Thai Delicasy Misunderstanding

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Hi, I am the sister that you have been reading about, and to make it easier on you we have decided to give you our names. My name is Erica, and my sister who has written the last two accounts is named Shian. I did not know Shian was writing our stories into a website and was not too happy about it at first, but after reading them and some of your responses I have come round and feel inclined to add my own experiences into Shian’s stories. Here we go!

The days following our first encounter by the pool and in the shower were extremely pleasurable, with the two of us trying new things, positions and equipment. The two of us were now closer than we had ever been, both physically and emotionally. The first one to wake up would wake the other by smooth gentle kisses down her body, over her hardened nipples, over her sexy navel, and onto her pussy. It would always result in pussy eating and teasing with fingers and what ever else we could find.

This account is set one week after are first sexual encounter together. We were both swimming naked in our swimming pool, enjoying the hot sun and each other’s company, when Erica came over to me and dunked me. I went under the water fighting with her, and keeping her hands away from my body, but it was no good. Her hands held me firmly until I conceded. I came up for air and was immediately set upon. Erica pushed me against the side of the pool and wrapped her legs around my body. Both our pussies were rubbing together under the water, which was extremely arousing. Erica looked into my eyes and brought her lips down to meet mine.

Our breasts once again pressed into each other as our nipples hardened to their peak. I brought my mouth down over Erica’s nipple and took it inside my mouth. It was so hard and long that it almost filled my mouth up. I sucked on it as I felt her thrust into my groin and rub our lips together. Erica’s hand was playing around my arse, and actually began pressing into it and up my arse hole. It felt incredible and it wasn’t long before we were both screaming the other’s name and thrusting my probing harder and harder. The water around us went slightly murky as we came with loud screams of pleasure that eventually subsided and brought us into a ten-minute kissing duel.

I escaped my sister’s hold by pushing myself under the water and off the side of the pool. I swam under the water the full length of the pool and came out at the concrete steps. I glided myself out of the water and lay down on the hot concrete to dry.

(As seen by Erica) I saw my sister Shian swim under my body, as she did her long black hair floated between my legs and made me shiver with excitement as it tickled my sensitive areas. I could see her body swimming beneath the water and all I could do was watch as her powerful legs parted and then came together to propel her. As she came out of the water I was mesmerised by the beads of water falling down her luscious body. She moved her head to flick her hair over her shoulder and it flicked around sending hundreds of beads of water into the air. Her hair fell neatly onto her back; long and straight it hung sitting just above her perfectly formed, round and firm butt. As she walked up the step I escort kartal could see the water dripping from every part of her, including from trimmed pussy. When she was out of the pool she walked along its side giving a wonderful profile view. Her breasts were large and firm, particularly for her frame, and water was beading over her large swollen nipples. Her slim stomach tensed up with each step showing a neatly formed six pack, that had had a fair amount of work in the last week. Her hips swayed, formed the top of a perfectly formed set of legs, which looked attractive and powerful. Shian bent over to lay out her towel, with seemingly no inhibitions to what she was displaying before me. Her body is as close to perfection as any I have ever seen, which has unknowingly tempted two of my fingers into my own pussy.

(Erica) Shian speaks of my body in the previous two accounts as perfection, and stunning, and beautiful, but it is not mark on hers. We are all our biggest critics, and I suppose you are just going to have to trust the images formed in your own minds.

(Erica) I hopped out of the pool and lay my towel out next to Shians, and lay beside her. “I think we should have a small social gathering up here tomorrow night,” I said. “Maybe 12 friends from school could come up for a pool party and barbeque?” Shian rolled over and supported herself on her forearm, allowing her wonderful breasts to be supported by gravity. “That is a wonderful idea!” She said.

(Erica) It didn’t take long to ring around some friends and arrange to get them up to our house the next night. We decided to make it an all night affair, as there were spare rooms and beds that could be used. 15 people were invited in total, with the only males being those of their girlfriends who had been invited. The night was going perfectly, the lights around the pool and garden made the setting look like a real party atmosphere. People were enjoying themselves, and for once no one had been too silly with the alcohol. I had not seen Shian too much through the night, the odd time I did I took the opportunity to secretly fondle her, and bring her to an uncomfortable point of arousal. I was really becoming turned on myself and needed a fix of her. I wandered through the house looking in each room for Shian.

As I walked past the first guest room I heard a noise that sounded like a person crying. I opened the door to find Jill, a good friend of mine sitting on the side of the bed with tears rolling down her face. When she saw me she rushed up and gave me a huge hug, resting her head on my shoulder and continuing to cry. I could feel her arms wrapped tightly around my waist, and her tears dripping down my back, giving me goose bumps. I walked her over to the bed and sat down beside her. She told me of how she had broken up with Mat her boyfriend because he had admitted having a crush on Shian. He had assured her the Shian did not know and that nothing had happened. I comforted her, as only I knew how, by putting my arm around her and drawing her in close to me. She was moving slightly against me as she cried, and this movement mixed with the thin swimsuit material we were wearing stimulated my nipples into full maltepe escort erection.

Jill moved back and thanked me for understanding and being there as a friend. But she wasn’t looking at my face; she was looking at my breasts, and probably my highly visible hard nipples. I started to feel a bit uncomfortable, and exposed as her eyes explored my body. Dampness was beginning to form on my crotch. I stood up to leave and Jill put a hand out and grabbed my arm, causing me to semi-fall onto the bed. Before I knew she was on me, kissing me, feeling and licking my body. I felt paralysed and lifted my head to tell her to stop, when I saw Shian looking in through the bedroom door. She looked angry and upset and quickly left. I recovered myself and pushed Jill off me, which started another burst of tears, but I had no time. I left her there and went after my sister. I put a large beach towel around my waist and ran outside after her.

(Shian) After I saw Erica with Jill I felt devastated, betrayed and very jealous. I knew it was impossible to have these types of feelings for my sister, but they were real and for now I could not help them. I left the house in a hurry and ran out into the vineyard rows. The recently cutgrass felt smooth under my feet as I ran out into the darkness. I sat down in a row and looked under the vines back towards the house. The party was continuing as though nothing was wrong, only three people knew otherwise. I could see a person running around, her legs hidden under a towel. Then the person started moving towards me, and I knew it must have been Erica. I sat still hoping she would not see and leave me be; but the full moon put pay to that. Erica approached me and I told her to “Go away…leave me alone!” But she just stood there, looking down on me for about a minute. Erica lay her towel down next to me and sat down. She spoke quietly of what had happened, and her desires to leave the room before anything had happened. I just sat there and listened.

“What’s happening between us?” I asked. “I don’t know; but it seems we are getting very close,” said Erica, as her hand came to meet mine. I took her hand in mine and squeezed it lightly letting her know I was sorry and lent forward to kiss her. Our lips met and it didn’t take long for our tongues to probe the inside of each other’s mouths, and hands to start to wander over each other’s bodies. Erica’s hand roamed down my body and onto my breast, pinching my nipple and playing with it tentatively. Her mouth parted from mine and continued to kiss my face, moving slowly towards my ear. Her tongue swept into my ear, causing me to shiver all over, and breath heavier. “I want to eat you out dear sis,” she said.

With that she stood up and gave me room to lie back on the towel. The soft grass gave us a perfectly comfortable base, as I lay facing up towards the wonderful Southern Hemisphere night sky. I lay there on my back, legs parted and bent. Erica kneeled at my feet and leaned forward through my legs. She placed her tongue on just above the band for my bikini bottoms, and ran it slowly up my body, in slow circling motions. I felt her tongue roll over my stomach, navel, cleavage, breasts, and nipples. pendik escort bayan Erica reached behind and untied my top, laying it on the grass next to my limp aroused body. Her tongue continued circling my nipples, before taking one at a time fully into her mouth and sucking on it as hard as she could. I arched my back taking in the sensations and enjoying the experience out in the natural environment. As her mouth brought to high levels of ecstasy, Erica’s hand roamed over my bikini bottoms, and over my mound. Her thumb slipped inside my bottoms, as her fingers massaged my womanhood. I felt my orgasm building, and I dug my fingers into the grass and squeezing it tightly to stop myself from screaming out in pleasure.

(Erica) As my hand worked around Shian’s pussy, and my mouth on her oversized, ample nipples, I could feel her starting to shake and tense up. I knew I had her close, so I stopped. She looked at me, as though I had betrayed her, but I just whispered, “Trust me!” I placed each of my hands of each side of her bikini bottoms, and she lifted herself up to help me remove them. Her smell filled the air around me, so familiar so sweet. I bent forward to kiss her swollen pussy lips, gently rolling my tongue through her neatly trimmed pubic hair, and over her slit. I soon found her clit and took it in my mouth, sucking on it, and teasing it with my tongue. My finger found her pussy and I played around with it. Shian was beginning to thrust forward with each sweep or flick of the tongue, and probe of my finger. I entered her and herd her muffled cry of joy.

I ran my tongue down her pussy and over her lips. I could taste her fantastic sweet taste, like the finest white wine. I coaxed my tongue through her, and into her flicking it faster and faster. She was breathing heavily and fast, and I knew she was so, so close. I licked around her entrance, knowing it was more pleasurable there than going deep. Shian was thrusting and heaving into me, and starting to call out a little louder. I looked up over her flat stomach, lovely breasts and hard nipples to where the lights were at the party; everything still appeared to be fine. I licked faster and faster and felt my sister’s juices flow from her in a rush. She called out really load as the orgasm took hold of her entire body and mind. Screaming at the top of her voice and digging her fingers into the soil.

(Erica) I bent forward to placed my mouth on hers to keep her quiet, but it was too late. People were beginning to move in this direction, obviously mistaking the screams as someone who was in trouble, if only they knew. I helped my weak sister up and ran with her to the end of the row, going as fast as we could under the vines, just as the first person appeared down our row. Past the implement shed and we stopped by the pool gate to see if anyone was there. All I could see was Jill with her head on the table, fast asleep. I took my sister inside the house and put her to bed, before coming out side to meet the guests returning from there little run. “Did you hear the noise?” Someone said. “No, I was inside with Erica. What did it sound like?” I asked. They described the sound to me still in a semi-panic. I calmed them down by explaining it must have been the mating call for the male opossum, which happened this time of year.

Well this was tough to write, with each of us wanting to add our bit, but we hope it flows ok for you. There is more to come if you want it, just let us know.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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