The Bull Chronicles Ch. 01

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Going to be working on a series of stories based on a character that has formed in my head – call it my alter ego. You see, I am a jack of all trades and fairly gifted at many. I’ve been a soldier, a firefighter, a counselor, a cop. My kids friends call me GI JOE because of how many different things I do and am asked to do. I’m married, 2 kids, grandkids on the way, so while this isn’t me – it’s sometimes who I see when I look in the mirror. All of that being said please note this is a fantasy genre – this character is the “stage version” of me – a bit larger than life with some Hollywood melodrama and creativity thrown in just to make it fun to write.

Any resemblance of an actual human being is completely intentional since I wouldn’t dream of suing myself for copyright infringement.



TJ Patrick – short for Thomas Jackson, yes he was named after Stonewall Jackson himself – took up space. Literally and figuratively. He was just a big guy, 6’1″ 225 pounds with thick shoulders and neck and big arms. His green eyes missed nothing, his smile could disarm a charging rhino, and his salt and pepper beard and hair just added a look of seasoned wisdom to him.

TJ also took up space figuratively. He was one of those figures that caught attention whenever he walked into a room. When he talked to people they felt like they had known him for years, when there was a crisis every eye turned to him, when the world felt like it was spinning out of control things moved slower for TJ.

As one of his friends said, “TJ is one of those guys that women wish they could be with, and men wish they could be.”

TJ had been a soldier, well the true word for it was operator. He had served in one of the military special operation units and had been places and done things that people see in movies. TJ didn’t talk much about it. Since he left military life he had worked as a contractor in various parts of the world, truly, a warrior for hire. He had worked for many government agencies throughout the world and had worked alongside the best, Americans, Brits, French, German, Slavs, Russians, you name it TJ had worked with them, and learned from them.

This is the story of TJ or “Bull” as he was known to his team mates. Not only for his physical stature, but because of some of his exploits when he wasn’t “contracted”.

PS – He’s not meant to be a likable main character – he’s kind of an asshole.



Gretchen was an old high school flame of TJ. Actually, they had taken one another’s virginity years ago back in high school. Nearing 50, age had treated her well. Her breasts had grown into a nice shapely C cup, her smile and twinkling blue eyes had not diminished at all with age. Her laughter was still as bright as ever so it wasn’t hard for TJ to identify her at lunch.

He got up and walked towards the laugh. Her eyes lit up when she saw him. “TJ! It has been…”

TJ pulled her into a big hug, “30 years my old friend.” He stepped back and looked at her, “The years have been good to you Gidget”.

She blushed, “You know I haven’t heard that name in forever. Her hands instinctively gave a squeeze to his biceps. “You have really taken care of yourself, it’s good to see you. What brings you to town?”

TJ smiled, “Mom and Dad are having some health issues, so between assignments I thought I’d swing up this way and make sure things are okay. How about you?”

She nodded towards the table. “My sister in law is going through a tough time, the girls are both off at college, David is working, so I decided to take a few days to come help out. It really is good to see you.”

TJ kissed her hand, “Dinner, tonight.” It wasn’t a command, but really wasn’t a question either.

She smiled deep in thought. She looked illegal bahis at him, “Sure, but dinner is it TJ! I remember you, I remember many “get together’s” that ended with more than getting together. I’m a married woman.”

TJ winked, “Of course you are Gidget, besides, I remember a few “booty calls” from you as well.”

Gretchen blushed, “Where would you like to meet?”

“Let’s try that new place that overlooks the river, upon the hill. You remember, the place that is where we went for dinner at the prom, this is in the same location, supposed to have great food and the view is still spectacular.”

Gretchen bit her lip at the memory of that prom date and TJ’s head under her dress in that very parking lot after dinner. “Sure, I will see you there, say 7?”

TJ nodded, “7:00 it is.” He looked over Gretchen’s shoulder at her sister in law. “Hi, since Gidget didn’t introduce us, I’m TJ – she and I go way back, have her tell you some stories.” With that he turned and walked out of the little cafe with lunch for him and his parents under his arm.

Jane, Gretchen’s sister in law looked at her and sighed, “Holy Shit, Sis – that is all man right there.”

Gretchen watched him walk away and then looked at her sister in law, “Yes it is, but I am married to your BROTHER, remember!”

Jane shook her head, “Yes, but my brother is half of that on his best day.”

Gretchen laughed and looked at Jane, “Perhaps, but he’s my husband.”


TJ sat, as always, facing the door and arrived, as always 20 minutes early after following a circuitous route to make sure he wasn’t followed. Too many years in “Indian Country” had worked his way so deep into his subconscious that he didn’t even think about backtracking and doubling back to avoid being followed anymore, it just happened.

Gretchen walked in wearing a stylish sleeveless blouse, showing a hint of cleavage; with a skirt just above the knee and a stylish pair of sandals. TJ stood as she approached and pulled out her chair. As she sat he just smiled, “You know, you are still as beautiful to me as you were when I first had a crush on you.”

She lowered her eyes a bit, “When was that?”

TJ smiled and leaned back in his seat, “6th grade, My God, I thought you were all that.”

She smiled, “Those are good memories TJ – we shared a lot over the years. Dated, concerts, broken hearts…” she let her voice fade off.

He looked at her, “virginity,”

She almost spit out her water when she laughed, “Yes, that too” Feeling a bit nervous she began to change the subject. “So, tell me about these last 30 years?”

His eyes clouded over and he spoke softly, “Did college, joined the military in 88 when I graduated, have spent the last 25 years or so chasing bad guys all over the world, some with the military, some with the government, some as a contractor, some – well some because they needed chased. What about you?”

She went on to tell him about her marriage to David, the girls growing up, her frustrations at career and marriage. It was a perfectly normal dinner between two friends other than he had ordered for her and whenever she needed to get up he pulled out her chair for her.

As dinner was winding down he caught her looking out the window.

“Penny for your thoughts, Gidget”

She sighed, “This place, just thinking back to the last time we were here.”

TJ chuckled, “When I had you for dessert in the parking lot and you squirted all over your dress, my tux, and me?”

Her blushed deepened, “TJ! Are you always so bold?”

His hand when to her knee, she felt a heat she hadn’t felt in years, “Look at me Gidget.” Her eyes moved towards his, “I wanted you then and I want you now.”

She looked at him, “I’m married now.”

TJ’s eyes softened, “He’s not here and I won’t tell.”

Gretchen illegal bahis siteleri shook her head, “I can’t”

TJ whispered, “Can’t or won’t?”

“It wouldn’t be right,” she spoke.

His hand slid gently up her thigh, “I feel the heat, I know you want to and you know I want to. I don’t care about David, didn’t in high school and sure as hell don’t now. I know he cheated on you, I know you allowed him to come back despite the girls protests. I know that because you chose to stay home with the girls that he holds you financially prisoner.”

She looked at him shocked as he continued, “I make it my business to know Gidget.”

He slipped her his room key, “Here is the deal, I want you and I think you want me. No strings, no telling David, no calling to ruin marriages. This is two old loves and friends reuniting to share magic.” He reached out and slid her hand up his leg, “Feel that Gidget. Remember ol Dave and I played ball together, I know how lacking he is in many areas. Tell me you don’t want to experience this, me, us one more time.”

She bit her lip, “But I’m married.”

TJ very firmly said, “So was David. Listen, I wont force you, that’s my room key I’m downtown. No pressure, if you want me like I want you I will see you later, if not then let me say what a wonderful evening it has been and I hope we don’t wait 30 more years to see one another.” He kissed her hand, then stood, his erection visible to her snaking down his right leg. TJ payed the bill and reached for her hand. He walked her to her car and kissed her gently on the cheek, “I hope to see you in a bit Gidget.”

TJ got in his car and pulled out of the lot and headed towards the hotel. He was expecting her to follow, but to his surprise she had turned off. TJ shrugged, “Oh, well – it was worth a try” he whispered to himself as he turned up the stereo.

He pulled into the parking garage, headed up to his room, slid off his shirt and pants and tossed on a pair of “ranger panties” and turned on the tv. He was just getting comfortable when he heard that tell tale slide of a hotel room key into the door, followed by that light click that says that the card is in the right door. He stayed in the chair until he heard the door close. He looked up and there she stood.

Gretchen looked at him, “TJ, I don’t know why the fuck I am here, but here I am.”

TJ stood up and walked over to her, “Gidget,” he put her hand on his chest, “You are here because of our hearts, we are first loves and you never get over that.” He reached down and slid her skirt up a bit, “You are here because of this” he whispered as his fingers brushed the front of her panties, she sucked in her breath and held it. “We were amazing at 18, but immature and confused, now we know what we like and want” He took her hand and slid it to his hard cock, “You are here because of this, you know that you haven’t had this or anything like it for years. The good little housewife needs to be reminded that a greedy slut still lives and breathes”

He stepped in and kissed her as she began to stroke him beneath his shorts, “Oh, my God” she whispered as his kiss moved to her neck and his fingers slipped under her panties.

TJ growled as his fingers entered her, “This was mine long before anyone else, and will always be mine. My cock owns this pussy.” He pushed two fingers deep into her and began to gently wiggle them, cascading over her G spot. Soon her knees buckled as an orgasm shot through her body. TJ allowed her to gently sink to the floor, her hands pulled down his shorts and her mouth went to his cock. TJ moaned as she went deeper. It didn’t take long for her to give a slight gag.

TJ chuckled, “Gidget, you could always deep throat me, what’s happened?”

She looked up with a twinkle in her eye, “Been a while since canlı bahis siteleri I’ve had anything quite this size.”

TJ gently took her hands and helped her to her feet. “That’s right, and here in just a few minutes I am going to reclaim what is mine. I’m going to stretch you and fill you and make you cum over and over again.”

She sighed, “I haven’t cum from intercourse since I’ve been married, TJ”.

He lightly swatted her ass, “Because your husband is pathetic, Gidget.” As he finished he pushed her onto the bed and lifted her hips, sliding her panties down in one motion. In a flash his head was under her skirt and his mouth found her clit.

His tongue began to suck at her clit as his teeth gently nibbled at her. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck” was all that Gretchen could get out as TJ ravaged her most sensitive areas. His tongue, lips, and teeth on her clit as his fingers just ravaged her G spot. Orgasm after orgasm rocked her body. It took a bit but her hands pushed his head away, “Please, no more, no more, I can’t take any more.”

TJ smiled, “We need to get you undressed, I want to see all of you when I fill that tight little pussy.”

When she was undressed he positioned himself between her knees and gently pushed his cock into her. She started breathing, huffing like lamaze breathing, “Slow, please, God, slow” Soon he was buried deep into her, he looked into her eyes and started squeezing his ass, doing little kegals causing his cock to swell deep inside of her, “Oh, my God, fuck, fuck, fuck – I’m going to cum, what are you doing to me??”

He eased in an out of her, stopping to pulse on every stroke. Gently picking up his pace and power as time went on. His mouth found her nipples, then up to her ears, then her mouth, then back to her tits. One orgasm after another was wracking her body. Just at that moment her phone rang, TJ looked over and grabbed it and hit the “ANSWER” button and whispered to her, “It’s David.”

Her eyes flew open as she took her phone. TJ started fucking her slow and deep. Long strokes, balls deep and then out to where the head was barely inside of her. Then that long, slow push, bottoming out inside of her.

“Hi honey…” *STROKE, STROKE*

“I’m fine, enjoyed a really good *STROKE STROKE* supper”

*STROKE STROKE* “No, I’m good, just got back from a walk and I’m a little out of breath is all”

“How are” *STROKE STROKE* you? No, really I’m fine, just not *STROKE* used to the hils around here I guess, some *STROKE* big ones to climb

*STROKE* I’m planning on coming *STROKE STROKE STROKE* home this weekend

“Sleep well” *STROKE* Night honey”

She hung up the phone as TJ burst out in laughter, “You are a fucking bastard” she hissed.

He simply smiled as he pulled his cock out, “Well, then as a fucking bastard I guess it’s time to fuck like a bastard” He turned her over and pulled her to her hands and knees as drove his cock into her in one hard stroke. There was no gentleness now, just an animalistic reclaiming of what was once his. Her tits bounced so hard and he was so deep that she dropped her torso to stop the bouncing and tilted her shoulders to ease the thumping against her cervix. Soon though he was close as he grabbed her long blonde hair and pulled her hair back. “Look in the mirror, see the slut that was mine when she was 18 and is still mine at 49.”

Her face contorted, “You can’t fight it Gidget, cum for me, cum on my cock like you did in high school. Give yourself to me again.”

She fought it, didn’t want to give in to the truth, but finally her body betrayed her, “God, Fuck me, Fill me” She growled as her body convulsed and TJ growled and drove his cock into her one final time, filling her deep with his cum.

For a few moments they laid their panting, she had little tremor orgasms every time his cock twitched inside of her. He chuckled, “Still my cock slut.”

“Fuck you” she whispered.

“Go, on deny it then”

“I can’t you fucking bastard!”

He bit her shoulder, “Don’t ever forget that truth, Gidget.”

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