Temptation’s Contempt

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Author’s note: This is the second part of a longer story. I have done my best to make sure each chapter can be read independently of its sisters. They were written in this order: Conquest and now Contempt.


Anne Marie was the receptionist at my job. Her skirt usually went to her mid-thigh and sheltered a very shapely ass. She had a blue eye and a green eye and both sat beneath a long fringe of brown hair that covered her eyebrows. Everybody in the office had fucked Anne Marie at least once –even I had. But she only went back to one person twice. His name was Zachary Gerald, my boss, and he was the only person I had grown to hate in my adult life. My hatred wasn’t a race thing. I hated everything about his big, black, baldhead. I hated his broad shoulders. That thick goatee that framed his chin. The perfume he used. I hated how he talked to me. I hated how he joked with me. I’d know the guy for five years and I still, to this day, could not determine exactly what triggered the hate to begin with. I couldn’t trace it to a bad handshake or a cheesy company picnic that had gone wrong… there was no one incident worth all of the animosity.

And it wasn’t about Anne Marie. She could fuck whomever she wanted.

But of course, I couldn’t. Not because I was married, but because my daughter would never let me. I was her cock now, to have and to hold. The conditions she’d laid out were a little lost in a sexual haze, but she’d outlined them in a text message on my phone the next morning, this morning –that text reminded me how to keep having the greatest sex of my life. The text was just a list. I knew what it meant.

1) Always respect me.

2) Always defend me.

3) Never deny me.

It was probably the second text message I had ever received my whole life, if not the first. I had just never embraced text as communication, but I was all about the gadgets –and I was paying enough to ensure that my phone had all the bells and whistles. Of course I paid for my daughter’s too –but I had been doing that since before our relationship had transformed.

Inside my cubicle, I traced her message on my phone’s screen and weighed the gravity of our unholy agreement.

Zachary laughed with Anne Marie about something, so I put the phone away and frowned at my computer. I heard the two of them walk up behind me and so I steeled myself against anything the two might say to me as they passed.

“Hey Kyle,” I heard Zachary boom. “You should use your gym membership. You’re still paying for it.”

I swiveled my chair to face him and Anne Marie. Her tight purple blouse was see-through, showing off the frills that handled her A-cup tits. She had a smirk on her face that I ignored. “Something I can help you with?”

“Yeah,” Zachary said as he leaned forward. “Could you go to Anne Marie’s station and man the phone while we lunch in the conference room?”

“Conference room’s not for lunch.”

“It’ll be okay,” Anne Marie interjected. Her voice was bored. Those two different colored eyes locked with mine from behind her glasses. Anne Marie supposedly had pictures of the tryst we’d shared. My daughter had told me that Anne Marie was willing to ruin my marriage with the pictures.

“Fine,” I said. I stood up abruptly and went to the front.

Zachary muttered something briefly to Anne Marie, but I couldn’t hear it. I didn’t even look back at them until I was at her desk. They were already at the conference room door, closing the two of them inside. Only moments later, I had to perform an Anne Marie duty as the front door opened.

“Welcome to–” I began, but stopped. The woman at the door of my place of business was my daughter.

She was dressed conservatively by her standards. She wore a black pants suit, buttoned over her flat belly. Beneath the suit jacket, a white blouse tried hastily to hold back her magnificent tits. She wore black sunglasses and her blonde locks were styled to frame her face with sleek style. I ran to help her as she struggled to get into the office with her very full hands. In one hand she had a brown bag from a fast food place and in the other, she carried the over-sized drink that was inevitably sold to every customer.

“Yvette!” I said a little loudly as I pushed the door open for her.

She stepped inside and waited for me to release the door before she set the food down on Anne Marie’s desk.

“Are you bringing me lunch?” I smiled.

“Daddy,” she said, “where is the conference room?”

She put the straw from the drink to her lips and waited patiently for my reply. My heart collapsed. She hadn’t come here for me at all. She was having lunch with Anne Marie, and judging from the size of the bag, probably Zachary too. Her expression was unreadable through her sunglasses. “I’m having lunch with Anne Marie and her friend.”

My throat went numb.

“Daddy, don’t deny me…” Her smile then was the most sinister I had ever seen.

I pointed. She didn’t look. She just stared at me and sucked through her straw. When she was satisfied that I had nothing to say, she kartal escort picked up the bag and walked toward the conference room.

“Don’t.” I said dryly, quietly.

This stopped her in her tracks and she turned to face me. Yvette removed her sunglasses with her pinky. She raised her slender eyebrows at me impatiently and she waited there for me to close the ground between us. I did what she wanted immediately and moved to stand only three inches from her face.

She handed me her drink. “It’s cherry drink, you should try some.” I did as she told me. I sampled the artificial sugar. The big drink was mostly ice.

I could smell the nicotine on her lips this close. She put her hand between my legs and gripped my cock. I was immediately hard for her.

“Daddy,” she whispered, “…Anne Marie told me you had the…” she stepped closer to make sure nobody in the office could see what she was doing, “…second biggest cock here… and now your baby has to meet number one.” Her hand squeezed me harder. I could feel my thickness tight against my underwear. “I know this might be… difficult for you to hear… but I don’t care, daddy…” Her palm and fingers stroked the fat head of my helmet through my pants. “Just remember the rules.” She released me.

I was aghast.

“Give me my drink back.” She ordered as she put her sunglasses back over her eyes.

I held the paper cup out to her.

“Do you have any cigarettes?” My girl prompted.

I had bought my first pack in more than a decade that morning. Yvette had encouraged me to start again. I fumbled for the pack and pulled one out. Without a free hand, Yvette could only lean forward and open her lips. I offered the filter and her teeth clenched it. Her full lips pursed around it as she turned back toward the conference room. “I’ll try and save you a hamburger.” I watched my baby, my sexual master, as she disappeared into that terrible room. The door closed. Then she was alone with the two of them.

She had explained to me while we’d fucked that she would be able to fuck anyone in the world and I couldn’t say goddammed thing about it. She had also informed me that she was not immune to jealousy and that I wasn’t allowed to fuck anyone else but her –not even my own wife. My emotions were swollen.

“Hey, was that your daughter?” I heard Issac say. His plain face grinned at me from behind dense glasses.

“Yeah. That’s my baby.” I said, looking at Anne Marie’s desk. I looked for anything to do.

“She’s hot, man, sorry to say.” He showed me his stupid teeth. “Do you think she’ll get a job here?”

“No, just here for lunch with Anne Marie and Zachary.”

“Zachary’s a fuckin’ tool!”

“Yeah,” I said, still distracted. “Yeah. I know. Everybody knows.”

“Guys with big dicks are allowed to be assholes, I guess.”

I wasn’t even listening. I let Issac go on a little while longer –until he dismissed himself and I allowed myself to get lost in the thoughts of just what might be happening in the next room. I didn’t think they would fuck or anything. They wouldn’t do it in there… not on company property. They would probably arrange a time and place somewhere else. Zachary would probably fuck my daughter then. Or maybe my daughter and Anne Marie.

I felt my cell phone vibrate in my pocket and I brought it out without a thought. The screen told me it was downloading a multi-media message. In a few seconds, it was ready to play. It was from Yvette. I pushed play and watched my tiny phone screen light up with the inside of the conference room. It appeared that Anne Marie was filming Yvette as she opened her suit jacket as she approached the shades to the outside. She closed them, which caused the camera phone’s iris to adjust. Yvette, still in her black sunglasses, started unbuttoning her top.

“So how do we start?” Yvette asked.

I stopped the message right away. I didn’t want anyone else listening to the message as it blared through the phone’s tiny speaker. I needed the retarded little earbuds the thing had come with and I knew they were at my desk. So I ran. I dug through my top drawer and found them right away. As I plugged the jack into the side, the phone vibrated again as it received another message. I darted back to Anne Marie’s desk and sat down. I lowered my phone below the desk and out of sight.

I hit play.

“Most job offers these days, Miss Baron,” Zachary chirped as Yvette approached him. “Begin with a piss test.” She lifted her shirt for him and I watched his black hands unhook her pants.

“I drank all of that fuckin’ cherry and now I gotta piss like you wouldn’t believe!” Her grinning cheeks were somewhat obscured by her sunglasses.

“Yeah?” Zachary prompted.

“Oh yeah…” Yvette said off camera. The shot was of her panties as Zachary’s big hands pushed my daughter’s panties and her pants down together. Yvette’s pussy was barley visible. She raised a thigh up and rested her footed, white high heel onto the conference room table. Now her sexy pussy could be seen. My baby was so exposed. Zachary’s maltepe escort bayan hand brought in the giant cherry drink cup, popping the lid off.

Yvette snickered and then laughed, “Anne Marie, are you getting this?”

“Yeah,” the receptionist said, “you have a good pussy.”

“That’s what my daddy says.”

“Your sugar daddy?” Zachary giggled.

“Well, I wouldn’t say that.”

Zachary held the cherry cup beneath Yvette’s shaven pussy. At that moment, Yvette let go of her piss. The golden shower flowed freely into the cup below. The sound of her pee filling the cup was loud in my ear. I could hear the ice break down and meltdown –destroyed by the heat of her urine as it filled the cup. “Of course,” Yvette joked as the sound flowed, “I can tell you what’s in it… marijuanna –habitual doses, ice, some ecstasy, a lotta fuckin’ beer, and cocaine.”

“That’s exactly what we like to hear,” Zachary laughed.

And then the message stopped. It had played 35 seconds. One full message, I guess.

When I escaped the video screen, I saw that more messages had already flowed in. And that even more were ready to come down. I played the second message.

It was the same shot from before of Yvette’s pussy, only the cup was gone and Zachary’s face was coming in to lick it. “Go on and lick it, Mr. Gerald…” Yvette breathed. “…lick the piss off of me… ” Anne Marie pointed the phone up to Yvette. My daughter was removing her top.

“I’d lick the shit out of your ass… you hot bitch…” Zachary spoke, slurping on her clit.

“Mmmm… be careful what you wish for…” Yvette spoke with a husk, now in her bra. “…Anne Marie told you these titties are pierced, right?”

“Hell yeah, that’s my ultimate white girl fantasy!”

“Hey!” Anne Marie said.

Yvette looked at Anne Marie, the camera, and me. She leaned in slightly. “I actually think the piercings make them more sensitive.” Her bra was coming off now and she arched her back to expose her bare tits with their glorious golden hoops. I watched them flop free in the screen and moved a finger to touch the left one. On contact, the message froze. The end of part two.

I looked up and around the office. My cock had ripened with lust inside my pants. I wanted to be alone with my phone. I looked for someone to take my position at Anne Marie’s desk.

“Issac!” I hissed, my earbuds still in. “I’ve gotta go to the bathroom.”

I didn’t even wait for a response because my phone was already buzzing with a new arrival I just couldn’t wait to see.

I took the handicapped stall and locked myself in. Alone now, I fumbled for my phone while I popped my pants open. I already had the next message playing as my pants dropped around my ankles.

Zachary’s tongue was going up and down my daughter’s clit. His teeth lightly pulled on her between licks. I could hear Yvette’s breathing mirroring his motions. “Suck it…” She hissed. “Suck my pretty pussy…” Zachary suddenly pulled away.

“Shut the fuck up…” He looked up at her. “…I do all the talkin’!”

I heard Anne Marie say, “I told you…”

Zachary went back to licking my sweet baby’s clit and I put my hand to my cock. I gripped its solid form, feeling its thick veins fill my palm. I gave it a squeeze at the base. I wished I could touch it with two hands, but I knew that would mean putting the phone down. I had already played the next scene before I knew it.

Yvette was in charge of the camera now, pointing it toward Zachary’s bald head. He dutifully lapped between her legs as Yvette moved the shot to Anne Marie. The girl sat on the conference table with her legs spread and her pussy wide. Anne Marie leaned back and put two hands between her legs. Zachary took the camera from Yvette and said, “Just be quiet. We’re having lunch, remember?”

Yvette’s head moved between Anne Marie’s thighs. She still wore the sunglasses. “I am having lunch,” she giggled.

Anne Marie smiled and fell back completely as she opened herself to my baby’s expert teeth and tongue. The video demonstrated Yvette’s big hot tits as they pressed against the edge of the table, the nipple rings hung just below the edge. I touched the underneath my hard dick as I eyed the image. I switched to the next download.

A blur of flesh and fluorescent lighting settled into a tight shot of Yvette’s tongue as she lapped between Anne Marie’s legs. Her lips smiled, confident in the frame. Using her free hand, she stretched the girl’s pussy lips to one side –which exposed the secretary’s deepest pink. She slipped a finger inside and Anne Marie responded by grinding her hips into the finger. The view jerked to Anne Marie’s eyes looking down over her blouse. Zachary had stepped up to her with his pants now missing.

His large, very black cock hung semi-hard next to the girl with the separate colored eyes. “Suck me, girl.” He said. Anne Marie removed her glasses, dropped her head back, and turned her jaw to face the mass of meat. Zachary raised the head of his cock and plopped it on her waiting lips. escort pendik Rumor had it that I had the second biggest cock on the company map, but it seemed the difference between us was magnificent. Yvette brought the camera up and closer, so that I could see Anne Marie’s lips stretched to the limit. Anne Marie’s eyes drifted into half-open slits, drunk with the dark cock. I could hear her revel in his taste. “That’s a good girl… make it hard and I might let you fuck it…”

A quick shot between Anne Marie’s legs showed Yvette was still working her fingers. The view whipped back to Zachary and I heard Yvette speak lowly, “what about me?”

“You’re new pussy, of course you’re fuckin today…”

The camera went back to Anne Marie, whose eyes were closed. “This is old pussy,” Zachary boomed. “It works for its supper.” I could hear Anne Marie moan her agreement of that declaration and she put two hands on Zachary’s cock.

I spit in my hand and rubbed it over my very potent hard on. I was working to keep my breathing quiet as I loaded the next part.

The contrast between Anne Marie’s pale white hands and Zachary’s rigid black cock caused pre-cum to leak from the head of my own cock. She used two hands to pull on his meat while she licked its proud head. Zachary grunted a little in time with Anne Marie’s tongue. Yvette’s camera hand started filming the table and I heard her say, “I need both hands…”

Zachary assumed camera duty and pointed the video straight down. His long, thick stalk gripped by Anne Marie. Yvette, on her knees, moved into frame next to her. Her sunglasses were still firmly in place. “Can you even deep-throat, Anne Marie?” She teased.

“I said no talking!” Zachary said and Yvette frowned like she was playing a game with missing pieces. Anne Marie let go of Zachary’s dick, content to just taste the head. Yvette stared at Zachary from behind those dark lenses and then she spit in her hands.

My daughter then touched her slobbery hands to that asshole’s black stalk. She stroked him with both hands and pulled the head from Anne Marie. She whipped her blonde hair away from her sunglasses. She stared up at Zachary intensely. Yvette opened her jaw wide. My baby girl never stopped looking up at him the whole while. She touched his cock to her lower lip and then traced the inside of her full lips with its gigantic head.

Anne Marie panted and watched as Yvette teased her own lips with the fat helmet of that baby maker. Her expression was unreadable because of the sunglasses. Her lips closed around its knob. The sound of my girl’s saliva filled my ears as she treated Zachary to a flood of her spit –wetting his cock so intensely.

“See, just what a shit-talking bitch like you needs… nice hard cock to shut you up…” Zachary chuckled.

Yvette slipped her head forward, taking the head into her throat. Her lips were stretched tightly around the thickest fuck stick I’d ever seen. Zachary let a deep groan go and Yvette dropped his cock completely out of her mouth and she stroked it.

Anne Marie moved in and licked all around the end, her tongue grazing Yvette’s finger. She looked to Yvette, maybe for approval, but my daughter pulled the cock away from her. That reminded me of children fighting over their favorite toy.

“Take off my sunglasses,” Yvette said to Anne Marie. The secretary reached out and removed them. It was nice to see her perfect blue eyes finally. She stared up at Zachary ran the helmet over her lips again. Her eyes closed when she savored his taste. It looked to me like she was savoring a great meal.

Yvette looked up at the camera now. She looked at me through the lens, through the LED, through the satellite signals of my service provider. She wanted me to see how happy the cock made her.

She worked her lips forward. The slurping sounds from her throat wash were slick and rhythmic. Her lips moved up his pole another inch. I stared at her eyes on my phone’s screen while her lips pulled flat around the girth of such a huge cock. Her eyes closed and in one movement, she had the whole of his cock in her mouth. Her nose pressed right into his belly.

“Holy shit!” Zachary breathed. “Nobody’s ever–“

He brought the camera down for a look at the side. Yvette’s neck was obviously filled with his Zachary’s pompous prick. She was making audible swallowing noises and each one birthed a moan from Zachary’s baritone voice. “…shit… oh my shit … oh girl … ” She opened her eyes, inhaling his public hair. And then she relaxed off of him completely with the sound of a pop. Her hand remained to jack him confidently.

Anne Marie was on her knees now, staring at Yvette with eyes of sexual marvel.

I opened the next file on my phone. My fat cock and hand wet with spit and pre-cum. It began with Yvette’s hand on that very black cock.

Yvette pointed Zachary’s tower at Anne Marie. Her mouth dropped like a sexual zombie. Yvette set the head of Zachary’s prized erection on her bottom teeth. “I’m… so hard…” Zachary hissed. Once the head was in Anne Marie’s mouth, Yvette gripped the girl’s hair and pushed her forward, forcing more of the cock into the young one’s mouth. She audibly gagged. Yvette pulled her from the cock and licked Anne Marie’s lips before French kissing her. Anne Marie returned the tongue and lip play, eyes closed.

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