The Cruel Nephew

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Chapter 1: The Arrival

“Phil!” cheered Sharon, knocking open the security door with a bare foot. She extended her arms wide to offer a welcoming hug to her visiting nephew. Phil set his travel bag down on terrace so that he could embrace his aunt. Her hair was uncharacteristically long and straight— almost youthful—and she wore a vibrant summer dress that rippled against the passing breeze. Sharon looked remarkably radiant for a woman about to hit her half century milestone. “I’m so glad you could make it!” Sharon announced, head pressed snugly against Phil’s chest.

“Glad to be here!” replied Phil cheerfully. Is she even wearing a bra? he wondered, sensing the unrestrained movements of his aunt’s breasts against his chest as she leaned back a short distance to study his face. She’s definitely not wearing a bra, concluded Phil.

“Come in! Come in! How was your trip?” chirped Sharon while she ushered her nephew into the living room. A ray of afternoon sunlight penetrated Sharon’s wispy dress as she entered the kitchen; the amber glow cutting a faint silhouette—enough to draw Phil’s attention to Sharon’s surprisingly voluptuous figure. Wow! It’s Sharon, but… damn… she’s looking good, thought Phil. Those hips! I didn’t know she had curves like that. Hah! Don’t be a pervert. Phil nestled into a dining room chair and Sharon busied herself in the kitchen while. The pair chatted casually about recent events.

Phil spent much of the afternoon respectfully averting his eyes as his aunt’s alluring outline faded in and out of view amidst the flickering sunlight. Even though Phil maintained genial conversation with his aunt right through into the evening, his thoughts contended all the while with the intrigue engendered by the flashes of feminine charm on display. This was not the welcome he expected.

Chapter 2: Cleaning Up

“God dammit!” Phil barked out loud to himself while he stroked his soapy cock in the shower, attempting to ease the sexual tension he’d accumulated over the past few hours. He was disgusted with himself for thinking of his aunt’s body as he masturbated in her shower, and he couldn’t shake the feeling that wicked ambitions were beginning to populate his head. Why would she wear that? Was she trying to show off her body to me? Was it a tease? he thought while approaching the climactic strokes. It’s just the two of us in the house. We’re both adults. She’s lonely. What if she just accidentally came in here right now and saw me jacking off? Phil closed his eyes and bespattered the bathroom wall with his fertile seed. He quickly washed his misdeed from the wall, finished up his shower, and headed to the spare room to get dressed.

As Phil dried off in the spare room, he heard the pitter-patter of bare feet coming from the hallway. He ceased thrashing the towel through his damp hair so that he could hone in on the sound. Shit! The door! panicked Phil, observing that the latch hadn’t caught properly and that the door had quietly crept back open. What if I didn’t hear her coming? he thought. Engaging in a tasteless ploy, the young man kept his arms elevated and head buried in the bath towel, pretending to be unaware of his aunt’s approaching footsteps.

SQUEAK! The previously steady pace of his aunt suffered a momentary misstep, before making a quick recovery and vanishing into silence behind the sound of a closing door elsewhere. Phil lowered his towel and raised an ear. He could faintly hear his aunt shuffling about in her bedroom drawers. Surely she saw me? She must be pretending she didn’t, Phil wondered.

Sharon rummaged through her wardrobe drawers with no intention of finding anything in particular. She simply wanted to give the impression that she was busying herself with something; that she hadn’t just copped an eyeful of her nephew’s cock. Surely he must have heard me walk past the doorway? What’s he thinking now? Did you see that thing? I’ll just wait till I hear him leave his room, and then I’ll go out a little bit after that. Just ask him if he’s all settled in and wish him goodnight. Sharon was understandably shaken by the fleeting glimpse of Phil’s penis. But what truly worried her was that Phil may have heard her footsteps falter as she passed by his room.

Did he do that on purpose? No… he just didn’t hear me coming. Surely? Of course! He mustn’t have heard me because he was drying his head! reasoned Sharon. You just saw your nephew’s… adult penis. What if it pops into my head the next time we talk next? It’s going to be so god damn awkward! Sharon resolved to do her best to behave as though nothing had occurred.

Chapter 3: An Early Riser

Sharon awoke to the sound of her alarm; the digital buzzing penetrated the walls and roused Phil from his own slumber. After rubbing his eyes he peered down to find his morning glory pitching a tent under the thin bed-sheet. Round 2? You sick son of a bitch! kızılay escort You want to though—don’t you? He quietly got up and crept to his door, opened it fully, and then returned to his conspicuous position in bed.

A quarter of an hour later Sharon’s door creaked open and she stepped out into the hallway wearing a nightshirt. Drowsily, she tiptoed down the hallway until the sight of Phil’s open door caught her attention. She apparently had not learned her lesson from the evening beforehand. Phil’s up already? He must be an early riser, thought Sharon.

Through half-opened eyes, Sharon peered into Phil’s room to check if he had risen. Oh. He’s still asleep, she thought with a smile, observing her nephew—at first—from the waist up; eyes firmly closed and mouth agape. Sharon yawned and let her eyes trail innocently down the messy bed until they snagged upon a large protrusion under the sheet. What the?! Oh my god! That’s his dick! Again! For fuck sake… Sharon slammed her eyes shut and took a small step back out into the hall. She paused suddenly. Was it his dick though? Maybe it was just his knee? I’m half asleep, after all, pondered Sharon. She backpedalled quietly and poked her head curiously around the corner so as to clarify matters.

Phil’s vigilant ears detected his aunt’s presence, and so he opened the faintest slither of an eyelid to check if she was actually there. Holy shit! She’s here. She’s actually coming in! Time to step it up a notch, planned Phil. Stretching his concealed leg outward, he made his bed-sheet drag just a little bit further away from the center of his body. The inside of his groin was now exposed; the edge of the sheet dancing at the base of his erection like a stage curtain.

Fuck! It wasn’t his leg. But you knew it wasn’t, didn’t you? Why did I have another look? Sharon chided herself as Phil nudged his leg another inch, exposing the side of his testicles and a hint of his erect shaft. Alright… that’s your nephew’s testicles. Okay! Just fucking go make breakfast you idiot! But what if his bed-sheet were to just… fall from his leg? Oh my god… stop thinking like that!

Phil kept his eyes sealed since he assumed that his aunt was still nearby. I’ll just wait and see what happens now, he thought.

If it falls off, he’ll just think he brushed the sheets off during his sleep. He won’t hear you. The carpet is soft. Just tiptoe over there and… but what if he wakes? You fucking fool. What if he wakes?! Is it really worth it? Maybe I could just take a quick peek and then leave? When was the last time I saw a dick—in the flesh, anyway? I don’t even remember. Sharon continued to second-guess her actions while her bare feet sank into the plush carpet below. A soft breeze blew in through the window shutters and rippled across the bed-sheet. The fabric flapped up a little higher, inviting further inspection; Sharon’s eyes teased by a fleeting, yet unobstructed view of her nephew’s splayed testicles and the dark-hued tinge of skin marking the beginnings of his urethra.

Sharon looked toward Phil’s peaceful expression and tentatively extended her arm toward the sheet. When another breeze chanced its way through the shutters, Sharon took advantage of the situation, and deftly assisted the sheet up and over Phil’s erection, sending it softly to the opposite side of the bed. Her nephew was now completely exposed. Holy shit! Is that really same dick I saw earlier? He really does fill out well, contemplated Sharon, startled by the stature of the penis. Her eye was drawn to the languid writhing of her nephew’s testicles. I forgot that they do that.

Her eyes drew a line from the base of his shaft, all the way up to his swollen, rosy tip. She marvelled at how ripe it looked. He’s uncircumcised, concluded Sharon after discerning the apparent moistness of his tip and a small crease of skin beneath it. She’d only ever been with circumcised men before. This made her even more intrigued.

It’s… so hard! He’s young: that’s why he looks as hard as a rock. Sharon was fascinated and stunned by her nephew’s brutish penis; broad and bulging. That would take some negotiating, wouldn’t it? It’s been such a long time, but… that is definitely a big dick. What is that… 8 inches? How the fuck would I know? It’s not like I’ve ever stopped to measure one, mused Sharon.

After a few moments, Phil blinked and opened his eyes, stretched and yawned. Oh fuck! Shit! Fuck! Get out! Run! You idiot! panicked Sharon as she tugged at her nightshirt frantically, her body preparing to bolt. Before she could turn to flee, Phil’s eyes had already captured her. “Sh-Sharon?” he asked quizzically, rubbing his eyes. He blinked and peered down at his naked body—erection standing tall—and affected a look of shock.

“Uh… G-Good morning Phil. I was just going to… but then—” stammered Sharon, tugging with great intensity kızılay escort bayan down on her nightshirt; her bare legs writhing in embarrassment below. The full shape of her breasts and nipples were being inadvertently conveyed through the fabric. They ballooned down and out to her sides, partially elevated under a tuft formed in the shirt. This seemed to augment their natural volume. Wow! They’re heavy fucking things! Look at that nipple stag! thought Phil, appreciating a new view of his aunt’s assets. They were by no means perky or youthful, but even considering their sheer mass, they seemed to be holding up quite well. Perhaps the shirt’s holding things together, he contemplated.

“Um…” grumbled Phil, acting puzzled. His aunt’s eyes darted to his penis again.

“I’m sorry! Sorry! I’ll go! I’ll go…” Sharon trailed off as she turned in shame to make an exit.

“Hang on a sec!” cried Phil, causing Sharon to stop dead in her tracks. “Did you just—” Phil paused. His aunt turned around upon his words and looked at a point on the wall behind Phil. “Did you just come in here to… to have a look?” Phil asked with accusation in his tone.

“What?! No! I was heading to the kitchen when—” Sharon replied defensively. “When I saw your door open, and I… I just—” she glanced down at his penis again; it remained exposed and erect. Fuck! she thought, shocked that his cock was still standing on end, and appalled that she gazed upon it once more.

“When you just noticed something under my sheet… and decided to have a harmless peek?” Phil continued to implicate his aunt in a deed unwholesome.

“I did not! I was just closing the window! There was a breeze, but then the breeze just—” she bumbled hopelessly.

“I opened my eyes and saw you just standing there. Staring at it,” Phil declared decisively with a nod toward his groin.

“Phil! You really shouldn’t be so comfortable sitting there like that. Cover yourself young man!” Sharon demanded.

“Well, you’ve seen it now. What’s there to hide? You know, I’m actually flattered that you did sneak a peek,” jested Phil.

“Phil! How dare you—I… I’m leaving now dear,” resolved Sharon, her voice now trembling.

“Not so fast, cheeky.”

“What Phil?”

Sharon heard her nephew shuffle to the end of the bed while she was facing the door, and then felt her nightshirt being tugged upward from behind. She spun around to defend herself.

“What are you doing Phil?!” she barked.

“Shouldn’t we make things even?” Phil replied before attempting to lift her nightshirt once more. Sharon grabbed her nephew by the wrists to stop him.

“Phil—do you really think I’d… Y-You can’t be trying to remove my—” she replied nervously, detecting her nephew’s cock peering up under her nightshirt like an enemy periscope. He wants to see me naked? But I’m his aunt! Why would he? I can’t let him actually take my top off—can I? He is sneaking looks at my chest. Fuck… why did I wear this nightshirt?! His dick just touched my belly! What the fuck do I do? panicked Sharon. Her nephew’s nakedness and aggressive advances were causing her to buckle.

“It’s only fair! Off with your shirt then! I mean… you’ve had a good long look at me now—whether you meant to or not. Now it’s time for me to see my hot aunt’s body.” Phil continued to coax his aunt into submitting to his demands by mixing in a playful compliment.

He’s just saying that to be cheeky, isn’t he? Does he really think of me that way? Should I show him? What’s he gonna do to me once my shirt is off? Does he think that it’ll mean it’s okay for him to touch me—to do what he pleases? Sharon released her grip on Phil’s wrists and raised her hands to her face, resting them on her cheeks in angst. Seeing that his aunt was no longer protesting the idea, Phil began to gently lift her nightshirt, unimpeded.

“I suppose it’s fair—as you said… I’ve seen you. Do you really wanna see your old aunt’s body hon? You’re half my age sweetie.” Sharon’s hands returned to Phil’s wrist, but this time her touch was light and uncertain. She provided just enough resistance to slow the rising shirt.

“To be honest Sharon, I’ve been curious since yesterday… after seeing you in that dress you had on. That was so evil of you to not wear a bra under a dress like that. I know I’m your nephew, but as you can clearly see, I’m also a grown man,” explained Phil playfully as he continued to lift his aunt’s nightshirt against faltering resistance.

The nightshirt soon passed over Sharon’s knees and thighs, revealing a pair of burgundy panties. Phil looked up to Sharon with a reassuring look on his face, letting her know that he was prepared to cross the line, and that she need only let it happen. I’m letting him do it? Why the fuck am I? He’s my nephew. God he smells so incredible, thought Sharon, her resolve crumbling escort kızlay to pieces.

Without any further fuss, Sharon lifted her arms, allowing her nephew to pull her nightshirt over her head. Phil cast her shirt aside on the floor below. Sharon sunk her head in shame and perched her hands against her nephew’s chest, her arms partially covering her bare breasts. Phil gently grasped his aunt by the forearms and lowered them to her sides, causing her heavy breasts to topple down and out. Phil let his eyes sink into her impressive tits for a moment. Fuck! They’re huge! Damn. They look pretty fucking good for her age. Wow! These are my aunt’s tits! She’s actually letting me see ’em! Is this really happening? Sharon stood quietly as Phil’s eyes fixated on her bosom.

“Wow, Sharon. It seems that your silhouette yesterday wasn’t telling any lies,” remarked Phil cheekily.

“Phil…” replied Sharon with a grin and a shrug. She peeped down again, her eyes now looking right down her nephew’s open cock-hole. It’s touching my belly. It’s so… so warm. Shit! What do I do now?! Sharon was almost entirely at the whim of her nephew.

“I’m serious. There’s a good reason why my…current condition remains unchanged,” said Phil, nodding downward. The pair peered down together as Phil pressed his cock against his aunt’s soft belly.

“Don’t do that with it Phil!” scoffed Sharon, pulling down at his arms.

“Ha-ha! I just wanted to see how that felt. Sorry. Well, I’m gonna grab some breakfast! Coming?” enquired the shameless nephew as he turned toward the door. Sharon watched as his cute, pale butt wriggled out into the hallway. What’s he doing? Does he really think it’s okay to just strut around naked now? Surely, he doesn’t expect me to do the same?! thought Sharon in astonishment. She grabbed her nightshirt, threw it back over her body and reluctantly followed Phil to the kitchen.

Chapter 4: What’s for Breakfast?

Sharon turned down the hallway and made her way to the dining room table as Phil—stark naked—rummaged through the refrigerator.

“Want some juice?” asked Phil, closing the door and turning toward the cupboards to seek out some glasses. Sharon noticed that her nephew’s cock was still erect. She watched as it it wobbled rigidly back and forth as he paced about the room. She was still coming to terms with his impressive size, her eyes now more able to review its proportions under the illumination of the morning light.

“Phil. Are you really going to just keep walking around the house like that?” questioned Sharon.

“Where’s the glasses and cups? Oh. Never mind. Found ’em.” Phil pretended not to hear his aunt. “Here you go,” he declared as he planted two tall glasses softly on the dining table and filled them to the brim with orange juice. Phil casually slid a glass across toward his aunt.

“Why’d you put your shirt back on? It feels so nice to walk around like this. You’ve got such a gorgeous body, I was looking forward to a special breakfast with you… but now—” Phil affected a look of comical disappointment on his face. “I really thought we could be nudists for a day!” Sharon simply looked back at Phil blankly and took a sip of her juice.

“Are you up for cooking your nephew some make bacon and eggs? I’m starving,” asked Phil.

“Okay,” replied Sharon flatly.

“Thanks! I’ll be in the living room. You’re the best.” Phil made his way to the living room and plonked his naked butt down on the couch, leaving his aunt to her cooking.

When Sharon finished up a single batch of bacon and eggs, she served it on a plate and then made her way into the living room. Phil was casually reclining on his side with a bent leg up, happily watching the morning news. His cock now rested limply across his inner thigh.

It looks so much smaller now. Such a difference, thought Sharon as she regarded her nephew’s flaccid penis. It now barely took up half the space it previously inhabited.

“Shall I set this on the table for you?” asked Sharon with breakfast in hand.

“Nah. It’s fine. I’ll take it here if that’s alright with you,” replied Phil, grasping the dinner plate from Sharon’s hands. He set it to rest by his waist on the sofa, grabbed the fork and began picking away at his food with one hand, keeping his eyes fixed to the TV. Sharon had no appetite, and so she elected to sit down on the sofa across from Phil. She retracted her feet up onto the sofa’s surface and folded her legs on their side, placing a hand down at her knee, and then peered over at Phil. He glanced back for a moment, but then returned his attention to the TV.

Phil could feel his aunt’s gaze flicking between the TV and his body. He noticed that she’d flinch and look away whenever he looked back at her. “I don’t mind you looking, Sharon. I just wish you’d join me,” announced Phil. Sharon cleared her throat and looked back at the TV.

Just have a good look at him. He’s so athletic; so fit; so handsome. He invited me to look. Why do I keep averting my eyes? reasoned Sharon. After the small internal pep talk she decided to have a good look at Phil as he reclined on her couch. Oh my god! It’s moving. He’s getting hard again!

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