The Big Tease

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I can’t believe this day has finally arrived; the nerves are building in the pit of my stomach.

We have been planning this date for a while now. Online, I have had the confidence to be as seductive as I want to be, but real life?

This is a different matter. I’m naturally a shy girl, but I am determined to overcome this.To help me achieve this, I choose my most seductive outfit. I want to look my best for our first meeting.

Our plan is to meet at a busy Irish bar in town. I have previously described to him that I will wear a tight, low cut, red dress. The cut and shape of the top emphasizes my full, ripe breasts; that are almost spilling over the top. I decided on no tights, just my long, bare, soft, silky legs, with red painted toenails and open-toed heeled shoes.

As I reach the bar I can’t help but tremble with excitement and anticipation. I try to calm my trembling hands and strengthen my jelly legs. I walk into the bar and scan the crowd; I can’t see him. I’m about to turn on my heel and walk away, when I feel the brush of a soft, gentle hand against my exposed, naked, shoulder. My heart beats a thousand beats and something sensual inside me sparks. I turn to be greeted by a tall, handsome, dark haired gentleman.

“Wow, you look a million dollars, truly amazing, just as you described in your email.”

There is a long pause, as our eyes lock and he is becoming my guilty pleasure, my instant obsession.

“I have reserved us a window table and ordered us a bottle of fruity, white wine. I hope this for-fills your needs.

My mind is running on overtime now as I think, “You will for-fill my needs.” I’m speechless, unable to respond verbally, only managing being able to carry off a smile and giving a gentle, pleasing nod. Gary’s words may only of been simple words, but the way he presents them in his sexy Irish accent makes me melt inside.

He takes hold of my hand, escorting me confidently to our table, pulling out my chair to allow me to be seated and then walking round to sit directly opposite me. Even the way he walks, carries something special, something deep, something sexy, something erotic. He begins to make conversation and I respond where necessary, but as though I have been put in a trance, I’m bewildered by this amazingly, sensual man.

A few hours pass and I still feel besotted, yet my shyness is fading and my confidence grows.

The fire inside me that is destined to illegal bahis be released , starts to escape from within.

I slide my dainty, petite foot from my shoe and begin to edge it up the inside of his thighs. I trace it over his tender, cum-filled balls, working up his tensing shaft. On return, I give him a gentle squeeze on his now immensely growing shaft.

He releases a quite moan, as I repeat my actions once again. Upping my game slightly, I circle my toes around the tip of his member as I reach the top. Another moan is released, he slides back in his seat involuntarily.

I take my glass of wine in my hand, drinking the remains and stand. I turn my back and walk a few steps, turn towards him and seductively wiggle my finger, to entice him out. He follows me with his intrigue showing on his face. I lead him outside, where the rain is banging of the paths and kerbs, as it pelts from the dark skies. The rain is no longer the only thing making me wet now.

The sight of my gorgeous Irishman, soaked through, wearing a white shirt, showing off his masculine, toned body, making him even sexier. I smile as I realise he has a certain Christian Grey appeal about him.

I’m starting to lose control, as my sensual feelings run wild. Electricity is flowing through my radiant body, pulling him towards me. Using his wet, transparent shirt as leverage, our bodies press against one another. My ripe, well, full breasts squeezed tight against his chest. Starring into his big beautiful brown eyes, I lean in to kiss him, pressing our lips together, allowing our tongues to entwine together. We are both lost in the moment, sparks flying and our bodies reacting.

I signal to the passing cab, and he pulls up. We climb in and continue to kiss, passionately. I release our tongues, rest my head on his shoulder look up to meet his eyes again, wink and say;

“I have no panties on underneath this hot dress.”

His eyes twinkle with excitement, as he goes in to find out if this statement is true.

He traces his fingertips, which feather light up the inside of my sensitive thighs. He glides them over my smooth, moist, wanting pussy lips. He kisses my neck softly, teasing me before whispering; “I do believe we have a spectator.” I glance at the rear mirror and see that he is right. I smile coyly and give a little, “couldn’t careless” wave to the driver. He turns away embarrassed and sheepishly, returning his concentration illegal bahis siteleri back to the road.

We arrive outside our hotel. The time has come when I can eventually get my hands on my dirty, little, married secret. He pays the cab driver, I grab his hand pulling him out, slamming the door and running into the hotel lobby out of the rain, giggling. We run into the open elevator and press level Eight straight away to prevent any other guests invading our space. We begin to kiss again, only this time erratically grinding our aroused bodies against each other. The lift pings and shudders to a halt.

Excitement floods my body, as he stops in the corridor and pulls me in towards him. He pushes me up against the wall, one hand flat against the wall and the other holding my neck. He slides his right hand down my neck and onto my left breast, caressing me gently but firmly. Feeling my nipple grow beneath in his touch, he twists it sensually and erotically between his finger and his thumb, before gliding his fingers down over my stomach and under my dress.

Slowly, teasing the entrance to my pussy, running his fingertips just along the edge but not inside. We hear movement and talking along the corridor but Gary doesn’t want to stop. He thinks quickly, undoes his zip, lifts me in the air sliding me onto his fully erect, throbbing shaft, and carries me down the corridor towards our room.

He whispers; “Do you feel comfortable, Miss Baker?”

I nod with a smile on my face and reply; “Yes, Mr Bailey. Twas very spontaneous but there are no complaints from me!”

The movement and voices get nearer. I reach behind to pull my dress down to ensure everything was covered.

“Good evening.” The passer-by comments, as they walk by.

“Good evening, it’s a wet one out there tonight.” Gary responds, relaxed and calmly.

I whisper to him, “It’s a wet one in here too.”

And we both laugh as he runs towards our room, still with me wrapped around his waist.

We enter; leaving the bedroom door to slam. He speedily undoes my dress and tugs it off me, revealing my full, ample breasts. I’m still mounted on his 8 and 1/2 inch member. He walks backwards towards the bed kicking his trousers off, making me bounce slightly on his erect, hard cock.

We fall back onto the bed. I move him into a position that allows me to restrain him with the handcuffs, which I had put into place before our date. I secure canlı bahis siteleri him to the metal framework, kissing him passionately. I work my way down his chest, planting feather-light kisses all over him, softly and seductively.

Lying at his feet, so I am facing towards him, I run my soft petite foot up the inside of his naked thigh. I trace it over his balls and up his hard shaft to the tip, using my toes to circle round. I take pleasure in rubbing his pre-cum and my juices into his cock.

He lets out a moan, a desirable moan, straining against the handcuffs. The excitement soars through his body, as I tease him tremendously with my feet. Seeing him so turned on and so helpless, is mind-blowing enough, but I have only just started and I want to see how far I can take him. Placing a gentle kiss on his balls and gently nibbling, before trailing my tongue up and over his shaft slowly and softly is nearly enough to tip him over the edge.

“Please babe,” he begs, “un-cuff me and let me tease you in return.”

I look up at Gary and respond. “Under no circumstances are you allowed to cum, until I tell you that you’re allowed.” There was no response from him so I asked, “Am I understood?”

Gary remains speechless, turned on immensely by the domineering mannerism from me. He nods.

“However, if you disobey my order your tease will continue. Only this time I will leave you in anticipation, tied up whilst I go down to the bar to allow you time to think.”

I give Gary a cheeky grin. His cock is starting to move involuntarily, as I return my longing, skillful tongue. Starting at the base nibbling, sucking, teasing his balls before licking my way back up, tracing my tongue tip over his slit before wrapping my mouth firmly around his cock. I slide my mouth further and further down his shaft with each stroke. I continue to suck until I see his toes curl, his body starts to ripple as waves of electricity volt trough his sexy body. I remove his cock from my mouth but slide my hand down to the base and un-cuff him skilfully with the other hand.

Looking up at him, leaving him in suspense for a little while before yelling; “Ok baby, cum, cum all over, let it dribble down your throbbing, pulsating cock and over my hand.”

He cums hard, and we both watch in amazement. It erupts out the top like an active volcano. Once the eruption is complete, I lick the cum off my hand and spit it back onto his shaft rubbing it in. I look up at Gary and smile.

“Did you enjoy?”

“That was amazing! Mind-blowing but believe me revenge is sweet!”

He rolls on to his side gazing into my eyes, wraps his arm around me and we sleep together peacefully.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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