The Awakening

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A red rose that I picked last night, on the way home, is under my side of the bed. The room is very warm…hmm, we must have left the heater on full.


I move my arm from under your sleeping body. Sleeping soundly on your back….. star shaped…. spread all across the bed – no wonder there is little room for me this morning.

A smile crosses my lips.

I carefully lift the covers from you…. not a movement. Again, good, as this suits me.

With just a peek of light coming into the room, I gaze at your fully splayed and beautiful body. Reaching under the bed, I withdraw the rose, thornless, small and just bud breaking, with 3 leaves. Rising above you, I place it between your breasts. They only just rise and fall, as you are in such a sound sleep.

Moving to the end of the bed, I see my Holy Grail. With warm hands, I place them on the uppermost of your warm inner thighs

Bending close, I draw in the sweet perfume that emanates from your sleeping pussy. My wet tongue extends to lightly run over the lips. Up and along I go, lucky that your legs are spread so wide. Once, twice, three times. illegal bahis Still no movement from you. I carefully place my tongue on your hooded clit… hold it there, moistening it. Only just, I move it rotating around in a very small circle, wetting it all.

Back down I go to glide over the lips some more. This time, a little firmer pressure and they fill and blossom for me. A few more strokes and the tip of my tongue starts to slide between them. The scent is stronger now, your juices starting to meet mine. I feel myself getting hard – how could I not!

Placing my mouth back over your clit, I slowly, but firmly, coax the little head out for play. It wants to. It joins my tongue for a delightful frolic.

Amazingly, the only movement from you is a slight hip shift. I look upwards across your fine belly… I can see the rose rising and falling a little more now.

Leaving the clit, my attentions return to our fanny. Long sweeps along it, bring the lips to more life, and it is getting wetter as we go. Opening as if a rose, the lips magically part to welcome their second best friend. Sweet tasting fluid seeps into illegal bahis siteleri my mouth, covers my lips and nose, and runs along my chin.

Minutes pass as we kiss lip to lip, and wet sounds start as we share our liquids. I hope that you will stay sleeping. A thumb goes to rest above, on a forlorn and lonely clit. I start it massaging the raised bud, but just gently. Deeper my tongue drives in, or maybe it is sucked in? My face is now soaked and breathing is difficult. You are so wide and open now, your breathing is audible, and you are getting hot. Hot legs, hot belly, hot fanny. A steaming fanny. A burning clit. The heat radiates in the warm room and I feel hot as well. And I feel hard. Hard and hot. Hard and hot and horny. Needing to release, I ignore my desire and continue. Your pleasure is what matters now.

My tongue now drives in and out, a small cock, but with it is the added advantage of lips and a mouth to drink and suck those lips in. Pull them into large plump curves of soft flesh. My thumb has not slackened and is working the now steel bolt-like clit.

Two more minutes. I am not sure who will canlı bahis siteleri outlast who. My senses are overcome with smells, textures, fluids, heat and of course, love.

Never before has your fanny opened up so much. It is drawing me in, sucking back, not willing to loose the battle.

Then, I feel movement. a slight shudder. I continue. More shudder, again. Then a tightening of my face, my tongue clamped, sucked far inside and with great pressure. Juices stream all over my face, running everywhere. Your tense body quivers and shakes.

I feel a warmth on my stomach. I have come too, without realising it.

I look upwards, the rose is still in place, but your breasts are firm, red, and the nipples reach for the stars. Beads of sweat glisten on the breasts, your belly, and who knows about your legs, they are just soaked.

I have stopped the working, and now concentrate on drinking. Drinking all I can. Drinking our liquid love. Blending ourselves together. Consuming the sweetest wine of all, our love juices, that sustain our minds and bodies.

Gently, I withdraw and regain my position on the small unoccupied part of the bed.

You have not woken. Good. When you do, uncovered, spread, and exposed, you will feel exhausted but refreshed, satisfied but horny, and hopefully, loved.

You are loved, more than you can imagine.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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