mouth so fast he could not take them back. “You want to give me head?”

The reaction he was expecting was after tonight was no, but instead he saw her hands go for his jeans. Karen had popped the button on his jeans so quick Sean thought that she wanted this more then he did. He pushed the seat as far back as it could go, and watched as Karen pulled down his zipper to free his fully grown and painful manhood. He could feel his hard on throb like it never did kızılay escort bayan before. He felt that his dick was different some how. Other then the pain of the erection, it felt somehow larger. When his jeans were finally down at his thighs he saw his dick clearly lifting his underwear straight up. He watched as Karen quickly pulled down his underwear to reveal a penis that looked a lot different then his own. He was never embarrassed about his size. Having a 6inch penis was not bad, but this thing between his legs was clearly over 11in and hurting to be milked. It looked larger then anything he had ever seen before on any other guy. The girth on his new cock was so impressive he thought Karen would run in fright. Sean wanted to know what had happened to his beloved cock, but all he could think about was Karen’s lips around his proud new dick.

Karen made no mention, or comment about the size of his new member. She eagerly took as much of it in her mouth as she could. She seemed to have trouble getting the whole thing in her mouth. She tried to deep throat it but she could not get in all in. She kept slobbering all over it as she glided her mouth down on it. Sean just watched in amazement as his girlfriend sucked on his dick, like she was some sort of porn star. All he could hear were the slobbering sounds her mouth was making as she tried to get the whole thing in her tiny little mouth. Sean loved the feeling of Karen’s soft lips on his cock, but his pain was still there. All his thoughts about the new found size was drowned out in the pleasure and pain of his girl sucking on his dick.

Sean could not turn his eyes off Karen sweet mouth as it wrapped around his new massive cock. Her head bounced up and down as she worked her tongue around his shaft. As she was moving her tongue around it, Sean felt his balls about to burst. The pain of his cock was forcing him to erupt his entire load

“I am going to cum soon.” Sean waited for Karen to move away, but she kept sucking.


With the last warning, Sean let loose his torrent stream of cum. Karen never moved her head while the gushing tide of cum filled her mouth. Sean never knew he could cum so much. He saw cum coming out the sides of her mouth as she tried in vain to swallow it all. She could not keep up with the massive load as it dribbled down her mouth. Karen kept his dick in her mouth though as she continued to gulp down all she could. She finally lifted her head when she was done. Instead of looking at Sean to see if he liked it, Karen moved her head downward. She went down again too lick up all the cum that had spilt out of her mouth. She smiled when she realized that there was no more juice to lick up; disappointed that there was no more left. She grinned widely, and looked at his amazed face. Karen quickly popped the car door and was about to get out when she turned her head back to look at Sean.

“I need to see you tomorrow: I need that in my pussy.” Her smile never left her face, even when she closed the car door and skipped up to her house.

Sean had never heard her talk like that. Sean always wanted to have sex with her, but knew she was waiting for marriage. Sean was more distracted but this offer then pleased. Karen had a reputation around the school as a prude, and never put out. This never bothered Sean or his close friends.

Sean realized the night was pretty much over and he headed back home. The exhaustion of the day would be drowned out in his snoring in his bed. Most of the ride home was consumed with how hard his dick had gotten and how painful it was trying to pop out of his jeans. While driving with this unconfutable hard on Sean’s attention was drifting to the notion Karen was going to put out. Sean pulled in his driveway and walked inside and headed for bed. His mind kept wandering to thoughts of Karen as he headed for his bedroom and for some much needed slumber. He stripped naked and jumped into bed, falling asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.

The morning came with full force lighting up the bedroom. Sean’s sleep was cut short by the sound of his curtains being drawn quickly open by his mother. The sudden glimpse of sunlight blinded him for a couple of moments while his eyes adjusted. The sounds of his mother Lynda waking him were not uncommon when he slept late.

“Rise and shine, its noon and you’re sleeping the day away.” His mom’s chipper voice was that of annoyance this morning. This wake up call especially was more of a problem than any other one.

Sean felt his penis become erect as soon as he woke up to his mothers voice. His raging member was clearly raising the sheets like a large tent. He quickly sat up on the bed to conceal his huge monster. While shifting his body to better hide his morning erection, the throbbing pain from the night before returned. Sean wanted to know the cause of this pain but taking a look while his mother was in the room hampered this action. escort kızlay Trying not to stare at his problem was becoming more difficult.

Sean moved his legs around the bed while still sitting up. He used more of the blanket to hide his now fully engorged penis from his mother. He waited there; hinting for her to leave his room so he could get up. To his surprise, when he looked at his mother’s eyes they were fixated right on his engorged package. His attempt to hide this monster from his mother had failed and now she was fully aware of it.

Not knowing what to do, he stood up still holding much of the blanket around by his waist. This was another subtle hint for his mother to vacate his room. His blank stare now turned to a look of impatience for his mother. He was hoping that she did not see his manhood, but knew she must have seen something due to its size. Sean was confused by his mother not getting the hint to leave his room but was more concerned with why she would want to stay after waking him up. Sean finally got his wish and saw his mother look up at him and start to move.

Sean watched Lynda move away from the window right towards him. He kept the blanket steady at his waist as he expected a little peck on the cheek. To his surprise, his mother walked right over to him and stood right before him.

“What are you hiding from me? I have never seen you so nervous before.” Her stern voices now surprising Sean, making him jump a little.

His response was humble compared to hers. “Nothing, I am just waiting for you to leave….I need to get ready.”

Lynda then leaned over to his ear and whispered. ” Are you naked under there, and waiting for me to leave?”

Sean almost fell over when he heard his mother’s question. His mind was racing with questions, and he had the answer to none of them. Why would she want to know this, why is she so interested in me getting ready to leave? He just blurted out. “Yes I am, and could you please leave so I can get dressed.” This direct approach he thought would send her away for good.

Lynda took a step back and smiled. Her good-natured smirk was cut short when she responded to his last plea. “Good, now let me see what you got hiding under there.”

Sean could not believe what was happening to him. He just stared blankly at his mother in total amazement, and confusion of what was about to happen. He watched in disbelief as his mother walked over to him, and pushed him back on the bed. His body just flopped backward as his mothers force overcame his trembling legs. His urge to fight back was subdued by his need to relieve his massive erection. In his mind he knew this was so wrong but his body was telling him different. The pain and stress between his legs was too much to overcome. The notion of right and wrong was dulled out by the sense of sex. Sean’s urge to ejaculate to rid him of the pain overcame all obstacles of morality.

Sean always knew his mother was a hottie back in the day, but had never seen her as anything but a mother. Her 5.3ft frame held most of its former glory. She still retained her nice round ass, while her breasts got larger going from a C to a D cup. Her face showed signs of aging but that never stopped anyone from looking at her nice figure. Now this woman who he knew only as a mother seemed to be helping him relive the giant pressure in his balls.

The blanket was quickly swiped away without much of a struggle on Sean’s part. His mother now stood over his naked body staring at his large package with excitement. He could see the delight in his mother’s eyes as she studied his body. He just watched as his mother knelt down and started to stroke his cock. He looked at her eyes as he saw his mother smile with joy as she stroked his member up and down.

Sean felt his mothers loving hand stoke his giant dick. Lynda could not contain her love for her son’s pecker. “Your dick is so big! I have never seen a dick this big before!” Her face was glowing with anticipation of having his thick cock inside of her.

As she gently stroked his cock, Sean watched his mother rub herself with her other hand. As Sean leaned his head back to enjoy the feeling of his mother giving him a hand job, he felt her warm wet mouth cover the head of his dick. He lifted his head back up to see his mother struggling to swallow his whole member. Her wet mouth was going deeper then Karen’s the night before, but still she seemed to struggle to fit the whole thing in her mouth. Her tongue seemed to swirl around the head of his cock as her head bobbed up and down on his shaft.

Just as his mother was getting into the blowjob she abruptly stopped. She got up from her knees and reached down between her legs. She reached under her skirt and pulled down her panties. Sean could easily see her panties were covered in her cum. After pulling away her panties, Sean’s mom got up on to the bed and squatted right down on his rigid member.

All Sean could think about was the wetness the surrounded his cock. His mother impaled herself with his whole shaft. She was able to take the whole erect member inside of her. Sean could actually feel his penis hit something when it was all the way in. This did not deter his mother from moving up and down on his throbbing dick.

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