The Appointment Ch. 03

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Chapter: 3 – The Ravishing begins

Hope you enjoyed Chapters one and two and I hope you’ll enjoy this one too. Please let me know what you think of the whole story. Thank you.

By the following week, I knew what had to be done. I decided to refer Adriana to a female colleague of mine as I had compromised my professional integrity. If I continued with Adriana now, it would only be to gratify my sexual need – which was to make her mine. After my first two clients, I had to briefly meet a colleague across the boulevard.

I’d given Phyllis instructions to allow Adriana into the clinic when she arrived then she could go home. I think I must have been about ten minutes late and hated her having to wait for me but I had no choice, the meeting was important.

When I arrived back at the clinic, Phyllis had already gone; I walked into my office expecting to see Adriana waiting for her talk therapy session, but it was empty with no signs of her. I was confused, so ventured into the massage room where I was met with the most erotic sight. Adriana was dancing to the music completely naked. Her eyes were closed, unaware that I was watching her. Her body was beautiful and amazingly flexible.

Her hips undulated to the beat as she swirled her hair around and manipulated her arms and legs to the rhythm. Her breasts bounced together and swung apart and her tight firm buttocks clenched and wobbled as she gyrated and stamped her feet. This sight was too much for any red bloodied man to endure, I knew I wasn’t strong enough. She looked like a goddess on heat performing the mating dance of her tribe trying to attract the male of another tribe.

My penis was growing, pushing its way upward as I surveyed her honeyed garden, complete with open-winged butterfly. She opened her eyes; I quickly straightened my stance and smiled, placing my hands directly over the crotch of my trousers.

‘Hello Adriana, how are you?’ I asked clearing my throat. I tried to keep my eyes directly on her face.

‘Hello Troy, I thought I would get ready for the session.’

‘Actually, we normally start with the talk therapy.’

‘Well, last week you cancelled my massage, so now you owe me two hours of massage, no?

‘Yes, you’re right, forgive me.’

‘ Of course, there is nothing to forgive. Just be gentle with me. I’m looking forward to having your hands on me’ she said with a wink. My heart skipped a beat and my face broke out in instance sweat.

‘So we should start. NO?’ she said authoritatively, with her hands resting on her fantastically shaped hips.

How was I to manage two hours without losing control? That would be impossible. If I touched her inappropriately she could sue me and I’d lose illegal bahis my licence and business. No, there was far too much at stake to let anything happen. She was out of breath; her breasts heaved up and down, her nipples trembled and grew harder as she cooled down.

I felt my mouth salivate as I grew an extra few inches. I had forgotten to wear my massage coat and it was obvious that my long hard dick was pushing against my pants. She glanced down at my wide throbbing bulge and the wet patch it had produced, and she giggled teasingly. I gestured for her to mount the table and reminded her to lay on her front.

After washing my hands I prepared my mobile table. She was now lying down with the towel across her middle. Her hair was draped neatly to one side of her head. I poured the pungent smelling oil into my hands and started at the top half of her body. I felt like a teenager again, a knot arose in the pit of my stomach and my sweat glands began leaking like a broken tap.

My hands glided over her silky body with ease. I kneaded the muscles in her shoulders, upper back and down to her waist. Her eyes were closed as she sighed and whimpered with pleasure. I squeezed her biceps and worked up and down her arms steadily, stretching and bending her hands and fingers. She breathed deeply and smiled at me.

Her eyes dropped to my growing member and I saw her lick her lips as she moaned. My hands continued to press and pulp her skin as I moved down to the hump of her buttocks. I whipped the towel away and dropped it to the floor.

I added more oil and massaged her firm round cheeks one at a time, kneading and rubbing as I went along. She wriggled, jutting her butt upwards towards me as she moved in rhythm with the force of my hands. With a cheek in each hand I circled her buttocks inward towards each other then outward, exposing her ripe fleshy vagina and the inner lips of her labia which opened wide to reveal her dark cavity. My erect penis began seeping, as if crying from unfulfilled desire. My breath quickened with every circular motion and my temperature soared. My shirt clung to my chest and back, sodden with sweat.

By now Adriana was moaning and groaning, writhing and undulating up and down on the table. Her legs growing wider and wider apart, as she jutted her butt up towards me, goading me, provoking me. Every muscle in my body was tensed hard and dripping with hot fiery passion. In a flash she was kneeling, her legs spanning the width of the table. Her fantastic sweet smelling arse was now in my face.

I couldn’t take anymore; I pushed my head right between her butt cheeks and thrust my tongue into her anus. I tore her cheeks apart with my hands, licking the valley betwixt illegal bahis siteleri her anus and vagina. I tongued her with broad heavy strokes up and down, lathering her upper hole, and prodding inside with hot saliva and wet greedy kisses. She screamed with delight and she thrashed her black mane up and down, as her backside gyrated and pushed back into my craven mouth.

My lips met with her moist fleshy labia and we kissed each other again and again passionately; my tongue lapping up her sweet sap which seemed to cascade wantonly from her honeyed chasm as she climaxed. I thrust my voracious tongue inside her hole, forcing myself further and further with each jab.

Her engorged clitoris felt firm between my lips, I sucked it vigorously not wanting to ever let it go. I lovingly nipped, licked and kissed as I went along not able to satisfy my ravenous appetite. My long stiff penis dripped ashamedly; aching to be shafted into the fleshy lips of her hot wet pussy. Before I knew what was happening; Adriana jumped off the table with the grace and agility of a black panther.

‘I am in control,’ she whispered as she grabbed my shirt and tore it asunder; the buttons seemed to tap dance as they collided with the wooden floor. I drank her in completely, her eyes were hypnotising me.

‘Yes, you are in control.’

When her firm round breasts pressed against my bare chest for the first time I thought my head would explode with the fire that burned within me. Our lips met passionately, I couldn’t get enough, I was so fired up I swear I could have eaten her alive. She started undoing my belt then a few seconds later my long hard penis sprung to freedom.

She knelt on the floor in front of me and studied my cock. Her incredibly long pink tongue extended out of her perfect mouth to say hello. Her hot wet saliva lathered my bulbous tip and trailed down to the base just above my sac. She continued licking my shaft over and over slowly and lovingly. Each stroke coursed through the veins of my member like an electric current and sent warning signals to every other part of my body. I stood tense, with my buttocks clenched and my eyes closed, as I tried to keep composed, not wanting to spoil the sensation by coming too soon.

Part of me thought that I must be at home in bed dreaming; it all seemed too surreal to be true. Her hot sultry mouth was now over my cock, as I surged deeper into her. Her head rocking back and forth as my length travelled further and deeper into the moist crevasses of her mouth. I held hair on the top of her head, as I steadily eased in and out; it was an unbelievable sensation.

It wasn’t long before I had to quicken the pace; to short, sharp thrusts. I envisaged my canlı bahis siteleri cock inside her sweet syrupy tight pussy and before I knew it, my essence had erupted full force inside her mouth. I held her there while my member pulsated further and my body shuddered from the ecstasy. I looked down at her to see my semen overflow her mouth and drip slowly down her neck.

I felt a pang of embarrassment for just a moment, before she began licking the residue while I watched in amazement; that act made me want her all the more. This wonderful woman was not frigid or unexciting as her husband had claimed; she was fiery, orgasmic and insatiable. Now, she wasmine.

Adriana took my hand and pulled me down onto her voluptuous body, her legs opened wide inviting me inside. We kissed, sucked each others’ lips and tongues passionately. We both breathed heavily, panting with desire. My cock lay directly on top of her moist pussy lips; I couldn’t help but grind my shaft hard against her.

Her taut nipples each found solace inside my ravenous mouth; I sucked them like a child drinking his mother’s milk and groaned with pleasure. She dug her long manicured finger nails into my back as my sucking grew more intense, her body quivered underneath me. My sac became drenched with her juices as she climaxed again, screaming my name into in my ear.

‘Yes Troy, yes.’ Her lustful cries were too much for me. I felt her pelvis rise as my eager head teased her opening and rubbed slowly up and down her moistness, then I entered her walls easing my way into her magnificently tight passageway to fulfilment. I began a slow thrusting, up and down, my hips meeting hers in glorious rhythm and to the sound of the sensual music.

Her legs were wrapped around my waist and I pushed myself deeper inside, as she sucked my tongue. Each inward drive gave me unimaginable pleasure; our bodies were in complete sync. She moaned and held me tight against her, her legs rose up to my shoulders as I pumped to a quicker pace. Her flexibility was astounding; every facet of my being was turned on to full power.

I watched her reactions to my forceful shafts into her very core. I saw her face contort as she began to wail loudly, her eyes shut tight. Her climaxing matching mine as I shafted repeatedly, until I felt my hot oozing liquid escape from my member to fill her empty chasm. I collapsed on top of her and I gazed down at her, looking for any signs of regret or disappoint within her dark sultry eyes. She smiled at me and breathed into my ear,

‘I am yours now.’

‘Are you sure Adriana,’ I whispered, wishing I had never asked the question.

‘Yes, I am sure, very sure,’ she replied, searching me with her intensity.

‘That’s exactly what I wanted to hear.’ I reply cradling her head in my arms and lovingly stroking her perspiring face.

‘I think I love you,’ I add confidently. We both laugh and clutch each other tightly, our bodies entwined forever.

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