Table for Two Ch. 11-12

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The moment Emily Bailey walked into their room, she knew something was wrong. She stopped mid-stride, a sinking feeling enveloping her stomach as she looked at her desk.

“Fuck,” the older sister swore under her breath.

Stephanie looked up from where she was working on her bed, “What?”

Emily silently closed the door to their room, “Dad cleaned up.”

The room was definitely cleaner than it was when they left for Sam’s. Usually, Dad insisted on the girls keeping their bedroom tidy by themselves, but occasionally, he might vacuum the whole apartment when he had a free day, picking up pieces of discarded clothing and other items littering the floor of their room.

He rarely cleaned their desks and Emily’s desk was still as messy as before.

Stephanie’s eyes widened when she saw her portraits laying prominently on Emily’s desk, the two erotic ones clearly visible.

“You left that there?!” she almost screamed.

“I had other stuff to worry about, OK?”

She shoved the artwork into a large folder behind her desk where she kept her older art. It was the borderline panic apparent in Stephanie’s voice that scared her most.

“Do you think he saw it?” Stephanie asked.

Emily shrugged helplessly.

“He seemed normal. Maybe he didn’t,” Stephanie continued. They met dad in the living room moments ago.

“But what if he did?” Emily asked.

Stephanie’s eyes turned hostile. “God, this is so you!”

“Don’t try to pin this on me!” Emily spat out.

“If you just put it away, we wouldn’t have to deal with this,” Stephanie gestured at Emily’s table.

“He was going to find out anyway. You were the one who started-” Emily argued, “All this stuff.”

“Yeah, well, you were supposed to be straight, I thought you’d put a stop to it.”

“I tried to-” Emily said quietly. Seconds later, she continued, “Do you regret it?”

Stephanie shrugged, “I don’t think so. Do you?”

Emily shook her head.

“Maybe except for what happened at Sam’s yesterday,” Stephanie voiced her mind.

Emily groaned, “I thought we’ve been through this one.”

“I know. I just feel like-“

“Wait,” Emily stopped her, “It happened. Just accept it, OK?”

“Yeah, I still don’t like it though,” Stephanie shook her head.

“There’s other stuff to worry about now,” Emily said.

“Right,” the younger girl spoke up, “So what are we going to do?”

“We’ll figure something out.”

‘Anything’. That’s what Stephanie said she would do last night, right after Emily gave her a really good one.

Looking up into the darkness of their room, Emily recalled her sister’s words, her naturally high voice still shaky from sexual euphoria. Her state made the girl willing to go beyond her usual limits, to explore with the person who made her feel so exceptional.

Like last night, Emily’s thoughts went places, places where her mind didn’t dare to wander outside of fantasy. She never imagined what she would be allowed to do with this girl. To this girl. And she was right there, tender and impressionable, giving Emily an opportunity she never expected to have in her life.

It was a shame their session ended the way it did. Moments after her limitless offer, Stephanie’s eyes slowly closed and seconds later, the teen was sleeping peacefully. Being the good sister she was, Emily didn’t have the heart to wake her. A decision that Stephanie still didn’t live down. In a way, it was sweet how she insisted on returning the favor.

However, to her surprise, today’s shock didn’t temper Emily’s sexual appetite. Thoughts about Stephanie’s offer made her skin crawl with delicious depravity, aside from the incredible arousal they called forth within her body. Her hair stood up all over her body and her sex was making a mess between her legs in mistaken anticipation of intercourse.

A part of her still craved a man, but Emily was focused on the beautiful teenage girl, laying just feet from her. The closeness and compatibility the sisters shared made the prospect appealing alone. With just a twinge of guilt, Emily realized that what made Stephanie even more alluring was her innocent malleability. If properly encouraged, the young girl might even let Emily-

“Em? You asleep?” came a voice from the dark.

Emily was glad her sister interrupted her fantasies before they slipped into areas she might regret.

“Nah,” she replied, “You want to come over?”

Emily’s sense of duty was back, the overwhelming responsibility for this girl. That didn’t seem to stop her from extending an invitation she wasn’t sure was entirely for Stephanie’s benefit.

“… I just want to talk if that’s OK with you.”

“Yeah, I-, of course, sorry.”

“You don’t have to apologize for that. It’s sweet. I love cuddling.”

“Yeah,” Emily giggled, “Cuddling, that’s all I wanted.”

“You know how to push my buttons,” Stephanie laughed too, then sobered, “but maybe we should slow down with this stuff for a while.”

A twist in Emily’s stomach. Someone wanting to slow down meant bad things for a relationship.

“We escort ataşehir should? What’s wrong? Is it about the pictures?”

“Yeah, kind of. I’m a bit freaked out. I need to tell you something.”


“Dad came over while you were in the shower. He wanted to talk.”

A cold shiver came over Emily’s spine.



“What did he say?” Emily inquired, “Was he angry?”

“I don’t know, he didn’t seem like it. But I think it really was about the paintings. Can you imagine dad being sensitive, or subtle?”

Emily had to smile, “Nope.”

“Well, he tried. He was almost sweet in his dorky way. But he asked me how I was doing, and how I think you’re doing.”

“And? What did you say?”

“I tried to play it cool, like nothing was happening, but God was I nervous. I hope he couldn’t tell, but he seemed really concerned. The worst was when he asked if I’d like my own room. He said we were old enough for our own rooms. For privacy. And safety.”

The last sentence hit Emily like a brick. Dad thought Stephanie wasn’t safe sleeping with Emily in the same room. The worst part was, Emily wasn’t sure either. She did try to seduce her little sister again just moments ago.

“Fuck,” was all Emily could say.

“Yeah, but I’m not sure he was talking about that. Maybe just the stuff that happened after the club.”

“He saw that pic of you masturbating. Steph, he obviously thinks you’re not safe with me.”

Saying it didn’t relieve Emily of the pain she felt realizing that her father didn’t trust her with Stephanie. Her heart was in a vice, especially with a single thought creeping in from the back of her mind. That he might be right.

“Maybe he does,” Stephanie answered, “but I tried to act like nothing’s happening. That I really didn’t mind us sharing a room.”

“… maybe you should.”

“Relax Em, I know you better than you do yourself,” Stephanie said.

“You do?”

It seemed Stephanie still had her back. Emily looked to her left to observe the silhouette of the girl who gave her so much, and continued doing so.

“Yeah, you’re worrying that he might be right, that I’m not safe with you.”

“And are you?” Emily argued, “I just invited you into my bed.”

“Em, you’re not a monster that eats innocent girls. Or are you?”

The older sister scoffed, “Well, not innocent ones.”

Stephanie giggled, “Oh shit, I’m in trouble.”

“Thank you for believing in me,” but Emily couldn’t let it go, “But … what if I just manipulated you somehow? Like seducing you to pose for my pictures, and using you for sex.”

“And what if I manipulated you, huh?” Stephanie replied, “You were right to say that I started this.”

“Steph, we really aren’t in the same position here. You’ve always looked up to me, even admired me. Maybe just because I’m older.”

“That’s not the reason why-“

“My point is, I think it’s easier for me to influence you than the other way around.”

Stephanie groaned, “Will you stop treating me like a little child? We’re equals in this, OK?”

“Sorry, but I just don’t think that’s true.”

“Look, and be honest now, you wanted sex tonight, right?”

“Now who’s not being subtle?” Emily joked.

“Just answer the question.”

A tingle in Emily’s pussy reminded her of what her body desired.

“Yeah, I did,” Emily admitted with a sigh.

“And I decided it’s not going to happen, so I’m making my own decisions, right?”

Somehow, Stephanie not giving in made Emily want it all the more, “I guess so, but I’m still your big sister. I always will be. I always want to be.”

“I want that too,” Stephanie said longingly.

This bond they shared emboldened Emily. She wanted to fan the flame, express how she really felt about her sister.

“In fact,” Emily stated, “I think I’ll start what I call, Stephanie Bailey appreciation club.”

“Really? What’s that?”

“It’s a very exclusive club with strict rules. I’m the founder and sole member.”

“And what are those rules? I want to hear them,” Stephanie turned to lie towards her sister. A smile was audible in her words.

“First of all, the safety and well-being of Stephanie are our most important goal,” Emily declared.

Stephanie laughed. “That sounds like a very important goal.”

“It is. I will protect her from everyone and everything. Everything else is secondary.”

“Even when she’s annoying the club owner?”

“Sure, but then I annoy her back,” Emily smiled, “Like a good sister.”

“Are there any other rules?”

“Lots. Like I always make time for my sister. I make sure to always be there for her, no matter what. Always.”

“You’re never too busy? How is that possible?”

“No, I’m not,” Emily explained as Stephanie shuffled, “I mean, I am often busy of course. But Steph, you have to understand that really depends on who is asking. And I’m never too busy to spend time with my little sis-“

That’s when Stephanie stood and walked over to Emily’s bed. Without a word, the young girl kadıköy escort bayan slipped under the covers, except she was too low on the bed, being covered head to toe as she crawled on top of her sister.

Emily froze. There was a hill in the covers where her sister was laying astride Emily’s legs. Stephanie’s warmth and weight upon her made her heart hammer.

And Stephanie’s head must have been close to her intimates. She was glad for the thin layer of her pajama shorts preserving the last of her modesty. Even so, the smell of her arousal must have been apparent.

Stephanie laid her head upon her lower stomach, hands hugging her hips. The older sister’s instinct was to push the girl away. This was as unnatural and wrong as ever. Emily felt it, and she knew her sister did as well. If this was a joke, Stephanie went too far. It didn’t help that she could even imagine dad’s disapproving reaction. Would he scream, or even hit her?

But neither moved. Did it mean it might happen? It’s already been days for Emily, and just the thought made her pulse fast, her body once again involuntarily preparing for sex. Stephanie’s body felt electric against hers, even without movement. Breathing deeply through her nose, Emily was cold and sweaty at the same time. Hormones boiling, every fiber of her body was ready for whatever her sister would do.

“Em?” Stephanie’s muted voice came from below.

Emily opened her mouth, but no sound came out. Swallowing, she was successful the second time.


“I’m waiting,” came a tiny voice from below.

“F-for what?” Emily stuttered.

With Stephanie hugging her lower half, she wondered what her sister expected her to do.

“You were explaining the rules of your club. You always have time for your sister. I want to hear more.”

The older sister was in no condition to argue.

“Oh. OK, yeah,” Emily collected her thoughts, “I always have time for my sis-“

Her heart skipped a beat when Stephanie’s thin fingers grabbed the waistband of her bottoms, pulling them lower. She couldn’t believe her luck. But then the fingers stopped. Emily got the message.

She took a deep breath and closed her eyes, “It doesn’t matter what I do, or if I have any plans, nothing is as important as my sister.”

And the fingers traveled lower, pulling the intimate barrier with them.

“Yes.” Emily lifted her bottom to allow the girl beneath her covers to do what had to be done, “Another rule is, I always go out of my way to entertain Stephanie. To spend good times together.”

“That one’s quite easy actually,” Emily continued her monologue as her garment slid down her thighs, shins and feet. Free of it, she went on as her sister spread her legs, lifted her knees, and laid down between her thighs, “Sometimes we go out, to do sports, or into the city. Sometimes we just stay in and play games or something. Or we just talk.”

“The talking. Yeah, you wouldn’t believe how much fun you can have just with-” Emily went on as Stephanie’s warm breath caressed her sensitive spots. Then came a soft kiss on her inner right thigh. And another. She shivered and finished, “-with your mouth.”

She couldn’t help but breathe out, “Oh God, Steph.”

Stephanie’s gentle but commanding voice came from below, “Don’t stop.”

Emily rolled her eyes and smiled. This was silly, yet she was more than happy to oblige her sister.

“OK, I- I always try to make her life better. When she needs help with homework, I sit with her and we… we do it together,” Emily breathed out involuntarily as she felt the first connection, soft warmth of Stephanie’s lips against her own. Moments later, her nose joined in as well as the girl sunk deeper into Emily’s folds, a part of the older sister’s body that should have forever remained forbidden to the girl, “Sometimes, she just needs a shoulder to cry on, or someone to distract her from a problem in her life. I’m happy to provide those too. Always.”

Emily found it increasingly hard to concentrate. It still felt weird when she remembered who it was down there, but when her sister slowly slid her face around, the discomfort melted away, replaced by pure physical stimulation. Stephanie was using her nose, lips, tongue and chin to gently massage Emily’s sex, lightly at first, then with increasing pressure once the area was thoroughly lubricated.

“I- I know she looks up to me, and I do my best to fulfill every expectation she has. I can only hope I’m doing as good a job as she is.”

The older sister couldn’t help but fall back into her pillow. She clutched her sheets and enjoyed what was happening to her. If someone were to enter their room in that moment, all they would see was a young girl laying in her bed, in her pajamas, her covers bunched up over the lower half of her body. Few would realize she was lost in sexual pleasure, particularly because of her own sister’s actions.

“And I’m also in awe of her skills. She’s so much better at sports, and social stuff too.”

And no one would ever come close to Stephanie’s amazing oral skills.

It escort bostancı was beautiful, yet completely effortless. It seemed just as natural to move her hips, to gyrate against the teen’s face. In a way, this was as much of a conversation like any other between them. She felt Stephanie’s care and affection with every stroke. In turn, she responded with sounds of appreciation, while giving the teen’s motions a natural rhythm, pushing herself closer to her inevitable climax.

She rambled freely between breaths, as thoughts came to her, “I think sex would count as both sports and a social activity, right? Of course, it doesn’t hurt that she’s got the perfect body of an underwear model. Even though we’ve grown up together, and I haven’t really looked at women in that way, I think as an artist I can appreciate the aesthetic qualities of the woman she’s become.”

Lost in the pleasure, she trailed off as she enjoyed their intimate dance, Stephanie’s face massaging her most sensitive spots rhythmically. Soon, her body told her to pick up the pace. Beautiful feelings grew in intensity and threatened to overwhelm her. Instinctively, she held the girl’s head against herself and ground her hips faster and faster. Her pussy made wet sounds against her sister’s smooth face, the two sets of lips never breaking contact, the nose stimulating her clit again and again.

As the pleasure enveloped her, her breath grew shallow. Both girls knew the twenty year old was on the verge of a powerful orgasm, quickly approaching the point of no return. A brief thought about her sister’s limits crossed her mind. It was quickly dispelled when the teen’s hands gripped her bottom to press her face deeper into her sex. This physical proof that Stephanie wanted what they were doing, maybe even enjoyed it, started the avalanche.

“Shi-“, was all Emily could utter before the pleasure skyrocketed into blinding heights, drowning out everything. Face contorted in orgasmic ecstasy, she arched her back. Her bottom rose from the bed as her instinct forced her to close her thighs around the girl’s head, holding her close with her hands as if her life depended on it. She froze in that pose for a second, muscles tight, her whole body shivering.

The shivers gave way into spasms and she found herself breathing and squealing in sync with her body moving involuntarily. Her hips moved to maximize the pleasure, riding the girl’s face wave after beautiful wave. More fluids escaped with each contraction as her pussy worked around the teen’s face, bathing Emily in pure pleasure.

When the euphoric waves receded, her bottom returned to the bed. She relaxed her arms and legs, freeing the girl who was so dear to her, now more than ever. Stephanie was in no hurry though. Emily swallowed and breathed deeply. Her face and breasts flushed as she enjoyed her afterglow while her sister’s loving tongue slowly licked up Emily’s effusions, avoiding the most sensitive areas.

“Jesus, Steph,” she said between breaths, “Why?”

Stephanie’s face emerged, framed by the covers like a hood, “Why what?”

Emily smiled at her sister’s adorable appearance.

“Why do you have to be so good at this?” she asked just as the scent reached her, leaving little doubt about what it was that was glistening on her sister’s cute face.

“I just imagine what would feel good and-“

There was a knock on the door.

The sisters shared a split second of sheer panic.

In quick succession, several things happened. Stephanie threw up Emily’s covers and bolted to her own bed. Emily, realizing she was laying bottomless just feet from the door, scrambled to pull her bunched up covers over her nude midsection.

Just as Stephanie landed on her bed, the door opened. Their dad’s face, barely visible in the dim light, met the girls’ gaze.

“Guys?” he said, hushed, “Everything OK?”

Emily’s heart was pounding. She wanted to scream, but managed only a weak, “Yeah.”

She could feel a cool breeze on her legs and prayed she had enough cover to hide the fact she was bottomless.

“Steph, everything OK?” dad asked.

“Yeah,” Stephanie managed to reply, “What is it?”

“School tomorrow,” Dad said in a strict parental voice, “Stop fooling around and go to sleep. Night.”

“Night, Dad,” Stephanie replied.

“Yeah,” was all Emily said just before the door closed again.

The sisters looked at each other and whispered the same word, “Fuck.”

Samantha couldn’t take her eyes off Emily. Her friend was sitting across the table in a vacant section of the mall’s food court, looking down at her chicken nuggets. She didn’t move since she finished her story about being caught yesterday. With a pale face and rings under her green eyes, she looked like a ghost.

“Don’t stare, you’re making me feel even worse,” Emily objected.

Sam looked away. “Sorry, but. Do you think he… saw?”

Emily shook her head, “I don’t know. I’m pretty sure he could have seen my bottoms on the bed. And he might have smelled something.”

“He still might not figure it out.”

Emily threw her a withering glance. She leaned in close and continued in a low voice, “He probably heard me when I came. Then even after knocking he probably saw Steph jump on her bed, while I was barely covered. The smell of sex, the pics I painted… Sam, he’s not stupid.”

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