The Blue Life Ch. 38: Sunny and Jillian

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This story involves themes of Incest, BDSM, Dominance/submission, bisexuality and some homo-erotica. If any of that offends you, just move on to another story. All characters are 18+ years of age. And this is a work of fiction. Wild, preposterous fantasy. Thanks to my proofreaders and editors for their help with suggestions, editing and proofreading. Suggestions for kinks, characters or plot developments are often worked into future chapters. Leave them in the comments, or contact me. I’m also on Twitter! This is a longer chapter with lots of dialog and a lot of heavy action. If you just need fap material, this might be your story! But if male bi-sexuality upsets you, don’t get angry, just move on to another story. Thanks. Leave your suggestions in the comments. (Did I mention, I love getting comments?) Thanks for reading. Comments, Favorites, and Ratings are always very much appreciated. Enjoy.


Sunny and I were sitting in the dining room, having coffee. We had woken up in the same bed with Jillian, with Sunny in the middle. But we had quietly gotten out of bed. Sunny had thrown on some clothes from her bag, not much, just some underwear and an over-sized sweatshirt. We took turns brushing our teeth and using the toilet. Then, we tiptoed down stairs, not waking Jillian.

Sunny looked up from her coffee and said, “Robbie, we need to talk about your Kittens.”

I said, “I’m not sure I like the look on your face, or the tone in your voice, Sunny. Are you mad at me?”

“Not really. I’m just worried you’re letting being a Dominant go to your head.”

“I’m trying not to,” I countered.

“OK. Let me put it this way, Robbie. It’s Saturday Morning. Last Saturday Morning, just one week ago, how many submissives did you have in your stable?”

I thought for a second. “There was just Blue and Red.”

“And how many do you have today?” Sunny continued.

“Let me think.”

“You’ve lost count already?”

“There’s Blue and Red. That’s two. Sally and Terri, four. You, five. Then, Nurse Nancy and Dr. Piggie.”

Sunny interrupted. “What about Amethyst?”

“I’m getting to her. I’m going in order. What’s the count up to?”

“I was five. Nancy and Piggie make seven.”

“OK. Then, let’s see, Thursday was crazy. Amethyst, eight. Mrs. Bahl is a maybe.”

Sunny added, “There shouldn’t be any maybes, Robbie.”

“I won’t count her then. OK. Tiny Gina and Blix the Giant. That’s ten.”

“What about that girl in the park? What’s her name?”


“Yes. Her name?”

“Marsha Park.”

Sunny giggled. “That’s like a comedy routine.”

I shrugged. “She’s a friend of Terri’s. She sucked my cock. She was pretty good too. But I didn’t Dominate her. There’s no commitment there.”

“Would you make room for her in your stable, if she begged to be fucked and trained by you?” Sunny pressed.

I paused. “Yes.” Then thought again. “No. Maybe. I don’t know.” I felt guilty for wanting to fuck a beautiful girl. Should I?

Sunny chuckled. “You’re incorrigible. What about the other one, the boy?”

“Evan. He’s eighteen. And he’s interested in Terri. Terri is going to make him into her little Bitch.”

“Does he have a nice cock?”

I nearly did a noser with my coffee. “He was our waiter! At the restaurant! I did not see his cock, for God’s sake!”

“But, you said he’s got a nice thick cock.”

“No. I said I was teasing Terri with that possibility.”

“And you had Evan make Terri cum?”

“No. I told Terri that her orgasm would be triggered when Evan brought her food to the table.”

“So, you had Terri imprint her pleasure on Evan.”

I scratched my head. “I didn’t think of it that way.”

“Well, we had better get Evan checked out with Dr. Shapiro, because Terri is going to fuck him raw.”

I rubbed my face, thinking. I got up and walked toward the kitchen. “I’m going to freshen my coffee. Do you want anymore?”

Sunny shook her head. “No. I like coffee. But it doesn’t like me as much anymore. I have to watch out that I don’t have too much caffeine.”

I refilled my coffee cup. There was enough for Dad or Jillan to have a cup, whoever came downstairs. Fuck! What a weird situation. But I had to admit, it was exciting not knowing who my father would be this morning. I stirred a little sugar into my coffee and walked back into the dining room.

Sunny smiled at me. “So, Robbie, between Red and Blue, last week, when you only had two subs, who was your Primary?”

“Sunny, I think you know this.” I took a sip of coffee and sat back down. “That was Blue. I love my Dad. But, well, how can I say this? While I have toyed with bisexuality, and that’s all sort of wild and fun, I think I’m primarily hetero. I mostly like girls. I enjoy Dad sucking my cock. And I even enjoyed fucking his ass. But, girls will always be my primary focus. Plus, Blue was my first submissive, and she’s my mother. There are emotional bonds between a Mother and Son. It’s different with a Father. Well, çankaya escort at least it’s different with my Dad.”

Sunny nodded. “So, a week ago. There was just you, Red and Blue. No other lovers. No other kittens on the side. And by Sunday Evening, how many Kittens were in your stable?”

I thought back. “We covered this. I guess, five: Blue, Red, Sally, you, and then Terri.”

“Some Doms can content themselves with one sub, Robbie. And it can go on like that for a lifetime.” She sounded like that might be something she would want. “They don’t feel a need to prove themselves by acquiring more and more and more.”

“I don’t think I’m trying to prove anything.”

Sunny waved her arms in circles around her head. “Then what is this all about?”

“I think I’m…,” and I trailed off. I pondered this for a bit before answering, “I guess I’m responding to the needs of my subs.”

“What are those needs, Robbie?”

“Do you want me to list them?”

“Yes. I do.” There was a fire in Sunny’s eyes, a cold determination to hash this out.

“In what order?”

“Start with Blue.”

“OK. Blue was in a stale, dysfunctional marriage. She was sexually frustrated, beyond frustrated, stifled, and emotionally cut off from my father, from her whole life actually. She craved feeling sexually desired. She craved sexual adventure. She craved a sexual Dominant. And I stumbled upon and responded to those fantasies and those needs.”

Sunny nodded. “I can see that. What about Red?”

“Dad is messed up. Uncle Nick has done a number on his head for more than a quarter century. Jillian is a manifestation of that.”

“I really like Jillian,” Sunny simply stated.

“I sort of guessed that when I was eating her cum out of your pussy last night.”

Sunny purred. “That was so sexy, Robbie. Especially with her sleeping right next to us while you ate me out.”

I corrected her. “I think Jillian was pretending to be asleep. And she didn’t fall back to sleep until after we finished, until after you fell asleep between us.”

Sunny said, “Really? You’re sure?” She shook her head. “But you just met Jillian last week! You didn’t know her from the start. Did you? You didn’t know everything your father was hiding.”

“I still don’t know about the full extent of Dad and Uncle Nick’s relationship. I didn’t know about Nick having sex with Dad until after Blue and I revealed our relationship to Red. And I didn’t know that Nick had tortured Dad. I didn’t know that Dad was being blackmailed. Damn it, my Uncle is scum! But, I’ve figured out that my Dad’s relationship with his brother was warped and that had affected his relationship with Mom and his relationship with me too.”

“So, what need are you fulfilling with Red?”

“Red had zero confidence with his sexuality and masculinity when we began. He didn’t think he deserved Mom. He didn’t understand that he is sexually desirable, or how he is desirable. He didn’t trust his family with his secrets and his fantasies. He didn’t think he could be loved. He thought he was unlovable. For one thing, he thought he was sick for wanting to fuck his mom.”

Sunny joked, “Well, you have to admit, that’s pretty twisted.”

I laughed. “I am not sorry that I love fucking my mother. She is the first woman that I ever really fell in love with. And now we share a connection that most sons can only dream about.”

“The first woman you’ve ever fallen in love with was Blue. Who was the second?”

“You, silly!” I reached out and held her hand.

Sunny stuck her tongue out at me. “I love you too, Robbie. I really mean that. I would not put up with all this crazy shit if I didn’t.”

“Is it really that crazy?”

“Yes. Robbie, It’s insane. I have been involved in BDSM culture for more than a decade, and I’ve never seen a Dom like you. You draw subs like flies. You gather subs like lint!”

“Alright, alright. I get it! Give me a break,” I complained.

“Sally,” Sunny simply stated. “Why, Sally?”

“Sally just desperately needs to get fucked. She’s lonely and horny and so happy being submissive.”

“She loves you, you know? She’s in love with you. She’s given herself totally to you. And you find that incredibly sexy.”

“Sure, I do. What man wouldn’t!”

“Plus, she’s got massive titties.”

“And a nice round, fat ass to balance those big tits. She’s really not all that fat, y’know? I mean, Adele Gunty is fatter, and her tits aren’t nearly as big.”

“Oh, I can see it. Sally is a beautiful, Ruebenesque, and sexy woman. All of your kittens are, in some way very sexy, Robbie. I can see why you want to fuck them all. You forgot to count Adele Gunty, your Grandmother…uh…Katherine. And now, Jillian. She wants to be your sub too. But, when is enough going to be enough?”

I was starting to feel the pressure of this conversation. “I don’t think Granny Gunty wants to be Dominated” Sunny just snorted and shook her head. “And we don’t know how things will go escort çankaya with my actual Grandmother.”

“Blue will seduce her. I don’t think anyone could turn her down!”

“Maybe.” I grinned. “But, I don’t think Jillian wants to be Dominated.”

Sunny just smiled enigmatically and said, “You wait and see.”

I shook my head, no. “I really don’t know. So, Sally was desperate to be Dominated and royally fucked. And Mom made sure Sally fell into my lap. I was totally set up with Sally. But, without Sally and my Mom, I don’t think you and I would have ever gotten together, Sunny.”

“It was hot watching you Dominate Sally for the first time, Robbie. It was so fucking awesome to be part of that scene. I didn’t realize how much I missed it. At first, I thought that you were a real douchebag, using Sally to come onto me. But then, I could see how you kept your focus on Sally. That it wasn’t about me at all. And that was even more of a turn on. That made me want the focus to be on me. I can be competitive, selfish, and, um, a complete jealous bitch sometimes. “

“It’s not like I wasn’t attracted to you, Sunny! You are the most fucking gorgeous woman I’ve ever seen!”

“Your mother has a better figure. Hell, even Sophie has a better figure,” Sunny complained.

“Do I need to take you over my knee, Little Girl, and paddle your tight, hot ass?” I asked her.

“No, Daddy. I’m just saying that I’m as flat-chested as a teen-aged boy. There are middle-aged men with bigger tits than me.”

“I love your little puffies,” I said, “Take off your shirt, Baby Girl. Take off that sweatshirt.”

“Robbie, we’re having a serious talk here,” Sunny said.

“And your beautiful, puffy, tiny titties came up in conversation, Kitten. So, now I have a desire to see them, touch them, and play with them. Show them to your Daddy, now.”

Sunny sighed and said, “Yes, Daddy.” Sunny pulled her sweatshirt over her head. It was an oversized sweatshirt that she had been wearing like a micro-miniskirt. The sleeves were ripped off. She was wearing a white lace bra and matching, white, Brazilian cut bikini panties, cut high at the thigh, but full coverage in the rear.

I pushed my chair back from the dining room table, turned it around, and sat back down. “Here, come straddle your Daddy’s legs, Baby Girl. Sit on my lap.”

She sat down on me. She said in a higher pitched, little girl voice, “Like this, Daddy? But, I-I’m practically naked, Daddy. I feel so shy like this.”

I took a deep breath, and whispered through my teeth, “Oh, shit. You don’t know what that does to me,” I sat back and looked at Sunny.. “You are like a chameleon, Sunny. You put on makeup and you look like the most sophisticated, glamorous model. Like a movie star. And without makeup, like this?” A guttural growl rumbled up from my chest.

“I know,” Sunny said, still in the little girl voice, “I look a lot younger like this. Here, check this out, Daddy.” She reached up and pulled the bands out of her hair that had been holding up the ponytail at the back of her head. Then, she quickly did her hair up into two pigtails on the sides of her head. “See?” She wiggled her ass and ground her pelvis into mine. She winked and said, “The effect is even better if I put my hair in braids.”

“Yes, your Daddy sees, Baby Girl.” I undid the front closure on her bra. And pushed it off her shoulders. I’m twenty-one. And Sunny is eight years older than me. But without makeup, and with her hair in pigtails, without her bra, she looked like a teenager! “Daddy loves your little puffies, your tiny titties, Baby Girl. I love how your nipples grow from tasty little nubs to extra-long, stiff nipples when I kiss and suck them.” I bent my head and tasted Sunny’s left nipple. I let it harden between my lips. If I focused, I could feel her heartbeat with my lips.

Sunny moaned. Still playing the young girl she said, “Yes, Daddy. And I can feel your wiener-thingee getting hard too. But, I don’t think that big thing is going to fit in my tight, tiny pooner. And I’m scared. I heard losing your virginity hurts a lot, Daddy. Is it going to hurt when you finally make me a woman?”

My cock jumped in my pants. “Oh fuck, Baby,” I groaned.

Sunny’s voice changed back to normal. “See? Robbie? I knew you would love age play. And pretending I’m your little virgin girl. That’s why you want Terri so much.”

“I guess.” I shrugged and felt defensive again. “I mean, sure. I admit it. That’s part of it, OK? Sure. I want to take Terri’s virginity. I can be honest about that. But I really want Terri’s first time to be wonderful for her too.”

Sunny pressed, “You want Terri’s first time taking cock to be wonderful for you!”

I laughed, “Well, yeah. Of course I do. I enjoy having sex! And it’s exciting, imagining being Terri’s first.”

“I’m not saying this to put her down, Robbie. But Terri is a royal slut. And she’s not a good submissive. You will take her virginity next week, but then, you had better çankaya escort bayan undo her bonds and let her run free. Because if you try to keep her penned up, and tied to just you, she will hate you.”

I nodded. I could see that. “But, Terri wants to get pregnant by me. She wants to show that she can carry our child.”

“Are you going to fuck our children too, Robbie? Are you going to take their virginity too? You like virgins. That excites you.” Sunny put on her little girl voice again. “Don’t lie to me, Daddy. I can feel your wiener twitch when I talk about how excited it makes me, thinking of taking my Daddy in my tight, teen, virgin pussy for the very, very…first time, Daddy.” That last part came out in a breathy whisper.

I tried to gather my thoughts. Sunny was making that difficult. “I’m never going to fuck anyone younger than eighteen. Never. I don’t care if I’m in a foreign country where that’s legal. I’m not going to do it. There has to be a line somewhere, and I’m drawing it there. And I’m not going to push or press myself on our children. I am not going to groom them to be my sex dolls. That idea seems just really gross. So, that’s a firm rule for the entire family. No kids.”

“Yes. Well, our children are probably going to figure out that you fuck your mother and father. They are going to know that Mommy and Daddy kiss and have alone time with Grandma and Grandpa and a lot of others too. Eventually they will get curious.”

“That’s at least nineteen or twenty years down the road,” I said, “It’s pretty pointless to talk about that now.”

“But we were just pretending I was your daughter, Daddy,” Sunny pressed her point by untying the waistband of my sweatpants and working it down under my cock. I was going commando today, not wearing underwear. I do that a lot. My stiff boner sprang free, already leaking precum. “And if we are going to get married, I want to know what kind of house we are going to be raising our children in. Even if I can’t give you children, I’m going to be a stepmother to all the little brats you sire,” she joked. She began idly playing with my precum, smearing it around on the head of my cock with her thumb, and casually jacking my shaft.

I said, “I want our kids to have as normal and happy and boring a childhood as possible. They’ll end up knowing that we have sex. They’ll probably know that you sometimes get spanked or need to wear special outfits around the house to please me. They’ll end up knowing that we have a special relationship with their Grandparents and all their special Aunts and Uncles. But we won’t be having sex in front of the kids.”

“Will you teach them about masturbation and safe sex?”

“I will teach them the basics of Sex Education. I’m not going to keep them in the dark. They will know about anatomy and contraception. Good basic principles and practices. But we won’t be giving them any hands on instruction until they are at least eighteen. And then, the idea will probably have to come from them.”

“You think they will wait that long until they have sex?” Sunny asked. “I was younger than that when I first had sex, Robbie.”.

I shook my head. “I was younger than eighteen when I first started masturbating. But I was actually a virgin until I was nineteen. Our kids might want to wait until they are eighteen or later to have sex. That’s up to them. But, we are going to wait that long. And the rest of the Family will know to wait that long too. That’s the rule. No kids. No drugs. No sex outside the Family Group without a condom, or getting tested by Dr. Shapiro.”

“Do you really want to fuck, Eugene, Robbie?”

I shook my head. “I don’t know. I just responded to Dr. Piggie the way I’ve responded to all my Kittens. I could feel his need, and I could see that being one of my Kittens would fulfill that need.”

“And what is Eugene Shapiro’s need, Robbie.”

I shrugged. “Like everybody, the good Doctor is lonely. He loves you. And he loves Nancy. But he didn’t know how to express that love or sexual desire. And he’s felt lost without a Master.”

“Well, he’s mostly gay, Daddy. And he needs to get fucked. I think he wants you more than he wants me.”

“He is bi. The Doctor and Nurse Nancy have been going at it like rabbits. And Terri pegged his ass really hard last night.”

“It’s wearing him out. He’s having trouble keeping up. And he wants your cock, Robbie. Or maybe Red’s or Blix’s. But, probably yours. Are you willing to fuck him? Because you shouldn’t string him along.”

“Wow. I-I-I guess I probably will fuck him sometime,” I explained, “Sometime soon. OK? But, It took me months before I finally fucked Red. Still, I took Blix’s ass yesterday, and that was fun.”

Sunny smiled. “Really, Robbie? You fucked Blix? When? Where?”

“At the Doctor’s Office. We were interrupted by Gina. And then, well, she sort of finished us both off. But that was a hot scene. Speaking of hot scenes, Baby Girl, why don’t you pull your panties to the side and just slide down on your Daddy’s thick dick.”

Sunny started doing what I asked, but she said as she slid down onto me, “OK. But you probably don’t want to cum in me.”

“Why not?”

“You should probably save your jam for Jillian or Sally or Nancy. They’re all going to need to fuck you today,” Sunny warned.

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