Sweet Sister Ch. 10

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It’s been a couple of years or so since I’ve recounted my incestuous tales. This story follows on from The Sweet Sister tales by True Brit about me, Sam, Alan, my brother and my family.

Chapter 10 – Sweet Sister – The Twin

My brother and I were well and truly back into the college term now. Both of us were keen on sports, my brother was into rugby in a big way and I enjoyed netball, so much so I was on the school team.

Now the thing about netball is the opportunities it provides. All those very short skirts, bouncing up and down and communal showers afterwards. Mmmm. I’d often have to retreat to the toilets after a game to finger myself silly just to relieve the pressure on my aching pussy.

Today was much anticipated as a twin had joined our school and had quickly elevated themselves to the team after just a few weeks. They were absolutely identical, trim figures with cute tight little breasts, slender legs and pouty little lips. I was keen to see if their nether lips were just as pouty and wondered what it would be like to have my tongue buried in their tight little snatches. I also fantasised about what it would be like to watch my brother fuck them both.

Their names were April and May, so called they said, because they were born either side of midnight on April 30th. Imaginative parents, huh?

The game wasn’t very eventful but I did manage to press myself again the sisters a couple of times. I was finding myself getting wetter and wetter watching their short skirts fly up displaying their cute little bottoms (clad in the less than sexy games knickers) and the way they thrust their young breasts out on each throw.

Unbeknown to me I wasn’t the only one taking a slightly less than professional interest in their movements. Miss Pike our games teacher was watching from the side lines and formulating a plan that was to save me much trouble it turned out.

After the game Miss Pike came over to the twins and asked if they would mind waiting behind to help put the tabards away and take some tips on attack and defence. Well I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to be alone with them so I asked, “Oh, Miss, can I help as well please?”

Miss Pike looked me up and down first, and maybe she had caught rumour of the goings on with the Head Teacher. “Of course, Sam. It would be a pleasure to have you.”

“I bet.” I thought. The feeling was mutual. Miss Pike was a little short and maybe in some eyes a bit stubby but she had tits, lovely large suckable tits and an arse to lose your tongue in. Yummy.

After we had packed away the tabards we stood together waiting on Miss Pike and engaged in small talk. “These knickers don’t do much for our sex appeal.” I complained lifting the front of my skirt.

“But it didn’t seem to bother the boys in the science lab gawking out of the window.” Chirped up April (or was it May) who’s glance at my crotch didn’t go unnoticed by me. “Did you notice them all?”

“Oh they would stare if you were wearing ice hockey gear. They’re all as randy as hell here.” I retorted.

We were interrupted by Miss Pike. ” Right girls I just want to show you some more robust positions for your defence and attack. May, let me start with you April, er, May. I’m just going to move you into a classic attack position.”

With that Miss Pike slipped her hands around May’s waist and ran them up under her arms, raising them forward. As she slipped her hands back down I noticed that she “accidentally” brushed across May’s tight little breasts. Miss Pike’s hands continued downward to adjust May’s legs flowing innocently over May’s trim figure and over her buttocks. God I was starting to heat up now.

Miss Pike’s hands slipped under May’s skirt and clasped the top of her thigh. I could swear that the top of Miss Pike’s hand was sawing against May’s flannel covered slit as she manoeuvred her leg backwards. May’s face was a picture, her lips slightly parted and I almost heard a small gasp from the girl. April was open mouthed too and I was just as wide eyed waiting for what happened next.

Miss Pike moved to the front using the same hand procedure but this time it was definite as her hand sawed across May’s slit her knicker material actually slipped into the gap. May’s tongue slipped out a fraction, just for a second. April saw it too and we just looked at each other stunned.

It was April’s turn next. Leaving the poor girl practically gasping. I could see April’s stiff nipples pocking through her sports bra and top and I bet her knickers were getting ataşehir escort bayan damp, mine were positively soaking by now.

My turn.

Miss Pike faced me with a wicked smile and came in close. Her ample breasts pressed against my perk little tits as she grasped my waist and led me into position. The twin stared waiting for my turn at being goosed with eyes wide and lips slightly parted. Miss Pike’s hands slipped down and under my skirt and the top of her hand pressed up again my crotch. She hesitated and audibly moaned obviously feeling the dampness and then proceeded to saw the top of her hand across my wet slit.

There was no pretence any more, I moaned as she moved her hand rhythmically across my hot pussy rubbing the rough flannel against my clit. “Oh, Miss. Please don’t stop.” I moaned plain forgetting the company I was in.

Miss Pike’s lips met mine and her tongue slipped into my open mouth as her fingers started to explore my pussy through my knicker material, up and down my hot pussy digging in between my lips. As the kiss continued she pulled aside the knickers and sank two fingers deep into my tight little hole. I groaned into her mouth as my first orgasm started to build deep in the pit of my stomach. My hands had automatically fallen to her chest and were massaging her large breasts, my fingers plying her rubbery nipples through her top and sports bra.

She broke away from the kiss and, sensing my orgasm, started to finger fuck me vigorously. I couldn’t hold out any longer. “Miss, Miss. You’re gonna make me, make me .., I’m cuuuuummmming. Oh God, Miss I’m cumming on your fingers. Don’t stop, don’t stop. Nnnggggh.”

I near enough collapsed onto her shoulders and my orgasm barrelled through my young body. It took me a few minutes to recover and assess my surroundings again. It was then I remembered the twin girls not feet away from us and momentarily paniced at what they just witnessed.

I needn’t have worried. May and April were in a tight embrace. They had taken off their tops and bras and with one hand were fondling each other’s breasts. May’s other hand was up April’s skirt and vice versa and their hand movements suggested some pretty serious cunt rubbing. Their eyes were glued to Miss Pike and I.

My reverie was broken as Miss Pike smiled and slipped two dripping fingers between my lips for me to suck clean of my own juices as she guided me over to the bench. She hooked her fingers into the waistband of my knickers and quickly slid them down and off then had me lay down with one leg on the floor and the other on the bench, effectively spreading me wide. The two girls broke their play and looked over at me as Miss Pike again rubbed her fingers up and down my dripping slit. “I’m going to make you cum again Sam and I think our two young friends here might like to help me. What do you think April, May? April, have you ever eaten a cunt before my darling?” Miss Pike asked softly.

“No Miss.” April quivered. “Her thing looks really wet, doesn’t it?”

“Her pussy, or cunt.” Miss Pike corrected. “Come over here and I’ll take you through it”

The sense of anticipation of having this little rosebud tongue my cunt was electrifying. I watched as she approached and knelt down before me. Miss Pike guided her face down until I could feel her breath on my pussy lips then there it was: A gossamer lick against my lips. A little more pressure from Miss Pike’s hand on the back of her head had April’s tongue buried itself between my folds and I lurched my hips up to meet her, groaning with sheer delight.

“Oh my God, April. Lick me please, stick your tongue deep up my cunt. Make me cum all over your face.”

April, with so little encouragement, commenced running her tongue all over my pussy and delving into my hot little hole and tracing down to my anus. I moaned with pleasure and turned my head in towards Miss Pike. May had got behind her and had removed her top and bra and was ready to feed Miss Pike’s erect teat into my sucking mouth. I opened my mouth wide and let my tongue wrap around the long rubbery nipple before sucking as much of her breast as I could into my mouth.

Miss Pike let out a low moan and pressed herself against my vacuuming mouth. May had one hand around Miss Pike’s other tit and was firmly squeezing the other nipple while her other hand slipped under the teacher’s skirt from behind to rub her pussy. Despite the attentions of April’s expert tongue lapping at my cunt I managed to slip a hand down to join May’s and pulling Miss escort kadıköy Pike’s knickers to one side ran my fingers into her soaking pussy hole as May’s fingers stoked all around mine. “Aaah, girls,” she moaned, “that’s right make Miss wet, make me wet myself. God that’s so good. Fuck me harder, Sam. May darling please rub my clit. Make me cum, girls. I want to cum all over your sweet little fingers.”

Both Miss Pike and I started building towards massive orgasms. I could no longer keep pace with fucking Miss Pike’s cunt and left it to May to finish the job. Leaving my fingers buried in an ever wetter cunt I concentrated on April’s ministrations as she sucked my clit into her mouth and started flicking it with her tongue taking me over the edge again. “Shit, April, I’m creaming. Darling I’m going to cum all over your beautiful face. Pleeese don’t stop. Aaargh that’s it tongue my fucking clit, suck it, suck it I’m cumming for you baby, here it comes.”

From the depths of my soul a massive orgasm broke loose making me buck hard, rubbing my cunt against April’s sweet face.

“Nnnnnngh, fuck,fuck,fuck.” I yelled before filling my mouth again with Miss Pike’s breast, feeling her large nipple slip against the back of my throat. At the same moment I rammed my fingers hard into her sopping cunt as May squeezed her engorged clit. Miss Pike exploded.

“Girls, I’m cumming for you. I’m going to soak your fucking fingers. Yes, fuck, fuck me, I’m cuuuummmming.” She grunted out before her whole body convulsed. Her cunt juices turned into a flood literally gushing over our hands and wrists.

“Oh, God. She’s soooo wet.” Exclaimed May sloshing Miss Pike’s cunt cream over my hands and Miss Pike’s thighs.

May brought her hand around and smeared the copious juices over Miss Pike’s left tit. I got the idea and did the same with my handful then the pair of us got to work licking and sucking it all off her trembling breasts. As Miss Pike continued to aftershock we repeated the procedure until both our faces were coated.

“Oh, girls, that’s fantastic. Yes, lick my juices up off my big tits.” She cooed.

May and I looked into each other’s eyes and were drawn together. We started to kiss and soon our tongues joined in sharing the exotic flavour of our teacher’s cum, licking it from each other’s mouths and from our faces.

“April dear,” a recovering Miss Pike whispered, “come here so I can taste Sam off your face.”

April leaned in over the two of us and Miss Pike started licking my cunt juices from her face. April firm little buds were brushing against my cheek and between kisses with May we both turned and lapped at April’s young tits and firm nipples. Above us April started to moan into Miss Pike’s mouth and it occurred to me that neither of the twin sisters had yet been attended to. A situation that I felt needed to be addressed.

Untangled Miss Pike and I lay the two girls down next to each other on the bench and spread their slender legs. We both feasted our eyes on their smooth puffy pussies as the girls used their fingers to spread their lips to give us a better view. Resistance was never high on my agenda and I immediately dived in between April (or was it May’s) legs and ran my tongue around the edges of her perfect, wet flower. It wasn’t long before my tongue was delving deep into her hot little hole and flicking occasionally across her swollen clit.

Miss Pike had commenced a similar attack on May’s (or was it April) open cunt eliciting cries of pleasure from the young girl’s mouth. As we intensified our actions April turned into May and they started to kiss passionately whilst fondling each others small, firm breasts.

Both Miss Pike and I started to use our fingers now, hooking two digits into each respective cunt and rubbing gently on their g-spots. My mouth encircled April’s small, hard clit and I used my tongue to lash it rapidly. Both April and May started to moan and cry as they neared orgasm.

“Yes, yes. Fuck us with your tongues. Pump your fingers in our cunts. We’re gonna cum together. Get ready for it we’re …. Cummmmmmmmming.” Both exploded at the same time bucking against our mouths and covering both our faces with young girl cum. But I wasn’t finished with April yet.

I had spotted the ball pump close at hand. I reached for it as April still twisted her lithe body on the bench and quickly unscrewed the ball needle. Lining it up with the entrance to April’s tight little hole I ran at least three inches straight into her. The effect was fantastic.

“Aaaaaugh! bostancı escort What the fu .. oh, fuck yes, fuck me deeper. Push it all in me.” April yelled.

Miss Pike looked amazed as I fucked the young nymph with the pump shaft. May slowly coming round looked on with envy in her eyes as I fucked her sister, more and more rapidly.

“Go on Sam, push that thing in her. I want to see her cum all over it. Oh God that’s so sexy. Oh please Miss finger fuck me while I watch my sister getting fucked by Sam.”

Miss Pike didn’t need to be further encouraged and plunged two stiff fingers deep into May’s dripping hole. For good measure she slipped a finger from the other hand into her sopping cunt and raised it to May’s anal entrance slowly massaging her even tighter hole. Then, as May neared another peak, pushed the whole length of her finger deep into May’s anus.

“Oooohhh! Miss fuck my arsehole with your finger. That’s sooooo goooood. Fuck, yes, yes, yes. Oh God here I cum again … nnnnnngh.” May launched into orbit again impaled on Miss Pike’s three fingers in her two holes.

April barely conscious enough to take it all in started going over the edge with at least six inches of ball pump slamming into her tight cunt.

“Sam, yes. Faster. Fuck me faster. Oh my God I’m going to cum again. Oh God I’m going to pee, no, no. No I can’t stop, oh shit! Aaaah fuck yes.” April lost control completely. Her orgasm overtook her and I looked in astonishment as a shot of piss splashed into my chin and over my breasts. It was followed by a long stream of hot piss that soaked me covering my tits and running down into my netball skirt.

I guess I should have been disgusted but strangely I found it really horny and just had to rub myself. Miss Pike seeing my need reached under my skirt and started to probe gently into my anus as April’s shower drenched the pair of us. Together we fingered both my holes and as I approached orgasm yet again Miss Pike slipped the pump from April’s well fucked hole and fed it into my eager mouth.

“Ommph fuck, mmmmph. Cummin’ Muss, Ah cummmmmmmmph”. I gurgled trying to suck the cum off the pump as well as cum all over my fingers and force myself down on Miss Pike’s anal digit.

Both girls started masturbating while they watched me cum clearly game for more fun. “April, May,” I began, “time you were both fucked together.” I grinned.

I got the girls to kneel down bum to bum and knelt down beside them. I took the ball pump and inserted the business end into May (or possibly April’s!) tight cunt causing her to moan loudly. The handle I worked into April’s piss covered hole and slowly started to move it back and forth fucking each of them with the makeshift dildo.

Both girls reached under and started playing with their clits sending the moan and groan level higher and higher. “Oh, Sam you’re sooo baad.” Groaned May as her cunt made slurping noises as the pump end slipped in and out of her.

“Fuck me, Sam. I can’t get .. humph .. enough of this aaah .. pump fucking. I’ll never be aaah able to blow a baaall up again withouttt getting wet aaah.” Gasped April.

Miss Pike watched on and rubbed her soaking pussy with both hands working herself up along with the girls. Then she used her slippery fingers to massage both girls’ arseholes eliciting moans of delight from both.

April moaned, “On Miss, pleeese push your finger up my bumhole, I’m going to cum all over the place in a second.” Miss Pike pushed. “Ooooh yes, fuck our arseholes Miss. Miss I’m going to cum, don’t stop, don’t …. Nnnnnnnrg , I’m cummmmmming!!”

The yells merged into one as both girls came together. My hands were a blur as I stoked the pump into both cunts. The rhythm gone both ends went in together causing the pump to push air into May’s pulsing pussy. She screamed even louder and orgasmed again on top of the one she was already having.

As the girls came down from their extended high I slid the pump out of their holes. Miss Pike and I took great delight in licking off the juices from both ends of the pump. It was then a loud farting noise broke the low moaning as the inserted air broke out of May’s cunt. We all giggled through our exhaustion.

We all collapsed in a heap after that. April wouldn’t stop apologising for pissing on me despite the fact that I told her I quite enjoyed it.

We headed off to the showers to get cleaned up. Despite our best efforts we couldn’t help fingering each other to orgasm again after the hot water and soaping each other down got us all horny again.

Although we promised our little secret would remain so I just had to go and see my brother to share with him. I envisioned his throbbing cock as I told him the details and couldn’t wait to get him in on the act with the twin.

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