Test Subject Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: Learning Curves

I had one sister under my spell, but I wasn’t satisfied. Well, she satisfied me, but I wanted more. I set my sights on Eliza. For those of you who don’t know, Eliza is one of my three gorgeous sisters. A little while ago I was able to hypnotise my oldest sister Lauren and make her my hypnotic sex slave, and what a wonderful slave she is, but I wanted more. Don’t get me wrong, I love Lauren and I love all the things I can do with her. But she’s not that adventurous and I fear if I push her I’ll lose her forever, as a sister and as a slave. So while the sex is great, there is not much variety.

Eliza however is a very adventurous girl. She’s tall and very fit, with a body that shows it. She runs, works out, the full bit and is very proud of the fabulous body she has. She’s twenty-two, and is the only blonde in our family, subsequently copping a bit of teasing for it. She normally wears her long blonde hair in a ponytail, something that turns me on immensely, and is deeply tanned. Her breasts aren’t as large as Lauren’s, but large enough.

I decided that I would soften up Eliza by going on her runs with her. I’d keep her company and soon she’d feel obligated to me. Then I would bring in the suggestion of hypnosis. She’s never really slept well and I’d offer to help her with that. Oh boy would I help her.

At first I’d thought I’d bitten off more than I could chew. Like I said Eliza is very fit, and I struggled to keep up with her on those very long runs. She’d laugh and go slow deliberately, but I could tell she was grateful of the company.

About a month of this torture and I decided to approach her. I feigned an injury and let her run on her own, and was waiting for her when she got back. I’d timed it so that Ashley and Mom were at work, leaving just me and Lauren at home while Eliza was out. I went up to Lauren’s room (that she shares with Eliza) to find her reading on her bed.

“James, how are you?”

“Not bad Lauren, just a little tired. I might go take a nap.” With that Lauren went completely limp. ‘Nap’ is the trigger word that sends her into a trance. I was tempted to take her then and there, but I knew Eliza would be back any minute and I couldn’t risk getting caught. Especially since today was the day I planned to take Eliza, and a truly diabolical plan it was.

“Lauren, in five minutes you are going to wake up and return to your book. The only thing that will be different is that will not know that I am still home, and will think you have the house to yourself. No matter what happens, nothing will disturb you. You will pay no attention to me, or Eliza until I tell you to ‘wake’. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master.” I still got a kick out of hearing her call me that.

I left the room and set the timer on my watch for five minutes and sat down to watch some TV. Just after my watch beeped to tell me Lauren had awoken I heard Eliza come in the front door.

“Hey, I’m back!” she shouted. I rose and went to meet her in the hall. She was wearing a jogging bra and bike pants and was absolutely drenched with sweat.

“Hey Liz.”

She took a slug from the water bottle she always leaves by the front door and waved a tired hello to me.


“Can you give me a hand with something? A little project for school.”

She waved a hand at me.

“Oh, your hypnosis thing. Lauren told me about it, apparently you’re good. How about we try it after I have a rest and a shower? I’m beat.”

“We can do it now. After we’re done you won’t feel tired any more.”

She smiled escort kartal tiredly at me.

“If you can do that, then you really are good. Okay, you’re on. What do you want me to do?”

“Just follow me.” I beckoned her with my finger and led her into her and Lauren’s room.

“Hey Lauren,” She waved at her before collapsing onto her bed. Fortunately she was too tired to notice Lauren’s lack of response. I pulled a chair over and sat in front of her.

“Sorry, you’re going to have to sit up.” She groaned but rose. “Don’t worry, all the aches and pains will be gone in a minute.”

She seemed to brighten at that. She flicked some stray hair out of her eye and looked at me. “What now?” she asked. I took a silver pen out of my pocket and showed it to her.

“Okay. Follow the pen with your eyes.” I begin moving the pen around in front of her slowly, tantalizingly. I then stopped it straight between her eyes. “Even now you can feel yourself going into a trance. Watch the pen.” I began moving it towards the spot in between her eyes. “As the pen moves closer, you can feel your trance deepening. The closer it gets, the deeper your trance. Deeper and deeper. Your eyes are beginning to feel heavy.” I moved the pen closer, and saw her blink as she tried to keep her eyes open. “Your entire body feels like lead, you cannot move. When the pen touches your nose you will be in a very deep trance.” I moved slowly, and her eyes shut as the pen touched her nose.

“When I count to three you will wake up. You will not remember being hypnotised. Your left arm will feel very heavy, so heavy that you cannot lift it. When I say the word trance you will immediately fall into a very deep trance. You will continue what you are doing but you will remain under my complete control. Do you get me?”


“One, two, three.” She snapped out of her trance.

“Okay, you’ve got the pen, now what?”

“I’ve hypnotised you.”

She snorted with laughter. “Have not.”

“Try standing then.”

She tried to stand up, but her left arm remained on the bed. She pulled with all her might, even tried to lift it with her other arm but it wouldn’t budge. Meanwhile I was cackling myself with laughter. She sat down with a pout.

“Okay, you got me. Very funny. But I’m still tired.”

“I’m getting to that, I just have to put you in a trance.” There was no visible change in her posture but I could tell the difference.

“You are now my slave. When no-one else is around you will refer to me as ‘Master’. The exception is Lauren, you can refer to me as ‘Master’ then also. When you are awake everything will be normal, except for a nagging feeling of desire deep in the back of your mind that you will deny.” I added this just for my own amusement. “While you are in a trance you find me very arousing. You will want to make love to me right now, not caring about the surroundings. Understand?”

“Yes, Master.”

God I’m good. “Very well then. Take off your clothes.”

She rose and turned to face me. She removed the jogging bra first, revealing a beautiful firm pair of breasts glistening with sweat. Some people are turned off by sweat, but I think it makes a woman look sexier. She reached to pull off her shorts.

“Wait.” I said. I wanted to inspect her thoroughly. “Come here.” She walked over to me and I grabbed her breasts. She moaned with pleasure as I fondled one and placed my mouth on the other and began sucking it. I licked the sweat off her breasts before reaching down and pulling off her shorts myself. Before me was her trimmed maltepe escort snatch, lightly covered with blonde hairs. I prefer shaved, but I could always sort that out later. I couldn’t resist, I immediately dived at it and began eating her out. I lifted her and lay her back on the bed before resuming my meal. Meanwhile behind me Lauren hadn’t even looked up.

While I was sucking her clitoris a thought occurred to me. “Eliza, when I say cum, you will begin having a strong orgasm.” Not just yet though. I was enjoying this too much.

“Eliza, turn over briefly.” There was something I’d been meaning to try. I poked out my tongue and began rimming her ass. She jolted like a shot and I stopped, afraid she’d come out of the trance. But a moan encouraged me on.

“Ooooooooh god that’s good.”

“Turn over again.” I resumed eating her out. “Cum.” She began shooting and screaming and I did my best to lap up all the lovely juices pouring out of her. Her legs locked around my head, pushing me deeper and deeper into her lovely pussy. She was clearly a loud one and a thrasher in bed. Good.

When she’d finished I pulled my head out and looked at her. Her eyes were glazed over with lust. I pulled off my shirt and shorts, allowing my cock to spring out for her to see. I was about to order her to give me a quick blow job when she rose to life and latched her lips around my cock. She was clearly experienced, but that didn’t really surprise me.

After a minute (experience with Lauren had taught me to hold my load, but not enough to trust myself for much longer) I pulled her off. I lay her back on the bed and took aim before plunging deeply into her pussy. She was tight, so tight that I gasped. I would’ve thought she’d been looser. It’s not like she’s a slut or anything, it’s just that she has always seemed so much more adventurous and experienced. I began thrusting in and out, before I shifted her across so that we were both lying on the bed, in missionary position. We kissed and fondled, grabbed and rolled around, the sort of unbridled sex that I’d always wanted but wasn’t sure that Lauren would give me. I had to physically pull myself away from her mouth to speak.

“Eliza, when I ejaculate so will you, even stronger than before. Now get into the cowgirl position.” Ordering them to cum is so much easier than working for it I’ve found, at least with my limited experience with Lauren. Eliza shifted to on top of me and began riding. Soon I blew my load, meeting Eliza’s midstream. She thrashed about on top of me, like a fish that’s just being hooked. I had a moment of ectasy, but with it came a moment of true fear, I’d forgot to check if she was on birth control!

“Eliza, please tell me you’re on the pill!” I said.

She looked into my eyes with the slightly glazed look of a subject. “Yes Master, I have been for two years.” I breathed a deep sigh of relief. Now that the worries were over, it was time to play. She was still sweaty and would have wanted a shower, so I was glad to oblige her. And have a little fun in the process.

“Eliza, go into the bathroom and heat up the shower. But do not get in until I come in.”

“Yes Master.” she answered and walked down the corridor. It almost pained me to watch her beautiful body leave, but it was a pleasure to watch her gorgeous ass go. I turned to Lauren, who during our love making had finished her book and was doing something on her laptop. Now I had the chance to do something I had wanted to do.

“Lauren, wake, then nap.” She woke with a start, but luckily went straight back under. pendik escort bayan I’d hate to think what would have happened if she had of turned her head at that second and saw me lying on Eliza’s bed naked and with a cum-coated cock.

“Lauren, you look dirty. You could use a shower.”

“Yes Master.” She immediately got up and began taking off her clothes. Even though I have spent some time in the sack with her, I was still stunned by her fabulous body. As she got undressed I couldn’t resist getting up and sucking on her tits.

When she had stripped I lead her into the bathroom, pushing her in first. I did this on the off chance the sight of each other naked woke them, but I was banking that they’d seen each other nude before. I still doubted that they’d done anything like I had planned before though.

I was on the money. They didn’t even acknowledge each others’ presence. Excellent. The bathroom was filled with steam and our (fortuitously large) shower was running at a nice temperature. I jumped in.

“Come on in girls, the water’s beautiful.”

Eliza then Lauren entered, and I could compare their naked bodies for the first time. Lauren’s best features are undoubtedly her breasts, hair and legs (in that order), while Eliza’s face, ass and general body were slightly better. Luckily the water was running on my face to wash away the drool. My cock was starting to come back to life, but I wanted some assistance. There was also something I wanted to try.

“Lauren, give me a blowjob.” She immediately sank to her knees and began sucking away. I have to admit she gives stunning head. Now for the other aspect.

“Eliza, do you know what rimming is?”

“Yes Master.”

“Good. Then come here and do it to me.”

I just stood there in absolute ectasy, having my eldest sister working on my dick and my middle sister licking my ass. It felt weird at first, but then it felt good. Real good. Not surprisingly I approached the point of no return pretty quickly.

“Eliza, stop that and move around to the front. Lauren, pull off, I’m going to blow my load on both your faces.”

The girls quickly moved into position and the sight of the two before me, naked, soaking wet, on their knees, mouths wide open for my incoming sperm caused me to lose all control. I began blowing shot after shot, first onto Lauren, then Eliza, and back and forth until I was totally spent. The cum on their faces didn’t last long, what little escaped their mouths was quickly licked up or washed away.

“Now girls, we wash.” I knew that that load had taken a lot out of me, and I wasn’t going to recover before either Ashley or Mom got home. Even if I did, it wasn’t a risk I was willing to take at this stage. I helped wash the both of them then they washed me, but I was careful not to make them do too much with each other. When we’d finally got out of the shower and dried ourselves off, a time consuming process considering all the playful little interuptions, I ordered them to go back to their rooms and get dress. Once dressed they would wake up, not remembering anything that had just transpired. I also altered them so that both their trigger words were now ‘nap’. Eliza told me later that she felt great, and not at all tired, and wanted me to make the hypnosis after her runs a regular thing. I readily agreed.

Great as I know I’ve got it now, I know it won’t last long. Many of my longest running fantasies have involved two or more girls being actively involved with each other as well as me. As much as I would love to do that with Lauren and Eliza, I fear Lauren is too conservative, and my power not yet great enough to risk such an action. So for the moment I’ll be flying solo with my two lovely birds. That is, until I can get a girl who would consider taking part in my fantasies. You guessed it, I’ve set my sights on Ashley.

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