The Agency Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: Joss.

Josef (Joss)

As the summer was drawing closer I became more interested in going back home rather then work on the agency web site and the setting up. The web site I was working on, the basics were ready but needed the most important part, the final touches, which make it attractive to the internet browsers or better to those interested. After a much needed good holiday, I think I could give it a better finish. I also knew my sister Sophie will be more interested to see me home, with her legs wide open, ready to have me, while not forgetting my loving parents. Therefore I was more than ready for my holidays. The last weeks were hard. The fourth year was over and I wanted out. Get away.

I would more then love to spend some days with them on the farm and more hopefully running around with my beautiful elder sister, Sophie. This was my last day. I packed everything and the following morning very early drove off towards the small village where my family lived. Arrived at the entrance to the farm just before mid-day, entered and drove towards the parking area where my sister was watching, from the kitchen window. She ran towards me, put her hands around my neck and gave me a very smooth long kiss, before started to suck my lips, my lips, while she hugged me and caressed me for a long, long time. I could say she was hot, for who, my little boy immediately noticed and grew to attention.

‘Hi sis, how’re you?’

‘Fine Joss, and you?’ She answered and asked while pressing her crotch against mine, checking why my little boy had woken up so quickly.

‘Better then ever; mum and dad?’

‘The usual; working and working, but I think they should retire now.’

‘Well if they retire they’ll die. This is their life sis, but hope they take it easy. Well you know at least they had enjoyed a very rewarding sexual life. Very stimulating especially when they go away with their friends.’

‘Definitely so and thank God, we had a lot of time alone and with some of our friends too.’

‘Yes I know sweetie sis. Lots of it, and that was thanks to you. You were the mastermind.’

‘Not without your full support, Joss. I know I was always, tooo hot.’

‘Are they in town?’

“It’s Saturday, they have to visit everybody and do the weekly shopping. Well at least they are off for a holiday.’

‘When? Where? Alone?’ Just questions left my lips automatically.

‘Thursday, they leave for Crete. No, there are another four couples joining them as far as I know, maybe even six’

‘Wow, Greek Islands. That’s great; we’ll have the house for ourselves until I leave.’

‘Driving around I presume. Why don’t we go together?’

‘Not a bad idea sis. I don’t need to think about it. Well’ I missed you a lot, you know what I mean?’

‘I know what you mean; don’t worry, I missed you much more than you think.’

‘What about your sex life, sis?’

‘Very disappointing, non fit’s your pants. Shall we start?’

‘So quick!’

‘I’m going crazy Joss. Couldn’t wait a minute longer, and, your little boy seems to know my needs, more then you?’ She answered while massaging my crotch with her hand, enjoying the feeling of my hardness.

We just walked inside leaving all my belongings in the back of the car. Really ran upstairs to Sophie’s room where the bed was still undone, sure not after sex. I started taking my clothes off and Sophie was already down to her panties. She was beautiful, more beautiful as she got older. Tall girl, long shapely and smooth legs, fine ass, the best. She was always good to me, grown together and exchanged every secret we ever had. We shared everything.

She just lay down on the bed, pulled her legs towards her beautiful breasts and opened herself wide open, her pubic area was totally shaved. I crawled on to the bed, my mouth found her wet lips and slowly moved my way up just licking, first her juices, which tasted perfect, up to her clit. She started to moan. She was very, very hot, waiting to be appropriately fucked. I knew she couldn’t wait. My mouth started moving further up her stomach moving further upwards until my teeth started rolling one of her hard nipples.

‘Ouch it hurts, slowly please.’ I continued and at the same moment I started teasing her with my hardness, moving it up and down her wet slit.

When Sophie offered her virginity to me.

Sophie and myself were very close, living on a farm with no friends except our school friends and now and then some of our cousins and nieces came to visit or vice versa. For Christmas and New Year we always travelled to our grannies which lived some fifty kilometres away, but never could stay more than one day. The farm and the animals were always demanding.

Most of the time, we were just alone, with the occasional visit of a couple of school friends, Lisa and her brother Klaus, who came for a weekend, now and then. Staying on a farm for them was an adventure as they officially live in town. We always looked for such occasions. The time spent running among nature not only gave ataşehir escort us that edge but also learned a lot. Our visitors always loved and appreciated these visits more and more as they grew older. Lisa and her brother Klaus were just about the same age as us. So we grew together and very close.

When we were getting into our late teens we started looking at each other more. Sophie became a beautiful young woman, well developed and it was not the first time that I had desired her. From the time I discovered masturbation I became more interested in the female sex so I became more interested in finding out and learn more.

At home we were trained well. Our parents prepared us for the future by separately told us the facts of life and how to respect the other gender. These were done on separate basis, Mum had instructed my sister and father filled me well, therefore there was a lot of respect between me and my sister. I also looked at girls at school and compared, naturally every young teen go into that period of time.

As we got older in the seventeenth and eighteenth year, Sophie and I had very few secret discussions on sexual matters, more educational rather than desires, but never showed any particular curiosity in each other, nor discussed intimate issues. Of course along the years we learned a lot from the animals we had as it was not first time that we seen dogs and cows mating, even I helped my father with deliveries both of cows and sheep.


‘How do you like it sis?’

‘Lying on my back and feeling your member stretching my love tube as you feed it slowly inside me; it will be glorious. I just like to lie and enjoy the feeling of your master lover entering inside the gate of love and pleasure, all the way in until it hits the portal of my womb; then hold it there for me to enjoy massaging it with my muscles and wet it with my natural nectar. Nothing more, unless I order.’

She just lay down on her bed, popped her ass on a cushion, opened her legs as wide as possible and waited for me to enter. I slowly moved between her legs and in a few seconds the head of my hard dick touched the silky drenched lips of her vagina. As shivers of pleasure started flowing through her blood stream I pushed very slowly, pushing my hardness though the curtain of her vaginal entrance, feeling and renewing the sweet taste od pleasure flowing around my mushroomed head as I kept the slow movement forward until it was fully embedded inside her. All the time my eyes were focused on my sister’s reactions. The beautiful sweet smile and her shining eyes were enough evidence of the feelings she was enjoying. Her vaginal muscles gripped around my hardness as the head pressed against her cervix. I was jammed inside her and she jammed her vaginal muscles around my hardness, gripping it like a piece of steel in a vice. Her hands tightened around my neck while we kissed. I felt her breathing getting heavier, relaxed her vaginal muscles and tightened again, this time harder. I knew the answer. Her first eruption was evident. Her long beautiful legs moved around my ass and pressed me harder, trying to get me in, deeper. Soon she was about to explode, she started shacking, broke her lips away from mine and cried, a cry of pleasures and satisfaction.

I just watched her, enjoying herself, a huge smile on her face, a nice hug and a few quick kisses. Our bodies were still jammed together. My hardness became bigger and stronger. Her body blown out a lot of hot juices, which I felt flowing along the length of my hard little boy floating in this juicy thick nectar of the gods of love. The liquid moved easily, now that her vaginal muscles had relaxed. ‘Oooh Joss, that was wonderful. Thanks.’

‘I couldn’t believe you were so ready!’ Joss exclaimed.

‘I knew that yesterday was the last day as much as I knew that you would be heading home to me.’

‘I’m proud of you, sis. You always been great to me and I love to keep making you happy.’

‘Thanks brother. I was expecting you earlier. I started getting my body ready from the moment I woke up.’

‘Did you masturbate?’

‘Yes Joss, you know I did, but I kept the last precious moments for you.’

‘You didn’t spend yourself?’

Putting her finger over my nose she said, ‘you know I didn’t, not when you was so close to home. I just wanted my little baby; to do it first and enjoy the anticipated pleasures I always loved and enjoyed.’

I hugged her, kissed her and looked into her beautiful eyes, put one hand around her head and enjoyed the feeling of her silky hair as I massaged her. Her nipples were hard. My mouth took the right one and pressed my teeth around it, then sucked it all in and enjoyed the taste.

Movements down under started being activated. Her vaginal muscles tightened around my still, more than hard dick. I obliged and started pulling out until the head was at the entrance. I gave her a few short trusts, just in and out of her vaginal opening, and then I slammed it all the way inside her. She moaned and cried. I knew kadıköy escort bayan this was her soft spot. I repeated this procedure again and again for about half a dozen times until I jammed in again, deep inside her until her body started to relax from a much stronger orgasm, then the first.

We spent some time pleasuring each other, changed positions with the last one eating and sucking each other until I gave her what she craved for so much, my hot spunk, which came flowing jet after jet of sticky cream, which sure she didn’t loose a drop.

Looking Back Again to Sophie’s 18th birthday party.

Sophie’s eighteenth birthday was within days. Preparations for a big party were in progress. Only just a few school friends were invited as always, many times the same people. But Lisa and Klaus always arrived from early morning as they our best friends. They always helped with the preparations and we had done the same. We were always the favourite friends not only theirs but also their parents. It was also the same with them, they were our closest.

Now that we came of a good age we exchanged many visits, but most times they always ended coming to our farm, as there were more activities which could be enjoyed such as spending a lot of time cycling around between the fields enjoying nature, doing farm work, feeding animals and many outdoor activities which they missed in town. We also shared many secrets, now that we were grown ups. But we never involved ourselves in any sexual acts. Klaus and myself had often discussed the desires and fantasies we had. He had a big crush on my sister Sophie but as far as I knew he never approached the subject with her.

I must admit that I liked Lisa very much especially when she came to the farm during the summer holidays, with a very cut off shorts, showing most of her nice round half moons; those well proportioned magnificent ass cheeks. She not only looked beautiful with her tits popping outwards in her tight fitted blouse which not only matched her shorts but also her complexion. I very much enjoyed looking at her when she ran around the farm with the long blonde ponytail moving from right to left with Sophie as her companion. She looked not only beautiful but very desirable. That’s when I got more than a hardon. A situation which I had unfortunately, to take care off, otherwise sure that Klaus would have noticed.

He admitted with me that many times he masturbated thinking of Sophie, both when he was visiting and more when he was away at home. He asked me many times to make an arrangement with Sophie so that he can spend some quality time with her, alone. He even told that he can reciprocate the situation by asking Lisa to seduce me.

I was always scared to discuss this with Sophie. To me she was more than a sister. She was a very good friend. She helped me a lot as we had grown up very close together. Therefore, on most times I had to find a satisfactory excuse. One day I told him that she was not ready to give herself to anybody, at least not yet. She needed more time, as for her, her virginity was something special. When she does it, it had to be right.

Lisa was a few weeks older than Sophie, so we had enjoyed a very interesting birthday party which naturally took place at her home, down town. There was music and dancing plus now that we were grown ups were allowed just a little alcohol. In reality just to taste. I danced with Lisa many times that evening and she even gave me a few light kisses on my lips, plus pressed her crotch against mine.

‘Ooooh Joss,’ she whispered in my ear as she lowered her head on my shoulder, ‘your little boy seems to be very interested in what he’s feeling.’

My face turned crimson red; blood was flowing all through my veins feeling sort of, my face boiling with shame. She immediately noticed what happened.

‘Sorry about that, Joss, but I think this comes naturally; no need for your blood to boil like that. Every young man gets a hardon when pressed against a girl’s crotch, so why are you getting all boiled for. Care not to blow your load; otherwise we are in trouble. You have to hold that as long as you can.’

I didn’t say anything. Lisa was a great friend of ours and sorts off; I didn’t want in any to severe our many years of friendship.

‘Common Joss, don’t tell me you never masturbated, desiring my body.’ This statement really shocked me. How does she knew? I have never mentioned this to anyone, neither to Sophie nor her brother. That was just my intimate secret and never let it out of my brains.

‘Joss, sorry about this; I didn’t want to embarrass you, but I know that Klaus do the same. He desires your sister and fantasise about her naked body ready for making love, while he masturbates; you know suckling her beautiful hard nipples and going down between her legs, smelling and licking, exactly doing what comes naturally. He sometimes even desires me.’ This shocked me further but at least she put me a bit at ease knowing that nobody had divulged my inner secrets.

I must say that I had escort maltepe masturbated many times while visualizing my sister’s totally naked body, ready to make love to me, trying to seduce me, especially when every now and then she comes down in her long nightie, which does not show any or much of her body.

Although most of her day to day clothes reveal much more than revealed wearing her nightie. This always gave me the possibility of visualizing what’s hidden underneath. I knew she got some more revealing nighties, as these I have seen hanging after they been washed, but she never wore them outside her bedroom.

Lisa moved her head backward, her face looking at mine with her eyes focused on mine which were more looking downwards with embarrassment. Slowly with her hand under my chin, she lifted upwards and there and then gave me a quick kiss taking my lower lip between her lips, while her other hand, which was situated against my lower back pressed my body against her own; with my hardon more evident than ever. There was a very slight sexy smile on her lips, like that of a real seductress.

‘I also masturbate, and many times I wished I am playing with your hard cock…although you never showed it to me; sucking; thinking what it tastes like; watching you cummmiinng; that white cream flowing out, jet; after jet; shoooting away; wooow… I’ll love to watch that. Then I took the second direct into my mouth…suckling it, turn it around my tongue and try to figure out all the different tastes it contained. You know I had done this with my brother Klaus…’


‘What, what? I just had a taste before the party started, as soon as Mum and Dad went away and while you and Sophie where preparing the table.’ She said talking very fast.

My dick was hard enough but with this statement, it got more than harder and harder. She knew as she continued pressing her crotch against my hardness. I found myself in a queer situation with Lisa doing her best to seduce me or better, make me cum in my pants. Everything was working in reverse with me at the moment. I heard too many things which I was not prepared for and my big fight; at that very moment was, to stop my dick from spurting its load inside my pants.

The music had stopped, only for a few seconds. The next record was a very fast and noisy one. The few guests made up of half and half girls and boys were about twenty in all. Lisa just pulled me out of the big sitting room where the party was taking place, into the corridor and straight into a small room which was used more as a storage room.

Suddenly I found myself with one of her hands around my neck, her lips locked on mine and one of her legs she lifted and put round my ass pressing my crotch against hers. I didn’t hesitate in hugging her to me and help in our great kissing which was making my dick very uncomfortable, hidden in its confined space, not knowing that her free hand was crawling down, until she found my zipper, which she immediately pulled down exposing my hardness. Her hand crawled in and found exactly what she was looking for.

Our lips and tongues connected together, where playing a hot game. One of my hands I retrieved from around her shoulder and started cupping one of her beautiful breasts, massaging them slowly with the intention of getting to her nipple, which many times I had dreamed how to squeeze between my fingers. It wasn’t easy, as the bra she was wearing was made from a rather heavy material. Therefore I continued downwards until I cupped her pussy through her clothes.

My dick was rather being handled a bit roughly now; she was masturbating me. I liked to put my finger through her shorts or pull down the zipper, but as soon as I tried she pushed my hand away. I was rather disappointed, but I didn’t want to show it, so I just smiled a rather fake smile.

‘Sorry Joss, you can do what you like with my pussy but not until Klaus takes my cherry.’ That changed everything, I kissed her again and she started moaning. I knew she was hot. She; then knelt infront of me and took the whole length of my hard dick into her mouth. She sucked me like a pro, although at that time I didn’t know much about pros. Within minutes I just cried out as a huge load of hot cum flew out of my penis straight down her throat


Being back from months away from Sophie brought a lot of interesting memoirs, the days when both Klaus and myself deflowered our lovely sisters was the most important, although it happened on different days. I’m really proud of that time as up now at least my sister kept me as her favourite and as our parents were away we were renewing our intimate times.

After we enjoyed the most of this beautiful Saturday during which I didn’t remember how many times we made love and the multiple orgasms Sophie went through, we relaxed and started preparing dinner. We had no idea when our parents were returning, probably very late, or maybe the next day.

We fed the few animals our parents still had, not so many as when we were young, then had dinner al-fresco, enjoying the end of the day and the welcome of night with the moon and the stars twinkling in the sky. Pop and mum called earlier, of course welcoming me back and the news that they will be back to morrow. That was great with us. We just started preparing for the evening.

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